Romero makes the team, Yanks @ Jays pregame

Vernon Wells was walking into the clubhouse today, when he spotted a group of us reporters gathered not far away. Wells quickly grabbed his left wrist, grimaced in pain and started yelling “Trainer! Trainer!”

Then, he broke into a wide grin and started laughing.

“Just wanted to give you something to write about,” Wells said later. “In case you were bored.”

So, Wells was in a bit of a joking mood about his left wrist, which has been sore for the past few days. Manager Cito Gaston has indicated that Wells will likely return to the Jays’ lineup on Tuesday night. Travis Snider (left knee) said he was feeling better and is back in the lineup today. Rod Barajas (back) was given another day off.

But, about that rotation…

Gaston said this morning that left-hander Ricky Romero has made the team, and will pitch in the No. 4 spot. That leaves Brad Mills (pitching Tuesday) and Scott Richmond (pitching Thursday) for the final rotation job.

Gaston also noted that right-hander Jesse Litsch will slide into the No. 3 hole, with lefty David Purcey moving into the second spot. This move is to break up the rotation some. Righty Roy Halladay, followed by a lefty and then Litsch, another righty. Plus, if Mills also makes it, that’s another two lefties at the back end.

Mills is scheduled to only pitch four or five innings on Tuesday night against the Phils. Gaston said this is in case Mills is going to pitch on Friday or Saturday in Jupiter, which would be on short rest and would also be an abbreviated piggyback outing. Litsch is skedded to start on Friday and Romero on Saturday.

Today’s lineup:

Derek Jeter, SS
Johnny Damon, LF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Hideki Matsui, DH
Nick Swisher, RF
Robinson Cano, 2B
Cody Ransom, 3B
Jose Molina, C
Brett Gardner, CF

Andy Pettitte, P

Marco Scutaro, SS
Aaron Hill, 2B
Alex Rios, CF
Kevin Millar, DH
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Adam Lind, LF
Travis Snider, RF
Michael Barrett, C

David Purcey, P




    Purcey gets three gold stars for the first, In trouble and pitched his way out of it against a big line up, Way to go kid.

  2. gsjays

    Yes, against this lineup I’d expect all our guys will give up runs. We need to score a bunch like they do in order to beat them this season.

  3. 92bluejays93

    Thats what we like to see from a young pitcher. He bent but didnt break. Hopefully he settles in a has a good start.

  4. gsjays

    As long as Purcey doesn’t walk too many he will be ok. I think he’s going to do very well for us this year. Genrally if they get to him, it’s in the 1st inning.

  5. okgojays

    Makes you wonder what the backup plan for Overbay is. Millar obviously, but isn’t the idea to let the kids play? I wonder if Lind’s still taking infield practice over there. Other then that hope for Cooper and or Dopirak to rake and climb a couple levels. Interesting

  6. 92bluejays93

    Ya Lyle will be essential to our success. But I expect him and Lind to boh put up something like. 290, 18 hrs and 85 rbis.

  7. okgojays

    Also I’ve noticed Scott Rolen has had a fairly nice spring, you don’t hear too much about him and frankly I like it that way as otherwise its due to injury. Hes batting .346 with 5 extra base hits, 9 for 26 I believe. Hopefully he has some power this year and his health stays with him.

  8. gsjays

    I would expect Dopirak starts at AAA, with Cooper starting in A or possibly AA. Lind played 1st in college, but I haven’t seen him start and haven’t heard whether he’s taken any ground balls there or not.
    Bautista, isn’t an option, he’ll make too many errors and I agree with you on Millar. So, I really don’t know what our other options are, except praying Overbay produces, lol.

  9. gsjays

    Lol, Purcey walks Ransom and then picks him off to end the inning. The kid with the size 18 shoes is through 4 and only given up one run.

  10. gsjays

    It’s not often 5 bb’s in 6 innings only gives up 1 run. Against the Yanks, I’d say that was a very good start by Purcey.

  11. gsjays

    I think the real two problem childs are Ryan and Accardo. I just don`t see how either of them can be put into a game and not give up runs.


    The list goes on, Downs, League…none have performed to expectations so far this spring. Has Carlson pitched at all?

  13. 92bluejays93

    I recall Cito saying that he was going to play the last week of spring like it was the first week of the season. If that was true than why are our regulars only playing six innings? I hope we get off to a hot start this year so Rogers center gets some decent crowds.

  14. gsjays

    Well, I don`t think we`ll beat the Yanks or anyone else too often by only scoring one run. It`s unfortuante that both Frasor and Ryan gave up a run, but the real culprit is the offense.


    I agree that our offence will suffer greatly if OOOferbay doesn’t get back to his 06 numbers and by the way he has performed so far this spring it does not look good. I thought Cooper would be a little closer than he seems to be and might push Overbay later on this year but that doesn’t seem likely now. Rolen has looked good and if that shoulder can hold up all season with his slightly changed swing he will be a major boost to our lineup. I expect Snider to move up the order as the season progresses to give him some more RBI opportunities. Both Snider and Lind should be a MAJOR boost from our LF and DH production from last year.

    Cito’s lineup to start:

    My Lineup come May 20th: (barring injury or trade)

  16. spectanator

    yeah the back end of our relief corps sure makes me uneasy. I think this squad will do much better offensivly this year, just needs some patience is all (i hope)
    See ya all in TO

  17. dt005

    Its going to take alot for Lind to move into the 4th spot. Wells should hit anywhere from 25-35Hr this year and if healthy should proviede excellent production from that spot. I like the R-L-R in the order but to split up two hitters like Rios and Wells just because they both hit right handed doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If anyone is going to take over the 4th hole I think it will be Snider. He will probably get worked in there gradually in the second half when Wells gets a day off or other reasons. But I see that as his home next year and for years to come. Im really not sold on Lind yet, I think he can be a good hitter (.280 – 20Hr) but not quite on the level of Vernon Wells.

  18. gsjays

    Too bad about Gary Sheffield being released by the Tigers and one home run shy of that magic 500 mark. Of all the Yankee hitters, he used to scare me the most.
    Whether one liked him or not, he always gave it all every time he swung at it, so here’s hoping someone picks him up so he can get over the barrier, although I think his career numbers are good enough to get him into the hall anyway.


    I echo your thoughts about Gary Sheffield G.S. If he’s willing to accept major league minimum someone might take a shot at him.


    Any team that wants Sheffield only has to pay the bare minimum 4 hundred thousand, I can’t see him out of work for to long. This guy is a future HOF.
    I would like to see him in Toronto for a year because I think he is going to have a big year.

  21. dt005

    Sheffield is done the guy is 40 with declining average and power the last two years, good signs he is losing it.
    I wouldnt want him on my team. Unless he takes a role as backup or a team is really deperate for a DH then I dont think he gets signed.

  22. gsjays

    Sheffield claims his shoulder, which is what caused his problem over the last two years is now fine. That is borne out with the fact he hit 3 hr’s in 45 at bats during spring training, so his bat speed is definately back.
    I guess that’s why both The Phillies and Reds have contacted his agent and expressed interest in signing him.

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