Milwaukee loves Lyle

MILWAUKEE — Tucked away in a display case inside the Brewers’ clubhouse is a base that was pulled from the field when Lyle Overbay set a Milwaukee franchise record for doubles in a season with 53 in 2004.

“Really?” said a smiling Overbay, when told the base was still in the stadium. “I may have to sneak off with that.”

The Milwaukee media were loving them some Lyle Overbay on his Reunion Tour to Milwaukee. His first trip back to ‘sconsin since being traded to the Jays prior to the 2006 season. So, who got the better of that five-player deal?

Overbay’s been hot and cold this year, was hurt all last year and was strong in 2006. Pitcher Ty Taubenheim — the othe player the Jays received in the deal — is currently 4-8 with a 4.98 ERA for the Pirates’ Triple-A squad.

The Jays sent Dave Bush, Zach Jackson and Gabe Gross to the Brew Crew. Gross is now with the Rays (sent in a trade earlier this year for a pitching prospect). Bush won 12 games in each of the past two years, but is 2-7 this year. Jackson is 1-5 for Milwaukee’s Triple-A team.

Gee, let’s call it even.

Today’s lineups:

TORONTO (35-36) at MILWAUKEE (36-33)
at 8:05 p.m. ET at Miller Park

Alex Rios, RF
Marco Scutaro, 2B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Vernon Wells, CF
Kevin Mench, LF
Rod Barajas, C
Lyle Overbay, 1B
David Eckstein, SS
Dustin McGowan, P

Craig Counsell, SS
Joe Dillon, 2B
Ryan Braun, LF
Prince Fielder, 1B
Corey Hart, RF
Russell Branyan, 3B
Mike Cameron, CF
Jason Kendall, C
Manny Parra, P

NOTES: 2B Aaron Hill is heading to Pittsburgh on Thursday to visit a concussion specialist. He’s still at least 10 days away from a return, and I’m being very optimistic with that assessment. … Jays skip John Gibbons weighed in on the A.J. Burnett would-accept-a trade-to-the-Cubs-“with-open-arms” ordeal, saying in response to the media’s reaction: “He said what he said. It can be interpreted any way you want it. A.J., he speaks his mind — he always has. It’s funny in this business, sometimes people like that and the media doesn’t think there’s enough of that anymore. When a guy does, that’s what happens. I don’t doubt his loyalties here — I don’t doubt that.”


We met at lunch last Sunday with Mike Rutsey.

I thought I would share my blog site with you.

All the best. I continue to enjoy your comments.


James Hurst

Hi Jordan:
This is a little off the topic, but I do need to get this off my chest, what with MY Jays being in the cellar now.
I deeply believe their problem lies in the whole team relying on the home run to win games, and it ain’t workin”. I think they need to play more aggresive “small ball”. Around the end of May it looked like they were starting to do that and they were winning games. Now the batters stand there and swing at the ball like they want to knock into Lake Ontario. What happens, they strike out, pop up or ground out.
They need to steal, bunt, make short accurate hits into the holes, hit short when the field is playing deep and hit deep when the field is playg in. In short, they need to manufacture runs rather than rely on the home run.
Good luck Jays, I really want to see you playing in October. It has been a long time waiting.

I hear what dbp is saying, but really, these guys are professional athletes. They have forgotten more about hitting that any of us will ever know or experience. Rarely do complex problems have simple solutions. Take the current shortstop, Eckstein. There is a fellow who is just trying to get the bat on the ball, and he is having as much trouble as the rest of them getting RBIs. The Jays have to be commended for putting together a great young pitching staff..but think about it! These guys are for the most part, home-grown talent. At the beginning, it would appear that JP thought that he had to draft pitching and buy hitting. He was right about the pitching, but has been unable to purchase top hitters. The way to do it is to develop both. If you cannot develop both, then trade for what you lack in your farm system. Unfortunately, JP would rather trade for a veteran bat that “might” help him keep his job next year, versus a couple of high-potential minor leaguers that could solve our hitting problems for years to come, if allowed a year or two to develop. This team will never get a sniff of October until the general manager stops making decisions based on keeping his job, and starts putting the peices together in the farm system for the next general manager that will replace him. Much like the leafs who will play just enough defensive hockey under Wilson to miss out on drafting an impact player next year, the Jays are doomed to failure as the standings and the stats bear witness.

I think JP has started thinking about bats recently…

SNIDER, ARENCIBIA, COOPER, AHRENS (supposed to be a huge bat) and then he put in some speed for small ball too

so he is trying to fix his past mistakes now

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