Tigers at Jays pregame

Some minor movement here at Dunedin Stadium this morning. Blue Jays manager called a handful of players into his office — none unexpected — and sent them packing for the Minor Leagues.

Returned to Minors camp were Jason Lane, Russ Adams, Dirk Hayhurt, Scott Campbell and Brad Emaus. Brian Wolfe was optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas. Adams, who is in a similar situation as Curtis Thigpen was before being dealt to the A’s yesterday — no clear home in the organization — said he’d welcome a trade in order to have a fresh start.

“Without question,” Adams said. “It’s one of those things where you’re caught in a bit of a trap and all you can do is continue to play and hope something breaks through at some point, whether it’s here or with somebody else. I’ve just kind of got to take things in stride and hope there’s some kind of a break around the corner.”

With that in mind, Adams was happy that Gaston gave him as much playing time as he did this spring. Same with Lane, who has five homers in Grapefruit League play. Gaston noted that Lane played well enough to make the team, but there’s simply no room for the veteran outfielder with Vernon Wells, Alex Rios, Travis Snider and Adam Lind in the fold.

“It’s just one of things with numbers with him,” Gaston said. “He’s just one of those guys that in case something goes down — somebody gets hurt — we’ve got him in the Minor Leagues.”

As for the rotation, Gaston said the roster will be set before the team heads to Jupiter on Friday for two days of exhibition games with the Marlins. Scott Richmond goes today. Gaston also said again that the team might be leaning toward sliding David Purcey into the No. 2 slot to avoid having two or three lefty starters in a row.

Tigers brought a solid A squad today. And the wind is howling straight in from center field. It should be a good test for Richmond. Jays’ lineup — minus Rod Barajas not being in there — looks close to what it will probably be come Opening Day.

Today’s lineup:

Curtis Granderson, CF
Placido Polanco, 2B
Magglio Ordonez, RF
Miguel Cabrera, 1B
Carlos Guillen, LF
Gary Sheffield, DH
Gerald Laird, C
Brandon Inge, 3B
Danny Worth, SS

Edwin Jackson, P

Marco Scutaro, SS
Aaron Hill, 2B
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Adam Lind, DH
Michael Barrett, C
Travis Snider, LF

Scott Richmond, P



  1. gsjays

    This must be frustrating for Cito. He’s got 2 starter positions open and none of the 3 starters has taken the bull by the horns and said “this is my job.” I think Romero came the closest under the biggest pressure so far.
    Richmond certainly didn’t help his cause today with 3 earned runs in 4 innings.
    The other issue is the 3 errors, and Richmond allowing two of them to score; he just doesn’t seem to be as good as Mills or Romero with runners on base. True, there was a lot of wind today, but frankly Richmond is running out of excuses, in my opinion.
    My choice after today’s outing is now Mills and Romero, I think Richmond needs time in AAA to get his grove back.

  2. lndigo

    I see the Jay’s offence was on vacation again today , I hope they manage to bring their bats when the regular season arrives . It will be interesting to see which pitchers come north but at this point I think Richmond and Romero are about even. I think Cito has a tough decision ahead.

  3. lndigo

    I wish Thigpen all the best in Oakland . He sort of got lost in the Jay’s system , hopefully Oakland has a place for him . Good Luck Curtis

  4. lndigo

    Jordan ,
    Congratulations to Jordan and all the bloggers for cracking the top ten on MLB blogs . Major League Bastian is now at number 7 . Jay’s blog is on the move , here we come number 1

  5. 92bluejays93

    According to several sources the Jays are scouting Dodgers middle infield prospect Chin Lung Hu. Seams like he would be a good addition. Saw this on Traderumors as well as several other sites.

  6. garryguy@sasktel.net

    Hu has played more than 80 games in the big leagues and is hitting at a 193 clip, J Mac is a better fit.

  7. andrewkidware@hotmail.com

    I think that it will be Richmond and Romero heading north. And the decission will be based on experience rather than talent. I’m surprised that Mills is getting as much consideration as he has. Tampa sent down Price to “limit his innings”. Which seems to be a growing trend in the bigs. I think that the Jays will do the same with Mills. Mills will join the Jays sometime in June. The Jays will realize that Richmond is mediocre at best and will convert him to middle relief. Mills will replace him. We’ll see Cecil with the big club after the Jays deal Halladay at the deadline. If the Jays can’t afford Pudge at $1.5M, how are they going to afford Halladay at $20+M/year??? Halladay did the Jays a huge favor by staying with the team as long as he has at a discount. He needs to start looking out for number 1. He deserves to play for a winner and he deserves to be paid according to his ability. Waiting until next year to trade him would be a mistake. Pitcher trade value decreases sharply as their contract expiration gets closer.
    The 2010 rotation will look something like:
    McGowan, Purcey, Marcum, Mills, Cecil
    Which looks pretty good to me!

  8. dt005

    I really don’t think the jays are going to pick up **** this year. Ching Lung Hu really doesnt seem like an answer to me either just by the numbers.
    Personally what I think their plan is, would be to move Aaron Hill to short in 2010. I think there is a reason they moved Emaus from 3rd to 2nd. It would seem logical to keep Emaus at 3rd due to the fact Rolen’s contract expires this year and he is a big question mark. So right now the only reason I could see them keeping Emaus at 2b is if Hill has a future somewhere else. With Hill and Emaus up the middle, the defence may be a little weaker, but the offence would more than make up for it. Now this is all just speculation and an opinion, but it kind of makes sense. With Ahrens hopefully ready sometime in 2011 Campbell could be a gap filler at 3b till he is ready.

  9. dt005

    the blocked out word is supposed to be a short stop, but i put short form of ss…i guess it thought i was swearing.

  10. dt005

    sorry Rolens contract expires in 2010…my bad
    but thats probably better anyways, an infeild of
    Rolen, Hill, Emaus, Overbay? (if he is still around) is pretty good for 2010

  11. garryguy@sasktel.net

    Halladay will not be traded and Overbay will be gone by the trade deadline even if they have to eat some of his contract.
    It would be a mistake to move Hill.
    I hope they trade Russ Adams for anything like Thigpen and give him a chance to start over.

  12. gsjays

    I found an interesting post on Chin Lung Hu. in which the Dodgers asked him to bulk up a bit for 2007-which he did and then had a great year in AAA. He then seemd to slide in 2008 so, I don’t know whether he just didn’t put the same level of work in or stopped taking something that bulked him up in 2007.
    The issue is whether he can regain his performance level of 2007 or not; if he can-he might be worthwhile, if he can’t, he wouldn’t be. But, it also depends on who we trade to get him. I’d trade Wells or Rolen for him, just to move their contracts. A RUss Adams swap would be worthwhile as well.
    I agree moving Hill to short, though I’d prefer Campbell at second and Emaus at 3rd. Emaus definately has more power than all of them. Both are excellent defenders so, I don’t think we’d give up a lot of defense.
    I’m not sold on Ahrens. His offense has been pathetic the two years he’s played for us, with low ba, low obp and limited power.
    He’s starting to look like another Russ Adams to me and if he doesn’t really step this year, he might turn out to be just that.
    The other guy I’d like to see have a good offensive year is Justin Jackson, our projected short stop for the future. He could be special if he can hit for average.

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  14. gsjays

    Garry-that’s true, but 13 hr’s of the 21 hit so far are from guys sent back down. The hoped for power guys of Rios, Wells, Rolen, Millar and Overbay have only hit 4 so far, so it might be too early to tell.

  15. rene_morais_@hotmail.com

    This one has been excellent this Spring.


    I agree that the bats are looking good so far this Spring. Really, among those making the team, Johnny Mac seems like the only one who is struggling right now.

    Hopefully they can get off to a quick start to try to make things interesting. April and May seem like easier months than the others in terms of scheduling.

  16. dt005

    I would like to understand the reasoning for someone suggesting that a 19 year old who hit
    .238/.340/.368 with 26 erros could be something special
    while another 19 year old playing on the same team hits
    .259/.329/.367 with 27 errors is pathetic. Especially considering the second one is learning to be a switch hitter.
    Im sure its a thourough in depth explanation based on years of scouting and baseball intellect.
    I was also wondering how the 24 year old James Dougher and Brian Letko made out in spring training this year? I havnt heard anything about them. I thought they were going to be special, what a dissapointment.

  17. gsjays

    Thanks Rene, I had forgotten about that one.

    Well, it’s up to Romero today; I’d think a good outing gets him north.

  18. gsjays


    Tsk, tsk, tsk, In your heat of trying to slam me, it appears you made multiple spelling and grammar mistakes. I also find it hilarious in how you twist what I said. Why don’t you just give it up so you don’t continually look like the babbling idiot you are?

    But for the record, it’s errors, not erros, it’s I’m, not im;, it’s thorough, not thourough; it’s I’m, not Im, it’s haven’t ,not havnt and of course it’s disappointment (which is an expression of what your Mommy thinks of you) not dissapointment. So next time ask your kindergarden teacher or Mommy to edit your post, sonny boy.

    The difference is simple, Jackson is a short stop and Ahrens is projected to be a 3rd baseman. If Ahrens is going to make it as a 3rd baseman he needs to hit for reasonable average but significantly more power than 5 hr’s per year. If he’s going to do at at the MLB level, he needs to show signs of it now and if he doesn’t he might still become a nice player-but nothing special particulary for 3rd base.

    Jackson, already has a reasonable obp, he just needs to get his ba up. He has also exhibited good speed with 17 sb’s so if he gets his ba up, he could be specia, if he doesn’t he won’tl. But don’t take my word for it a…….. sshole, listen to Cito and others who said the same thing.

  19. gsjays

    Denoit, one last point. I know you probably don’t comprehend this, considering your language skills, but there is a difference between could be and going to be.

    You might want to check with someone who knows the difference. Enjoy the game today.

  20. dt005

    So because Hanley Ramirez only hit 6Hrs as a 20 year old (same age as Ahrens will be this year) and again only 6 as a 21 year old meant that he would never be able to hit for power? Im pretty sure he hit 33 last year
    again the basis of your arguments are flawed. Ahrens has a long way to go, but to say that he will not hit for power if he doesnt show it this year is just wrong. Young players all develop differently. Some guys like Travis Snider have natural raw power, while other more athletic guys like Rios, Hanley Ramirez have to work at it and develop it with age.
    And I will continue to cut up everything that you say that is wrong, so get used to hit.

  21. gsjays

    I know with your limited knowledge you probably don’t know that Haney Raimrez is a short stop and not a 3rd baseman and neither is Travis Snider or Rios.

    Compare Ahren to 3rd baseman because that’s where he plays and 3rd baseman in mlb hit for power. Nothing he’s done yet show he’s capable of it; and please forget that flawed switch hit argument you suggested-Ahrens himself said he adjusted after the first year in the GCL.
    So compare him to Glaus and Rodriguez or more recently Evan Longoria, all of whom hit over 40 hr’s in their first two years of pro ball.
    By the way, tell your Mommy she did a good job in proof reading this post; but” it’s it not hit”, dumbo.

  22. gsjays

    Let’s see if you’re prepared to put your money where your mouth is on Ahrens.
    This year he goes to Dunedin and plays in a hitter’s friendly park. If he is going to become a 3rd baseman with power-which is what the position demands he should hit 25 hr’s this year.
    After all, last year Dopirak a first baseman propspect hit 27, Arencibia hit 13 in half a season, so Ahrens should easily hit 25.

    I’ll bet you $100.00 he doesn’t, are you prepared to take that bet? So either put up or shut up, a…..shole.

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