Eckdonald lands on DL

TORONTO — I’m not at the ballpark today, but I just received word that both shorstops David Eckstein (strained right hip flexor) and John McDonald (sprained right ankle) have been placed on the 15-day disabled list. Neither infielder is seriously injured, but the Jays can keep running out two men short until they’re completely recovered.

For the time being, the Jays have recalled Mighty Joe Inglett from Triple-A Syracuse. I’m told a subsequent move will be coming on Friday. There’s been rumblings that the Jays have been scouring the market for a right-handed bat. Robinzon Diaz would’ve been an option, but he’s out 2-3 weeks with an ankle injury all his own.

I’ll catch you all from Cleveland tomorrow.



    I made a coment on Esk McDONALD show true grit if anyone wants to read it. how about you gnorman.

  2. goodluckdoc

    JAYS SCOURING MARKET FOR A RIGHT-HANDED BAT… ithink jordan put that part in there on purpose so we don’t jump up on barry bonds

    we released FRANK THOMAS FOR A REASON…singing barry would then defeat the purpose and would cause 8 mill gone down the drain…(don’t tell me we released him cause of too many at-bats threat…we could let him go later too)

    did rolen try to turn a triple into a inside the parker? is that how he got oout?


    Right handed bat??? At what position? I can only see it happening at left field or short stop. And that’s if only we get that bat in a trade.


    Offence out of the rut huh? One 5 run inning doesn’t solve all the jays batting woes.


    What is wrong with this team they just plain can’t hit we need more than just a RHB. we need at least four good bats.

    Thats the way to help yourself Litsch.


    Those 2, gsumner and garry’s GUY love to provoke. You are not allowed on this site to disagree with any of the idiotic comments gsumner makes or it is a straight attack just as he went after you. garry”s GUY comes right to his defence when your comments were very respectable to say the least. I allowed him to provoke and the conversation digressed from there a few weeks ago.

    Believe it and I also have no use for Gibbons but gsumner absolutely thinks he could manage the team alot better than a major league manager.


    Iwas going to stay home and watch the Jays this weekend but the way they are playing I’m going to go fishing with my son and grandson before I smash my TV.


    Was with the Rangers, but you know what I think he’s a switch hitter actually so that leaves him out?


    They mentioned on sportsnet that it’s not via a trade. So think someone who has been disignated for assignment recently or is an unsigned free-agent.


    Maybe Jason Michaels from the Indians? He recently got designated for assignment.

    How about not driving in a runner at third base with no one out? I think I lost a few hairs tonight.

  11. lndigo

    Towers isn’t with a team right now . He was with the Rockies but I believe they released him .
    The rumours I have heard is it could be Brad Wilkerson who was designated by the Mariners, though he is a left handed hitter . The other one I thought it might be is Jacque Jones who was released by Detroit but again he is a left handed hitter . I can’t see them signing a free agent who potentially hasn’t played in the majors since last sept , thats 7+ months removed , but with JP you never know .

  12. lndigo

    I sure wish they hadn’t released Johnson . He was a sparkplug for this team and he wasn’t given a chance to show it this year . Wilkerson has struggled the last few years … we go again

  13. ukjaysfan

    Stupid idea I’m sure, but decent hitter who can DH and plays outfield…why not give Snider a sniff at the majors? Who cares if he hits left handed?

    Given the experience, it might serve a decent motivational tool for him to crank it up and get here sooner.

    Just a thought

  14. lndigo

    Jordan’s post said right- handed bat so I assumed the Jays cared but if they are talking about getting Wilkerson then obviously it doesn’t matter


    It won’t be Jason Botts, because he cleared waivers yesterday, and Barry Bonds will NOT be in the line up against Clevland. Even if the Jays do sign him (they won’t) he needs at least 2 weeks to be game ready.
    Wilkerson would be my guess, because even though he is a Left handed hitter, he hits lefties better.
    Another option would be Kenny Loftin, who could also fill your lead off spot if required.


    Thanks for the info indigo.

    Wilkerson is a waste of skin why not just leave Lind up here and play him until he hits and play Stewart against leftys.

    JP is going to bring in another player and try to catch lightning in a bottle again and it never works for him.

    I like your pick Kenny Loftin I think he still has a lot to give to this game and would be a good fit for this team.


    swagmanjay, they gave Snyder a “sniff” of the majors, and he did horrible.

    Any news on who we might be getting?


    I like the Mench acquisition, not so big on the Wilkerson one though. Mench can be a good bat against lefties and I guess they’ll platoon him with Stairs at DH.
    They designated Chacin and Santos to make room on the roster.

  19. ukjaysfan

    Yeah forgot about Snyder’s september callup last year. My bad. Wonder if Halladay flinched when he heard about Mench signing. I like Mench for some pop, but both he and Wilkerson are streaky. Knowing JP’s luck with retreads they’ll both be released or playing AAA by the end of the month.


    Garry, i like the fact that J.P. has tried these low risk “hoping for lightning in a bottle” moves. It has hasn’t worked yet, you’re right. However when the guy is at or near a budget it’s nice to know he’s still trying to improve the team. You and I might not always agree with the moves he makes but you can’t say that he doesn’t try the old “change for the sake of change” philosophy. I don’t know about you but I think there is something to that.


    I like your post very funny.
    At least the Doc. wont have to worry about getting hit again, I guess their first metting will be funny.


    I’m not against JP trying to improve the team but why not sign good middle of the road players instead of wasting money on guys like Thomas and paying Eckstein 4.5 mil. for one year and Burnett now he has to chase lightning in a bottle.


    Yea why wouldnt we just pick up Mench? Because now we are going to have a plattoon of Stewart/Mench/Wilkerson. Thats not that much playing for them all. If we just signed Mench, and somebody got injured then we just call up Lind again.


    I don’t think these two players put together are worth one good player, I can’t remember which one but one of them is a RF, We sent a better player Inglet down for one of them???????. What we need is a shortstop who plays like Rolen. JP stop wasting money on garbage and sign two more good players one in left and a shortstop that can hit you have a lot of junk to trade or do you????.
    I’m sure uncle Ted will open up the wallet for good players not garbage,If you keep this up you can pack your bags ADIOS.

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