A little R&R

TORONTO — For the first time since the first week of March, I am not at the ballyard with the Blue Birds. I didn’t make the trek to Texas for Toronto’s three-game set against the Rangers, but I’ll meet up with the Jays on the road in Baltimore. So, that’s it for now. Catch you all in a few days…



Great to see that B.J has been activated from the DL! I am really looking foward to seeing him pitch and saving some games. I am also still looking foward to see a Rios and Overbay homerun (especially Rios).

Great to see Ryan back and get the save. There is a reason I am more comfortable with him as a closer instead of Accardo and it’s simply because Ryan throws strikes more consistantly (rarely walks a guy). I have to admit, though, I let out a big sigh when the last batter hit a fly out to Rios.

Freedom, I too am waiting for a home-run from Overbay and Rios but as long as they are contributing with the bat in other ways it’s not a huge concern right now.

Ya, Rios definately saved Ryan’s … you know what in that game. The life on B.J. arm looked very good. There is a reason why he is getting all that money. Definately prefer him to Accardo, even though I like Jeremy and he had a nice run of it. Accardo will prove himself in the pen, sometime this year. Funny how many trades I recieved in fantasy baseball for Accardo starting three days prior to today. I hate people that try to rip you off that way.

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