Doc brings his 'A' game

TORONTO — The Elias Sports Bureau has released its final 2007-08 MLB player rankings, identifying Type A and B players, and Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay ranks first among starting pitchers with a rating of 95.031.

Here is the breakdown of the top rated players at each position:

American League
• Outfield: Magglio Ordonez, Tigers (96.316)
• Designated hitter: David Ortiz, Red Sox (94.545)
• Catcher: Joe Mauer, Twins (89.401)
• Second base: Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox (85.714)
• Shortstop: Michael Young, Rangers (88.0)
• Third base: Alex Rodriguez, Yankees (95.031)
• Starting pitcher: Roy Halladay, Blue Jays (95.058)

National League
• First base: Albert Pujols, Cardinals (95.385)
• Outfield: Matt Holliday, Rockies (98.125)
• Catcher: Russell Martin, Dodgers (85.328)
• Second base: Chase Utley, Phillies (92.411)
• Shortstop: Jimmy Rollins, Phillies (85.714)
• Third base: David Wright, Mets (89.560)
• Reliever: Takashi Saito, Dodgers (88.678)

Other Type A and B Blue Jays:

A — A.J. Burnett (89.729): 4th among AL SP
A — Scott Downs (81.513): 11th among AL RP
A — Alex Rios (78.816): 10th among AL OF
A — Jeremy Accardo (70.798): t-25th among AL RP
B — Scott Rolen (70.186): 6th among AL 3B
B — Vernon Wells (67.632): 25th among AL OF
B — Dustin McGowan (63.178): 31st among AL SP
B — Casey Janssen (62.513): 37th among AL RP
B — Aaron Hill (61.491): 10th among AL 2B
B — B.J. Ryan (60.801): 40th among AL RP
B — Gregg Zaun (59.447): 12th among AL C
B — Brian Tallet (57.925): 48th among AL RP
B — Jesse Litsch (56.783): 35th among AL SP



  1. aaaincny

    Blue Jay fans know what a treasure Doc is and his numbers just reinforce that year in and year out – discounting the odd injury here and there. But what really impresses me is listening to other teams’ broadcasters gush about him when I am traveling and tuning in to other networks. He is really respected all over major league baseball. Good to have you back, Jordan. Now back to the “AJ watch”.

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