TORONTO — There’s a bunch of little items to go over, so I’m going to attack this bullet style. Ready or not, here we go:

  • Alex Rios is in Puerto Rico, where his fiancee was due to give birth to their first child on Friday, and he’s expected to miss the entire Yankees series
  • A.J. Burnett is now scheduled to start on Sunday instead of left-hander Brian Tallet. Burnett will be pitching on three days’ rest
  • Vernon Wells is still with the team, but will head home to Texas over the break to begin rehab. He’ll rejoin with the club for the series in St. Pete against the Rays and can move his rehab to the club’s facility in Dunedin, Fla.
  • Aaron Hill still has no timetable for a return from the disabled list, but he at least has some good news going for him. Hill has started fielding grounders and hitting off a tee — his first baseball activity since being shut down in mid June
  • Shaun Marcum started throwing off a mound earlier this week and is on pace to come off the DL shortly after the break, perhaps as soon as July 21 or 22, which we already knew.
  • Jeremy Accardo is down to throw in a modified mound session on Saturday, meaning it’s a lighter work load — maybe 30 pitches or so — and he may be throwing off the front of the mound to lessen the stress on his arm
  • Rotation out of the All-Star break looks like Roy Halladay, A.J. Burnett, Jesse Litsch, John Parrish and perhaps Shaun Marcum (if he’s ready). Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi doesn’t want to call up David Purcey if it’s just for one start: “I just don’t want to spot start him. … He’s deserving of more than one start. He’s had a great year in Triple-A, so to run him up for one start, if we bring him up, I think I’d like to have him for more than one start.”
  • Could that play into the Burnett trade rumors? Well, Ricciardi said there’s no talks going on, despite some published reports stating otherwise, but the GM also said that Dustin McGowan’s injury doesn’t affect the team possibly dealing Burnett: “I dont think McGowan affects anything. If we’re going to do anything, we’re going to do what helps out club. We’ve got Purcey, who can come up and pitch, but we have absolutely nothing going in the way of a trade. We’re not looking to trade anybody right now and we have no conversations going with anybody in that regard.”

So, there you go…

Today’s lineups:

NEW YORK (49-43) at TORONTO (45-47)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Brett Gardner, LF
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Jason Giambi, DH
Jorge Posada, C
Robinson Cano, 2B
Wilson Betemit, 1B
Melky Cabrera, CF

PITCHING: RHP Joba Chamberlain (2-2, 2.45)

Joe Inglett, RF
David Eckstein, SS
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Matt Stairs, DH
Rod Barajas, C
Scott Rolen, 3B
Brad Wilkerson, CF
Marco Scutaro, 2B
Adam Lind, LF

PITCHING: RHP Roy Halladay (10-6, 2.88)


Any idea if anyone is going to be called up to replace Wells and Rios, or are they going to play short handed for the weekend?

Probably not unless they call up Mench.


Halladay looks really good tonight but then again he usually does. I really enjoy watching Halladay pitch. He doesn’t waste any time out there. I’m sure the guys playing behind him really like playing for Halladay. Also guys like Jordan love Halladay, they don’t have to spend hours and hours at the game.


The Bears are reporting to camp soon, can you believe it? Your thoughts on your Bears? Prediction? I say maybe 7 wins, sorry. Will Brett Favre comeback? The first pass Favre threw was picked off and his last pass was, lol.

Bosox baseball please unless you want to talk CFL If you know what that means.

Do you think boston would like Halladay.

Whats with Rios the baby can wait lol.

Garry—C.F.L.—Grey Cup baby!!!! Warren Moon and one of my favorites Doug Flutie. I don’t like 3 downs for the C.F.L.–sorry.

Boston would love too have Halladay but not going to happen. If there was one pitcher in baseball I would want the Red Sox to get it would be Halladay. Nobody else. Brandon Webb of the D’Backs would be the other pitcher but he would be a distant second to Halladay.

Yankees lineup not what it once was. Yankees for some strange reason don’t hit with runners in scor. pos. I don’t know what the numbers say about that but just from what I have seen this year they strand there fair amount. I doubt the Yankees rank in the top 5. There bullpen before Rivera has surprised me. Wang being out until September has really hurt the Yankees. There starters with Wang were average without him below average for sure. Any team that has Rasner and Ponson in there rotation is in dire straits, lol.

Out of all the days for Rios’s wife to have a baby, she has to do it when we are playing the yankees. And with Rios’s streak against the yankees, it’s a shame that he won’t be able to continue it.

Burnett pitching on three days rest? I wonder what that’s all about, and if there is any pitch count that he’s going to be on.

Jordan also said that Wells is still in toronto, I would have sent him to rehab as soon as possible.

Fredom I’m with you on Wells also Burnett on 3 days rest It makes you wonder.

My god what a play from Scoot to J.Mac It put a big smile on Docs face.

BOSOX Favre asked for his release.

I always say if a pitcher has a no hitter or a one hitter going you keep quiet but not Jamie Campbell on sportsnet no not him yap-yap-yap-like a dog with his nuts caught in the lawn mower next thing you know another hit.

Garry-I almost fell of my chair laughing at your post; but I don’t like Campbell either. I think he talks to hear himself.

Good game by Halliday, great play by Scutaro/Macdonald, and if Baltimore and Cleveland keep hanging in, it will be a real good night.

Indigo-it would be boring if we all agreed on the same thing all the time. Different points of view on here are a good thing.

Bosox, the Yanks hit .256 with risp, we are at .240, the Sox are at .270 and Minnesota are #1 at .311. Seattle are the worst in the AL at .237, we’re 2nd worst.

So does everyone believe JP, when he says there are no trade talks going on? Did Toronto’s director of player personnel Tony Lacava recently spend a couple of days at Double A Reading on holiday or did he just want to watch Reading play the Erie Seawolfes?
Were the multiple scouts in The Rogers center armed with radar guns when Burnett pitched just there to test out their new radar guns? Or did Pat Gillick tell JP to take AJ Burnett and stuff him after his last outing?


Thanks for the info. Just what I thought about the Yankees. Over the years they thrived in those situations, not the case this year. How do you get that info? Where do you look it up? I’m not exactly computer savvy, lol. I defintely have no shot with Indigo now, lol. This day and age, who wants to deal with someone if they can’t find there around a computer? LOL!!!

Halladay was great tonight!!! Halladay or Lee will start on Tuesday night. Francona has watched Halladay pitch so many times over the last few seasons against Boston. I wouldn’t be surprised too see Francona pick Halladay as his starter on Tuesday night. I would go with Halladay as the starter.

Gsumner— Never ever believe a g.m. this time of year. He is either really dumb or a bad liar. This is the time of year when a g.m. in baseball earns his keep. A very busy time of year for these guys. Why would J.P. even say there are no trade talks going on? Every team is talking to one another. I assume at the end of July, baseball g.m.’s have to surgically remove there cell phone’s from there ear’s, lol. Of course you can still get something done in August but not too many deals happen.

JP is obviously lying…he doesn’t want talks to get out and because he said that I have a feeling that HE DEFINATELY HAS SOME DEALS THAT THEY MIGHT BE TRYING TO WORK OUT. have u guys heard the rumors of Stairs to LAD? we had a scout check out thir A ball team recently.

I don’t know why the Jays would want Golson…they have enough outfeilders, however he sounds good. A power hitting with the most speed in any player in that year. Sounds better than rios, more like seizemore or crawford (at his full potential). But he was drafted in 2004 wats he still doing in double AA?

Bosox-this link gives you all sorts of stats, just use different filters presented by the site and you can find whatever stat you want. Enjoy.

Bosox, JP has been caught in more lies to us the fans this year, than the times he tells the truth. Literally once every couple of weeks he tries to put one accross. If he really is not trying to do a deal Mr. Ted Rogers should fire his **** without paying his contract out for gross derelict of job performance. Of course he will be fired for that anyway. lol He could be telling this line of crap right now, because he wants a good start from AJ on Sunday or Gillick told him to go play in someone else’s sandbox. Gillick is no fool.
By the way, thanks for loosing tonight, not a good return for Buchholz-what happened?

Harry-Well, it never hurts to have more than less, and giving them AJ for Donald only would be too much of a gift from our side, so why not take Golson as well. Speed is always a good thing and this kid just might develop into something very special.

Hey, check out this kid. Jonathan K. Baksh, outfielder for Lansing. Went 3 for 4 tonight to raise his batting average to an even .400. We drafted him in 2006 out of Florida Tech.

So take a guess where he was born. Mississauga, Ontario. No power but nice average and it’s great to see us draft some Canadians. This Lansing team is loaded with talent, which is why they have the best record in the 14 team Mid West League.

Great game tonight let’s hope for more of the same tomorow night nite all.

Great game Jays…..
So the jays are shoping Burnett around for a short stop as they are unhappy with what they have at short. I do not disagree that they should not trade Burnett, after all he will be gone after this year and we shoudl try and get something for this carreer under achiever.
I want to through this short stop and second base combination out …… Maco Scutaro and Aaron Hill. Marco has proven he can field and he can hit, why not give him a shot. He has all the athletic ability to play the position. Plus we would still have a super utility man in Englet. Wow what a catch he made in the field. Both Englet and Scutaro have great passion for the game, would be great if the team could feed off that.
Let’s face it the jays need to start rebui.lding, because JP has done a miserable job, and He should be the next one gone. If Ted Rogers has a brain he woudl can his butt!

Let’s hope that Burnett will shut down the Yankees and make as good show for trade bait. Not holding my breathe though as he is a carreer uinderachiever and would not surprise me to see him stink up the joint. I hope not.
Let’s go jays keep the winning streak going.


I also think Scutaro should be giving a chance to play second and hill at short when he comes back but the move makes sence so JP will not make it. How about Mighty Joe it looks like he has decided he wants to play in the big leagues and he is sure showing it,What a catch in right field he made last night.


Thanks for the info. I hope I can navigate thru it, lol.

Bosox-email me if you need help. And tell your guys to do Toronto a favor today and lose again. lol

Bosox-or if you still need help, you could offer to fly Indigo down there, she is very strong in computers. lol

I guess neither of you guys heard JP diss Inglett on a fan 590 interview. He does not like him and I have no idea why. I think Scutaro at 2nd and Hill at short might be a good short term solution, although it’s hard to move Hill from 2nd-he is potentially an all-star there, so I dont think anyone would consider that move for long term.

The other potential is to call up Scott Campbell from AA. He is a 2nd baseman, who’s hitting .337BA/.427OBP. I keep waiting for this kid to come back to reality in batting average, but he’s been there all year. He’s only had 4 errors in 80 games, so he looks good defensively. We drafted this New Zealander in 2006.

JP did not like Hudson so he got rid of him I hope JP goes before Inglett I was looking at Campbell yesterday he looks good I think gsumner likes him too.Why they don’t bring him up I don’t know maybe in sept.

Bosox Indigo would probably melt you computor LOL.

OPPS your computor.

We all know JP tells “porkies,” so he may be not be telling the truth regarding possible trades. I have a feeling that GSUMNER was correct when he suggested that any deal with the phillies is off the table – for now. Perhaps starting Burnett against the Yanks and having him throw a gem is the last chance JP will have to convince someone that AJ is worth trading for. The worst thing that can happen to the team is not to come away from this trade deadline with some excellent young talent. We do have pitching, and we should move it. Not just AJ. Let’s get this team headed in the right direction so that we can look forward to some good ball over the next 5 years. We are all frustrated, and spend more time talking about our frustrations than the team because none of us believe in this team. Let’s get some young guys in here/ up here that we can root for…just like some of us did in the early 80s and 90s.

Garry-some stuff on Scott Campbell

Central Arizona Community College – Freshman Year

In 2004, Scott played at Central Arizona Community College, with a batting average of .423, 34 runs scored and 10 stolen bases. He was named first team NJCAA All-American and earned first-team All-Region I honors while leading team to Region I championship and runner-up finish at Western District championships.

Gonzaga University – Sophmore Year

In 2005, Scott transferred to Gonzaga and played and started in all 54 games He posted a team-leading .332 batting average, while also tying for the team-lead with 70 hits, had 10 doubles, one triple, one home run and 30 RBI…posted 17 multi-hit games including a 4-for-5, two RBI and one double performance against Oklahoma in the Coca-Cola Spring Training Tournament first-team All-WCC.


Toronto Blue Jays

In June 2006, Scott was selected by the Toronto Blue Jays in Round 10 of the draft. Scott was based at Gonzaga University, below is the brief from the draft report:

Round 10: Scott Campbell, 2B, Gonzaga University:
Before suiting up for Gonzaga, the 21-year-old Campbell played for Macleans College and Central Arizona Community College. Campbell, who is from Auckland, New Zealand, bats from the left side and throws right-handed. The 6-foot, 190-pound infielder hit .389 with four homers, 24 RBIs, 48 runs, 39 walks and 17 strikeouts in 53 games.

He plays short and second what have they got to lose by giving him a try.

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