Spring photos: Volume 2

Some more pics from the Jays’ workout today.



Roy Halladay preparing a throw during a bullpen session


Lyle Overbay getting ready to take some cuts in batting practice


Adam Lind watching batting practice


Manager Cito Gaston talks hitting with coach Gene Tenace


Manager Cito Gaston takes in batting practice


Adam Loewen watches batting practice


Travis Snider steps out of the batting cage


Infielder Joe Inglett prepares to field a grounder


Second baseman Aaron Hill fielding a ground ball


Shortstops Marco Scutaro (left) and John McDonald during fielding drills


Pitching prospect Brett Cecil fires a pitch during a bullpen session


Ace Roy Halladay throws while pitching coach Brad Arnsberg admires


Left-hander David Purcey in his windup during a bullpen session


Catcher Michael Barrett and Brett Cecil after their bullpen session


Reliever Jesse Carlson throws during a bullpen session


Casey Janssen throws during a bullpen session


Jesse Litsch prepares to throw during a bullpen session


Reliever Jason Frasor follows through on a pitch during a bullpen session


Reliever Brandon League prepares a pitch during his bullpen session


  1. Enigma_D17@hotmail.com

    Thank you for those pictures Jordan. Especially the 2 with Cecil, I wanted to see what he looked like.

  2. garryguy@sasktel.net

    It looks like Overbay is on the right tract,can this team be better this year than last??????.
    gsjays nice video.

  3. 92bluejays93

    Thanks for the quick reply on my earlier question. You do a great job keeping us informed and entertained. Keep up the great work!

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Great pics. From how they look, Adam Loewan looks like a gym rat (don’t know if that is a good thing nowadays). Brandon League looks like a closer (the intimidating glasses and tattoos)! I’m hoping for a big year out of League, after finishing so strong last season. Great picture of Carlson, he is animated on the mound!

  5. gsjays

    Did anyone check out that picture of Travis Snider JB posted? Looks like the lad has spent serious time lifting heavy, man does he look strong.

  6. 92bluejays93

    League could be a dominating closer. Does anyone else see a bit of Fransico Rodriguez in him?

    Snider looks ready to mash for years to come. Think he is only 21, Wow he has a chance to be something special!

  7. gsjays

    Ya, if we play Snider and not send him down. Snider is older than his age, he’s quite mature, built like a tank (5’11” & 245) and belongs here. Of course, he’s going to go through tough spells like any rookie hitter, but Cito/Tenace could turn him into a perennial all-star. He sat beside or stood beside Cito every chance he got last year soaking in information. If JP sends him down, it’s a mistake and will slow his development and seriously delay his long term potential. No way we have Cito/Tennace quality of player development in Las Vegas.
    I agree League will become a dominant closer. Anyone who can wing it at 98 mph with 8-12″ of break like him is special. Thanks to Cito for getting his confidence back that others took away.

  8. dt005

    Snider is a stud, thank god steriods are out of baseball so naturally gifted kids like this can set themselves apart from the rest. As for his develepment im going to have to disagree that sending him down to start the season is going to slow his development. Whether he starts the year at AAA or in the MLB he will be who is going to be in 5 years no matter what. Personally I would be able to deal with him starting at AAA getting started on a good note and have his confidence high. If he started in the Majors and struggled a bit, it could hurt his confidence for a little while. There are arguments for both sides but we will have to trust management and coaches to judge where he is at, and let them make the best descision.

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