Blue Jays, Cubs talk about Doc

halladayASG.jpgAn interesting item from’s Cubs writer Carrie Muskat today notes that the Blue Jays have contacted the North Siders to discuss a potential Roy Halladay trade. Muskat writes, “One thing the Blue Jays did make clear to the Cubs is they want to move Halladay this offseason.”

Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos has maintained that he would like to keep Halladay, is reluctant to trade the right-hander and that he is not actively shopping any of his players. This latest development seems to indicate more than ever that Anthopoulos is keeping an open mind, to say the least.

As for the chance that Halladay ends up in Cubbie blue? Muskat writes that the Cubs can’t afford to take on the $15.75 million salary Halladay is due to make in 2010 and adds that Toronto was asking for some of Chicago’s top prospects. That combination makes a possible deal with the Jays unlikely at this point.

When reached on Friday night, Anthopoulos declined to comment on the report.

The leading contenders to land Halladay appear to be the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Phillies.



  1. inception

    I keep reading reports that the Jays are having trouble finding a suitable match for a trade involving Overbay. His name has now been mentioned in a possible swap with the Cubs for you-know-who. Can anyone tell me why the Jays don’t just swallow the contract and release him? Why do we have to take (likely more) money back? The whole key to an Overbay trade is to free-up first base for Dopriak (or Ruiz)????

  2. inception

    Also, I am intrigued by the possibility of trading Halladay to the Yankees. However, how long is Joba under contract for? From all that I have read about this player, Toronto is not going to be his cup-of-tea. He is going to want to return to a large American city (I assume) asap. I would rather see someone with a different personality coming back as a key component to any trade…


    Overbay is a good player. If they don’t get something reasonable back, they shouldn’t trade him (because he’s good). I think he won’t be with the team on opening day. Someone will bite.

    But to release him? That’d be a little ridiculous. He’s better than Ruiz or Dopirak, but they could platoon with him.


    That being said, Dopirak continues to impress in Winter ball. Projecting over 650 AB, his current numbers would equal:

    33 HR’s, 152 RBI


    From everything I hear they’re actually trying to move Overbay in order to free up first for Lind. Doesn’t make sense though because they do have Dopirak, i’d like to see him get a shot. I don’t think Lind’s defense is that bad in left; keep him there and Snider in right. Have Dopirak play first and Ruiz as DH.
    I don’t like the idea of trading Halladay for just prospects. I feel they need at least one or 2 young guys with some quality major league service time already. Guys like Kershaw, Billingsley, Ethier and Bucholtz are the ones they should be looking to bring back as the main component.

  6. inception

    No problem — just expect to get a lot less for Roy. The only teams interested in Roy are teams that believe that they are contenders. If you ask them to remove players from their roster, you limit what you can get back in return.

  7. inception

    As for Overbay, we will have to choose to disagree. I think that he is a decent fielder, very poor RBI man, especially for first. Give Dopriak the shot he deserves. We know Overbay does not have power — Dopriak may have power at the ML level. Dopriak is too old to keep him waiting. It is time to play him.

  8. gsjays

    The problem with Overbay is he has limited power, poor on rbi production, can’t hit left handers and has no speed. He is good on defense and carries a good OBP. Point is a guy, with that many limitations is not one who should be getting paid 8 mill. per year and playing 1st base. We will have a hard time dumping him unless we pick up a sizable part of his contract.

    I’ve wanted to see Dopriak promoted since he had that phenomenal year in Dunedin in 2008. Dopirak is not as good as Overbay on defense and not much faster, but he’s a good rbi guy with power to all fields against both left handers and rights. Dopirak will also take a single if that’s all the pitcher gives him, he doesn’t go up there each time looking to knock it out of the park. Some say he doesn’t walk enough, but personally I’ve seldom seen guys driven in by walks. If there’s runners on, he tries to drive them in not walk which I believe is the right thing to do.

    Perfect example of Dopirak is how he’s playing in winter ball hitting .270/.358/.474, but hitting .373 with runners on and .375 with risp. We need more guys like that.

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