Baby steps

BALTIMORE — Shaun Marcum is off the disabled list today, Brian Wolfe got sent down last night, aaaaaaand, that’s about all that’s going on here. So, tonight I bring you some stats to fill some space.


35-39 record
.258 AVG/.336 OBP/.377 SLG
4.0 runs per game
.231 (155-67) runners in scoring position


13-12 record
4.8 runs per game
.269 (61-227) runners in scoring position

“It might’ve got a little better since I’ve been here,” Gaston said. “But, it hasn’t been great, either.”

Very true.

Today’s lineups:

TORONTO (48-51) at BALTIMORE (48-50)
at 7:05 p.m. ET at a still sweltering Camden Yards

David Eckstein, DH
Marco Scutaro, 2B
Alex Rios, CF
Rod Barajas, C
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Adam Lind, LF
Kevin Mench, RF
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Shaun Marcum (5-4, 2.65)

Brian Roberts, 2B
Adam Jones, CF
Nick Markakis, RF
Aubrey Huff, DH
Melvin Mora, 3B
Luke Scott, LF
Kevin Millar, 1B
Ramon Hernandez, C
Juan Castro, SS

PITCHING: LHP Garrett Olson (6-5, 5.79)



    How long do you leave Marcum in he most certainly dosn’t have it tonight.
    The Os had to show the Jays what to do when the bases are loaded.


    Garry, I was thinking to myself that I hope the Jays hitters are paying attention to Melvin Mora this series and taking notes. He’s showing them how it’s done. I think they were saying his RISP is in the .350 range. Unfortunately for Gaston the hitting has improved a bit but it seems like the pitching isn’t as good as it was at the beginning of the year. (i’m thinking Litsch in particular.) It’s still good, no question but you can’t ask for them to keep pitching as well as they did the first 2.5 months.


    What the hell happend to the pitch count, Gaston should have his *** kicked I don’t think he’s any smarter than Gibbons.


    Nice day so far for Lind, 4 for 4 with a 3 run shot. I just heard that he can one day be a future clean up.

  5. goodluckdoc

    Woah a 10-8, good but unnecessary Victory for the jays.

    Did you guys read my last post in the the last blog….it was long but some of you msut have read it?

    Anyways now who thinks Lind shoudl be batting second?
    How many pitches did he let Marcum go in?
    Gaston is still def. better than Gibbons and he has the track record to prove it.
    Surprised with the 4 Rbi’s from JMAC


    Lind will some day be the clean up hitter they will move him up slowly which is a good thing.
    I belive Marcum threw 73 pitches.Go to the scoreboard and you can see it all.

  7. gsjays

    So Johnny Mac set a Blue Jays record tonight. It’s the first time in Blue Jays history any right handed batter who bats 9th, that has a batting average under .200, hitting against a left handed pitcher, hits a double, and increases his yearly rbi’s by 150%. LOL


    Mike Willmar Thinks this team can contend next year with the same players just by adding a couple of pices lol.

  9. gsjays

    Mike Wilner is in the bag with JP. He’s an idiot, who just loves to hear himself talk. Even when he does interviews-he does most of the talking.
    He insults almost everyone who calls into his show, but in Toronto, Garry, sports fans expect to be insulted, we expect it.
    After all who else who put up with the Leafs not winning for over 40 years.


    Gsumner go to trade rumors they explain in detail what happens when you lose a player to free agency.and they sign with another team.

  11. gsjays

    Garry-I forgot to ask you. Who do you believe on the story of Mel Queen coming back JP of the press?
    JP claims he was brought back to provide pitching coaching in the minors as a roving coach. The press generally all ran the same story which is he was brought back to analyze the entire Blue Jays minor league system.
    He was a great pitching coach, so for sure he’s going to be a help.


    I think as long as those pieces are good bats they can contend next year but anyway I don’t see how you guys can think that suggestion is so ridiculous when, if I recall correctly things looked rosey to alot of you back in April. Lind will be up full time next year, that’s an improvement. They’ll have Arenciaba competing for a spot. Rios should bounce back next year and hit for some power again. If Wells can put up similar numbers next year over a full season that’ll be an improvement because it prevents Wilkerson or Inglett from playing in the outfeild. Really, all they need is a DH who can put some fear into the pitchers and a leadoff hitter. Something that Shannan Stewart (remember him ?) could’ve been had he produced/not been hurt. You don’t need a New York Yankee offense with the pitching staff they have. Though Burnett will need to be replaced as well. Call me an optimist but I don’t want them to blow the thing up yet. Unless they have absolutely nothing spend with this offseason.

    Steve Phillips mentioned today that he believes that there are not many teams interested in Burnett and that the Jays maybe better off hanging on to him and taking the 2 first round picks because no teams are willing to offer the equivalent right now.


    I belive the press.

    enigma you may be right and we also need a shortstop with some power unless J.Mac can do the job under Cito.


    Give Cito one year and if he can’t get the team into the playoffs then let’s hope they rebuild.

    If we can take the final two games from the Os then we play Seattle and the pitchers we face are very poor we might get lucky and get over 500 the trick is staying over.

  15. gsjays

    So let me get this straight. You guys want to keep Stewart, Wilkerson, Zaun, Barajas, Eckstein, Mench, Stairs and John Parrish and think we have a chance to contend next year.


    Not very many people are active on this blog and I cant understand why,We all know the team has been a major disappointment this year so why not talk about it ,air your thoughts,If you read this blog why not pipe in ,all you have to do is sign up for a Major League account it cost nothing so let’s hear from some of you people who have never posted before.


    Barajas is the only one to keep to help Dias the rest of that bunch can go but keep the rest of the team togetherand add a few pices and away we go.

  18. gsjays

    Garry-well if you decide to keep Barajas, which of either Diaz or Arenciba do you not want up here to play?


    Leave Arenciba down until we see if Diaz can handle the job then if he can than bring up Arenciba and trade Barajas.


    I belive I said give Cito one year if it doesn’t work than rebuild ??? Hey it’s just an opinion????.

  21. goodluckdoc

    I don’t think we need to fully rebuild…we just need to bring up a few young players that should be able to produce and then have rios/wells go back to their 06 numbers even 4/5 of the way there would/should be enough.

  22. gsjays

    My take is, if we’re going to “go for it” again next year, we need to get a short stop with good speed, good BA as a lead off hitter. A change at both 3rd and 1st base for more power. Now we could get aggressive and sign Tiexera for 1st, but we still need those other two pieces.

    I would trade either Zaun or Barajas now and bring Diaz up. We might be able to turn Arenciba into a 3rd baseman, he is very athletic. If that’s possible, we should stat playing him at 3rd now in AA or AAA, and possibly try the same experiment with Johnathon Jaspe and move him up to A.

    If the stars all align and that all works we still need that short stop-the question is who do we need to trade in order to get him?

  23. gsjays

    I still think the best deal to do is with Milwaukee for both Gamel and Escobar for 3rd and short stop. I think both of them could make the leap next year. The pieces Milwuakee are looking for is a closer and Left Hand reliver-so maybe Tallet and Ryan.. I just dont see them going for it unless they get a proven closer like Ryan-these two kids are good.


    If Rolen can get his swing so bat meets ball and Rios keeps hitting like he is and Wells comes back and finds himself and overbay picks it up we have the basis of a good team,We all wanted a power bat well we got one his name is Lind you’r not going to find anyone on the market any better and the team can afford him for a few years.

  25. gsjays

    I don’t think well ever see either Rolen or Overbay hit a lot of home runs and we need those two positions to be power positions.
    I think and have said before Lind will hit 20-30 home runs and drive in 100. I do think Rios will, BUT in order to compete in the AL East that simply isn’t enough; we need 4-5 guys hitting that. I’m also starting to loose faith Wells will ever hit 30 again.

    So I still think we need another basher-and more important a serious 4th hole hitter which Tiexera is.

  26. gsjays

    Milwaukee, to get Ryan and Tallet-or Carlson would probably consider Ryans contract. To me, even if we had to pay some of it to get those two kids, itd be worth it. Then sign Tiexera and we’re ready to rumble in 2009

  27. gsjays

    Gary-I have this feeling that Mel Queen didn’t come by accident like JP stated.

    I’d bet his coming back started as a call between Beeston and Godfrey, where Godfey was asking for help, because he believes JP is BS’ing him about what we have in the minors. Beeston then suggested Queen and had Queen call Godfrey. Queen worked for Beeston for quite some time.

    Maybe there’s hope for Godfrey yet.


    I have a felling it was Citos call and he is groming Queen to be the pitchen coach next year he may not get along with arnsberg.

  29. gsjays

    Garry-We wish all Jay hitters were like this.

    Hitting with Risp: .321
    RISP with 2 outs: .375
    Bases loaded: .333
    man on 3rd, 2 outs: .400


    small sample size though don’t you think ? Lind will be a valuable piece to the team next year though no question. As for Riccardi, I don’t really care if he stays or is gone. I do think that if they are going to rebuild J.P. is not the one to do it but if they plan on spending money then it wont matter to me whether it’s him or some other guy. Thanks for the opinion Garry, i think i’ll rent “the rookie” this weekend.

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