The early bird

Pulled into the Mattick this morning and as I was walking up to the entrance one of the security guard goes, “I don know why yer here so erly. Practice don start til noon er somethin this morn.”

What? Oh, right. First full-squad workout. Physicals. Meetings. Seems like something I should’ve remembered. Ah, well.

Watched “In Bruges” at home last night and loved the movie all over again. Definitely one of the underated films of the past year, and I’ll be pulling for it to win an Oscar for its screenplay (even though it doesn’t have a prayer of winning). Cooked up a HUGE batch of cajun chicken penne alfredo with broccoli and I have leftovers to last days. Faaantastic.

But, I’ll quit blogging about me. Scott Rolen should be here today, so we’ll all probably scrum him later to check in on how he’s doing, how his winter went and all the obligatory spring training content.

More later.


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  1. stivbators

    Hey Jordan have you seen much of Bullington yet? I read a really interesting article in the national post today saying out of college he threw 96mph with a devastating slider. Bullington said he feels finally close to how he was after college after three years of injury problems. Any idea how fast he is back to on the fastball?

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