"May flowers?"

BOSTON — That was the response from Blue Jays manager John Gibbons this afternoon, when asked how happy he was to be beyond the season’s first month. Here’s a quick glance at the April that was:

  • Went 11-17 in April, marking the club’s first losing April since it went 7-15 in ’04
  • Finished April in fifth place in the East, the first time that’s happened since ’04
  • Own a .423 winning percentage since 2002 in March/April, the third worst mark in the AL
  • Rank 14th in the AL with a .211 average with runners in scoring position, the worst such mark in club history for the opening month
  • Boast a .250 team average for April (12th in the AL), lowest in April by the Jays since 1998
  • With a loss on Thursday, the Jays’ 1-8 record on their current trip would represent the worst road trip of more than six games in team history
  • Played 10 one-run games in April, tied for the most in the AL. Went 2-8 in those games.

Here’s hoping May goes a little better for the Blue Jays. One area the team did do well was pitching, posting a 3.75 ERA as a staff in April. That ERA is the best in April by the Jays since 2001.

Some minor items today: Gibbons stacked the lineup with right-handers to face Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. Marco Scutaro was at first base and Shannon Stewart in left. The only lefty in the lineup was Matt Stairs, but the way he’s hitting lately, you can’t keep him out.

Gibby also noted that he plans on using the DH spot to help slide guys in and out to provide days off every now and then (“I think it helps the team.”). You might see that this weekend with Scott Rolen, though Gibbons noted he may just give Rolen a complete day off. “I’m not going to kill him right out of the gates,” Gibbons said.

Today’s lineups:

TORONTO (11-17) at BOSTON (17-12)
at 7:05 p.m. ET at Fenway Park

Alex Rios, RF
David Eckstein, SS
Scott Rolen, 3B
Matt Stairs, DH
Vernon Wells, CF
Aaron Hill, 2B
Shannon Stewart, LF
Rod Barajas, C
Marco Scutaro, 1B


Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
David Ortiz, DH
Manny Ramirez, LF
Mike Lowell, 3B
Brandon Moss, RF
Coco Crisp, CF
Jed Lowrie, SS
Kevin Cash, C

PITCHING: RHP Tim Wakefield


Fire Denbo and bring back brantley.

The lineup should be,











Your wish is granted, Lowrie is in the lineup.

I still can’t believe Rios is leading off. That makes very little sense to me.


Garry & Gsumner,

What do you think ?

Career Hitting Stats Against Wakelfield

Hill: .318
Eckstein: .000
Macdonald: .273
Overbay: .308
Rolen: .000
Rios: .219
Scutaro: .455
Stairs: .271
Stewart: .278
Wells: .277
Zaun: .167
Barajas: .294
Lind: .167

Eckstein, Rolen and Lind have all had 6 or less at bats against Wakefield.

Bosox-take another run at it knowing how they do against Wakefield

WELLS was going the wrong way he should have let Rios take the ball Lowell is out.

Man is Rolen valuable

Yea I wish we had him in the beginning of the year, we might of actually had a winning record. He reminds me of what Lyle Overbay should be when he is hitting over 300.

Wakefield is having problems out there tonight. You never know with the knuckler.

Jays squandered a chance there. Rios with a good swing but a nice snag by Ramirez.

Ramirez is better out in the field than people give him credit for.

The second basemen for both teams are allstars.

Thank you Moss

Great catch by Hill, poor baserunning by Ortiz. Burnett always seems to pitch very good against Boston.

Imagine if the Marlins had some $$$$, they would have a rotation of Beckett, Burnett and Willis as there top 3.

Hey im watching the game on gameday, so do you know where Rolen just got hit by pitch. I pray that it wasn’t his hand.

Rolen is fine in more ways than one[ fredom ]

What horrible baserunning by Eckstein. I don’t know what he was thinking or was he thinking ? He should have scored easily. He had a great view of the play, he is smarter than that. Usually Eckstein is a solid baserunner. I guess those things happen when a team is struggling. When teams have a nice winning streak going, everything seems to go there way.

Good job by Wells, runner at third with less than 2 out, get him in and he did. Good situational hitting by Wells.

bosox I think Eckstein lost the ball and the way the play went Peavy should have held him up.


How in the world did he lose the ball ? As I wrote earlier, horrible baserunning. He had a great view of the play. Rolen saw it well but Eckstein didn’t obviously.

I do agree with you, Peavey should have held him up, no doubt.

I am watching some of the Tigers/Yankee game. These young kids for the Yankees are not ready to pitch in the big leagues. Kennedy got roughed up again. That Yankee pen is going to be toast by July. Alot of trips to the mound by Girardi. He will wear out the grass, lol.

Eckstein looked like he was sleeping on that play

Burnett’s been lucky so far, 4 bb’s and no runs. It’d be nice to see him get a few curveballs in for strikes

Isn’t Hughes now on the DL, along with A-Rod?

Brandon Moss is my favorite Red Sox player. He rocks. lol

Hughes went on the D.L. with a oblique problem. A-Rod with a quad problem. Hughes also might have a sore neck as well, lol. Posada went on the D.L. for the first time in his career, amazing for a catcher of his age. Torre got out of N.Y. just in time. Alot of issues on that Yankee team. That team is swiss cheese, lol.

Sox had a chance against Burnett and couldn’t cash in.
Burnett made the rookie Moss look foolish in that at bat, the kid didn’t have a chance.

Rios with a rocket. That gives the Jays some breathing room.

Rios really seems to like the lead off position.

Why do the Jays have Camp? He was pretty bad with Tampa Bay, alot of hits when Camp is in the game and that means runs as well. Gibbons bring him in please, lol.

Boston has had alot of success from the 7th inning on but I don’t see it happening tonight.

Camp has pitched well for us so far, his sinker is now working.

Burnett is getting stronger, he had a very easy 7th inning.


I just wonder how long Camp will be effective. He was batting practice with Tampa Bay the last few seasons. He got lit up.

Time to take Burntt out. 109 pitches, he got lucky this outing, giving up 5 walks and no runs.

I don’t know, his sinker has been working well; so far he’s only given up 2 hits and no runs. But, I cross my fingers every outing. We used to enjoy him last year, just like you did.


I don’t know if Burnett got lucky. He seems to raise his game when he faces Boston. Toronto’s pitching has been unreal in these games. If the Jays were getting bombed, I would say the season is over. With there pitching, they will be in every game. Too many good arms on the Jays.

Burnett’s night is done. I’m glad he will be taken out. Maybe the Boston bats will get something going.


Everyone enjoyed Camp when he came in. Most people would leave there seats and head for the outfield and try to catch a home run ball, lol.

Sometimes a change of scenery does wonders.

Camp has a nice sinker going for him this year, that he didn’t have before. If he keeps it, he’s successful, if not, well head for the bleachers. lol.

Burnett’s been lucky to give up 5 bb’s to Bosotn and not have any of them come back to haunt him. AJ deserved a break after his last outing, so the baseball Gods made up for it tonight. Although Brandon Moss didn’t hurt either.

What a dumb play that was. Why not bunt-or did Eckstein miss something.

I allways thought Camp could pitch all he needed was a good pitchen coach and now he has one.

Hey Jordan what do you think nice game or what we might win one.

The last 2 games with boston were nice games. It’s a shame we didn’t atleast take one of those too.


Yes, it’s not often when you give up 3 runs in 3 games and only win 1 game. Hopefully, the pendulum swings in the reverse.

Garry ,
I am usually around . I don’t think any of us desert, just don’t have much to say . It was an interesting ending to the game last night . Have a great day all and take care


I never meant you I wouldn’t want to get bosox upset lol

Three very good games but this time around Boston came out on top,We are still only four and a half games out and this is a new month we can wind up on top of the heap by the end of the month let’s hope we do.

If lind starts to hit it will help a lot also I don’t think Stewart will be here that long.

Is it too early to bring up snider?

Was it a bad decision letting thomas go?

Should Stewart be relased?

Should McDonald and Eckstein platoon till eckstein gets it going?

Does Wells deserve the cleanup spot?

Is Gibbons going to get fired?

Is JP going to get fired?

Is Burnett going to leave us at the end of the season?

Is Purcey going to get more playing time?

Are we going to see Cecil soon?

Are the jays still in it?

That should be enought keep you guys answering 😛

harry from top to bottom.

to early


trade him

eckstein is hitting for a high ave. with runners in scoring position but JMac should be put in when we have the lead late in the game.







oh yes.

I dout that we would find a suiter for Stewart. I know some of you will say throw him in a package, but what team wants a package of players that can’t do anything. We don’t (obviously), so why would they?

I think that we can also give flowers to our pitchers for April, with the exception of a handful of bad performances, they definately deserve flowers for April. I don’t know, what’s growing now? Dandy Lions? Thats all I can think of. Its a weed, I know.


Here I am saying that Stewart can’t do anything, and in the first inning he gets two rbis.

Stewart’s ok against lefties, he is dismal against righties; so a platoon of him and Lind should work out well.

Here we go again man on third and second no outs and no runs.
we score because an error kept the inning alive witch is great for us but lets get the bats going.

See that sick play my Mcdonald in the 5th? I bet Eckstein wouldn’t of been able to pull that off.

by Mcdonald*

Does anyone have any news on how Jansenn is doing? I mean how long will it be before he starts doing anything like playing catch.

fredom I dont think Jansenn will pick up a ball until spring.

Another web gem by Johnny Mac I hope he gets a hit.

Not to bring this up but we are dead last in the MLB with batting average with runners in scoring position .210

Gsumner, on the blog that jp said was strange. Do you think he was dissing Jmac? I didnt know what that blog was about. Please give me your point of view on it.

Zaun is an idiot why call for three pitches on the outside of the plate three times in a row only a jerk would do that.

all I can say is we got lucky.

duanegault I read that blog too I think JPs mouth was just running off the team was not doing good and he was not thinking right.

JMac is like a net out there.


what do you think of JMac tonight.

Wooooo! 2 shutouts in a row!

Well, what I heard JP do was throw MacDonald under the bus. It was hard to understand why any GM would cut down one of his players like JP did Macdonald. I think JP was trying to justify Eckstein’s signing. It was a pathetic performance by JP who seems to have developed a tendacy to lie to us every time he gets the chance. As you can tell from tonight’s game Macdonald is an exceptional defensive ss. He’s no hell with the bat, but if the team is hitting well, we should be able to afford him hitting .250 in the 9th hole. Of course, right now Eckstein’s only hitting .248, so if he doesn’t get it in gear, Macdonald should be playing more.

Imagine last 4 games and we only gave up 3 runs. If we ever get the hitting going at the same time our starters are pitching like this, look out. I like the Bulldog, he doesn’t have the greatest stuff in the world, but I think he could be our 2nd best “pitcher”. Last year, if he got run support he would have had 16-17 wins.

gsumner, thanks for getting back to me and I agree with you. Hopefully Jmac can get his hitting in gear. Under know circumstance should your GM through any player under the bus. Do you think a JMac trade is in the works? He is the type of guy who would love to play alot. I know they pay him well but believe me he does not care about the money. Baseball has always been fun to him. I personally went to high school with him and had the pleasure of watching him play back then. He is a great guy.

Most of the press call Johnny Mac their favorite Blue Jay, cause he always talks to them and treats them, along with everyone else, well.
I think if JP traded JMac, there’d be serious pushback from fans, I think he’s a fan favorite. Baseball is entertainment and JMac always provides a high light reel play that fans love to see. Last year, we saw a JM or JM/Hill special play almost every game-it was great to see. Even when the team was playing like crap, it was always enjoyable to watch to ensure you didn’t miss the JM play of the night. I haven’t seen any with Eckstein in the game.
I think maybe JP was feeling a bit nervous. After all, the Thomas signing an contract was a huge mistake. He signed Stewart and let Johnson go, he signed Eckstein and the guy’s not hitting like he should be and his defensive skills are crap.. He’s cost us two games, so far, and likely more in the future. If Eckstein hits like he has in his career, then he”s a help to us, but Macdonald should be inserted in the late innings. If Eckstein doesn’t hit better than he’s hitting now, we should bench him and play JM.

Quote: “Are the jays still in it?”

Boston and New York helped a lot, but after an awful April, they are still only 4.5 games back, which is likely better than they deserve to be. if they want to contend, they will have to go 7-0, or 10-2, or 15-3 somewhere in the season, and if the pitching stands up, they should be able to do that. There are still some holes in the batting order, but they are all guys who can hit, so that should fix itself shortly. Nice to see Wells and Stewart hit well last night.

Interesting stat on the standings page–XW-L, based on runs for and against. Toronto should be 16-14 right now, which means we are underachieving. Boston and Baltimore are overachieving right now, and Tampa and New York are right on. Boston should overachieve all year, because they know how to win ball games that they shouldn’t win.
Can the Jays do the same thing?

Always nice


What do you think of Litsch da kid now.

I wonder what’s happened to Jordan? Hey Garry, let’s hope Da Kid pitches as well as Bulldog yesterday.

Jordan is probley out running.

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