Jays call conference

TORONTO — Out walking the dog this afternoon, braving the cold and rain back home in Toronto, and I saw that the giant Troy Glaus poster that used to cover the windows on the south side of the Rogers Centre has finally been replaced with Scott Rolen.

There’s also some new banners hanging on the outside of the ballpark, including one of Tom Cheek that I saw while walking around. Every year it seems like they’re adding new little things to try to spice up the Dome. Today, they might officially be adding Alex Rios long-term.

The Jays have called a 3 p.m. ET news conference, likely to announce that Rios has signed a long-term deal. Also happening in today’s home opener, the Jays are elevating Roberto Alomar’s name to the Level of Excellence.

I’m about to head over to the ballpark, so more to come later. No fun travel stories today. Unfortunately — for blog purposes anyway — it was smooth sailing and I slept through the whole flight.

More later…

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Finally, I can view your blog again Jordan. GREAT news with Aaron, and Rios. J.p. stated in his conference call that the jays can only choose to excersice the option years only once, so if they decide to keep him for 2011 (i believe) he’ll be here untill 2014 which is terrific. I’m heading over to the game tonight even more excited now. I’ll be sure to check out the Rolen poster too.

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