First Workout Photos

Here is a slew of photos that I took while checking out the Blue Jays’ first official workout for pitchers and catchers on Monday. I don’t have the photo gallery option I had with the previous blog format from past seasons, so I’ll just drop ’em in the post here. Enjoy. ~JB


Here’s manager Cito Gaston holding court with members of the Toronto media


Scott Richmond and Jeremy Accardo during early-morning stretching


Pitching coach Brad Arnsberg


Vernon Wells, Alex Rios and Aaron Hill (From left) head in after BP


Outfielder Adam Lind playing catch


Shaun Marcum plays catch with a team trainer


Matt Clement throws during a bullpen session


Scott Richmond in his windup during a bullpen session


Jeremy Accardo throws a pitch during a bullpen session


Ace Roy Halladay throwing during a bullpen session


GM J.P. Ricciardi watching pitchers with manager Cito Gaston


Closer B.J. Ryan prepares a throw during a bullpen session


Brian Tallet winds up during a bullpen session


GM J.P. Ricciardi and hitting coach Gene Tenace watch the pitchers


Japan’s Ken Takahashi holds court with the Japanese press


Pitching coach Brad Arnsberg talking shop with pitcher Matt Clement


  1. djch

    JB – thanks for the pics! ST is truly here…

    BJ looks like he’s in good form. Hope Accardo is able to harness the power of the beard…

    Question – how have the pitchers competing for the 4-5 spots in the rotation looked? Any front runners so far in your opinion? (I know that they just reported, but it looks like they’ve all had an opportunity to throw now)

  2. dt005

    Awsome photos, they are rejuvinating my spirit after a long winter.
    Not so sure im a big fan of the Accardo beard? he looks like a lumberjack, I didn’t even recognize him.

  3. dt005

    I know you asked Jordan but they pitchers have only thrown bullpen, probably not even at 100% yet so I would find it hard to beleive that anyone could take much away from it regarding their place in the rotation. I’d wait till the games start before even thinking about who is looking like frontrunners.

  4. dt005

    Ha anyone else notice Accardo’s blue glove and snazzy new blue accented shoes, this guy is a walking fashon statement to go with the beard! haha

  5. 92bluejays93

    Just a piece of Scott Carsons article on Interesting idea that I havnt considered until now.

    The Globe and Mail’s baseball columnist Jeff Blair made an excellent point while being interviewed on the Fan 590, Toronto’s all-sports radio station on Monday by Sportsnet’s Rob Faulds when he wondered aloud if the biggest reason that the Blue Jays’ payroll was slashed this off-season was to position the ball club to be sold, especially since the passing of principle owner Ted Rogers back in December. Sure the failing economy — coupled with the falling Canadian dollar — handcuffed the team and caused the payroll to be slashed by close to 20 per cent but, as Blair pointed out, this has all the earmarks of eliminating any massive overhead to make the team more attractive to potential buyers. It was something that I hadn’t thought off before but it makes perfect sense when you think about it.


    We can be 15 games out at the deadline and JP wont trade BJ or anyone else still thinking we have a chance.

    JB, thanks for the pitcures,you are the best,gee do i sound like a butt kisser????lol.

    I liked your story on Millar,and i hope he makes the team.

  7. gsjays

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Rogers sold the team and with Ted Rogers passing maybe it’s the best thing for the Jays. I get the feeling Ted was one of few in Rogers that supported his vision.

    JB-Thanks for the pictures, now if you can add some of that 75′ weather, we’ll all feel like we’re there.
    Any update on Aaron Hill’s health?

  8. 92bluejays93

    that is the logical choice but look at predictions from previous years and they show that it is almost impossible to predict how teams will finish.
    The Yankees- —-will be the 2009 version of the 08 Detroit Tigers.
    The Rays —–will be good but not great. 85 wins or so. count on several of there pitchers having arm troubles after playing so late in the year with an inexpierienced staff. (kazmir, Shields, Garza, all saw significant increase in the work load.)
    The sox are the sox. and on the other end Baltimore is Baltimore.

    ITs gonna be a fun year.

  9. gsjays

    I think the Rays will give some back this year-but its not from pitching. Remember they have David Price ready to go, so they have 6-7 very good starters and a deep pen. COuld have the best pitching overall in the AL.
    But the Yanks have too much talent and too much motivation. They really didn’t like missing the playoffs last year and this A-Rod thing has probably helped the team. I look for them to jump out of the gate and go strong all year.
    I think all 3 of these teams (TB,NY and Boston) could all win 95-100 games and i’d exect it to be a dog fight till the last day.

  10. gsjays

    So what is JP trying to feed us in saying he needs Millar since we are lh heavy and face some tough left handers?
    Last time I checked Boston only had 1 leftie, TB and NY 2-of which one is Petite who we’ve mobbed almost every time we’ve faced him.

    So we face 5 lefties in the AL east top 3 teams and wait for this one-10 righties including Becket, Burnett, Chamberlain, Wang, Matsuzaka and others. And JP is expressing concern that having Snider, Lind and Overbay (3 lefties) in the lineup is a problem…..
    JP, you’d better come up with a better BS lie than that one, cause it doesn’t fly.

  11. crazy19canuck

    Best bet Rays, Yanks and Sox duking it out to the end. It’s gonna be an AL East showdown. Any word on Aaron Hill’s health now?

  12. 92bluejays93

    your right i forgot about Price. Either way there pitching is scary. But of course us Jays fans know how fast that can change.

  13. reanapalooza

    Thanks for the shots!
    MLB should buy you a camera and have you work double time.
    Just kidding – I appreciate how you share your access.

    One more week till the first game!


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