Overbay on the block?

Reports out of Seattle are that the Blue Jays have shown a willingness to trade first baseman Lyle Overbay — a native of Centralia, Wash. — to the Mariners. According to the Seattle Times, Toronto is even willing to pick up some of the $14 million Overbay is owed through 2010.

The Tacoma News-Tribune has reported that the Blue Jays have been met with a “decided lack of enthusiasm” from Seattle. It’s been rumored that Overbay was part of the package that Toronto tried to use to acquire outfielder Raul Ibanez prior to the July 31 Trade Deadline this past season. Ibanez is a free agent this winter.

The Blue Jays are trying to upgrade their offense this winter and first base is an area that the club can address. Since having his right hand broken by a pitch midway through the 2007 season, Overbay’s offensive numbers, especially his power production, have declined. Toronto acquired Overbay in a five-player trade with the Brewers prior to the ’06 season.

The Blue Jays have also been rumored to be in on possible trade talks with the Padres for shortstop Khalil Greene. Without an excess of cash to spend this winter, Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi has made it known that the club does plan on exploring the trade market in an attempt to meet some of its offseason goals.



  1. lndigo

    With the economy in the condition it is , it makes sense to explore the trade route. I have difficulty understanding how a team can spend millions of dollars for one player when people are losing their jobs and homes. People will not have the surplus money to spend on the entertainment of baseball or many other activities. It will be interesting to see if ticket sales will reflect this over the next few years or if more fans will choose to participate from their armchair. I hope MLB is sensitive to the plight of their fans . I do wish we go do a deal or trade for a new GM …..atleast I can dream about it . Take care all

  2. lndigo

    oops ….last sentence should read . I wish we could do a deal or trade for a new GM . I can’t even plead blonde moment …take care all

  3. andrewkidware@hotmail.com

    This is great news. Hopefully Seatle bites on the deal. They are one of the few teams that need a 1B and the Jays need to purge Overbay. The players need to know that if they don’t perform, the door is pretty easy to find.

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Overbay should have been reaching his peak after a great year in 2006. However, the last two seasons have been a disappointment.

    I can’t really see how he could be on the decline, but it sure seems like it. An upgrade at 1b might help this team, also it could clear room Dopriak to get a taste.

  5. lndigo

    I don’t think Overbay was on the decline but his hand gave him more problems than anyone expected . It was a nasty break that carried over into 2008 and he admitted it still bothers him. If I remember correctly, by the end of this season his numbers had started to pick up so maybe he, like everyone else, was benefitting from the new coaching staff. A player has a mediocre year because of an injury and teams dispose of him . A GM has 7 mediocre years and gets rewarded with an extension , whats wrong with this picture. I believe the Jays need new blood , somebody with fresh ideas

  6. welikeroywelikeroy

    Lyle is a fine hitter and he had an okay season, he is just not hitting anywhere near to way he was hitting in 2004, 2005, and 2006. I thought that he was one of those players that benefited from the new coaching system as well, but the numbers don’t back that up. His batting average in August and September were lower than any month he hit in last season. Post All-Star break, he did hit more homeruns 9 compared to 6 HRs Pre-break, but his average was similar .271 to .269. He had a lower on base percentage in the last half of the year, which is very telling of the new system.

    In Overbay, I wanted a guy that was going to flirt with hitting 50 doubles every year, like he did in 2004 with Milwaukee. He hasn’t come near that in the past two years and his run production is drastically down. Maybe the hand ailment is going to ruin his career? I don’t know? It is hard to explain why guys were hitting so far under their career medians last season? I’d perfer to see a full year of Overbay swinging away under Gaston, and if he underachieves again, I’d just replace him on the depth chart.

    If you are right though, and J.P. deals Overbay before he has the season that we were all hoping he would have, then that will be another one for the books with J.P., of a pretty long list.

  7. Enigma_D17@hotmail.com

    How could’ve J.P. forseen a freak hand injury that prevents Overbay from playing the way he’s capable of ? I don’t understand how J.P. should be blamed for that one. I do like that he’s trying to trade him though, but for whom ? It might even matter as it could simply be a way for them to dump some salary. I’m hoping B.J. is next…

    I think they are better served to spend that money elsewhere. Move Lind over to first to replace Lyle and the closer can be one of Downs, Accardo or Janssen.

  8. gsjays

    In my view, the Jays are at a cross roads. Do they sign Tiexera, trade for Hanley Ramirez types and do a reasonable re-tool with the intention of competing or do they do a complete rebuild to contend in 3-4 years?

    Dumping Overbay makes sense regardless of which direction they go. First base has to be a “big bat”position with a guy who hits .300+, high rbi delivery and good power. Overbay has never done either and never will, as nice of a player he is, he isn’t a Kevin Youkilis, Mark Tiexera or Prince Fielder.

    In the division we’re in, we have to assume the Rays, Yanks and Sox will all improve next year. So if we’re going to compete with them, we really do need guys like Tiexera and Ramirez in a re-tool effort-other than that we’re joking iwth ourselves.

    The real concern I have is they do neither, just add a guy or two to sell some tickets and wallow in 4th place again next year. Two statements in the above post from JB suggests that’s what they’re going to do. The lack of cash available suggests this is what’s happening.

    On the other hand, who in their right mind would ever want JP to make the decisions if a major re-build is done. Certainly not me.

  9. welikeroywelikeroy

    Aquiring Overbay I thought was a great move and there was no way J.P. could have forseen the last two seasons, where he has greatly underachieved. I too thought Overbay was going to be our staple at First Base for years.

    I just hope that in trading him, we are not trading a guy whose best baseball is still ahead of him. Then we J.P. will definately catch some blame.

  10. Enigma_D17@hotmail.com

    The thing with Overybay too is that he’s signed to a reasonable contract assuming he produces like he should, I do see your point welikeroy. I initially misread your comment.

  11. bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com

    Garry, G. Sumner and Indigo,

    How is everything going? I hope all is well. A chilly night expceted here in Florida. Temps in the low 60’s overnight. LOL!!

    Certainly a tough division is the A.L. East but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Competitive teams are a good thing.

    G. Sumner..

    I doubt the Marlins will deal Hanley Ramirez away. They just signed him to a long term deal. He is one of the elite players in the game. Not many players are better than him. I just wish he played for a better team. I hate too see great talent like him play in front of friends and family and never have a chance for October baseball. They need to build a new stadium in Miami. I hope that will happen.

  12. bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com

    Jordan looks tough in that photo. LOL!! If I saw him in a dark alley I would be very scared. ha…ha….ha….lol.

  13. lndigo

    Congrats to all the Gold Glove winners. Now an somebody please explain to me how Mussina won a Gold Glove in AL pitching when Doc’s numbers are clearly better. I am not saying Doc was the best but he was sure better than Mussina. I think Doc got robbed

    Mussina FP is .976, PO’s 18 A’s 23 and his RnF was 1.84

    Doc FP is 9.83, PO’s 33, A’s 26 and his RnF was2.16

  14. gsjays


    One never knows with Florida, Hanley is about to cost them 20% of their entire salary expense and the way the economy is in Florida they just might decide to move him. My point, though, was unless we trade for that kind of quality to boost our attack, we are probably better off rebuilding to contend in 3-4 years because the horses we have won’t get us to the finish line.

    Our production is weak at 3rd base, 1st base and ss. I think we’re fine in the outfield, 2nd and catching-providing we bring up Arrencibia,but we need a big bat in the 4th hole, we need a real lead off hitter and we clearly need more power.

  15. lndigo

    I knew that answer was coming , its the obvious one . I was hoping somebody had a more creative one ……lol…..

  16. gsjays

    Could it be???????????

    DANA POINT, Calif. — The Dodgers’ two year-offer to Manny Ramirez — believed to be for about $45 million — is very unlikely to lead to a quick deal between the sides, or perhaps any deal.

    The sides are so far apart that the Blue Jays, Orioles and perhaps the Yankees and other teams likely have moved ahead of the Dodgers in terms of their chances to win the services of the mercurial superstar. Those outside teams aren’t eligible to make offers until Nov. 14, but the Dodgers have thus far failed to get a jump start on the others with a proposal so far below Ramirez’s asking price that Manny is likely thinking more seriously about outside options now.


  17. freedom_fighter1121@yahoo.com

    With Overbay possibly going to the Mariners, Do you think it’s possible that we are going after Erik Bedard? I hope so, but it leaves a whole at first base which I dout is going to be filled by anyone like Texiera. I also hear rumors that the Jays are interested in Derek Lowe who wants to come to the East. And with the Dodgers and the Yankees possibility of getting Manny slowly going down, it’s starting to look better for the Jays even with their slim chances. I am against the Jays wanting to get Greene, I would definetely go after either Furcal or Cabrera.

  18. dawgonthestreet

    The Jays have $82.45 million in salary committed to eight players for 2010
    -Vernon Wells $21
    – Roy Halladay $15.75
    -Scott Rolen $11.0,
    -B.J. Ryan -$10.0,
    -Alex Rios $9.7,
    -Lyle Overbay $7.0,
    -Scott Downs $4.0
    – Aaron Hill $4.0

    That’s not mentioning Marcum, McGowan, Litsh, Lind, Snider a catcher and ****.

    I don’t see how they will be able to afford Manny or Tiexera. Both expecting to make over $20 million a season.

    With the Canadian $ down, and the “cap” at around $100 million. Where is the money going to come from?

  19. Enigma_D17@hotmail.com

    “Uncle” Ted is a rich man, so that’s where the money comes from and after 2010 5 of those contracts are off the books.
    I’ve heard that Paul Beeston has asked for a team payroll increase. It’s not likely to happen, but it’s out there. I know the canadian dollar is decreasing in value again but that’s just what i’ve heard.

  20. gsjays

    I was as surprised as anyone else that we are actually making a play for Manny. No question, he’ll cost a lot. It might be that Rogers has given Beeston the “go ahead” to really go for it. Maybe Mr. Rogers wants to win. If he does then money will be little.

  21. tanandmur@shaw.ca

    gawd, who wants manny, really guys seriously. okay, I know i always do this woman thing with feelings and emotions more than reality…..however…..Dustin and his wife were expecting a baby in October and I just wondered if anyone has heard anything?

  22. d.jimenez10@hotmail.com

    Alright, here’s a wild idea…the Jays’ formerly projected league-leading pitching staff for 2009 is no longer intact due to injuries. However, they’re all expected to be back either mid-2009 or beginning of 2010.

    So why not ‘suck it up’ this year on the pitching front and see what our youngsters can do (unless some really good deal slips through the cracks in which, by all means, jump on it) while concentrating our available money (and a bit more if Rogers allows it) on bringing in a legitimate (and proven but not declining (*see Frank Thomas experience)) power bat like an Anderson, Ibanez, Abreu, or Bradley for several years? Sure, next year we probably won’t win the division even with the additional power, but at least we’ll have him locked up for 2010 when the pitching is in tact again and we can make a real run for it! I don’t see any reason for spending on a one year ‘stop-gap’ for pitching just to avoid the cellar of the division. It seems like a waste of money when those dollars can be spent towards 2010 and our real need, an established power threat for average

  23. 92bluejays93

    I hope the Jays aggressively shop both Overbay and Ryan this off-season. Although both are do for bounce back years Ryan could be repaced by a much cheaper combination of Downs, League, and Accardo.

    Does anyone actually think that who ever gives Ramirez or AJ a five year deal wont regret it after years 2/3. I will be glad to see AJ walk and become the Yankees next Carl Pavano.

  24. Enigma_D17@hotmail.com

    ALso heard today that the Oakland A’s are on the verge of acuiring Matt Holliday. I’m wondering why I haven’t heard of the Jays being interested or has anyone heard something else ?

  25. Enigma_D17@hotmail.com

    Khali is definitaly not someone i’d like to see come here either. I’d like them to try for J.J. Hardy.

  26. 92bluejays93

    Kalil Greene would be a poor pick up for the jays he is inconsistent on the field and with a self inflicted injury can’t be much better off. Enigma is right JJ Hardy would be a much better fit.

  27. gsjays

    Of all of them, I’d prefer we trade for Alcides Escobar. The Brew crew had no place for him, particulary the way J.J. Hardy played in the playoffs and would likely let him go at a lot lower cost than Hardy.

    Mark my words, Escobar is going to be as good at short stop as Orlando Hudson is at 2nd base-he’s an up and comer just about to blossom.

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