Rolen back with the Jays

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Scott Rolen was in uniform and in the clubhouse on Thursday afternoon, but he hasn’t been activated from the 15-day disabled list just yet. That step will come after the game, when manager John Gibbons will likely tell either Joe Inglett or Robinzon Diaz that it’s been real, clearing room on the roster.

Rolen went 0-for-9 with an error at third base in his three rehab stints with Class A Dunedin and joked that if the Dunedin Jays are hoping to contend for that Florida State League title, the team’s probably happy to get rid of him. Rolen said “it’s time to play,” meaning, tenderness in his right middle finger or not, he’s coming off the DL now, and he’ll be on the team’s charter to Kansas City and able to play tomorrow.

“We asked him to tell us when he felt ready,” Gibbons said. “We trust what he tells us.”

Alex Rios and Lyle Overbay are back in the lineup after missing last night’s game with the flu and a bum ankle, respectively. Rios looked and felt much better today. Adam Lind, who will probably be up with the club sooner than later, wasn’t at the ball yard. The Mighty Lind watch continues.

Also, to anyone criticizing Gibbons for leaving Halladay in for three complete games in a row — like the fellas on Baseball Tonight were doing last night — there’s no argument to be made there. Doc is second in the Majors with 13.07 pitchers per inning and he’s averaged just over 111 pitches over his last three starts — nothing out of the ordinary.

“He hasn’t been abused,” Gibbons said.

Today’s lineups:

TORONTO (10-12) at TAMPA BAY (10-11)
at 7:10 p.m. ET at Disney’s Wide World of Sports

David Eckstein, SS
Aaron Hill, 2B
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Matt Stairs, DH
Shannon Stewart, LF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Gregg Zaun, C
Marco Scutaro, 3B

PITCHING: RHP Dustin McGowan

Akinori Iwamura, 2B
Carl Crawford, LF
B.J. Upton, CF
Carlos Pena, 1B
Evan Longoria, 3B
Eric Hinske, DH
Gabe Gross, RF
Dioner Navarro, C
Jason Bartlett, SS

PITCHING: RHP Andy Sonnanstine



    Given that Lind and Rolen aren’t on the team yet, I think Stairs should be batting clean up right now. It’s not a huge problem but that’s just something I would do for tonight.

    I didn’t have a problem at all with Roy pitching 3 complete games in a row. He’s as efficeint as it gets and heading into the 6th was only at 53 pitches I believe. No one here, or on Mike’s blog seemed to have a problem with it either. Jordan, do you happen to know where that 13.07 ranks right now in the american league, obviously that’s darn good but is it the best ?

    It’ll likely take Rolen a while for him to start playing like he’s capabable of but I am really excited to see him in a Blue Jay uniform, it’s too bad I already have plans tomorrow because I’d like to see his debut.


    I don’t think we have to worry about the Doc after all he is the best and if the idiots start to hit he will win 20 or more games.

    I don’t understand why Lind is not up here now it makes no sense his bat is hot now and we need him JP why don’t you use the common sense the good lord gave you and call him up or did he say you dress like a pimp like Hudson did we all know why you traded him I hope lind doesn’t go the same way.


    Halladay is the least of the Blue Jays problems. He is a bulldog and he likes to be his own closer. I am sure some of the older pitchers out there must really like him. They see him in some of themselves. I am sure sportswriters love Halladay. Deadlines will be made when he takes the mound.

    Jays get some great news with Rolen coming back. He’ll bring a nice veteran presence to the team. Also he’ll bring his great glove and his rocket for an arm as well. Rolen is a huge upgrade at 3b over Glaus. Only question with Rolen is he has played in the N.L. his entire career. It will be a bit of an adjustment coming to the A.L. Some players never miss a beat and some struggle at first.

  4. gsjays


    I agree Lind should be up and playing. I get the feeling somethings brewing. When Rolen is activated, someone needs to come off the roster. The candidates are either Diaz or Inglett and I think it’d be Inglett. When Lind is called up, then either Diaz is sent back down, OR they trade/release Barajas and keep Diaz here, which is what I hope they do.

    One way or the other, I’d expect the moves to happen after tonights game.


    gee sounds like Adam Lind is the next coming. Have you guys not seen him play the last couple of years. He is definately a decent player but the kind of guy that makes little to no difference if he’s on the team or in the minors. Adam Lind will do very little to improve this team and has a little chance of ever catching on a a regular MLB starter. He could be a decent backup at best. Sorry to say guys but Robinson Diaz is absolutely brutal and much less of a prospect than Quiroz was. The guy has spent 7 years in the minors…gimme a break! Besides that Black catchers simply don’t cut it in major league baseball…Believe me the list is very short, even shorter than Q.B.s in the NFL ( sans Warren Moon who was a great player/ One of the best).
    If you really want to improve this team quickly


    Good ridance to Reed Johnson as well. I’m sure it was such a big mistake to dump him. Nobody will be taking about him in a month thank god when he’s the second time around and hitting .260 as usual. I just wish the door would bang Greg Zahn’s *** as he was run out of town. Sickening to watch Zahn behind the plate and his ground outs to 1st and 2nd.


    Who would you have play for Toronto remember you have 90mil to work with show me how smart you are and I am not being ignorant,I would just like to know.


    McGowan looks unhittable tonight. Alot of swings and misses by the Rays so far. McGowan is bringing the heat tonight.

    Heads up play by Zaun, home plate wide open and he took it. Navarro was asleep there. Never ever leave home plate uncovered, a cardinal sin. Second time in the series he has done that. Navarro could be one of the worst catchers in the game. If your McGowan throw strikes to Navarro, he can’t hit a lick. Those leadoff walks will always get you.



    It is the 21st century. It doesn’t matter what color you are. I’m not sure if you know that. Don’t be so ignorant!!!!



    What’s the Blue Jays record for strike outs in a game ? McGowan might pass it tonight. He is throwing gas tonight. The Rays are swinging when it is in Zaun’s mit.


    Fair Question garry guy. By the way the Jays payroll is actually closer to 97 million and I believe we have the wealthiest owner in MLB. Ted’s worth is closing in on 8 Billion fast. So first of all I would do a better job than J.P. at selling the old man to spend a little more cash 20 to 30 mill more hopefully. That being said ,as it sits I have no issue with bringing in Shannon Stewart the guy is a good baseball player who possesses a lifetime .300 average. Reed Johnson couln’t tie Shannon’s cleats and at 34 that is NOT old nor is he finished. Look around the league Robbie Cano is hitting a buck 50, Ortiz maybe .180, Placido Palonco something like .120 and on the bench. Come September all of these guys will sport great numbers and be pivotal in the stretch. I like the Rolen trade almost as much as I would have preferred S. Figgens ( hey what do you know shannon just doubles) and grabbing Eckstein was absolutely brilliant. You see david Eckstein becomes a very valuable asset if your team is contending. I would also run Lyle Overbay out of town like today. Again another nice guy but possesses ZERO intensity. Just watch him when he reaches first base its all a big joke to him. Worst baserunner in MLB. Beyond that the core is good, actually very good with Vernon , Rios, Hill, Snider may be good and of course all the pitching.
    The real fix and a great quick fix is to sign Bonds. Don’t believe all of this nonsense about a cancer in the clubhouse crap. These guys are all millionaires and couldnt care less what’s happening in the next stall. Beyond that he’s only played for 2 teams his entire career so just because he has no time for reporters making 30 grand a year doesn’t mean he can’t get along with team mates. Trust me that is bull****


    Jays won’t win even if all their starters throw complete games. Their offensive has been horrible. Downright horrible.

    Jays are like an NL team.

  13. gsjays


    Well, we now know two things about you. One you’re an idiot and two a racist bigot. Robinson Diaz isn’t a black man dumbo, he’s Latin and from the Dominican Republic. I would ask you to refrain from such bigoted posts in the future; we get young kids on here and they don’t need to see posts from someone who is racially warped like you. The last time I checked there were a few high quality Latin players in the catchers position-do the names Ivan Rodriquez, Rod Barajas and Guillermo Quiroz strike a familiar note? By the way your favorite son Quiroz has played for 4 teams in the last 5 years and played a grand total of 45 games. His career average is a miniscule .224, so he wasn’t as good of a prospect as you think he was. I guess that’s why he keeps getting bounced down to AA and AAA.

    Robinson Diaz was in the minors so long BECAUSE the Blue Jays turned him into a catcher about 4 years ago. Next time check your facts before you trash someone.

    You should also check your facts about Lind, he’s in the top 2 to 5 in each and every batting stat in AAA-he’s burning it up. Second, he was one of the hitting leaders with the Jays last year with RISP at .333. He fixed the problem with his swing which is why he’s playing like he is.

    On the other hand, you’re not totaly dumb, firing Abner is a good decision.


    I gave McGowan props and he fizzled out tonight against the Rays. He ran out of gas, didn’t pace himself I guess. Sorry guys, I jinxed him.

    Longoria plays as if he has been around for 5 years. Why did he ever start the year in A.A.A. is beyond me. Longoria will be around for years and years.

    Rios getting tossed is going to haunt the Jays later in the game. He was very frustrated for some reason, it was very early in the game. I could see if it was in the 7th and beyond.

    Hinske is swing the bat well. He doesn’t hit lefties at all.


    Poor throw by Hill, that should have been a double play to end the inning. You have to do the little things to succeed. The Jays should be out of the inning. Tallet with some bad luck behind him.



    If the Jays get swept by the Rays. How much longer will J.P. wait? I think Gibbons could get canned very soon. This team’s payroll is almost 98 million, the owner wants too see results. I’m thinking Gibbons’ time is coming to a close, real soon. Your thoughts ?


    gsumner I don’t think rshobie meant what he said to be a racist remark he just used the wrong word but I don’t think he is a racist I know it sounds bad but I don’t think he meant any harm.


    Thank you garry guy, I certainly am NOT a rascist.
    The problem is gsumner knows everything. I didn’t say Quiroz was a great prospect I simply said diaz was not as good a prospect as Quiroz once was. The fact is they both are no good. If gsumner knew as much as he thought he does he might realize there is a big difference between black Latin people and Hispanic Latin people. None of the Catchers you listed are Black but rather Hispanic. Robinson Diaz is a Black man with Roots from Africa NOT Spain, Portugal, or other parts of central/south america. Pardon me Quiroz I’m not so sure where his roots are…hard to tell..He still is crap anyway.

  19. goodluckdoc

    In regards to rmatty’s last comment on a couple of posts back…..

    considering him as an option and asking for his availability and money is different from signing him….

    I am on board for just poking around and seeing what bond wants…if its a real low price then pick him up

    anything above a certain amount (i don’t know….i guess 5-6mill+) means we don’t need to sign him, NOTHING MORE THAN A YEAR if we do sign him…

    but i don’t think he is the way to go to improve this organization…

  20. goodluckdoc

    lol..are you bonds agent or something….

    LIND WILL DEFINATELY MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHEN HE IS ON THIS BALLCLUB…combine him with rios, wells, hill and snider we def have a good hitting team to build ourselves around. (assuming lind can reach his potential of .300 20+ 80+ 80+)

  21. gsjays


    I stand by my post. There’s no room here for racist bigoted posts. Period. We can disagree on all kinds of points and debate them, that’s what this forum is about. You have no clue as to what Diaz’s “roots” are and whatever his roots, color, religion or nationality is has no bearing as to what kind of prospect or quality of player he is.

    And for the record, Guillermo Quiroz’s career minor league stats are a .241ba and a .310OBP. Robinson Diaz’s career minor league stats are .305ba and a .343OBP. Robinson Diaz won the following awards:

    07/11/2007 EAS Mid-Season All-Star
    07/08/2007 Futures Game Selection
    08/28/2006 FSL Post-Season All-Star
    06/17/2006 FSL Mid-Season All-Star
    09/05/2005 FSL Post-Season All-Star
    06/18/2005 FSL Mid-Season All-Star
    09/01/2004 SAL Post-Season All-Star

    Quiroz won no awards at all or if he did I can’t find them, so your statement that Quiroz was a better prospect than Diaz is another insult to Diaz and isn’t true.


    gsumner I’m going to stay out of it I belive all people are the same no matter what race or color if a person was green I wouldn’t care.


    I think Roy should become less efficient. I think he should start trying to get more strikeouts with less contact. He isn’t getting hit too hard but hit enough that he is losing games. Strikeouts are perfect… No one advances and there is no chance of an error being commited by your defence. We don’t need him to go nine everytime we need him to leave the game with the win! I have also noticed that he seems to much more effective from the windup vs. Stretch so trying to get more strikeouts makes sense.


    I agree to some extent that Bonds isn’t the savior for this team but he would be one heck of pickup for 5-6 mill you called for. I do think he would make us more competitive on a nightly basis being as consistent and effective he has been over his career. I don’t think he is at all finished either, he is not a timing guy like Thomas with a long swing with god awful hitches all over the place, he is as smooth and short as it gets.

    I hope that JP has atleast asked the question of how much Bonds would want. If JP isn’t allowed to even make the call then I say this team isn’t fully commited to winning.



    Great comments. Couldn’t agree with you more.
    It really wouldn’t take much to right this ship and pack the ballpark based on the pieces that are already in place here. Getting back a healthy Rolen, signing Bonds, replacing the manager and competing at the top of the division would cause people to flock to the dome and create an electric atmosphere once again. J.P. could come out of this smelling like roses at the same time securing long term employment . Litsch must go quickly rather than keep him here to lose 4 out of the next 5 games he starts before his demotion. And I do agree with gsumner’s outlook of Purcey.
    The guy actually has the stuff to get out batters at the major league level and should be here based on his ability rather than promotion due to Litsch’s inevitable demise. Litsch simply is a minor league pitcher once good hitters have seen his junk.

  26. dt005

    This is getting tough to watch.
    There are still some positives in all of this. Hill, Rios, Wells and Stairs are all doing their job in the middle of the lineup, its the players around them that are not getting it done.
    Eckstein has not come as advertized, It just bothers me to see him hitting with 2 strikes all the time. I know thats is style but still you have pick your spots to be aggresive as well. McDonald can hit .250, but brings the defensive game. I dont understand why Gibbons doesn’t play him untill Eckstein proves he can contribute more. Rolen will definatly help at 3rd, Scutaro is a good replacement player, but thats all he will be. Same with Inglett these guys are not going to win you Championships. Overbay needs to get it going. First and third basemen are there for power and RBI’s and right now we dont have either. Good thing the Jay’s are not the only team struggling in the AL, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Seattle; all the teams probably compteting for a wild card at the end of the year are having a tough start. If the Jays can turn it around quick they are definatly still in it.


    Tough to watch is right!!!! Inglett in right is even harder too watch… He now has two errors (or should have, not sure what the scoring was) playing right field in only a couple games. He is not going to get it done… Bring Lind up now so we can atleast see what his “fixed” swing looks like. If his “fixed” swing doesn’t chase high fastballs i’m all for it.

    Rolen will be a welcome sight over at third. I think we have taken this small ball thing to literally… Half our players are little runts who offer zero threat offensively.


    This team can’t hit and I don’t know why we have the great Denbo [NOT] as our hitting coach, What we need is a guy like Paul Molitor now this guy could hit.

    When is JP going to wake up and smell the coffee if he gets rid of Abner and brings in Cito Gaston he will not only save his job but may get another 3 year deal.

    If the Jays don’t take at least 2 out of 3 in Kansas I will not watch them anymore.

    Jordan you see JP a lot tell him to read your blog maybe he will get the idea that the fans are not happy and make some changes.


    Yea it definetely looks as if Denbo isn’t as good as we thought he was. But just because Paul Moliter was a great hitter, doesn’t mean that he is a great teacher. At this point I don’t really care what kind of change or firings take place, as long as something gets this team to start winning some games.


    Jordan last year you opend up your blog while a game was being played and held a Q&A which I thought was great and you stated that you would do that once in a while but you never did it again is there a reason why you were unable to do it again,and if there was no reason other than you forgot or were to busy can you do it again I’m sure all of us would love it thank you.



    Maybe now that Rolen is here the team will pick up he has great range at 3rd and that will give Eckstein less ground to cover and less mistakes to make Eckstein has a good bat and if he has less ground to cover he will be a better shortstop.

    I dont exspect Scott to start hitting right away but his defence should be good.

  32. gsjays

    What do you guys think about shaking up the lineup?

    Looks like we’re facing a tough right hander tonight. How abut putting Overbay in the lead off spot instead of Eckstein. Overbay is .309BA/.457OBP against RH’s and Eckstein is .254/.338. Put Eckstein 8th and Stewart 9th.


    I looked up that stat tidbit that Jordan gave us, 13.07 is tops in the league with Cook in second at 13.18. The next best Jay ? Shaun Marcum at 36th with a 15.11 P/IP.


    Sumner, I like Overybay leading off right now because he isn’t hitting for pop yet. I do disagree with most of the rest of your lineup though. I’d go with
    If Lind is up i’d put him between Eck and Rolen.


    Enigma that was my lineup that you don’t like not gsumners. My idea was to run LH against the RH pitcher and if Zaun winds up leading of an inn all the better.


    My mistake on confusing gsumner with garry, this new blog format takes a while to get use to on the eyes. Sorry about that.

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