TORONTO — Believe it or not, I will not be making the trek back home to Chicago to see the Blue Jays go for nine (or more?) in a row against the White Sox this week. I’ll be meeting up with the team in Boston for the weekend set against the Red Sox.

So, I won’t be in Chi-town for the ticker tape parade after the Bears’ complete thrashing of the Indianapolis Colts. Man, where was that when we needed it in the Super Bowl? All this does is raise my low expectations for my favorite football team. But, I guess Chicago should get some respect after this Week 1 upset.

You know who is getting some respect around baseball? Your Toronto Blue Jays. Eight wins in a row: the club’s longest streak since 1999. Sweeps over the Twins and Rays: teams in the hunt for the playoffs. The pitching staff: best in baseball. Other teams: taking notice.

“Toronto has been playing really well,” Yankees third baseman Alex “Ha!” Rodriguez said. “I’ll tell you what – a lot of people should be happy that they’re not in the playoff race, because they’d be the scariest team with the one-two punch they’ve got over there of Halladay and Burnett. They’re playing good baseball.”

Not in the playoff race? Shoot, if Toronto goes undefeated in September (not gonna happen) it’ll be right in the mix! Don’t look now, but the Jays have passed the Yankees in the standings for third place in the East. This eight-game swing against the White Sox and Red Sox is going to be a toughy.

Catch you from the Fens later this week…


bye,bye yankees!!gotta be happy with that after the year we had!!


I didn’t see that Bears win happening. Wow!! You must be on cloud nine. Forte looked great!!

Jays will now play 8 games in 6 days , ouch…..good luck Jays . I hope somebody keeps the coffee pot going and the toothpicks ( prop the eyelids open ) handy . This gives the sox a nice advantage ..bummer

Indigo we wil prevail, belive in the Jays they are on a new tract, they are on a mission, all you have to do is belive.

I believe in the Jays but its going to be a tough 6 days , no day off until Monday . Lets hope the adrenaline keeps pumping and there is lots of gatorade .

If we get similar performances from our starters over these 6 days as we have over the last 6-8 days, we’ll be ok. I just hope none of the starters get blown out in the 2-3rd inning and we over use the pen-particulary in these two games today.

Rushing a play like JM did doesn’t pay go for the sure play and take your time and do it right.That erro may very well cost Burnett the game.Let’s hope he can put it out of his mind and the Jays can give him some more run support.GO JAYS.

Guess what-the moment someone posted AJ was throwing a no-no on the front of the web site-Chicago got a hit.

Maybe just a coincidence. lol

The goof with RED hair said no one has hit Burnett yet then bang a hit,I won’t metion who it was just the RED-RED-RED HAIR.

They should both deal with it the way players do and not say or post a thing. lol

There goes our errorless streak, and with 3 errors too. Do any of you know how many games we were up to?

There goes our errorless streak, and with 3 errors too. Do any of you know how many games we were up to? Oh and nice outing by Burnett so far. Mine as well enjoy the last of him.

Sorry for the double post. the only difference is that last sentence.

That’s unlike Johnny Mac-2 errors in 1 game. Not Good.

Yea you said it gsjays, the next thing you know we’ll be putting in Eckstein for defence, wait, he’s not here anymore.

Way to go AJ. Got put in a hole by Johnny Mac’s error and struck out Shisher and Uribe to end the inning. Nice outing.

Come on guys, let’s get a couple more runs and put this game away.


Man, Thorton is tough-did you guys see that. A lefty throwing 97 mph with 6 inches of break.


Tying runs are on with 0 outs.

YAY! 9!!!


Could the Jays be the Rockies? Perhaps.

looks like i missed a great game(working)…any other highlights?

I like the Jays’ chances for at least 3 of 4 against Chicago. I think they’ll play well in Boston too.

For some reason, I’m a little worried about the Baltimore series at home.

One game at a time though I guess.

Bj does make it interesting doesn’t he. Nice win and only used two guys from the pen with both using few pitches so they’ll both be good to go tommorrow. What an exceptional outing from Burnett.

Hey, that’s 18 innings without giving up an earned run, and only 8 earned runs in the last 45-how good is that?

how much more do you think it would take to get burnett back next season?

5 Year 75 mil. contract.

Burnett is not going to be back here next year. No way will The jays offer him 75 for 5 and I think that’s probably light considering how he’s going. Could be closer to 100 for 5.

how much do you think it would take for sheets?

can i get comment on one of my all time favorite jays from you old-timers? Fred McGriff

Just for comparision. Santana got 6 years/$137.5M, in 2007 Barry Zito got 7 years/$126M, Carlos Lee got 5 years/100M in 2007, Zambrano got 5 years/ 91.5 mill, plus a player option of 19.5 mill. for 2013.

Burnett is already scheduled to make 12 mill for 2009 and 10. He’s 31, so 5 years/100M will be offered. The Yanks will probably go higher for both Burnett and Sabathia could get 7 years and 160 to 200 mill from the Yanks.

I loved McGriff-what a class act he was.

Great pitching by AJ. Hopefully Jessie can pitch just as well tonight.

I second that on McGriff.

Burnett will wear a Jays uniform next year,Mark my words and I will remind you all that I said so.

mcgriff was my favorite as a kid growing up.i kinda followed him through out his career.


Personally, I’m not that crazy about Sheets. I’m sure a lot of guys will disagree with me on that. But his career record is 86-81 over 8 years, era of 3.69 and an injury history. Considering he’s making $11 mill this year, he’s likely going to get $15, and that’s a lot of dough.

I’d rather see us spend hugh dough and sign a real 4th hole hitter like Tiexera.

i’ve got a good one….who would you all say is the best at each position alltime for the jays?
mine are:
1 – Halladay
2- Santiago
3 – McGriff
4 – Alomar
5 – Glaus
6 – Fernandez
7 – Winfield ????
8 – Wells
9 – Barfield
DH – Molitor

i’d love to see the jays have a raw power guy like texiera again!!

It’s too bad McGriff didn’t hit another 7-8 hr’s, getting him over the 500 plateau and giving him a hot at the hall.

1-Dave Stieb
2-Ernie Whitt
3-Fred McGriff
4-Robbie ALomar
5-Kelly Gruber
7-Joe Carter
8-Devon White

i couldn’t remeber joe playing left?but that qwas a while you really think steib was better than halladay?

Well, Steib’s career stats was 176-137, era of 3.44 and Halliday is at 129-64 and 3.51. I think if Halliday stays healthy he will pass Stieb. But at the moment, I’d have to say Stieb.

Actually, as I remember Joe Carter played right field, left field and first base. I remember his hr (first walk off home run to win a series) in the 6th game off the wild thing to win our 2nd world series and as a result list him as one of our best of all time.

Interesting trivia. When we won in 1992 and 1993 our record was 96-66 (92) and 95-67 in 1993.

We can equal the 1992 record by winning the remaining 19 games.

great job on going ahead of the yankees


Wow look at all the blogers.I wish you guys and gals would post all the time.The Jays are playing the best baseball they have played in years,I think they belive and it’s a different player or two who steps up every game,Just look at Overbay in the last half I think he’s back folks.

any other all time great jays lists out there?

Now thats the way to start a game

Litsch will be in trouble unless he can get it together,We need to save the bullpen.

Common Jessie hang in there

Aw =(.. Come on jesse!


How the hell did he get out of that,He must be related to BJ.

Talk about ducking a bullet. We need 6 good innings from Jessie tonight. I hope he makes it

Looks like he’s settled down.. Throwing strikes

Have gameday on instead of TV like it better that way Idon’t get so
Wells has to pick it up soon the team needs his help now so does Rolen

Rolen has been disappointing for awhile now.. but i guess his d can make up for it.

Hey gsjays remember when you said it would be nice to see Cito rotate the outfielders as the DH he must have read your

LoL garryguy, I wish I had that choice of using gameday or tv, but as Ive said, I live in the States so all I get is gameday.

Uh oh, bad news.

Cant hit a guy with a ERA over 6.

garry-I think Cito figured that out himself. lol I think we were lucky getting out of those 3 innings and only give up 3 runs.

Fredom Ithink gameday is better you can see all the pitches and when someone comits an eror you don’t have to watch it lol.

Cito has to take Litsch out before he blows it big time I don’t think he has it today, But you never know.

Crappy hitting.. pitcher w/ over 6 era

woops-2 runs

Even if we win the next 19 games, the Redsox are going to have to play .500 ball for us to make it.

hey homer by scott! And boston is losing 3-2

now we’re hitting that 6 era pitcher

about time we got some production from Rolen.

Things are starting to look up.Litsch has found his grove.

Another couple of runs would be nice. I’m surprised we didn’t put Snider in for Mench

I just hope we get one more clean inning from Jessie, he’s already at 92 pitches

Why not put Joe in for J.Mac. with a RHP in the game.Too late now.

Hi Freedom,

Just to give you a little bit of hope… If the Jays win the next 19 games (96 wins), that means they beat Boston 7 times in those 19 games. And that means considering Boston receives 7 losses at the expense of the Jays, that they would have to go 11-1 to tie the Jays.

Now let’s look at something more realistic. The Jays are up 5-2 tonight, and the Red Sox are behind 3-2. Let’s say it stays the same.

Now let’s say the Jays go 5-2 against Boston, which is possible given the way they’re playing.

That would give the Jays 83 wins, and the Red Sox 87 wins, with 10 games left each. After that, the Jays have to go something like 8-2 and hope that the Red Sox stumble against TB, NYY and Cle.

A more likely scenario in my opinion is that the Rays completely blow it by going something like 6-14 down the stretch. In that scenario, the Jays would have to go 14-5 to tie them or 15-4 to win the wildcard.

Both scenarios are very unlikely, but I’m not willing to raise the white flag until at least the Boston series this weekend.

I’m surprised at both non moves. On the other hand we’re 42-27 under Cito, so whatever he’s doing is the right thing. lol

It was nice to see Jessie tough it out tonight. He certainly didnt have his A game, but kept ducking bullets all nigt and put us into a position to win.

Jason Bay hits a two run home run and puts the Sox ahead in the bottom of the 8th inning.

And TB tied it at 4

Litsch looked pretty shakey at times but he got the job done for sure.We will soon be chasing Tampa not Boston the way things are going.

Dan Johnson!!!!!

not to mention Fernando Perez and Dioner Navarro. Anytime Jon Papelbon blows a save I am happy. I personaly believe our best shot (perhaps only shot) is to catch the red sox. If we had games left against the rays I’d say them, but we don’t so the sox it must be.

Bottom of the 8th, and Lind is misses a tough catch. Wish he had been replaced defensively. He sure doesn’t seem sure of himself at times.


As for the jays game at hand, so nice to see Jesse Litsch get over his nerves and just calm down and pitch. After those early inning jitters he was fantastic. One thing that shows is that if he is that nervous the jays clearly realize that they are still playing for something, and that something isn’t just pride. Whether they make the playoffs or not, this is undoubtedly an exciting time to be a jays fan, we really can’t have any complaints. This team is leaving it all on the field.

Rene way to go that must have been a lot of work and I’m sure we all thank you.

Hey steve I like that Cito is leaving Lind in, shaky defense or not. If he is gonna be a fixture in the jays outfield then now is a perfect time for Cito to let him get important innings in the outfield and build some confidence. One thing about Cito is that he has done a great job of handling the young players now, he instills confidence in his team and he appears to have taught a great deal, along with his hitting coach gene tenace, who deserves a lot of credit for the turnaround as well.

Pipes and sometimes in the stands lol.

Lets go brandon! btw, is he chinese lol.

I can’t see Chicago making it to the playoffs with this crappy pen, although one must wonder whether the Twins want to catch them or not.

I thought League was Hawaiian? Which is like halfway to being Chinese. I could be wrong though, I mean he was born in Hawaiia but I guess his parents or ancestors could be from China.

Haha funny thing is last year when I was watching League pitch with my uncle I came to the realization that my uncle looked exactly like Brandon League (or League looked like my uncle, either works).

League is from Hawaii

99 mph heat with 7 inches of break, Uribe & Hall must have closed his eyes and made contact.

The ump is not very nice to league.

Man is League ever going to make a great closer some day.

Man I would love to have League’s fastball. I’m sure 99% of the league would love to have his fastball though. When he’s right that one pitch is just filthy. Who needs secondary stuff when you can throw a fastball that hard with solid sink.

Put his 90 mph slider in with 11 inches of late break, and he becomes damn near unhittable.

How often does a team go through a double header, win both games and only use 4 guys from the pen. And none of the guys used today threw so many pitches, they can’t go tommorrow.

18 more wins to go.

Yeah we probably won’t really need those relievers tomorrow though with Halladay on the mound. The sox had to use a lot of their bullpen, although honestly I’d much rather see their bullpen though than Mark Buehrle. Buehrle is one of those guys who like Halladay can just shut a team down, everytime those two match up the game is really quick.

Hey, with Buehrle and Hallady the game could be over in two hours. lol

If Halladay is on his game tomorow it should be a good game.I said Wells and Rolen had to pick it up soon and they did in a big way tonight,good for them,How about Rios he can’t be stopped.By the way I think he slipped in the run down lol.

Nice closing pairs. One game it’s Downs and Ryan, next game it’s Carlson and League.

first time reading this blog. enjoyed it.

Buck Martinez (sentimental)
OF – Devo, Barfield, and Carter (although I could strike him out)
DH Molitar – no question about it
How bout a closer?….I preferred Ward

As far as the chase…I’m enjoying it while I can but realistically still very unlikely. But, with every win….I change my tune.

you’d rank gruber ahead of rolen or glaus?and white ahead of wells?

this is rolens first season, glaus was almost always hurt and white is ahead of wells for now.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to AJ Burnett and Jesse Litsch who were kind enough to make my son’s day last Sunday. My son’s team got to parade around Rogers Center for winning their provincial title. Just being able to walk the field was impressive enough, but to have AJ and Jesse come over, shake their hands, talk to them and then take a pic with him has left him speechless. My son is a huge Blue Jay fan so it meant a lot. It was a class act! Thanks guys!

why is white ahead of wells?he covered alot of ground and was an ok leadoff hitter,but i don’t think oyu can even compare him to wells!

1- Halladay, Steib, Hentgen, Clemons,
2- Borders (92 WS MVP & Blocked all of Guzmans sliders)
3- Delgado (Maybe the best Jay of all-time)
4- Alomar
5- Sprague (Steroids really made him better)
6- Fernandez
7- Barfield
8- Wells (offensively), White (Defensively)
9- Carter
Closer- Henke
Setup- Ward

I would expect these two choices everyone will agree with.
Best GM of all time: Pat Gillick
Best Manager of all time: Cito Gaston

delgado the best jay ever???

White better then Wells defensively? Did you forget Wells’ 2 gold gloves?

i agree,i don’t think you can compare white to wells,wells is in a diferent level….a higher level!

freedom/michael-I beg to differ on Devon White; he is clearly the very best CF the Jays ever had.

White was drafted by the California Angels in the 6th round of the 1981 draft. He made his major league debut in the late stages of the 1985 season for California, but he did not establish himself as a major leaguer until 1987, when he played a full season and hit with power and ran the basepaths with speed. In fact, he hit 24 home runs and stole 32 bases that season. In 1988, only his second full season, he won his first of seven Gold Gloves. On December 2, 1990, he was traded with Willie Fraser and Marcus Moore to the Toronto Blue Jays for Junior Félix and Luis Sojo.

White won two World Series and five Gold Gloves with the Toronto Blue Jays. With a .336 batting average in his post-season career for the Blue Jays, compared to a .270 regular season average with Toronto, White consistently upped his game to help Toronto reach playoff success.

Burnett should be down to pitch on saturday but it says TBD.I hope nothing is wrong with him.

I’ll still argue that wells is way better than devo ever was!
As for Burnett,didn’t i read than Halladay might go early?maybe they are gonna go with burnett on short rest too!!

And on a completely different note…is there anyone out there who can answer this pitching question for me. Why is it that left-handed pitchers can throw a slow curve ball with huge break that freezes left-handed batters, but a right-handed pitcher can’t throw the same type of curve ball to either right or left-handed hitters?

I like Tony Fernandez as one of the best Jays ever,I liked the way he used to slap at the ball and hit it over the third basemans or the shortstops head when the team was desparate for a hit and when he did the team seemed to take flight.As for the “BEST” Jay ever HALLADAY wins by a mile and he’s not done yet.

halladay might win 20 games a year,but i don’t consider him the best ever!my fav is mcgriff,but in overall ability i think it is wells,and he is far from done his career yet!

i think the answer to the lefty question is that it only happens once in a while,the majority of pitchers are righties!


Could it be that more lefties throw curves where righties throw sliders.

The best performance year by a Jay was in 1987 when George (purple butt) Bell won the MVP-the only Blue Jay to ever win it.
Bell finished with a .308 BA, .352 OBP, .608 SLG, 111 R, 47 HR and 134 RBI.
The funniest thing about Bell was when he charged the mound in Boston and attempted to karate kick Red Sox pitcher Bruce Kison during a fight. Kison calmly stepped aside, watched Bell flail and miss, and flattened Bell with a punch. lol
And of course when he told the press to kiss his purple butt was a special Bell moment as well. lol
Terrible on defense, but colorfull and possibly the best clutch hitter the Jays ever had.

As much as I like Halliday, he will have to go some to catch Dave Stieb. Stieb is the only Jays pitcher to throw a no-hitter and he also lost 3 other no-hitters in the bottom of the 9th, with two out and two strikes on the batter-one of which would have been a perfect game. Stieb was an all-star 7 times-a Blue Jays record and only one pitcher in the 80’s won more games than Dave Stieb-Jack Morris.

I give up how about Mench lol.

I think, in terms of the most talented Blue Jay, that honor would have to go to Robbie Alomar. The guy was a magican.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Wells, although I think his contract is horrific, but for me Wells is just a nice player. He’s only had 2 years where he hit over 30 hr’s ( 33 and 32) and only 3 years where he drove in 100+ rbi’s ( 100,106 and 117). His career Ba is only .283. So all in all, he’s a nice player, but that’s it. There were a lot of Jays with more talent.

TB gets first blood. Hey, if they beat Boston and we win tonight, we will only be 6 back of Boston in the loss column and play them 7 times. hmmm-I think we’d better cheer for TB tonight. lol


Bell attacked Kison on a weekend day game in Toronto. Exhibition Stadium was the scene. 1985 was the year.

Stieb was certainly a very good pitcher but I would take Halladay over Stieb. Halladay has won the Cy Young and also a 5 time All Star. Stieb did go to 7 All Star Games. Safe too say Halladay will equal that and probably pass that. Halladay also has pitched in the hitters era, hitters on roids,hgh, etc. smaller ballparks. Halladay is also the all time career leader ( Blue Jays history ) in win-loss pct. for pitchers. Halladay has quite resume’.

In 1986 Roger Clemens started the year 14-0. I had tickets to the game ( In Boston ) and the Jays sent out Jimmy Key that night. Bell’s H.R. off of Clemens was the difference in the game and Clemens lost for the first time all year. Key was a guy that always pitched well against Clemens and the Red Sox. I loved watching that guy pitch. I didn’t like it when I saw Key in pinstripes!! I always wished he would end up in Boston sometime in his career. The Jays certainly had alot of talented players in the 1980’s and into the early 1990’s.


Bell attacked Kison on a weekend day game in Toronto. Exhibition Stadium was the scene. 1985 was the year.

Stieb was certainly a very good pitcher but I would take Halladay over Stieb. Halladay has won the Cy Young and also a 5 time All Star. Stieb did go to 7 All Star Games. Safe too say Halladay will equal that and probably pass that. Halladay also has pitched in the hitters era, hitters on roids,hgh, etc. smaller ballparks. Halladay is also the all time career leader ( Blue Jays history ) in win-loss pct. for pitchers. Halladay has quite resume’.

In 1986 Roger Clemens started the year 14-0. I had tickets to the game ( In Boston ) and the Jays sent out Jimmy Key that night. Bell’s H.R. off of Clemens was the difference in the game and Clemens lost for the first time all year. Key was a guy that always pitched well against Clemens and the Red Sox. I loved watching that guy pitch. I didn’t like it when I saw Key in pinstripes!! I always wished he would end up in Boston sometime in his career. The Jays certainly had alot of talented players in the 1980’s and into the early 1990’s.

I guess I was so excited about talking about players in the past–I double posted. LOL!! I am not drinking yet.

I think that the best blue jay was Roger Clemens. From a personal perspective, I always thought he was a bum, at best. However, he was arguably the best pitcher of his era and perhaps of all time. Take any blue jay, put him besides Roger Clemens, and ask yourself who was the best at his position. Clemens outshines them all. A bum, perhaps, but the best pitcher we are likely to see in our lifetimes.

How dumb was that play by Wells.

I agree, dumb play by Wells, cost us a run and the lead.

Uh oh. Bad start.

That goof up by Wells had to be on Doc’s mind when he took the mound,Let’s hope he settles down and not give up to many runs in the 1st.

30 pitches in the first inning isn’t a good sign

I think Halliday was either a bit pumped or pissed off at Wells. He was over throwing a bit, but settled down with Swisher. Id betthey get little or no more runs off him.

Time for Rios to jerk one outta there

And as expected bautista screws up again >.<

yes, I meant Bautista-not Rios, Honest guys, Im not drinking yet. lol

Eeesh. I think Cito will think twice before starting Bautista at 1B again. Three bad plays so far.

Mcdoanld has not been hitting well lately.. and w/ 3 errors today and yesterday? O.o <- not quite sure.

And wow.. they were just going on a errorless streak awhile ago and now like 5+- errors in 2 games..

Actually Bautista has hit .269 since he came here which is better than expected. He also laid down a couple of beautiful bunts to move guys over.

What is it with all these errors?

Does anyone understand why our guys have such a problem with soft throwing lefties?

Come on Lind jerk one outta here


Guess the streak ends here 😦

Good decision, taking Halliday out with that pitch count. Just in case he starts with short rest in Boston

Tonight the streak ends let’s hope a new streak starts tomorow.

Bautista is not a true 1st baseman i would rather see overbay play against leftys than him. Halladay just did not have it tonight,But like i said maybe a new streak tomorow.10 out of 11 aint bad.

Come on, give us a miracle, we’ve came so far!

I guess Cito is playing Bautista to see what he’s got, for next year. With Hill coming back, I just don’t see where he’s going to fit, we already have Scutaro and Inglett as utility guys and they’re both better than Batista

Batista was a mistake.

No kidding. Well, so far Robinson Diaz has played in two games for the Pirates, had 6 at bats, 3 hits and 1 rbi.

It’s not the end of the world guys we will prevail you just have to belive.
Who thinks we can still make it—I do.


come on Bautista, keep the line moving

now a hr puts us ahead, a hit for the tie

Well.. the insurance in the 8 paid off.

well they tried hard to come back.

If only they didn’t score in the 8th.. 😦
Damn, now im sad..

Rios looked at a slider down the middle.. and then swinging at a fastball pretty damn low… so maybe hes pumped up or something >.>

too bad Tallet gave up that run in the 8th. If it had gone into extra innings, I think we’d have won. No way Chicago is a match for either LA, Boston or TB. They will be out of the playoffs in 3 games.

Thank you Tampa we lose no ground.

We are definately chasing Boston, since we play 7 against them.

I thought the ball Bautista hit in the 6th, i think, could have been reviewed. Does Cito have a flag for that? To me, it looked like it could have been a fair 3 run homerun.

any word on burnett?

which team do you guys think would win,92 jays,93 or now?

It looks like Cito is trying to make up his mind wether or not to pitch Burnett Litsch and Halladay on four days rest,That is the reason why Burnett was not listed to start.

Is that you gorman with a new name.

still the same name,if its my question you mean!

Gorman explain your question,Maybe it’s me but i cant seem to figure it out????

Okay people are we going to win tonight,Everyone say LET’S GO JAYS,WHOOO HOOO.


The Jays have to learn to start taking some pitches and try to get the starter out early.

barajas and inglett hits early.


Gj marcum.. 13 strikes 3 balls so far

It looks like the breaks are not going the Jays way tonight,A player who gets caught 8 times out of 19 atempts steals a base of big B give me a break.

As much as i would like to see Burnett stay a Jay i don’t think he will leave a hole in the pitchen staff,We have Halladay Marcum Percey Litsch and or accardo/Downs or maybe Cecil.What i would like to see the Jays do is spend some money on a power hitting shortstop and a great DH,
Leave Snider in -AAA-for next season to learn better defence.

Where is every one still crying about last nights loss,We should be used to it by now.[15 years]LOL.

Is the blue jays offense sucking again or is gavin pitching well o.o

If you check on game day it’s the offence someone must have stole their bats.

Zaun hits a grand slam and sits on the bench Barajas can’t seem to get a hit anymore and he plays.

Gsjays where are you?????.

Wooo :D. Scutaros been hitting well

ALways nice to get home late and see us up 6-0 in the 8th inning. Great start from Marcum

Why leave Marcum in the game after a player reaches first use the dam bullpen what in the hell good are they if you don’t use them,Why leave your starter in with a 6 run lead,Protec his bloody arm especially Marcum.

thats what happens when you use pen O.O

Way to go Downs of course it’s not your ERA that suffers is it DUH.

Downs has been shaky lately. I’m glad to see League come in. I tend to agree with Garry, I would have brought in League at the start of the 8th-But who’s going to second guess Cito they way we’re going.

Yes but if Downs comes in after only one guy is on Dye will never get to the plate.

I think maybe cito wanted marcum to complete game ..
he was at like 80 pitches in the beginning of 8th.

there we go-2 pitches and we’re out of the inning. I hope he leaves LEague in.

Who thinks were going to win I’m afraid i don’t.

You can bet your life he brings in scaredevil BJ.

I don’t think he’ll put bj up after league throwing 2 pitches o.o..

YOu need to relax. lol

A pop up-bases loaded and Wells hits a popup.

omg here comes bj

I’m surprised at this decision. League only threw 2 pitches and we’re putting Ryan in.

crap-ryan hits the first hitter

okay, i’m too nervous to watch. and ps. i’m back.

Me to i can’t watch i want my mommy.

Now a homerun and bam. :_:

3 strikeouts lol.


That was a damn important win. These guys knew this game was really important and went out and nailed it.

Now if we take 3 of 4 in Boston, the rest of September could be interesting

Garry-you bring the magic every time. lol Never fails.

I am worried about Downs though, I’m starting to wonder if he’s hurt. Maybe he just needs to sit for 4-5 days.

Ever since JP said they might make him a starter Downs seems to have his head in a cloud.

Downs and BJ have both seemed to lose their control. Bad time for that to happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more League and Carlson in the 8th and 9th if those other guys keep struggling to find the strike zone.

I think Bj got it back after hitting him
or maybe he wants to keep things interesting 😛

Kate do you think we can sweep Boston,Burnett,Halladay and Litsch will pitch on three day’s rest which can go anyway.

I don’t think it’s that on Downs. Sometimes these guys just go through bad zones. I think he just needs some rest.

Bj had better velociity tonight, but hes not going to be real right until next May or June. However, considering hw far hes came back, I think when BJ gets 100% he’s going to be betterthan he ever was.

Our pen is signficantly better than Bostons. And Boston without Manny is not the same Boston. I think our pitching can handle them, if our hitters stay hot, it could be a very interesting series.

I’m not worried about Downs. Who knew Thome would be sitting breaking ball? After he just threw him one. It was a bad time to leave it up.

On paper, B.J. Ryan closes the game in 9th, doesn’t allow a run, strikes out 3 and gets the save. Only fans that watch the Jays consistantly know that it is always an adventure with him. He was terrible with his control, but he had a nasty slider working when he needed it.

We are really going to need both him and Downs badly in Boston. I’m already getting nervous.

my previous question asked how you think this years team would match up against the 92 team and the 93 team…..any opinions?

Wow so many people that I haven’t seen post regularly (or at all) are here. It’s amazing how opinions have changed from about a month ago.

Mcdonald is showing why he’s been a backup his whole career. He can’t seem to handle the grind of too many starts in a row. I think that 20 + games in a row streak might be taking a toll on him. It’s unfortunate because i’d love to see his defensive potential everyday but I can’t expect it out of him because he hasn’t shown that he can do it 115+ games a season.

I guess Ryan is the new Overybay. I remember how Lyle was getting ripped left, right and centre and now he appears to be back. I’m all for trading Ryan to get his contract off the books but I still think he’s a good closer (decent this year) and will be again next year when he’s over a year and a half removed from the surgery as gsjays suggested. Our pen as a whole is better than Boston’s but Papelbon is better than Ryan.

gsjays is gsumner i’m guessing ? if so what happened with your old e-mail ?

what happened to Plus ? you still here ? I haven’t seen you post in a while.

Anybody here the latest on Arccardo ?

P.s. Delgado is the greatest Jay i’ve ever seen play.

As for the best Blue Jay ever, I believe Roger Clemens’ two seasons with Toronto make him the best Jay. He went a combined 41-13 with a mediocre Blue Jays team that went 164 – 160 through those two years, or 123 – 147 without Roger pitching. He posted a team single-season record low ERA of 2.05 in 1997, when he won the ‘triple crown’ in pitching, and followed in 1998 with another Cy Young award. His combined ERA through the two years was 2.33. I believe a 20+ win pitcher with a sub 2.4ERA is far more valuable than a gold glove defender with a bat (Wells) or a streaky power hitter like Delgado, who has hit over .300 twice in his 13 full seasons.

As for the best Blue Jay ever, I believe Roger Clemens’ two seasons with Toronto make him the best Jay. He went a combined 41-13 with a mediocre Blue Jays team that went 164 – 160 through those two years, or 123 – 147 without Roger pitching. He posted a team single-season record low ERA of 2.05 in 1997, when he won the ‘triple crown’ in pitching, and followed in 1998 with another Cy Young award. His combined ERA through the two years was 2.33. I believe a 20+ win pitcher with a sub 2.4ERA is far more valuable than a gold glove defender with a bat (Wells) or a streaky power hitter like Delgado, who has hit over .300 twice in his 13 full seasons.

Nick. Clemens was probably on roids at the time so his record doesn’t count.

Enigma plus only shows up when someone trashes JP, maybe he is JP????.

Gorman, on your ouestion,The pitchen is better.they have good offence when they come to the ballpark to play,no slight on this team but sometimes they just seem to come out flat, the defence is pretty good on the most part,but do they have the same fire the 92 and 93 jays had,I don’t think so.on that note i would have to say no.
If JP would have picked up a bat we might have had a good chance and won some more games earlier and this run may have left us 1 or 2 games out…Remember I said might have.

Greatest Blue Jay? I am going with Buck Martinez. Just kidding. On a serious note, Roberto Alomar. Alomar is the greatest defensive second basemen I have ever seen. A notch above Ryne Sandberg. Sorry Jordan, LOL!! Alomar made plays Sandberg could only dream of. Alomar also was a great hitter as well. He’ll be going into Cooperstown for sure! Just my opinion.

A 4 game series vs Toronto, yikes! The Jays have owned Boston in the last few years. I am guessing they split. If Toronto wants to make a run for the playoffs they need too win 3 games this weekend. A split does Toronto no good. It will be fun for sure!! Good luck Jays fans but not too much luck.

Bosox. what have you got to lose,If we win the wild card you will have the Jays to root for we all know you like the Jays although second to Boston.And if you win the wild card we will have to cheer for Boston.But I don’t like your


I wish the schedule maker had the Sox playing the Orioles 7 games instead of the Jays. Toronto has had Boston’s number. Rios and Wells seem too play their best games against Boston. Also Papelbon has had some tough outings against the Jays. Gave up the grand slam last September. Russ Adams took him deep I believe. It’s almost game time.

Gary. Regardless of the fact Clemens was on steroids while playing for Toronto, he put up amazing numbers. I can understand that steroids can help build stronger muscles, make you run faster, and improve your stregnth. What steroids cannot do is make you pitch. Pitching, to some degree requires that blow-the-hitter away fastball. What steroids do not do for a pitcher is make him keep the ball down in the zone, away from hitters, and prevent runners from scoring. Tom Glavine is a great example of a pitchers pitcher who does all of the right things without the typical steroid effects. Granted, Clemens K rate wouldn’t be as high, nor would he have pitched as many innings. His ERA would have been up, and he probably wouldn’t have has a good a record. Despite all of these things, Clemens had a very, very good record before coming to Toronto. And he still would have been a fifteen game winner with his pitching skills. I know some people feel different about how athletes should be treated if they used PEDs. But I feel you should still give credit where credit is deserved. Clemens was the best pitcher (and possibly player) to ever wear a Blue Jays uniform. While I feel he shouldn’t make the HOF for using steroids, I will still consider him the best Jays pitcher. Period. (He had his two best years of a *HOF* career here) Steroids may help, but don’t do that.

There are 6 games postponed due to rain yet this game is being played , its a travesty and a farce .

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