Jays @ Tigers pregame

So Mrs. Bastian had the single greatest dream of all-time last night. Had me laughing so hard this morning. In it, she dreamt that I had developed, at 26 years old, a horrible case of Tourettes Syndrome — not the best disorder to have in my position.

In the dream, us reporters were in the middle of an interview with Roy Halladay and while we were trying to ask questions, I kept blurting things out randomly, disrupting everything. Halladay stops and says he can’t deal with this and walks away, and I promptly lose my job.

Flash forward, The Wife and I had moved back to Chicago and she came home to find me sitting in front of my computer — in some new editorial position now so I could work from home with my disease — spewing expletives as I read through stories.

My wife comes over and asks, “Is this the Tourretts, or are you just angry?”

“I’m just mad!”

Thus ended the best dream ever. Us scribes things a “Tourettes Reporter” skit on SNL would make for great comedy.

On the way to Lakeland today, Mike Wilner of the Fan and his fam and I stopped for breakfast at Waffle House — a rite of spring. Last year, we had a waiter named Trampus, who I dubbed “Trampus — King of Waffles.” Today, our waitress, missing quite a few teeth, thanked me for not having her repeat my menu choices, because “Biscuits is a real hard word to say.”

True story.

As for pregame notes? Well, Justin Jackson is on the trip and manager Cito Gaston was gushing over him this morning. Jackson is considered the shortstop of the future and he’s here for the game today. Gaston also talked a lot about Jose Bautista, who is back from the WBC and starting in center field.

Bautista said he has played center for the past seven years in winter ball in the DR, so it’s nothing new for him. What will be new is manning short, something Cito wants to have him and Joe Inglett try this spring. More on Bautista on bluejays.com later on.

Don’t forget, you can follow my in-game updates at www.twitter.com/mlbastian 

Today’s lineup:

Russ Adams, DH
Aaron Hill, 2B
Adam Lind, LF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Jason Lane, RF
Jose Bautista, CF
Brad Emaus, 3B
Raul Chavez, C
John McDonald, SS

Casey Janssen, P
Mike Maroth, P

Brandon Inge, 3B
Placido Polanco, 2B
Gary Sheffield, DH
Jeff Larish, 1B
Gerald Laird, C
Ryan Raburn, CF
Timo Perez, LF
Alexis Gomez, RF
Adam Everett, SS

Dontrelle Willis, P



  1. gsjays

    I hope Cito plays Jackson. Of the 3 infielders (Adhrens, Jackson and Tolisana) touted from the 2007 draft, I think Jackson has the best shot of making it and the highest ceiling.
    I expect with a bit of maturing we will see a break out offensive year from him this year or next.

  2. dt005

    I would love to see Jackson improve his BB/K ratio this year. If he could hit at the top of the order his value to the Jays is that much greater.

  3. gsjays

    Jackson’s walk numbers are ok, so it seems he has the right idea about the strike zone. What needs to drop are the k’s. I have read on one of the blogs that he tries too hard to hit hr’s each time up which is what probably causes the high number of strike outs.
    But he’s also only 20, so when he gets the right mentor, I expect that thought process will change. If he can get his Ba to .300, he should get his OBP to .400 or close, with the number of walks he gets, and as Denoit said, be a nice lead off hitter.
    Hopefully, today marks the end of the Maroth and Bauer reclamation experiments. Waste of time and playing spots- re-assign them to AAA and hope someone picks them up. In my view, there are only two of these reclamation projects that could bare fruit, Clemens and Matt Bush, with Bush being potentially a really nice find, if we can keep him sober.

    I also hope we’re not pushing Janssen too hard. I for one think we should go slower with him and stretch him out in the first month or two at AAA, of assign him to the pen for 1 inning outings for this year-which I think is the right thing to do. If he gets reinjured, he’s done-they don’t come back twice from this injury.

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