Bastian's 2008 Predictions

Considering the Red Sox and A’s have already completed two "real" games in Japan, I guess I should roll out the second annual batch of preseason predictions. If any of you recall my picks last spring, well, I ain’t exactly Nostradamus. But, really, who is when it comes to these things?

Of the eight teams that made it to October baseball last year, I picked three (Yankees, Angels, and Phillies), and I only correctly predicted the Halos and Phils as division winners. I did, however, have the Rockies finishing second in the West, but not making the playoffs (almost had it!).  I had no award winners right, but came close by picking Rox SS Troy Tulowitski for the Rookie of the Year.

World Series? Man, I had the White Sox beating the Cardinals. Chicago placed fourth in the AL Central with 72 wins and the Cards were third in the NL Central with 78 wins. D’oh. Needless to say, this isn’t exactly an exact science. So, with that stellar history in my back pocket, here’s my ’08 predictions:


1. Boston
2. Toronto
3. New York
4. Tampa Bay
5. ———–
6. Baltimore

1. Detroit
*2. Cleveland
3. Chicago
4. Minnesota
5. Kansas City

1. Los Angeles
2. Seattle
3. Texas
4. Oakland


1. Philadelphia
*2. New York
3. Atlanta
4. Washington
5. Florida

1. Chicago
2. Cincinnati
3. Milwaukee
4. Houston
5. St. Louis
6. Pittsburgh

1. Los Angeles
2. Arizona
3. Colorado
4. San Diego
5. San Francisco

*Indicates Wild Card

Detroit Tigers over Chicago Cubs

AL MVP Award: Manny Ramirez, Boston
AL Cy Young Award: Roy Halladay, Toronto
AL Rookie of the Year: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston
AL Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay
NL MVP Award: Aramis Ramirez, Chicago
NL Cy Young Award: Cole Hamels, Philadelphia
NL Rookie of the Year: Geovany Soto, Chicago
NL Manager of the Year: Joe Torre, Los Angeles

So there you have it. I will be wrong again — just like every prognosticator out there. I’m going sentimental this year and sticking with my hometown Cubbies, because this marks the 100th year since they won the World Series. But I just simply won’t ever believe they will win it all until I see it happen.

I think I went pretty safe in the AL, so I strayed somewhat from the general consensus with my NL picks. Everyone’s picking the Mets and there will be a lot of folks saying the Rockies will be there again. I say Jimmy Rollins predicted an East win last year and he made me look smart by agreeing. Go Phillies.

After reviewing my choices, Mike Wilner of FAN 590 suggested I have the Orioles finish sixth in the East — fair enough. I gave Toronto and Halladay some love, but I knew you all would just love it if I named John Gibbons the Manager of the Year. So how about Maddon? Rays could make a run at third place this year.

All right, debate away…



    You know i just don’t think it’s fair to say that Oakland will end up in last place.

    I think they’re going to be a very exciting team this year and they have a lot of young good pitchers who could really excel.

    Thats not even to mention the possibility (extremely thin) that Rich Harden stays healthy. If healthy he’s a legitimate ace on any team, though, saying that, if he stays healthy im sure Beane will spin him into some 3rd base prospect.

    I think with their new bullpen Tampa Bay is the one team that you really can’t predict where they will end up.


    I read that Reed Johnson has signed a 1 year deal with the Cubs . I think he is a great fit for them and I think the Cubs just might surprise everyone this year . I certainly wish Johnson all the best , he is a true gamer


    I agree with Dave about Oakland, I feel that if Rich does stay healthy they can finish in fourth. About the only other thing I might question in Jordan’s predictions is where Toronto finishes. By no means do I think they will win the division but I feel they can fall in third, behind the yanks, (again) or win the wild card (Torn between the 2.) My AL MVP is Vlad Guerrero


    I checked Jordan’s link from last year and it’s hard to believe now that Rosario was almost chosen ahead of Accardo for the FINAL bullpen spot. How things can change…


    You know, the Royals in last place, i think i’d go out on the edge and say that they are better then that.

    The youth movement has picked up steam, and now that they have a solid starting three (Meche, Bannister, Grienke) they have a real good chance to compete in most games they play.

    This is on top of the fact that they wont be running Odalis Perez out there every fifth day.

    Im sure Alex Gordon will actually rebound from his horrible rookie year, and Alberto Callaspo should be good.

    Maybe im partial to teams who’s colour are the same as the Jays, but i see them as outdoing the Twins this year. Especially if Gomez stays in center all year.


    No way the Yanks end up in 3rd behind the Jays in the East. The Yanks offense is just too good, far better than the Jays, period, as the .259 team BA would attest to. The 165 team HRs wasn’t bad, but face it those numbers are far inferior to the Yanks plus the Yanks are made up of vets who knows what it takes to get the job done. Yanks also have had Jays’ number for years, this year won’t be any different.


    Unless they make some moves,the Yanks will barely make 3rd.The young pitching looks good but will need to gain experience.The stars that they have are all getting older.I might be wrong,but lets see how those young pitchers and aging veterans are holding up around say mid-august.Those pesky Rays may surprise everyone and take third or even second.


    Here is what Jordan meant when he said Jays make second place in his predictions. I think he was referring to taking second place only if Frank the literal tank as in tanking huge is taken out of the line up and matt stairs is put in to DH for the entire year. If Frank plays….its simple ….we lose. He’s slow, cant see pitches because he needs old age glasses and he wont get warmed up till july this year. Another way to look at it is why waste Matt Stairs strength on left field defence when you could harness that and focus on just hitting while Stewart plays everyday…which he can. Love Frank but love the jays more.


    Are you kidding? The Yanks don’t need to make any moves in regards to position players. Yes, they are getting older, but they are still more than capable of put up numbers. The division will still only go to the Yanks or the Suks.


    I would say the Yanks are in trouble only, and i mean Only ! If these back problems of Petite continue throughout the season and limits his season

    as well as, if Mussina is as ineffective as he was last year.

    That would mean a rotation of Wang, Hughes, Kennedy,Igawa and a Mussina.

    But hey, when you give your pitchers an average of 6 runs a game of support, you could afford to even send someone like Josh Towers up there and win the game.



    After reading your predictions of 2007, can you pick the Yankees to win the division this year? lol.

    I agree with you about the A.L. East. Yankees lack starting pitching and there pen outside of Rivera and Chamberlain is weak.

    I think the Jays have the 2nd best rotation in the division and there not far behind Boston. I am predicting a big year from Burnett. He will make more than 30 starts. If he does, he will opt out and some team will give him a big $$$$ contract.

    I am going with a Tribe vs Mets World Series.

    I totally disagree with the Orioles finishing 6th, I say they will finish in 8th place, lol. They will lose at least 100 games if not 110. They will be just HORRENDOUS!!!

    I think the Jays will be there at the end. They have some good pitching and that is what it is all about.

    Burnett is my Cy Young winner this year.

    Miguel Cabera is my M.V.P. I do agree with you about Manny Ramirez having a big year, he is ready to play in 2008. A bounceback season, no doubt!!!

    Mariners in the West, getting Bedard puts them over the Angels.


    Orioles will definitely be sixth.
    I can see Jays second over New York.

    Indians better than Tigers, wild card between Jays and Tigers.

    Oakland over Texas.

    Mets over Philly.

    Arizona and Colorado over Dodgers.

    AL MVP: Contract year Manny!

    NL MVP: David Wright

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