That's man strength

ST. PETERSBURG — I don’t know how many of you guys caught it last night, but Jays shortstop John McDonald showed off his man strength in the fifth inning on Wednesday night. With one out, McDonald walked to the plate and lightly tapped his bat on home plate.

Then, Johnny Mac tapped the bat on the plate again — this time a tad harder — and the bat shattered. McDonald just stared down and the broken lumber and shook his head, an embarrassed grin forming on his face.

“Tell them what you told the catcher,” Aaron Hill said to McDonald on Thursday.

“I told the catcher, ‘I worked out today,'” McDonald said. “The catcher laughed and I said, ‘No, seriously, I worked out today.'”

Guess what type of bat it was: “Maple,” McDonald said. “It was defective. I got that bat yesterday. It was brand new.”

When asked if he’d ever had that happen to him, Lyle Overbay laughed.

“I don’t have that kind of pop.”

LINEUP ISSUE: The Blue Jays lineup card that hangs in the clubhouse on a daily basis always includes the pitchers in the bullpen on the list. Today, there was a blob of white out over someone’s name and “Camp” scribbled over it in pen. Upon seeing the lineup, which is always prepared by bench coach Brian Butterfield, Shawn Camp poked some fun at the coach.

“Hey, Butter,” said Camp, pointing to the card. “That’s real comforting.”

UPDATES: Shaun Marcum made his first start with Triple-A Syracuse on Wednesday — seven innings, three runs, five hits, nine strikeouts, two walks, 104 pitches, 71 strikes and a loss. Marcum will likely make one more start for the Chiefs on Monday before being promoted back to Toronto and inserted into the rotation again. … On Wednesday, manager Cito Gaston said it was “more than likely” that Scott Rolen would start in the finale against the Rays today. Well, Rolen isn’t in the lineup. Gaston decided to give the third baseman one more day of batting practice and he’ll likely start on Friday in New York. … It’s being reported that the Angels — in need of a shortstop — have talked to the Jays about infielders David Eckstein, John McDonald and Marco Scutaro. The waiver trade deadline is by the end of the day on Sunday.

Today’s lineups:

TORONTO (68-64) at TAMPA BAY (80-51)
at 7:10 p.m. ET at Tropicana Field

Joe Inglett, LF
Marco Scutaro, 2B
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Adam Lind, DH
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Rod Barajas, C
Jose Bautista, 3B
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Jesse Litsch (9-7, 4.01)

Akinori Iwamura, 2B
B.J. Upton, CF
Carlos Pena, 1B
Cliff Floyd, DH
Willy Aybar, 3B
Eric Hinske, LF
Gabe Gross, RF
Shawn Riggans, C
Jason Bartlett, SS

PITCHING: RHP Edwin Jackson (10-8, 3.93)



    What Mcdonald did yesterday was pretty funny. I was actually wondering what the catcher or Mcdonald had said so thank you for clearing that up Jordan.
    Anyone know what Vernon Wells’ walk up music is at the Rogers Centre ?


    What a great play by McDonald.

    Eckstein would be a good move by the Angels. He played there before so it is a logical fit. There is no future in Toronto for Eckstein. Jays should get what they can for him. As of right now Eckstein is watching the games like us the fans.

    Another late arriving crowd in St. Pete. Meant to write, a non arriving crowd. LOL!! Pretty sad too see and if I was the owner I would want out of the T.B. area. I think eventually the Rays will end up in either Orlando, San Antontio, Charlotte, Portland, Or. or Vegas baby!!! Just a hunch on my part. Perhaps within 5 years or so.

  3. gsjays

    I thought TB was building a new 600 million dollar stadium. I can’t imagine them moving as a result

    Trading Eckstein to LA is a good move for us, for LA and for Eckstein. I hope it happens, although I expect all we’ll get is a prospect.



    No stadium happening here. It was taken off of the Nov. ballot. In 2 or 3 years they’ll try again. Personally I don’t see it happening. I think the only way it could happen is the Rays win the World Series between now and then. Even then I am not too sure. Right now fans around here care about the Tampa Bay Bucs, Florida Gators. You don’t see many people in Rays gear. Yankees and Red Sox come into town, mostly there fans in the dome. Pretty sad I think but it is what it is. If I was the ownership I would want out of here!!! Go somewhere where fans will show up and support you.



    A marginal prospect for Eckstein and that would be it. You never know how that prospect could turn out. If J.P. doesn’t trade Eckstein, he is as dumb as I think he is. I am sure you agree.



    What are your thoughts on the Rays attendance? They’re in 1st place and nobody is showing up.



    At least you get something in return. I have never understood when teams hold onto players like him. Deal him away and get something. What good is Eckstein sitting in the dugout. McDonald is the s.s. right now and should be next year as well. McDonald might hit only .250 but how many runs does he save a season if he played in 145 games? Look no further than Bartlett with T.B. He makes so many dazzling plays out there at s.s. I really like watching guys like McDonald and Bartlett. Alex Gonzalez back in 2006 with the Red Sox was another s.s. I loved watching play. Gonzalez made plays Lugo could never ever make. Pitchers love guys like McDonald and Bartlett.


    “If J.P. doesn’t trade Eckstein, he is as dumb as I think he is.”

    Umm, he gets a draft pick when he doesn’t re-sign him at the end of the year.


    Bosox I’M right here had to go out for supper,I’t looks like the Jays lost their bats the last 2 games, Two well pitched games and no support,How can anyone think we can contend next year with these guys,They go on a small run then fall flat on ther faces for the next 5 or 6 games.


    Plus what the h-ell is the matter with you it dosn’t matter what anyone says about JP you have to shoot your mouth off,You must be in love with this guy,Why didn’t you tell us.

    Eckstein if he is traded to the Angels will bring more to the Jays now because the Angels may be getting desparate and may give up something good for him but like bosox and gsumner plus263’s pal JP the DUH will just sit on him.


    This board needed to be dumbed down a little, so good to have you back Gar.

    Yes, me stating facts means I have a man crush on JP. Say all you want, but not trading Eckstein doesn’t mean they end up with nothing. Its called free agent compensation.

    “The Angels may be getting desperate.”

    Yes, Scioscia and the boys are losing sleep at night because they only have a 15.5 game lead in the West. Acquiring Eckstein would be the final piece to the puzzle that will propel them to that 20 game lead they so desire. They could use a guy for the postseason, but they aren’t giving up anything of value. Trading Eckstein will give the Jays a C prospect. Although, they could probably get Teixeira for him. If you think a good prospect could be had for Eckstein, don’t you think he would have been moved at the non-waiver deadline? Actually, do you even think at all?


    Wow, all plus did was state a fact and you call that shooting his mouth ? I hope you don’t stop posting because of things like this plus.


    Thanks enigma all plus has done is insult people since he started posting if he dosn’t like what we post tough luck,Every time someone says something about JP he defends him nobody asked him to,

    There are not to many people I don’t like but I don’t think I like him,In my opinion I think he is a show of and a know nothing who thinks he knows everything also he is alone in this world because who in the hell would want to be his friend.


    I don’t think Tampa will get past the Angels in the post season but on the other hand they have proven everyone wrong so far this year and if they make it to the world series good on them.One of the things I like about them is when the manager goes out to the mound the entire infeild goes to the mound with him that can do the pitcher no harm,it may be a small thing but i think it is great.


    You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. You have a tremendous hate-on for JP, and that clouds what miniscule amount of knowledge you may have when discussing whatever it is you discuss. As I have said before, JP has obviously made mistakes, but can’t I point out the positives? Perhaps when you pass 4th grade spelling and punctuation, you can come up with an argument that makes sense.

    And I actually love what you post, because since I am so alone in this world, taking the time to read your drivel is a great time filler.


    Plus I am happy that i can fill out some of your day and i was born on a farm 63 years ago and had to quit school at grade 6 but it’s better than 4 don’t you think so,Also I don’t hate JP and yes he has made some good moves but I don’t think he is the GM that will lead this team to the playoffs,It could be no GM can as long as we are in the same divison as Boston and the Yankees I guess only time will tell,


    Yo Garry Chill dude. If you are the GM and you can either deal a guy for a player the other team has already drafted (and apparently is expendable) or you can your player walk at years end and get a draft pick when he signs elsewhere. I would rather pick a player I want then get a player another team doesn’t. Wouldn’t you?


    rmatty I agree with you but I belive the Angels will need a shortstop and they only have 2 days to make a deal otherwise any player they pick up after the deadline they can’t use in the postseason so they may give up something nice to get Eckstein who has postseason experience an has won a world series and was also the MVP I would think he is worth more than a draft pick who may or may not make it,I may be wrong or I may be right.

  19. gsjays

    I have only one question for you. Why is it any time anyone posts something here that’s negative on JP-you attack the poster in JP’s defense? Is there something you want to tell us?


    Oh I agree Garry, if JP can steal someone of more value then what he thinks he could draft and be more helpful and make a quicker impact then I say go for it. Hopefully the Angels are really desperate, but I can’t see it. We shall see


    I think the problem Plus has, and so do I, sometimes, is that some people on this blog, and other blogs, will bash the JP at every possible opportunity. And they act as though they know more than JP. Guess what, I’m pretty sure JP, along with every other GM in MLB knows more about managing a baseball team than any of us do. That’s why they’re there, and we watch the game from stands or on the couch.

    I think it’s great to question or even debate a decision the GM. That’s part of the fun of being a fan. But I wouldn’t say he is dumb, incompetent, or even a bad GM. Remember that a lot of times, we don’t know the real story. For example, if Eckstein doesn’t get traded to LA, maybe LA wasn’t willing to part with anything that would reasonably be expected to be better than a draft pick. It’s JP’s job to evaluate that, with advice from the staff he’s put together.

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