Marcum done until 2010

TORONTO — In case the news hasn’t reached you yet, Blue Jays starter Shaun Marcum is done for the season — next season, that is. Marcum needs Tommy John surgery on his right elbow and won’t be able to pitch for Toronto until 2010. Bad news in Bird Land.

So, if A.J. Burnett opts out of his contract — the most likely scenario — Toronto’s projected rotation for Opening Day 2009 includes Roy Halladay, Jesse Litsch, David Purcey, aaaaand….Casey Janssen? Brett Cecil? Ricky Romero? Scott Richmond? Behind the top three, it’s all up in the air.

But, Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi the sudden loss of Marcum doesn’t figure to impact any of his offseason plans. So, while he’s said Toronto might offer another year or two on Burnett’s contract in an effort to sway him to stay, Ricciardi said he won’t be pushing any panic buttons due to the rotation’s cloudy forecast.

“We’re not going to do something out of panic,” Ricciardi said. “I don’t feel like we have to do anything. I feel like we’ve got young pitchers here who we’re pretty much convinced that they can come here and pitch. We’ll go with those guys.”

Marcum, meanwhile, fought back tears as he delivered the news of his upcoming surgery to reporters this afternoon. Toronto hasn’t heard back from Dr. James Andrews just yet, and there’s no schedule date as of now for the operation, but the procedure is coming and it’ll take Marcum out of the picture for all of next season.

“You’ve got to deal with it,” Marcum said. “It’s part of the game — injuries happen. I’ve just got to move forward and try to get healthy as soon as possible and be back here to help this club in 2010.”

Today’s lineups:

BOSTON (89-63-83) at TORONTO (82-71)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Kevin Youkilis, 3B
Sean Casey, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
Mark Kotsay, RF
Jed Lowrie, SS
Jason Varitek, C

PITCHING: RHP Paul Byrd (11-12, 4.53)

Joe Inglett, 2B
Marco Scutaro, SS
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Adam Lind, DH
Scott Rolen, 3B
Gregg Zaun, C
Travis Snider, LF

PITCHING: RHP A.J. Burnett (18-10, 4.19)



    BYRD threw 7 pitches in the first 33 in the second only 6 in the third and 12 in the 4th.way to let a guy of the hook.

  2. lndigo

    Not much gets under my skin but the blatant favouritism these umps display for the Sox is criminal . Its not like the Jays are going to make the post season , the farce rain game and the missed calls by the umps last weekend squashed any minuscule hope they had . I know MLB needs a big ticket team in the world series but do the have to cheat for them to help achieve it .


    Does anyone know if Dustin Mcgowen will be back in time for the 09 season? If he’s not, then I definetely say that we should go after Sheets or Sabathia.

    Jordan also said that the Jays might offer Burnett 2 years. With Marcum gone now and no interest for pursuing another pitcher, this could affect his decision.

  4. gsjays

    Don’t you remember the umpiring when we won the series back to back? We won in spite of the umpiring. The worst place is Yankee stadium.

    Freedom, McGowan should be back by end of May.

  5. lndigo

    I have on ugly on , you can ignore me though I stand by what i posted ….lol…. I know its entertainment and MLB wants the money but I really dislike this BS

  6. gsjays

    I learnt a long time ago never to ignore a lady, particulary one with an ugly on. lol
    Damn do I hate relievers who come in and walk someone; unacceptable.

  7. lndigo

    freedom ,
    Sheets has great stuff but he is always injured…like now . I think Sabathia will stay in the NL , just a gut feeling or call it woman’s intuition

  8. lndigo

    I have np when jays lose if the game is played fairly but it has to be discouraging for players when the umps give games away


    As I have stated in some of my post that I watch the games on gameday and the tube and you can see a lot of pitches throwing by the Jays pitchers are strikes and called balls,the opposing pitcher can throw balls and they are called strikes,If no one belives me watch closley on gameday pitch for pitch and you will see what I mean.
    I belive the Jays lose at least 10 or 12 games a year by bad calls by the Umps.


    Calm down it’s only a I can see what you mean the umps.have never been kind to the Jays but in spite of them the Jays still won two world serries.


    This is not a complaint about Jordan but I wish we had a reporter that was a Blue Jay fan then he /she would interact with us more.A lot of us ask him ouestions and they most allways go unanswered.


    I personally always go to Mike Wilner if I have questions. Might not always agree with his opinions but when it comes to giving facts he does answer them which I appreciate.

    Indigo your complaint is all the more reason that more replays should be used in baseball. Get the calls right as often as possible.


    Jordan don’t take it to heart about what I said,We are all very happy that you have this blog so we can talk to each other.


    Halladay has not got it today,but Cito will make sure he stays in for 5 INN to give him a chance for the win even if it cost the Jays the win.

  15. gsjays

    About time we scored some runs on Lester. I can not comprehend why we called up Thigen instead of Arrencibia. Thigpen had a poor year in AAA, mirroring what he’s doing here, while Arrencibia had a huge year and has signficantly more talent.

  16. gsjays

    Halliday’s sinker isn’t sinking much today and his control is off. I’m wondering if he’s feeling the effects of going on short rest last time out.

  17. gsjays

    Thigpen calls for 9 fastballs in a row to Lowrie. I don’t care if it is coming in at 99 mph, if you see it 9 times in a row, a MLB hitter is going to get a good wack at it. What happened to League’s slider-why didn’t Thigpen calling for it. We’re lucky to get out of that inning.

  18. gsjays

    I think BJ only wants to make it exciting when he has a 1-2 run lead, today he had 3 so he mowed them down. lol Nice win, but NY won as welll, so we’re still in 4th place.

  19. gsjays

    Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays. With a total payroll of $43,745,597 and the highest player salary on the team at $6 million, they prove once again, it’s all about drafting and developing talent in the minor league system.
    With kids like David Price and others coming in the next year or two, I see them getting better and better. They will be one of the teams to beat in the AL east for quite some time.


    It looks like the Jays will finish in 4th or 5th spot for years to come.
    The Rays look like they are for real and will be like GSJ.has stated for years to come.
    The Sox will be a strong team every year.
    The Yankees will buy their spot.
    all the Jays will be is a write off for Rodgers.
    But I guess it’s better than not having a team at all.

    This will be a tough start for Richmond for he has not piched since Aug 29th and he has to face the luckyist pitcher in the league.

    Kate I’m still waiting for my answer or are you still


    I get the majority of games. Very few aren’t on CBC, TSN, Sportsnet or even the rogers preview channel. I don’t remember them being blacked out in Brampton this year.


    How many of you guys or gals think this team has a chance to make the playoffs next year, and if so explain why you think they have a chance,Also what changes would you make if you had the power to do so,Like who would you trade or go after in the off season,You will have about 97 mil. to work with.
    If you scroll down and look on the right side you can find out who will be free agents next year.or if you want to trade you can see under Cotts baseball contracts what the salaries are of all the teams and their players.
    Let’s play GM.

  23. lndigo

    I am never mad , I was just stating my opinion and I see Barfield etc agreed with me so I guess I am not out to lunch ……lol….. Its not only the Jays that are the beneficiaries of poor calls but I watched the Twin’s game against the Yanks earlier and the umps were brutal . Baltimore will have no chance of a win today with this being the last game at Yankee stadium .

    I know I still owe you answers but for now I am going to eat so bbl …take care and good luck Jays


    The game was a three hit joke,Don’t exspect any thing better for next year.Maybe it’s time I found another team to cheer for.
    It’s the same thing every year nothing to cheer for.
    The Jays will always be the team in my heart But Cubs here I come.

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