Rain, rain, go away…

BOSTON — It’s 7:22 p.m. here and the tarp is still covering Fenway Park, which always seems moist whether it’s raining or not. In today’s case, it actually is raining and it has been for some time now. There’s also a big green blob hovering all around Boston on the ol’ radar.

So, to be continued for a start time, if there is one at all, for this game tonight. Thing’s learned pregame: Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi officially said what we’ve all assumed: Aaron Hill is not going to come back this season. Scott Downs, injured ankle and all, played catch but won’t likely be available until possible the upcoming homestand.

Ricciardi also confirmed that catching prospect J.P. Arencibia and outfield prospect Travis Snider are headed for the Arizona Fall League, so you won’t be seeing them in Toronto in September. Minor League infielder Scott Campbell and three pitchers — undecided on who — could be joining them.

As for Ricky Romero and Brett Cecil, it doesn’t look like they’ll be coming in September, either. Said Ricciardi: “They’re both pitching well, but they’re both where they need to be. I think with Litsch and Purcey and Richmond and Marcum and all these guys, we’ve got arms. It’d be foolish to bring those guys up just to have them up here. I think next year, big league camp, and see where they go from there.”

*Today’s lineups:

TORONTO (62-60) at BOSTON (71-51)
at ??? p.m. ET at Fenway Park

Joe Inglett, 2B
Marco Scutaro, 3B
Adam Lind, LF
Vernon Wells, CF
Matt Stairs, DH
Rod Barajas, C
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Brad Wilkerson, RF
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Roy Halladay (13-9, 2.72)

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Kevin Youkilis, 3B
J.D. Drew, RF
Jason Bay, LF
Jed Lowrie, SS
Sean Casey, 1B
Jason Varitek, C

PITCHING: RHP Paul Byrd (7-10, 4.53)

*subject to weather, of course

OUCH: Blue Jays catcher Rod Barajas nearly endured an embarrassing injury this afternoon. The steps leading from the dugout to the visitors’ clubhouse were slippery from the rain, and Barajas’ feet went out from under him as he headed down to the tunnel. Beyond some dirt on his backstop, Barajas survived the loud fall. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he said. “But my ego is a little crushed.”


I can’t believe JP has the nerve to keep up the chatter on Richmond.

As in most other times, JP would be wise to just forget the name Richmond, so he doesn’t continue to look like a jerk.

Personally I’m a little annoyed at all the Olympic/Richmond/Jays noise. I’m not a fan of the Olympics for various reasons. Amateurs/shamateurs in the past, and judging fiascos being the big two.

Baseball is NOT a traditional Olympic sport (but neither are a lot of the others). I don’t agree with professionals leaving their team to play in what used to be an amateur arena.

So I guess we’ll have to just ‘agree to disagree’ because in my opinion Scott Richmond is a professional ball player who should do what his bosses ask rather than leave in the middle of the season to play in the Olympics.


The only reason Richmond is still here after his first start is because of JP opening his big mouth.
If he hadn’t made the initial comments he made, Richmond would have went back down after his first start-he’s not ready for MLB prime time and only still here because JP wants to cover his ****.

The game being postponed might help us, in that Halliday gets one more day of rest from his 130 pitch marathon and our pen gets some rest.
In the first game, we’re facing Byrd, who our guys saw just recently, so if we get into the questionable Sox bull pen in the first game, get good starts from both starters, we might give Boston a nasty.


I would just like to know what was wrong with what JP said about Richmond. It just blows my mind that when a guy speaks his mind and is so bang on about the Olympic/MLB issue, idiots like you call him a jerk and say he is a terrible GM.

He definately should have brought up Travis Snider and Arencibia…he said before he would…but then again we all knwo he is not a man of his word

Thanks gsumner.

Anyone who thinks JP IS A GOOD GM IS AN IDIOT.

It’s not what JP said about Richmond which caused the problem, he dissed the Canadian Olympic baseball team. I felt that was a stupid mistake because after all he is the GM of a CANADIAN baseball team, like DUH!!!!!!!!!!. Why piss off your fans? By the way, most of the Canadian press thought the same way, so I’m not the only one to call him a jerk for his remarks.

I didn’t call him a terrible GM for that screw up, although his continual lying, and brass mouth has caused a number of problems. Remember what he said about Dunn or when he dissed Inglett. How many free agents will want to come here after hearing that tirade on Dunn-which was a total fabricated lie by JP. JP doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut-he’s his own worst enemy. He has a real hard time telling the truth and lies so often he forgets what he said the last time and continually gets exposed. Frankly, it’s so bad, few believe a word from his mouth any more.

I call him a terrible GM for signing Ecsktein, Stewart, Thomas, Wilkerson, Mench, Kennedy, Okha, Benitez, Royce, Phillips, Olmedo and Zambrano to name a few. Letting Johnson go is another smart decision, now wasn’t it. Keeping Gibbons around as long as he did and hiring Denbro were both huge mistakes that cost us this season. From what I’m told, Denbro’s whole hitting focus was OBP and he had guys focus so much on it they forgot they should to hit, particulary with RISP.

I won’t even bring up some of the contracts he’s done-Like Thomas-I’ll leave that one to Godfrey and Mr. Ted Rogers. Or how about today, when word leaked out, he put Vernon Wells on waivers-and Vernon found out about it. Is that good smart management? Now, you might have a different opinion, and that’s fine-that’s what this forum is for-expressing opinions.

By the way, only weak, low intelligent people incapable of debating their point, call other bloggers names, or insult or attack them. I didn’t call you names, so the next time you post to me, have your facts straight and make your debate point, because I surely do research before I make mine. On the other hand, if you want to continue going down the path you’re on, I’ll be more than happy to accomodate your wishes.

While I understand why you’re frustrated with the signings that you mentioned I don’t see how Vernon finding out that he was placed on waivers is a big deal. It’s recallable meaning that if the Jays don’t get what they want in a trade they can simply take him back. I believe that’s how it works. It shouldn’t be seen as in insult to the player, for all we know Roy Halladay could be on waivers too. I don’t know why some guys are leaked and others aren’t but I simply see it as a way for the teams to leave all their options open. That’s why Sheffield was on them and you don’t hear about him throwing a fit and he usually speaks his mind. Brian Giles was claimed by Boston but when San Diego didn’t get what they want they simply recalled him. I’m sure Jordan or someone else can make it more clear for everyone, myself included in case i’ve missed a point or 2.

Players are put on waivers all the time, that’s part of the process, but seldom does it leak out of the club. As far as I’m concerned when it does leak, it shows a weakness in the club itself.
Regardless of what anyone states, whenever a player finds out he’s been put out on waivers, it has to be somewhat distracting, if not to the player to the others on the team.

By the way, I’d be in favor of trading Vernon, just like I’m in favor of trading AJ, BJ, Rolen, Stairs, Wlkerson, Mench and Eckstein-if anyone actually wants them. I just think it should be handled much more professionally.

I believe that your correct. I can’t recall who mentioned it but apparently almost 90% of player are on waivers at this point of the season. That being said it isn’t a big deal that Wells was placed on waivers, and it would come as no surprise to me if Halladay and/or Rios were also on waivers.


nah, you’re still an idiot. you should apply for the job, becasue it sounds like you would be much better at it. I’m wondering when and where you had that conversation with Denbo about his hitting philosophy. Also, hindsight is a great thing to use when bashing the GM. The whole Johnson/Stewart thing made total sense when it happened, and Reed Johnson is still Reed Johnson, he just plays for a team where everything gets overhyped. Stewart was a disappointment obviously, but he clearly had a good track record of consistent .290 hitting, and could hit leftys and rightys, unlike Reed. Oh, and everyone is put on waivers you moron.


There is one bottom line stat to measure JP’s success and it’s the team performance record. Whether you or anyone else like him or not doesn’t matter-what matters is performance.

The year before JP joined the Jays we finished with a 83-79 record and in 3rd place. In the time JP’s been here (7-8 years) we only finished higher than 3rd once and currently are in 4th place with a 62-60 record. I guess, based on your posts, low intelligence morons like you consider that record a success, I guess it’s because you relate to losing.

You are right on one thing though, and that is Reed is still Reed Johnson. He’s hitting .303 with the Cubbies with a .365 OBP this year, back to his 2006 performance levels.

For the record, I was against the Stewart signing and release of Johnson when it happened (and posted as such)because I felt the very best situation we ever had in left field was the platoon between Johnson and Catalano. In addition, Stewart’s recent history of injuries slowed him down a lot and his noodle arm certainly hadn’t improved.
At that time, I posted we should bring up Lind and platoon Lind and Johnson. Now as it happens Lind is hitting well from both sides this year, but I certainly was right about Stewart.

Now, if you want, keep up the personal insults, but take your head out of that little tight hole positioned in between the cheeks of the thing you sit on, clean out your eyes and look at JP’s record in the cold light of day.
Then you might recognize reality and not be a loser all the time.

puss263 no I did not get your name wrong.
Why get gsumner going you can’t win and he has a right to post his opinions just like you do,but you have no right to be a jerk,If you dont like his post don’t read them and if you do at least keep your answers clean.

Garry ,
Sorry to read about your wife , I hope she has a speedy recovery . Make sure you take care of yourself also .

Thanks and I will.

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