Rolen update

DUNEDIN, Fla. — Quick update on Scott Rolen, who just held court with us scribes in the classroom down in the Jays’ clubhouse a few minutes ago. Rolen said that he was told by his doctors that he would likely miss 4-6 weeks from the date the operation took place.

So, my writing the other day that he could potentially miss the season’s first month seems about right. Rolen is scheduled to have the pin removed from his finger on April 7 and it’s unclear how much time he’ll miss after that. He said the doctors believe throwing will be the main issue after having the pin removed, considering his right middle finger is integral to making strong throws.

Rolen did not, however, lose his fingernail. Apparently, Rolen thought he was going to lose the nail at first because it looked like it was bent at a 45 degree angle. It turned out that it was actually the broken tip of his finger that was bent at a 45 degree angle. Ouch.

The freak accident happened on a line drive hit to Rolen during fielding drills. Rolen thought the low liner was going to be played like a short hop and the ball didn’t drop, drilling his finger at an unfortunate angle. When asked if bench coach Brian Butterfield was the culprit behind the line drive, Rolen smiled and joked:

"No, it wasn’t Butter. It was @!&#&@$ Butter."

I’ll have more on this on in a while.




    How was the six week holiday? Did you catch any big fish, or is that exclusively Jeremy Sandler’s domain?

    I can’t quite say I truthfully understand the purpose of you returning to Toronto tomorrow and then jetting to NYC on Monday for the game. Wouldn’t that give you, like, 30 hours in Toronto? Seems to me with waiting to clear customs and all it may not be worth it. Why not just go to NYC early and tour the sushi restaurants or something to that effect? They have some really fancy ones there — tuna sashimi for dessert — and I think Yahoo! did an indexing of them recently if you’re interested.

    Oh, well. Enjoy Monday at Yankee Stadium. Being one of the last dudes in the press box for the last home opener ever at that place should be pretty cool; count it as a life highlight.

    Do you find any difference in the personal attributes/amicableness of beat writers, from, say, a market like Kansas City as opposed to the NYY’s guys?


    The Jays improved depth will be put to the test in the early months and seeing Scutaro hit the way he has this pre season makes me feel he can hold up the hot corner until Rolen returns. Barajas has also played pretty good this spring as well and if Zaun is banged up to start or slumps expect him to jump at the #1 catching spot.

    I really like our pitching going into the season… Expect some close games all year.


    I think Barajas should be definitly platooning equal games to start the season. Let Zaunie take it easy at first and at the same time see who really has the stuff and go with the better choice. Barajas has had an amazing spring training…we should roll with it into the reg season…


    just as an update Glaus is hitting .364 this spring. not bad…of course he usually breaks down the more he plays…but obviously he has recovered from his issues for now.

  5. Jordan

    MARCHESANO: I wouldn’t exactly call this a “holiday”, though I guess I can’t complain too much about having a job that sends me to Florida for six weeks in February (though it’d help if I liked Florida more). I don’t do the whole fishing thing. My dad tried to take me once and, honestly, I just never got the appeal. So, I guess that’d be more Sandman’s domain. … As for my travel plans, I’m bolting for TO Friday morning early and jetting to NYC Saturday night. That allows me to dump all my luggage back home, have an evening with the misses, and scratch the dog on his belly before I head to the Big Apple a night ahead of the workout. Basically, it’s a way for me not to go to Philly, get away from work for two days, even if I am traveling, and say hi to the wife before the season begins. Call it a mental break. … And, man, thanks for the suggestions, but I don’t dig on sushi. I can point out some great eats in the Apple, but sushi joints won’t be on the list!


    I remember there was a lot of angst in the comment section of this blog when the Jays let Lee Gronkiewicz and Ty Taubenheim go. Just as an update, both of these guys didn’t make the big league roster and were assigned to the minors.

    And in other former Jay news, meat-baller Josh Towers was cut from the Rockies….


    haha, take that Towers !

    You know i don’t think that anyone expected Gronk to get chosen to be apart of the best bullpen in baseball.

    Gronk isn’t that good.

    I think people thought he could have fit into a bullpen that wasn’t in the top ten. Maybe one that needed help. Im sure he’d fit right in with the Tigers, which is pretty rediculous if they expect to make the post season.

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