Morning notes

I upgraded my White Mocha from Starbucks to Venti size this morning to help rebound from what was a very entertaining evening out with some of the writers last night. Feeling tip top this a.m. and ready to get to work.

Walked into the work room this morning and was greeted with a nice little new “Spring Notes” handout courtesy of the PR staff — nice touch, guys. Besides noting that tomorrow’s workout doesn’t begin until noon, helping us scribes avoid the early-morning mistake we made yesterday, there are some other minor items of interest.

Among them, lefty prospect Brett Cecil is slated to start in Toronto’s first spring game against the Yankees on Wednesday. Ricky Romero, B.J. Ryan, Brian Burees and Rick Bauer are also skedded to appear. On Thursday in Clearwater, Scott Richmond will start against the Phightin’ Phils. Also penciled in: Ken Takahashi, Bryan Bullington, Luis Perez, Bill Murphy and Fabio Castro.

The Jays will also play 3 “B” games this spring, which will help get innings for the pile of pitchers in the running for a starting job. All 3 will be against the Phils, with games on March 2 at 10 a.m. and March 6 at 2 p.m. at the Philly’s park, and another on March 18 at 10 a.m. at the ol’ Mattick here.

Tomorrow is the Jays’ photo day as well. More later.



  1. dt005

    Does anyone know if and when any spring training games are going to be on tv? Just curious if City TV or sportsnet will be airing them like in previous years?

  2. cplkj

    Thanks for mentioning the B games. I’m heading down there next week and I’ll be staying a stone’s throw from Bright House Field. I think I’ll get up early and catch at least part of the B game before heading to Dunedin.

    Denoit, if you go to the “schedule –> broadcast schedule” link on the Jays main site, there’s a list of which games will be on TV and radio. For TV, it looks like it’s just March 3 (SNet) and April 4 (TSN.)

  3. cankid

    Is it me, or does Snider look significantly slimmer this spring (based on the photo below)? He looks to be in much better baseball shape (as opposed to football shape).

  4. gsjays


    I posted a note on Snider in a previous thread. He definately looks like hes been weight training with heavy weights-look at the arms. Hes hard as a rock.

  5. gsjays

    Yankees VP’s son busted for ‘roids

    The son of Yankees senior vice president Felix Lopez Jr. was busted in 2002 for trafficking in a banned date-rape drug that has been used by athletes for muscle recovery, and for possession of anabolic steroids at his Tampa apartment, records reveal.
    Felix Lopez III, who in recent weeks has been spotted at the Yankees’ minor league facility in Tampa working out in official team sweats, served 19 months of probation after pleading guilty to reduced charges in 2003.
    A number of highly placed Yankees sources were unaware of his criminal record until The Post asked about it. Only then did the team ask Lopez to stay away from the minor league complex. His father, Lopez Jr., is the son-in-law of Bombers owner George Steinbrenner.

    New York Post

    **This is like a recurring nightmare for baseball and will continue to be until Selig and the MLB players union take the bull by the horns, release all the 104 names on the list, adjust awards from the time in question, have all 104 players issue an admission and apology and move on.

    Of course no one in MLB has the nerve to do that, so these little clippits will keep coming out for the next 10 years. I wonder if Felix is A-Rod’s new hgh or new wonder drug supplier?

  6. lndigo

    I agree Snider looks like he has lost a few lbs , he looks great . If only I were a few years younger . Take care all and have a great day .

  7. gsjays

    Thank you for that post on Cecil.
    There’s a number of things in the article to like about this kid.
    About facing the Yanks again:
    I’m excited,” Cecil said on Sunday. “Hopefully they’ll bring everybody over and I’ll get a chance to face some of the top guys in the Major Leagues. I’ve been wanting to do that forever. It’s definitely going to be a little nerve-racking, but it’s going to be a really good experience.”

    The lefty’s out pitch is a hard slider and his fastball can touch 94 mph on the radar gun. Cecil is working on a changeup — he uses a split-fingered grip with the pitch — and also features a curveball.

    And most important were Cito’s comments about shutting him down for the season after 170 innings. Might be he gets shut down at the same time McGowan comes back

  8. gsjays

    I guess then, my understanding of a cougar is wrong. Actually I knew you were under 30, but he’s a young pup of 21.
    Hey, and your comment certainly didn’t sound sister like, it had the roar of a, dare I say it,an older sister with a strange appetite. lol


    28 is not to old for Snider, he may surprise you and like older woman.
    G. Snider looks strong and well put together, i think we will see a lot of power from him this year and many more years to come. It looks like some of these younger players will make the Jays a team to beware of in the future.

  10. lndigo

    I think cougar applies to women over 40 who pray on younger males, I have a little ways to go before i hit 40….lol…. I have a bf but I can still appreciate all the hard work Snider and several others have done , ummmm we better leave it at that .

    The team as a whole seems to have come to spring training in better shape and with a more positive attitude. Maybe last years poor showing in offence coupled with a new manager and coaches woke these guys up . I am excited to see how this season plays out . I think we might be pleasantly surprised . The article Jordan wrote on Overbay is a good example. Overbay was in some kind of funk last year and admitted it . He has come back this year with more determination to prove himself worth keeping . It was nice to read how much he likes playing for the Jays . A postive attitude becomes infectious . I hope they keep that positive attitude all year long .

    I hope you and your wife are doing well and she is fully recuperated . Take care all and Goooooooo Jayssssssssss


    Kate my wife still has a broken arm, she had a X-Ray the other day and the bottom break did not heal right, the doctor stopped her therapy for 2 months so we will now wait and see.

    I can’t wait for the first spring game.

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