The good Doctor gets the call

ANAHEIM — On a relaxing Sunday afternoon here at Angel Stadium, a whole mess of Blue Jays were lounging around the clubhouse, watching the All-Star rosters being announced. Roy Halladay was over at his locker, just back from a run, getting ready to go hit the weightroom.

Needless to say, Doc was busy working when it was revealed that he was named to his fifth American League All-Star team. Halladay is the lone Blue Jays representative this season — a year after Alex Rios was the only Toronto player at the Midsummer Classic. Doc’s selection is well-deserved — he’s been a machine this year.

Nothing else really going on. Gregg Zaun caught wind of the fact that I have been running a lot and asked me if I got my run in today. Yep, 12 miles this morning. He told me he ran cross country way back in the day. Someone nearby in the clubhouse laughed and asked why, “Because my mom wouldn’t sign the permission slip for football.”

Today’s lineups:

TORONTO (42-46) at LOS ANGELES (52-35)
at 3:35 p.m. ET at Angel Stadium

Joe Inglett, 2B
Marco Scutaro, SS
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Gregg Zaun, DH
Rod Barajas, C
Adam Lind, LF

PITCHING: RHP Jesse Litsch (8-4, 3.69)

Chone Figgins, 3B
Casey Kotchman, 1B
Vladimir Guerrero, DH
Torii Hunter, CF
Garret Anderson, LF
Howie Kendrick, 2B
Juan Rivera, RF
Jeff Mathis, C
Erick Aybar, SS

PITCHING: RHP Jon Garland (7-5, 3.99)



Have you heard any trade rumors in the club house today.

Jordon, can you tell us what injury Robinson Diaz incured and when he’s going to be moved from the Gulf Coast Jays to Syracuse. He’s now played 8 games for the GC Jays.

Sounds like Milwaukee has aquired CC Sabathia from Cleveland. Cleveland gets AA slugger Matt LaPorta and a couple of other minor leaguers TBA.

Let’s offer Milwaukee Burnett and Tallet or Fraser for AA Mat Gamel and Alcides Escobar.

is Matt LaPorta that good that you give up CC Sabathia for…i think Cleveland just got ripped off..

I just read on sportsnet that if Sabathia leaves them then they get 2 1st round picks and if sheets leave make that 2 more and if you add those 4 to the 6/ first 62 picks the last years draft then this team is looking deadly in the next 3-4 years i guess espeically if Feilder hits has enough experience and hits his prime along with Ryan braun.

Think about it you have Feilder and Braun, and basically 8 1st round draft picks and a few 2nd round….deadly deadly deadly team

Also i doubt they would give up any more prospects (even though they have an abundance of them) for Burnett, they don’t need another starter that will opt out in FA….lets find another suitor i guess, (Gamel and Lowrie gone whos left now Gsumner? there have got to be atleast a few more)

I do not know enough about the players involved to say whether or not the trade you porpose would be good. My message all along (prior to the season) is that this team does not have the YOUNG TALENT to compete, never mind contend. What I do know is that DOC will never be worth more than he is now on the trade market. While other teams are willing to trade their number one starter to get better long-term, the Jays will not likely make the same move. They are trying to build a winner the way the leafs have been trying to build a winner for the last 40 plus years. It is not going to work. I would like to see the team move DOC and some of the others for the good of the team long term. But when you have someone who is (general) managing for the short-term, that is not likely to happen.

Burt, you can check out Mat Gamel and Alcides Escobar as well as LaPorta at the following url

I agree with your assessment. At the start of the year I stated this team was looking at 3rd place and possibly 4th if Tampa came alive-so where they’re at is really no surprise to me. I’d trade anyone on this team except Marcum, McGowan, Hill, Rios, Litsch and Lind and I’d trade for B+ or A prospects in either AA or AAA. If we don’t take this direction we’ll be mired in 3rd to 5rth spot every year and never win.

Harry-right now Milwaukee look like they could be a serious contender in the post season, which is the first time for a long time. I think they’ll consider any trades which help them get over the hump this year, even if it means giving up long term talent.

From Sports Illustrated

NEW YORK — The Milwaukee Brewers greatly enhanced their postseason chances by completing a blockbuster trade for star left-hander C.C. Sabathia in a deal that will be announced Monday.

The Brewers will send top slugging prospect Matt LaPorta to the Indians, along with minor-league pitchers Zach Jackson and Rob Bryson for Sabathia, has confirmed. It is believed that a fourth player to be named will also go to Cleveland.

Milwaukee has been viewed as a favorite to land Sabathia because of its superb farm system. LaPorta, a blue-chip prospect who can play a corner outfield spot or first base, has 20 homers, 66 RBIs and a .288 batting average for Double-A Huntsville, Ala.

I still doubt that Milwaukee would trade for Burnett, they now have a couple of strong starters (Each an ace)and if they got this far on their current staff why would they need 2 extra. Plus I doubt Milaukee would want to keep JJ Hardy (no doubt he is doing good recently but seems like Matt Gamel is better) and they would prolly give up Hardy.

Harry, JJ Hardi, the Brewers SS, is likely why the Brewers would consider trading Alcides Escobar their ss at AA, although if they’d trade JJ Hardy for Burnett, I’d love that deal.
I also think they’re happy with Hall and Branyon at 3rd base which is possibly why they’d consider trading their AA 3rd baseman Gamel.
I don’t know whether theyre happy with their current starters now that they got Sabathia.
One way or the other though, this deals sets the standard for the worth of AJ Burnett-so hopefully we get some really good prospects for him.

They def. are happy with hall, I would say they would be more willing to trade Hardy than Escobar, and i thought gamel was ****, sorry.

this trade would only work out if they want one more fireballing picther with some experience who might opt out and give them another 2 first round draft picks. If they do want this trade/pitcher tehn it would work out.


Hardy raised his average to .446 over the last 18 games. He has been riding a hot streak since taking six days off with an aching shoulder last month.

He’s now .295ba/.330OBP and has 12 hr’s and 38 rbi’s for the year-not bad for a short stop. They would trade Escobar-a AA prospect much easier than Hardy-who’s already proven himself in the MLB.

From SI
The Marlins, Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Phillies, A’s, Cubs, Cardinals, and Rays all have a need and have expressed interest in acquiring Colorado reliever Brian Fuentes. But Tampa Bay is preparing to make the most aggressive play for the Rockies’ closer, according to a major-league source. The Rays had a scout at Coors Field again Saturday. Opposing executives who have spoken with Tampa Bay say the Rays are determined to bolster their bullpen in an attempt to create separation between them and the Red Sox.

**I wonder what TB would offer for Ryan and Burnett?

Attanasio said the acquisition of Sabathia will push the team’s payroll around $90 million this season. Attanasio said the move might prevent the club from turning a profit this year, but it was made possible by increased fan support and sound financial decisions in recent years.

thats makes it clear milaukee wouldn’t do anything
now the rays are an interesting bunch maybe we could trade for something with them

what will be interesting is if we do any trades at all.

After JP called Burnett out and fully said he isn’t satisfied with Mcdonald or Eck how can he not make a trade…even JP isn’t that (can’t find the right word but you know what i mean)

I say atleast give eck up to Baltimore for whatever we get (remember hillenbrand) and hope for the best.

First of all JP is an idiot. Of course he isnt satisfied with eck we all knew that was coming. As far as Mcdonald give him more playing time. See what happens. JP is trying to cover his *** as usual. The sporting news reported the signing of eck is basically stupid when the best defensive ss is siting on the bench. Its not as if the rest of the lineup is hitting great anyway. Who knows? but this team needs an overhaul.

duane-yep an overhaul that starts at Godfrey and JP’s office.

Harry-JP also slammed Joe Inglett on a fan 590 appearance, so it’s becoming a habit for him. Eckstein should never have been signed. Of course neither should Stewart, Mench or Wilkerson On the other hand Scutaro was a good signing, but 1 out of 5 isn’t a good average.

I don’t see the Brewers move Escobar or Gamel for Burnett. Barring injury, their rotation seems set with the addition of C.C., and Escobar and Gamel are good candidates to take over at short and third, respectively, when Hardy and Hall leave via free agency at the end of the 2010 season (the takeover could come early since Hall is struggling and Brayan is a free agent after this season). Hardy could eventually be moved to make room for Escobar, but the Brewers won’t do it in the middle of a season in which they are trying to win it all.

But I have to wonder, would the Brewers give up one of the two for B.J. Ryan? They have been looking for a closer since the departure of Cordero, and Gagne has been a bust. Torres, who holds the closer jobs right now, is more of a setup type. What do you guys think?

I see them giving up Escobar more likely than Gamel and then a couple of non-impact players i guess. I think Tampa might be offering more for the serivices of BJ Ryan.

Then again who do we have that can close (not that BJ ryan has been solid recently…but he can still get the job done)

caleb-good point.

I think they’d do the deal with both Gamel and Escobar to get a premium closer like Ryan-who might be as valuable as a trade chip as Halliday-or close to it.

Now that the Brewers upped the ante, their division rival Cubs almost definitely will try to improve its roster. I wonder if the Jays can get in on that and net some prospects. oh also, the Cardinals.

Well, apparently the Brew crew isn’t done; they are definately going for it in 2008. Rumors have them still looking for a left hand reliever and a bat and appear to be prepared to trade more of their prospects. Sounds like an opportunity to move Stairs and Tallet. Maybe we could only get Escobar, but I think he’d be worth it.

And the Marlins are looking for a veteran catcher since Matt Treanor went down. Hey, we have two of those guys, who both leave at the end of the year. The Marlins appear to have some nice prospects; I wonder if they’d part with Dallas McPherson. Probably not.


who would you take from the marlins?

Harry-I doubt JP’s making or taking any calls. He’s still trying to`cover his (you know what) and make others believe we still have a chance at making the playoffs-which we don’t.

This is brutal… We have a GM too scared or not allowed to make a deal as he will probably get canned. Meanwhile we have the A’s and Indians getting great young prospects for their soon to be FA starters and we are sitting here on our hands with Burnett.

If JP is going to be fired at the end of the year they need to do it now, before the trade deadline so we actually can make team improving deals.

What we need to do is fuse J.Mac and Esk. together and we will get a great shortstop with a good bat.

Frankly i doubt anyone from the Jays Organization reads these blogs (perhaps Jordan you can ask JP about trading for Burnett to the cubs or Ryan to the Rays/Marlins/Milaukee)

when is the trade deadline anyways?

And i think i read somewhere that JP thinks the season is over…can’t put my finger where though…

Surprised to see Oakland do what they did today in dealing Harden. They are only 3.5 games back. I guess they don’t think they’re for real. Obviously this is as good a time as any to deal Burnett. Teams are deciding that they are going for it and the jays are obviously not going to do much in the race. Rmatty makes a good point. If they think they’re going to fire him at the end of the year then they might as well do it soon. I was willing to let him stay the balance of the season but things have been brutal. I found myself losing interest in the last week.

Harry If JP reads this blog you can be sure he won’t do anything we sugest to big an EGO.

If they fire JP who will they bring in,Will they alow him/her to spend any more money,Burnet is the only one worth a trade to any team,But do the Jays think he will stay they know more than we do they must talk to him all the time also is he not worth keeping,Who do you replace him with????.

What we need to do is get rid of Esk.J.Mac. Stairs Wilkerson and Tallat and pick up a good shortstop.

It looks like JP is giving up.

Garry, I would see if I can dangle Burnett and Litsch similar to what Oakland did with Harden and Gaudin. I’d offer up Ryan, amongst others, too if anyone is willing to take him.

I dont think Oakland got much in return when i look at the players numbers….they are all marco scutaro type players

If League could get on track then goodbye BJ but if he can,t how do you replace him.

Why not trade McGowan he has to be worth something I have never had any faith in him to much like Burnett a 500 pitcher at best,Litsch on the other hand is just what you expect in a no 5 starter and he is new to the Majors he may get better with another 15 games under his belt.

One of the problems with the Jays is they pick up to manny has beens and they have no trade value all you can do is release them and waste more money,Every year the same thing no money in July so we have to sit idle and listen to JP say he has desided not to make any moves pure bull and as fans we take it up the rear for another year.

LOL garry…absolutely true we pick up too many has beens
Stairs (still does ok though)
Overbay (doing good before injury though…but after he lost it all)

I think thats enough

we have i guess accardo, janessen (if he is the same), carlson seems to be doing good too to replace ryan…we have downs as setup already so we just use one of them
I am sure one of them can step it up like accardo did last year.

When this team was stalled in June JP should have made a move via the trade route you have to give up prospects to get good players if you want to contend but JP hangs onto them until they break down or get to old to trade,Trade some of them when they show good in the minors most of them wont make it to Toronto anyway look at Adam Lind he would still be in the minors if not for Cito JP just keep bringing in more and more right feilders who were hasbeens for the life of me I can’t figure out why he is still with the club can anyone else.

its cause of godfrey thats why he is still there…godfrey doesn’t want to loose his job so he shows faith in JP (hoping they both can stay a little longer than normal)

It looks like JP lost one more suiter for Burnett with the Cubs doing the deal with Oakland. This nonsense he’s pushing of making the team better between now and the end of year by “picking up a bat” is “I’m trying to keep my job.” It’s hilarious, and if it continues, we’re looking at the Toronto Maple Leafs, the sequel.

Perfect case in point-we have 3 of the very best catching prospects in baseball in Diaz, Arenciba and Johnathon Jaspe, and two guys up here on their last legs. Miami desperately needs a veteran catcher and has put out the word. Is JP calling-probably not. Diaz-who we stuck down in the Gulf Coast league on a rehab has been there for 9 games, is hitting .467 and we leave him in the Gulf Coast League. Why is a good question? Arrenciba is hitting .304 in AA, with 18 Hr’s, 26 doubles and 76 RBI’s in 77 games and we leave him in AA. To put that into prospective, the entire Blue Jays team has only hit 59 Hr’s. Wells, Rolen and Stairs combined have 19. Johnathon Jaspe is hitting .360 with 3 Hr’s, 4 doubles,17 RBI’s and an OBP of .410 in Lansing A- and we leave him there.

For christ sakes, this team isn’t going to be in the playoffs, dump Zaun and Barajas, bring up Diaz and Arrenciba and give these kids some experience so by the time we start next year, we have two “really good hitting catchers”, one who hits the hell out of left handers and the other who does the same damage to right handers. Thigpen is getting passed by all 3 of these guys, so trade him for a prospect to someone, like Boston-who’s looking for one.

This team needs some serious help at short and 1st & 3rd base. Rolen and Overbay are both nice bats, and great on defence, but we need power from those spots and we’re not getting it. Will they improve-I don’t think so, so it’s time to trade. If we can make trades to get a guy like Tiexera for 1st and sign him for 3 years or so, a strong power potential at 3rd base like Gamel and a short stop with speed and good OBP like Escobar, then it might be worthwhile to roll the dice for one more year. If not, it’s time to unload and rebuild to contend in 3-4 years, but the unloading has to happen with Godfrey and JP first.

Once the unloading starts the only guys safe should be Hill, Rios, Lind, Janssen, Accardo, League, Marcum, McGowan and Litsch from the current roster.

The rest are all available. That is, if we ever do want to win.
Over to you Mr. Ted Rogers-time to pull the plug on this charade.

From SI

Toronto pitcher Roy Halladay earned the biggest All-Star bonus, $125,000, followed by Cleveland pitcher Cliff Lee at $100,000. A total of 42 of 63 players selected earned $1.92 million in bonuses, down from $2.13 for the initial picks last year.

Halladay, who has a $10 million salary, wasn’t aware of the bonus, saying he leaves things like that to his agent.

“The fun part is being part of the team. That’s what’s exciting and fun for me, fun for my family,” Halladay said.


Burnett will be hard to trade he has the right to veto 15 teams,the only teams that can afford him will be the Yankees or the red sox who do you think it will be,it has to be a team who can afford to redo his contract and has the players that suit the Jays needs.

I like Eric Almonte from det.AAA club -371-428-276 with some power he could be a good shortstop,Get him for Burnett and 2 more prospects.

Garry- I think Burnett would take a pay cut to be out of here. lol Almonte is 30 and turns 31 in Feb. so hes a bit old.

I think Burnett is to gredy to take a pay cut lol.

I wonder what happend to Jordan fall of a cliff or ran 15 miles can’t find his way back wife made him stay home or JP has mim cutting his lawn.LOL.



Have you giving up on the jays it looks like most of the people who post here have but I bet if they start winning they will all post again,

Why is it that most of you guys/gals can’t support Jordans blog it’s here for all of us if some of you don’t like some of the other posters big deal this blog is not about any one person it’s about baseball so let’s hear from some of you.

Who’s happy that Cito is back myself for one.
How about the way Rios is playing.
How about Lind comeing up I think it was a good move.
We all know they are going to trade Burnett who do you think they should trade him for.

Garry-well Jordon should be supporting his blog as well by keeping up to date with posts and answering questions posed to him, so don’t be surprised few are posting here any more.

I have always liked Cito and glad he’s back.
With Rios-it’s about time.
You know my answer on Lind. lol

I agree with you about Jordon I have checked other team blogs and the reporters all interact with the posters sorry Jordan but its the truth.

I think the Head Coach has officially declared this season to be over…

No doubt JP is trying to make a trade. My concern though is that he is overlooking prospects for immediate help. Remember, if this team goes on even a modest run over the second half of the season, that is all JP will likely need to save his job. Remember, his boss is Godfrey — another who needs to be shown the door! Don’t be surprised if we get another 30 plus bat, the result of some minor trades involving bullpen pitchers.

I don’t know why all the coaches are saying that the season is over. It is obvious that we are in a DEEP hole, but if the Rays or any other team can gain 12 games on us in the first half, why couldnt we gain 12 games on them in the 2nd half? I am one to never give up hope, and it is just wrong when the coaches do which will affect the players.

burt-I share the same concern you do and also believe in the same solution, starting with Godfrey.

Garry-well if you ask Jordon a question on US college sports you’ll get an answer-just don’t ask him a question on the Jays or minor league system because I have yet to see him answer those.

This could be Burnett’s last Blue Jays start tonight.

I haven’t completely given up on the team yet. I think if they can sweep Baltimore and take atleast 2 of 3 from the Yankees i’ll be on the bandwagon again but it’s not likely to happen.

Keep Burnett untill McGowan and Marcum return, in my opinion, and if it looks like they can string together a good run then keep him untill closer to the deadline. At that point revaluate where the team is in the standings, if it’s within 5 or 6 games go for it. If not then trade him. They have a lot of divisional games left so I personally haven’t lost complete hope but it is looking bleak so whether J.P. chooses to carry on as is or start “unloading” now I for one don’t mind either course of action.

freedom-in this case I agree with the analysis. If Boston and TB only play at a .500 clip between now and the end of the year, we’d have to go at a .653 clip or 47-25 to catch them.
Considering how both of those teams have played all year-its unlikely they’ll play at only .500; just like it’s really unlikely we’ll play at .653.
Remember we’re past the mid point and only have 72 games remaining. JP waited too long to make the change. It’s time to become a seller and reload with prospects.

The thing with Tampa or any other team is that most, if not all teams go through bumps in the road. It hasn’t happened to Tampa yet but that doesn’t mean it can’t. Don’t look now but they have lost 3 in a row. I don’t know maybe it’s just me trying to come up with a reason to keep watching lol after watching the comeback last night I might be alittle dillusional. Untill September callups come where I can get a chance to see to maybe Snider I have to make up reasons to keep watching.

Ya i am excited to see Snider
and guys lay off of Jorday…he is a very busy person believe it or not…like me here its summer vacations so whenever i am home i come and post here but when you are on the road or covering the jays everyday its hard to make time (plus he has his own family and would prolly rather do somethign with them than read 56+ posts)

enigma-yes we all need reasons to keep watching. Of course if we made some decent trades, garnered some exciting prosects and played them, that would work too. I just don’t want The Jays to become another Maple Leafs that deliver mediocrity year after year after year and right now that’s where we’re heading.

The problem we have is the 7 clubs above us in the wild card race and we only have 72 games left.

You’re right sumner it does seem like it’s the same situation as the leafs. No great young prospects and always seems like it is a mediocre team. The thing is I don’t think it’ll take as long as the leafs to turn things around.
Did anybody catch which teams those scouts were from ? i was at the dinner table and didn’t really hear the broadcast.

The Rays will fall on their faces soon the team we have to follow is New Y
ork Boston will come back to us.

Hey, some good news. 1st baseman David Cooper, our first round draft choice from this year, got promoted today from ss Auburn to Lansing A-.

He started well in Auburn at .341ba/.411OBP/.553slg.; hit 2 hr’s, 10-2 baggers and knocked in 21 in his first 21 games as a pro.

Garry-well, Boston aren’t comng back to us today-they whipped the Twins 18-5.

It’s good to see you guys back let’s not give up just yet,It doesn’t look to good but anything can happen lets hope it does.

If they trade Burnett we have to get a good shortstop and 2 prospects.Also trade Stairs for prospects the same with Eskstein.

Eckstein and stair aren’t worth alot though…if we package them we might be able to get maybe 1 decent prospect for them. (maybe)

If we could trade Burnett with Milwaukee for Escobar and Gamel, I’d throw in their choice of Eckstein or Stairs and their choice of either Tallet or Carlson. I’d even pick up 1/2 of AJ’s salary and if they pushed-all of it.

Escobar, a shortstop is .327BA/.357OBP and 7 hr’s, 14 dbl’s, 55 rbi’s AND 22 stolen bases in 89 games. He hits LH and RH equally-a short stop and lead off hitter. He is 21.

Gamel is a 3rd baseman hitting .372BA/.432OBP/.612 slg, 31 dbl’s, 15 hr’s and 76 RBI’s in 89 games. He hits LH and RH equally and is 22.

If JP made this deal, I’d write him a personal note of thank you and take back every negative comment I said about him. lol

Now if Cooper keeps coming, imagine in a year or two, an infield of Gamel, Excobar, Hill and Cooper. Behind the dish we have either Diaz or Arenciba. Trade Rolen and Wells, put Rios in center, Snider and Lind in the corner spots and ladies and gents, lets play ball. lol

Why not throw in

Hey I’d love to trade management with Milwaukee-all you need to do is check out their minor league system-

I dont get why J.P is planning to use Tallet sunday. I think we should go with Parrish who did really well in his start this season.

How much is Burnett worth now all the scouts left the ball park.

6 runs…man thats gotta hurt…buts its not wonder AJ’s not pitching…he wants out now and he knows he is gonna get a job no matter what so…

freedom, I have no idea why Tallet is starting. Parrish pitched well, and David Purcey was selected to the AAA all star team. Unless he’s show casing him for a trade; thats the only thing that makes any sense.

Garry-Ya scouts don’t like to watch melt downs. AJ certainly didn’t improve his trade value in either this or his last outing.
I hope Vernon is ok.

Garry-hey-maybe Baltimore are impressed with Eckstein.

ya eckstein had a huge cluctch rbi double…wat happened to vernon (i was watching on gameday)

and mcgowan is out for 15 days…apparently he was pitching through pain in the last few starts (no wonder his ERA was 5.86 then)…should have put him on DL earlier…

Not the prettiest win today but you take them any way you can. I don’t understand why people seem to think that Eckstein will be dealt to Baltimore this year. Yes they have a hole at shortstop but really are they going anywhere this year ? I’m guessing no, so why give up something now when they can likely have him when he’s a free agent. If he gets snatched up somewhere else then go for Cabrera or Furcal. If I were Baltimore’s g.m. it wouldn’t make much sense to me.
Anyway, I hope Vernon is ok, the guy’s been taking a lot of criticism but i’m still a fan and hope to see the guy back in the lineup asap.

Garry ,
I watch or listen to every game if possible . I didn’t post a lot before but I still read the blog although sometimes I am several days behind , that work thing gets in the way . I love the Jays , its the only team Canada has and we need to support them

Vernon did pretty good tonight and i think he did good yesterday too…

I believe Baltimore was intersted in Eckstein thats why ppl think he might get traded there.

But you are right Baltimore doesn`t need Eckstein but thats what i was saying…we won`t get anything for him maybe a player to be named later and if we package Stairs and Eckstein then we MAY get 1 decent prospect (someline like .275 hitter with little-mediocre power, a young bench player at best)

Enigma-Baltimore apparently enquired about Eckstein.

Indigo, good to see you post.

i thought parrish was pitching the next game in marcum’s spot, which is why he can’t pitch for mcgowan on sunday.

Oh now that makes sense…I hope tallet does good and ppl want him.

It might make it a little bit tougher to deal Burnett now that Mcgowan is done for awhile, my guess is the season. A torn rotator cuff is not a little injury. The question is now… Do we trade Burnett while Marcum and Mcgowan are out and there is too much left in the season to give up? Is a rotation of Doc, Marcum, (once he is back) Litsch, Purcey and Parrish going to finish up the season for us? To me that looks a little weak. Or do we continue with what we currently have until the season outlook becomes a little clearer? This Mcgowan injury just messed everything up. I say, keep Burnett until all hope is lost on the season and then try and improve on those two draft picks. Trading him now with the injuries we have would be pretty dumb unless we get a deal we can’t pass on.

My post was not intended to hurt anyones feelings,All I wanted to do was to get all the people who posted last year to post again and I hope we get some new people this year.By the way when are you and bosoxbrian going to hook up and where in the heck is he.

rmatty, once again I agree with you. I think it’s foolish to deal Burnett now with so many divisional games left this month. Wait untill July is over atleast or untill Marcum comes back and they get an offer that’s too good to refuse. I don’t want a rotation without Marcum, McGowan and Burnett. A.J. should be off the market for the time being. It’s not going to hurt to wait untill closer to the deadline when teams can possibly be alittle more desperate.

I’m not sure if this is right but if they wait until after the deadline he will have to clear waivers if they want to trade him and that can’t be a bad thing because all they have to do is make a deal with any team that claims him,Also that will give the Jays more time to decide what they want to do if two of our starters don’t come back.

what do you guys think of the Jays taking a flyer on Richie Sexson ? I think i would. He’s got a better chance of working out then Wilkerson or Mench, or any other reclamation projects they’ve tried in the past. Also, I know that it was Baltimore who asked about Eckstein but i was just saying that I have no idea why they would.

Better him then Eckstein at DH that’s for sure.

Was Sexton cut if so your right I don’t think they could lose on him.

Sexson was just released by Seattle. Not only could they add him but they can likely do it for relatively cheap. He’s hitting .218 yes, but he was 11 homers and 30+ RBI. The jays don’t lack guys who can hit for average, they need a guy with pop in his bat and Sexson can provide that.

**he has 11 homers. would u do it Garry ?

Why not he has more than any Jay has and a new lease on life might do him the world of good,Also can he play first it will save using two catchers when Overbay needs a rest ,Also it just might wake up Overbays bat.


What is his RISP.

Looks like the Phillies are looking at Burnett I read the two teams have actully met but the prospects the jays are looking at are or were o the disabeld list.

Lets see Sexon has a MUCH better chance of doing better than wilkerson, mench or stewart…he one one a feirce hitter too and isn’t that old… I say we jump on the badwagon and if he does good then who knows we might get a small bit of trade value for him too or we have the option to sign him to a longer contract…if he does bad just release him….seasons almost over so its worth a shot…

I don’t want anything to go wrong tonight so I’m leaving my broom in the closet for now.

Harry-I think I’d pass on Sexton. Seattle let him go for a very good reason and that is hitting with RISP. He is a paltry .123. I think he’s done like dinner.

Garry-where did you read that Philly information?

Lol…I too just noticed that we have a chance of sweeping the Oroiles. When was the last time we sweeped a team?

The good news of the day for us, is Seattle put Bedard on the dl today, making AJ Burnett just a bit more valuable. If he has a good start next time, we might get real high value for him.

wow, Sexon’s risp is that low ? now i’m thinking twice lol it makes everyone else on this team look good.

Gsumner Scroll down right side under trade rumors

Phillies getting closer to Burnett-Fan Nation

The Philadelphia Phillies interest in A.J. Burnett was established long before CC Sabathia and Rich Harden were traded but now the Toronto Blue Jays have reciprocated, dispensing J.P. Ricciardi’s top personnel advisor, Tony LaCava, to Reading, Pa., to scout the Double-A Reading Phillies.
Phillies officials met Thursday morning, but there is still real concern about Burnett among their upper echelon after his near-meltdown Wednesday night against the Baltimore Orioles and because of his high ERA. The Blue Jays, like most major league teams, covet Phillies outfielder Greg Golson, the organization’s first pick (21st overall) in 2004.

**Now if Jason Donald is also included along with Golson-we might have something here.

Sources say the Blue Jays have also zeroed in on the Los Angeles Dodgers, and have had people at games involving their Single-A Great Lakes Loons affiliate.

I don’t think the Dodgers will trade for Burnett after his last two games they won’t want to give up anything for him we have to trade him for a good shortstop not garbage like we always do.

garry-I looked at the Dodgers Great Lakes Loons team and couldn’t see anyone there that I thought we’d have interest in. Jason Donald (a nice looking shortstop) from the Phillies AA team looks good though. You can view him here:

Jason Donald looks good to me.

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