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TORONTO — It’s amazing! The Blue Jays have rolled out an identical lineup for the second game in a row. That makes this lineup the second-most used order of the season — tied with two other variations. Consider that, of the 28 different lineups used, the one that’s been used the most has only been penned four times.

“I don’t know how many more times I can change it, to be honest with you,” Gibbons joked.

On a different note, the barking that was coming from the White Sox side in the ninth inning last night apparently was Chicago trying to get the umpires to follow ump Bruce Dreckman’s lead, calling a balk on B.J. Ryan. Dreckman called a balk on Ryan in Boston in the ninth on Thursday, nearly costing Toronto a win.

Gibbons believes that, ever since Dreckman made that call, ruling that Ryan didnt come set in his delivery, other teams may be watching the lefty a little more closely.

“Oh yeah. I’m sure theyre looking for it now. Definitely,” Gibbons said. “I think that’s what [the Sox] were screaming about yesterday, is that right? I still don’t think the umpire would call that with the game on the line and the closer in the game. Those teams may be looking for it, but if they didn’t do it yesterday, I have a hard time believing they’ll do it.”

The bottom line is Ryan has pitched this way his whole career. He’s consistent with his delivery and calling him on it now is a little ridicilous. A balk is an intentional attempt to deceive and when Ryan does the same thing on every pitch, I hardly think it can really be throwing too many hitters or baserunners off.

But I digress…

Talked to David Eckstein today and he gave us this reaction to the Jays decision to use John McDonald as a late-inning defensive replacement in close games:

“Everyone knows that feelings don’t really matter in this scenario. The only thing that matters is going out there and winning games. That’s the decision they made and, being a professional, you just have to go out there and keep trying to do your best.”

So, whether of not Eckstein agrees with the decision is a moot point, because: “It doesn’t matter. We’re here to win games and that’s the only thing that matters,” he said.

Today’s lineups:

TAMPA BAY (16-15) at TORONTO (16-17)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at Rogers Centre

Akinori Iwamura, 2B
Carl Crawford, LF
B.J. Upton, CF
Carlos Pena, 1B
Evan Longoria, 3B
Eric Hinske, DH
Dioner Navarro, C
Gabe Gross, RF
Jason Bartlett, SS

PITCHING: RHP Andy Sonnanstine

Alex Rios, RF
Shannon Stewart, LF
Scott Rolen, 3B
Matt Stairs, DH
Vernon Wells, CF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
David Eckstein, SS


THIS JUST IN: Mike Wilner of The Fan 590 has just confirmed that “Hangin’ Tough” by the New Kids on the Block, which was blaring out of the Roger Centre’s sound system while A.J. Burnett warmed up, was in fact requested by Mr. Burnett. Amazing. Or not…



    Getting caught of base is bad enough but to laugh about it on your way to the dugout is just plain sick.Thats the stuff I hate about Wells.


    I am like everyone else on here, Ryan got screwed on that balk call in Boston last Thurs. night. I think that umpire should be called into the office of M.L.B. and explain his thinking. Was he thinking? I think Dreckman was way out of line. A very poor call.

    If the Red Sox won that game, Gibbons and the Jays might have done some serious hurt on Dreckman, lol.


    I shut the game off I can’t stand watching Burnett pitch and the Jays get beat by garbage teams and Eckstein is garbage.


    I know what you mean. Burnett reminds me of a Ted Lilly (a 500 pitcher). One day I love to see him pitch, and the next he gets taken out in the 3rd or 4th inning.


    Hey well what do you know, Eckstein got a hit. Maybe there is hope for him after all……..


    Burnett plays to the competition. Then again, I think the Jays do at times as well. Burnett owns the Red Sox, he has basically shut them down. Especially last Thurs. night. He blew the fastball by most of the Red Sox hitters. Tonight, he is having some issues out there. Tampa Bay just got swept in Boston and the Rays weren’t even competitive. How strange it is. Sometimes it makes no sense.


    I know it ended up working out for the Jays but I thought the decision to send Zaun in the third was a bad one. The ump blew that call but i’ll take it. I think despite the rough inning the jays will win this one. Looks as if Rios is showing signs of slumping as Rance Mulliniks put it: “he’s swing looks long right now”



    I have lost total respect for Burnett now, lol. New Kids On The Block, are you kidding me ? I don’t think he can be called Mr. Burnett, lol. Your thoughts about his music taste ?



    I wouldn’t disagree with that, lol. I can’t believe a major league pitcher would have that as there song. I have heard it all.



    Rays are up by 1. Put the game on Garry. It is very early, alot of ball to be played.


    As soon as I read fredoms post I put the game on Eckstein must have got hurt good for JMac.and JP.


    I told you guys burnett was garbage and for any of you that think this pig is going to opt out forget it the way he pitches who would want him I hope he goes on the DL for the rest of the year. Just great now JMac is gone what next.


    Yea what just happened to JMac. I am watching the game on gameday as usually because it’s rare that they are on tv, so I don’t ever know what’s going on.


    Why not hit and run this waiting for the long ball with a team that cant seem to hit homers is just plain dumb.


    why didnt scutaro bunt……the game would be tied right now if he did. come on…..and what the heck is wrong with hill. Hes terrible right now. How can you be so good and now one of the worst


    Every time the Jays give a player a big contract at the start of a season it goes to their heads right now hill is to busy spending money to care about his game.


    It’s ironic that Hill’s struggles started just around the time when people were commending him for his consistency. Baseball surely is a funny game.

    Rios’ strikeout total is skyrocketing. Had Overbay’s double been one inch longer, we wouldve had a tie. Hinske’s homer was the difference of the game..he continues to be the death of the jays. We lost two shortstops today.
    – talk about a baaaaad game…

    So what now? Joe Inglett? Hector Luna? Russ Adams is an outfielder now, so he might stay put.


    Frustrating loss tonight (aren’t they all though). Rios should be dropped down the order soon. I think right now it’s safe to say he is struggling a little bit. Put Overbay there (he looked better tonight) and continue to have Stewart batting second. Rolen can hit 3rd, Matt 4th, Rios 5th and Wells 6th. I hope both Eckstein and Mcdonald are ok. As much as I like what Scutaro can bring, it just wont cut it at this point in time with the way the offense is going.

    I’m confident in Marcum to be able to get the job done tomorrow.
    To Garry: Roy Halladay has a big contract it doesn’t seem like it has got to his head. Hill could have had more money if that’s what he’s all about and don’t forget that in ’06 (i believe) he was off to a slow start and rebounded nicely.

    P.s. Fire Denbo and why doesn’t this new format allow paragraphs ?


    I’m talking about the first year for young players Hill will soon come out of it I’m sure.

    If you read my post tonight you can see I was upset I hate Tampa Bay as much as I hate Burnett. Sorry but thats the way it is with me,And as for your problem with paragraphs I don’t even know what one is and I have half my grade 12 grade 6 lol.


    There were a total of 6 guys posting last night plus a very rare appearance by Jordan himself where has everyone gone I know the team has a losing record so far bur they have won 5 out of 6 in their last 6 games, This blog last year used to have at least a dozen people every night I wonder if some of the posters from last year can’t find the site,Also last year there was a lot of trash on this site this year it has been cleaned upa lot and we only have one or two bad eggs who we hope will soon be gone, If some of you people are just reading Jordans blog jump in all of us would like to hear from you.

    who do you think they will call up and do you think they will send Adam Lind back down.

    It looks like Boston is not waiting for anyone If they keep playing the way they are they are going to be hard to catch.

  21. gsjays

    Missed the game, to bad we lost. Tampa Bay certainly look like they’re real. Lokks like it was a real poor effort by Burnett. garry, I’m starting to move to your opinion about him. Maybe it’s time to move AJ down ot the 4th position, and move Marcum up a slot.
    I wouldn’t worry about Hill, it’s a long season and all guys go through slumps. I’d bet by the end of the year he’s hitting between .280 and .320, with 10-15 Hr’s and 70-90 RBI’s. I’d like to see Overbay take a shot at the lead off role, his OBP is high and he might work out well there. Maybe that would also help Rios, in moving him to the 2nd hole.
    If we need to call up ****, we have 3 guys in Syracuse: Sergio Santos, Pedro Lopez and Jorge Velandia. Velandia is the oldest and is hitting the best in AAA, so I assume that’s who they’d call up if someone is needed.

  22. gsjays

    Garry-I’d be surprised and disapointed if they sent Lind back down. Although he hasn’t hit all that well yet, we do need a 4th outfielder. I think it all depends on how bad the injury is to Eckstein and Macdonald. If one gets moved to the dl then no one needs to be sent down. If it looks like a short -2-4 game thing, they might send down someone from the pen and run with 6 guys there instead of 7 for that period. We’ll know when we know the extent of the injuries.



    I was checking out AAA Syracuse and Joe Inglett has an .OBP OF .484 SLG .574 AVG .407 OPS 1.058 and 1 E. in 15 games.

    Why not trade Burnett Tallet and Lind to Seattle for Eric Bedard I think that would be a good idea.


    LOL LOL What are you smoking garry guy. Why not throw in John Macdonald and Greg Zahn and maybe Seattle will give us Ibanez and Johjima as well. Burnett has an opt out end of the year, Tallet has meaningless trade value and sorry folks no one in line for Adam Linds services. He is a C to B prospect at best. Hopefully John Mac’s( the best shortstop in MLB )ankle is in rough shape and we dont have to see him anymore….OH NO here comes the Sergio Santos to the rescue comments!!!!
    I heard Florida was inquiring before Macdonald got injured because they feel they can take a serious run again at winning it all again…. But Florida was offerring Hanley Ramirez and Jeremy Hermida for John Macdonald and Adam Lind. The deal has been put on hold because of Johnny Mac’s apparent injury and the Jays not wanting to include Robinson Diaz in the deal!!!

  25. gsjays

    I don’t think Seattle would take that deal for Bedard since Burnett has a opt out claus at the end of the year, but if they would I’d like the deal.


    Sorry guys but i doubt that Seattle made a trade for Bedard just so they can trade him to the jays. I think for that to happen Seattle will have to be seriously out of the race and even then Bedard might be one of their brighter lights so they may not want to move him. He still has a couple of years on his contract, so if they don’t win this year with him they can try next. I think it’s about as likely as my pipe dream of Bonds coming to Toronto. Besides that why do you guys feel that we need Bedard when a few months ago no one here wanted Lincicum (except me and maybe a couple of others) who arguably has as much potential. Is it because you’re offering less value then Rios? if that’s the case what makes you think Seattle would want that.

    I think the Jays should focus on getting a bat….Adam Dunn, Ken Griffey or Jason Bay are guys who could be available (so i’ve heard) and whom i’d be happy for the jays to try and work something out for.


    I had nothing against Lincicum but I don’t think it would have been a good deal to trade Rios there had to be another way.

    I wonder if we can trade rshobie for a bag of used balls.


    rshobie, where did you get that info of Jmac going to Florida. Because I just can’t see that happening. Hanley Ramirez is too good of a hitter to trade for Jmac and Lind.



    As long as the Sox keep away from the Rogers Center, they will be just fine, lol.

    The Rays seem to own the Jays so far this year. Rays are 4-0, imagine that. Burnett didn’t pitch well because he had that New Kids stuff playing. He needs to man up out there. I am sure most of you would agree.


    What is the feeling/sense of the Rays around baseball?

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