The Bad News Gets Worse

DUNEDIN, Fla. — Blue Jays pitcher Casey Janssen is done for the season. AN MRI exam revealed that the discomfort Janssen felt in his shoulder during a bullpen session on Tuesday morning was caused by a torn labrum.

Janssen is scheduled to undergo season-ending surgery to repair his frayed shoulder on either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week in California, and the pitcher said the operation will likely be performed by Los Angeles-based surgeon Dr. Lewis Yocum.

The loss is a tough blow to the Blue Jays, who were giving the 26-year-old Janssen an opportunity to win a job in the starting rotation this spring. Last season, Janssen served as Toronto’s primary setup man and finished with a 2.35 ERA and 24 holds in 70 appearances.

With Janssen out of the mix for a job, Jesse Litsch becomes the favorite in-house candidate to depart Spring Training as Toronto’s fifth starter. Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi indicated on Wednesday, though, that the Jays aren’t unwilling to explore trades or other options to bolster their pitching staff.

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Wow, that *****.
Cancel the parade.

Count me among those who will offer JP and brass a swift and loud I TOLD YOU SO…to leave Janssen in the pen. Although my prediction was that he would struggle and eventually be relegated back to the pen…This is of course, much worse of an outcome. He tore his Labrum trying to stretch himself out (see

Now Litsch almost wins the 5 spot almost by default…unless Purcey is ready (which no-one has made the indication). All I can say…good thing we picked up John Parrish for depth. Also, our pen is looking fairly strong at least: Ryan, Accardo, Downs, Carter, Benitez, League, Frasor…maybe a long reliever in there somewhere.

You can’t blame his injury on “stretching him out”. That’s what you do in spring training. So basically what your saying is once a reliever always a reliever??? Maybe he had a slight tear from last year from his daily work out of the pen? Who knows… Basically STUFF (insert proper word here) happens in baseball and injuries to pitchers do happen. It is a very unfortunate injury to Jansen as he would’ve completed our rotation and made it rock solid. I would say the pressure just intensifed for our rotation to perform, especially Mcgowan and Marcum.

JP signing Benitez looks brilliant now… Even if he starts in AAA… This is why you add pitching depth regardless of who they are. The more the better!!!

Count me in as someone who doesn’t buy that trying to “stretch Janssen out” caused this injury. I realize JP’s got a lot of fans riled up with some odd moves, but this one just seems like bad luck.

Whatever the reason is, I hope this torn labrum isn’t the career ender for Janssen as it is for so many other pitchers….

Definatly dissapointing, Janssen had a few good outings already. Anyone blaming J.P. for trying to stretch out a pitcher, is just ridiculous.
With their depth they will be able to easily compensate,(League,Accardo,Downs) but hopefully this isnt the start of another string. We will soon find out what Jesse Litsch is made of

This is obviously bad news for the blue jays, but ultimately I believe they will be able to pick up the slack in their bullpen, hopefully with bj ryan as the closer and accardo being the main set up man. And know Litsch gets his shot and hopefully will show us the same as he did last year, so with the depth that we have im not that worried.

Horrible News…Jannessen must be pretty pissed right now…i hope this isn’t a career ending injury like others said…that would be awful…







Bullpen: (mine)






2 people from Wolfe, Fraser, Tallet, Benitez, will probably make up the rest of the bullpen (sorry if i forgot somebody)

a couple of questions?

is CECIL BRETT gonna be a closer or starter?

is purcey ready this year or going to be ready by next year?

Lets say Litsch struggles this year…who do we have for backup? (unless parrish is a starter) we are probably going to be stuck with chacin which is pretty bad, i dont think there is anyone else good enough to be a starter for us now. What if Burnett gets injured again…or halladay has to miss some time…or mcgowan gets injured or marcum can’t produce or litsch can’t produce…

If 2 or more of these things take place…i don’t imagine we have the depth in the starting roatation…

Especially if Burnett leaves the Jays then we are going to need to sign another solid bonifide starter from the free agency or trade for one..

What do you guys think…I might be missing some starters so tell me…

I now seriously hope purcey is ready and can produce like we all imagine him to…

Here we go again! Hope this is not the beginning of another excuse ridden season. Definately bad news. No matter what role Janssen was going to play, starter or reliever, he will definately be missed.

I wasn’t trying to say that stretching him out was the only reason he got injured. He started to feel some discomfort last season as a reliever too. The fact is that tearing of any tissue is a result of overuse. Therefore, it certainly didn’t help that he was pitching more in attempts to pitch starters’ innings. The point is, it’s not a fluke that he tore his labrum…these things happen in stages. If they had checked it out last year when he experienced discomfort, they probably would have discovered a partial tear. This is something you can fight through…but using the shoulder even more probably produced a larger tear…to the point where you can’t fight through it. Hence, now he needs surgery.

definitaly a blow to the blue jays, but as good as Casey is (or can be) the jays do have the depth to compensate. As homerjeremy said though this better not be the beginning of another excuse filled season. As much as I have liked J.p’s moves to this point this is the season I want to see results, injuries or no injuries. Above all though I feel for Casey more then I do for the jays. He has just begun his career and as Mike Wilner and Bastian have said this type of injury could be career ending. The guy’s still young and from what i’ve seen/read/heard really seems like a great person.

Heres the way I see the Blue Jays starting pitching and how I think they should break camp.

1st – Roy Halladay….enough said.

2nd – Burnett, we know is only going to give us 26-28 starts. So why not have someone like Parrish, who has already been stretched out and can do five innings start every fifth game for him or something, you know, to kinda give him an extra week off here or there.

3rd – Marcum and Mcgowan should only both pitch 150-160 innings, just because they are young, and marcum is coming off an injury, even though it was minor. They could be spelled, or brought out early, early in the season, by Brian Wolfe or Brian Tallet.

fourth – Litsch can be included with that group abovem except he will have fewer innings.

This is why I think the pitching lineup should look like this

Starting 5 are obvious then

Parrish (to spell AJ and pitch some long relief)

Wolfe (same reason)

Tallet (because hes death against righties)

Downs (who just rocks)

League (7 and 8th inning man)

Accardo and Ryan (who have gotta split closing duties especially in the early going)

This is how i see the pitching staff and how i think it should be coached.


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