Just, wow.

Before heading out to dinner last night to celebrate our wedding anniversary, Mrs. Bastian and I had the Blue Jays game on to see how the good doctor was faring in Baltimore. It was 8-3 in the seventh inning, so we turned off the tube and headed out the door.

Later in the evening, my wife — knowing all too well how things have been going of late for your Birds — jokingly asked, “Shouldn’t you check to see if they won?”

We both laughed.

Caught the score online later and we were both stunned.

But, Jays fans, as bad as it has been — and, boy, it has been BAD — keep one thing in mind:


BOSTON         27-20    —
NEW YORK     27-20    —
TORONTO     27-23   1.5
TAMPA BAY    23-26     5
BALTIMORE    21-26    6

With 112 games remaining, it could be a whole heckuva lot worse.



  1. djaysm

    Well, as painful as this losing streak has been, the guy I feel the most for is Doc. He should be sitting with a 10-1 record, far and away the best in the Bigs. I know he says he doesn’t care about personal stats that much, but he deserves it. The end of the season is a long ways away still, but it would be terrible if he loses the Cy Young again this year to another one time fluke pitcher….this time from KC!

  2. Enigma_D17@hotmail.com

    Thanks for making me feel better Jordan! I was a little miserable after watching that game. Boston won today though, so it’s now 2.

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