Halladay, Hill starters for the AL

DocMaddon.jpgIt’s nice when the stars allign and certain players earn exactly what they deserve. This is not always the case with baseball’s annual All-Star Game, which tends to be a popularity contest when it comes to the starting position players and is often about first-half standouts when it comes to the starting pitchers.

That’s not the case this year for Jays second baseman Aaron Hill and ace Roy Halladay.

Hill has arguably been the top second baseman in the game up to this point this season — this after coming back from a severe, career-threatening concussion. The players appropriately gave Hill the nod in peer voting, but the fans elected Boston’s Dustin Pedroia to start. Pedroia is skipping the ASG to be with his pregnany wife — good call — and Hill has been named the starter at second as a result.

Hill, who will be batting eighth for the AL, should have been the starter all along.

Well deserved.

Halladay will be on the mound as the starter for the AL in his sixth All-Star appearance. Halladay’s has deserved to start before, but circumstances haven’t afforded him the opportunity — think Kevin Mench line drive in ’05 or Cliff Lee’s stellar season in ’08, for example. This year, Rays and AL manager Joe Maddon could’ve easily given the nod to KC’s Zack Greinke and no one would’ve complained. Instead, Maddon decided to hand the start to Doc due to the ace’s “body of work.”

Nice touch.

In his press conference, Halladay did address the recent trade rumors swirling.

“I think there is so much that goes into it,” Halladay said. “I’m still not 100 percent sure which direction we’re going in in Toronto. If Toronto does decide to do something, it’s really going to be something that helps the organization. There’s going to be a lot of pieces; it’s going to be complicated. I think it’s going to be kind of 50-50.”



Congratulations to both Hill and Halladay for starting the All-star game. Anyone know when’s the last time that a Jay started one ? I think it was Delgado ?

I don’t what Halladay to leave but that said I keep hearing that L.A. is the best fit to fill Toronto’s needs. If he does go there I’d want Russel Martin back among others. Throw in Barajas or Arencibia if the Dodgers don’t have catching depth but I think if the Jays can atleast get a good player, who happens to be Canadian, it’ll be easier to swallow.

Congrats to Halladay and Hill for being recognized for all their hard work . I came across this article and thought some of you may find it interesting . Have a great day all and go Doc and Aaron



If JP and Beeston did that trade, they deserve to be strung up. Why would you want Martin to be the center piece of a Halladay trade with LA? He’s already at $3.9 million, entering his 2nd year of arbitration this winter and a free agent in 2011. He’s only hitting .258 with a slugging percentage of .314 and has only hit 2 hr.’s this year. He’s about to be paid $5 million per year for that crappy production and his offense is going the wrong direction.

In addition, you’d be prepared to throw in Arrencibia, a guy projected to become a significantly better hitter and under control for 5 years or Barajas who gets paid $1.2 million per year, is hitting .252 with .405 slugging and 8 hr’.s.

Simply put, that would likely qualify as the dumbest trade in the history of baseball. lol

Halladay will likely get traded, BUT the plan is to trade for prospects, not guys entering their free agent years who are declining in performance.

Of course, if Wells is packaged as part of the trade, then I’m sure the Jays would take whatever is offered


You might want to hang around the American League locker room before the game. The word is your fine President Barack Obama will visit both locker rooms to say hello to the players.

I never said he should be the centre piece ? Martin’s just 26 years old and having a bad season, that doesn’t mean he can’t turn it around. Obviously they’ll want prospects but I wont mention them because I don’t know a thing about them. I don’t pretend to know about things that I don’t have a clue about. Unlike you, who’s projecting Arencibia to be an All star catcher when he isn’t even hitting above .250 in a hitters league. Russell has already proven he can be an All star, he’s just likely having a bad season. If the Jays can get him to be an add on piece i’d be happy. That’s all I was trying to say.

Also Barajas’ contract is up at the end of the season so who cares how well he’s doing this year ? If this move is for the future, as it should be, then adding, AMONGST OTHERS, a 26 year old former All star catcher wouldn’t hurt. If Martin continues to suck, like you think he will, you let him walk after 2011.


Well frankly he’s the only one you mention so of course he’s your center piece for the deal and you also suggested you’d throw in either Arrencibia or Barajas to make it happen. Those are your words, not mine.

You forget the most important points. Martin is making $3.9 million now, and has arbitration this winter which will likely take him to $4.5 to $5 million and becomes a free agent in 2011. His numbers in 2008 declined dramatically from 2007 and are in the toilet for this year-so I’d suggest its a trend not just a down year and others suggest the same.

Just because someone is all-star material one year means nothing if they can’t keep up the production. Look at Wells and Ryan if you want further proof of that statement.

The projections on Arrencibia are not only mine, although I like him; he’s been an all-star at each level he’s been at so far. It is not unusual to see him struggle a bit at AAA, since he’s just completed his 2nd year as a pro; although he has already hit 8 hr.’s.

In addition, we pay Chavez only $500k and he’s hitting .267 with .378 slg and 2 hr.’s. which is better than Martin and Chavez is a great defender.

Point is, for the production Martin delivers, he’s not worth what he’s getting paid now, never mind next year after arbitration. So why would you ever trade for him, guys with that production are (as shown from both Barajas and Chavez) readily available and significantly lower cost.

It’s all true, but I never did say centre piece though, those were your words, not mine lol. Maybe Arencibia is a bit too much to give up, a prospect is a prospect, but I would have no issue if they gave up Barajas, for a guy who already has 2 All star appearances, a silver slugger award and a gold glove. In this day and age though I really do have to wonder why his performance has declined when he’s supposed to be entering the peak of his career. I don’t want to say P. E. D’s but anyone can be suspected.
Anyway, it’s likely a moot point, because the names I keep hearing are Kershnaw and Andre Eithier.

I also heard that Cincinnati is interested in Rolen for Edwin Encarnacion. Obviously Edwin isn’t as good as Rolen but he’s signed to a much cheaper contract and is 26. That one’s more speculation though.

The reason you’re wondering is exactly why I wouldn’t want to see us trade for him, his performance should be improving not declining. Wells has multiple all-star appearances and I think one silver slugger and look what we’ve got now, a $100 million dollar boat anchor.

I like both Kershnaw and Either, although, I’d prefer a rh pitcher instead of another lefty. In addition LA would have to throw in at least one or two A+ prospects from either A or AA and the Jays choice who they are.

Yes, either the sun or star reporting Cincy was looking at Rolen, but I don’t think they can handle his salary.

Doc always seems to struggle a little at the ASG . On the days he pitches for the Jays he likes solitude, isolation and the players don’t talk to him between innings . Last night Doc was in the bullpen before the start of the game , he had his quiet time and pitched well. The second inning , after having to go to bat and take razzing from his teammates , he had his struggles. I have to wonder if Doc doesn’t get to mentally prepare when he is at the ASG and hence the struggles ……too much partying going on but that can also be a good thing .

I think it is a good thing. If there is one guy who deserves to enjoy the moment of playing in an all star game it’s him. I’m glad that it looked like he had fun.

I agree Enigma , it was great to see him smiling and laughing plus fighting off 7 pitches before being called out . I knew Halladay had to reinvent himself but I didn’t realize to what degree until I read the article I posted earlier . Doc had to have a lot of trust in those around him and it certainly had to be difficult for him and his young family . I agree with the article , Doc is special . He and Grienke have a lot in common.

Thanks for the post, Indigo. that was a great story. I have heard about the peanut butter sandwiches, before, and I understand that Roy was told that if he didn’t do something at the time, he would be out of baseball in 2 years. Hmmm? I wonder if Mel Queen has enough left to push David Purcey up against the wall?

Nice to see you back, gsjays, and I agree on the Martin trade. They should be able to get at least one first round, 5 tool player who is ready for the bigs, plus 3-4 other good players or prospects. Myself, I would be looking for speed, speed, and more speed. I am of the firm opinion that, like pitching, you can never have enough speed.

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