Goodbye, Indianapolis

WMindy.gifMuch like previous Winter Meetings, I am now know the layout of this hotel like the back of my hand. For all the walking and talking, though, there was not much noise to be made here in Indianapolis. The Yankees made the biggest move with the three-team swap to land Curtis Granderson. The righ get richer.

Your Blue Jays?

Well, Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos — hoarse voice and all — did a ton of talking without revealing much of what is going on behind the scenes. The Jays bolted town with no moves completed with the exception of grabbing righty Zech Zinicola from the Nationals in the Rule 5 Draft.

Anthopoulos did at least acknowledge that there is indeed a  big “elephant in the room.” That, of course, is the future of ace Roy Halladay. Over the course of four days here, Anthopoulos began to open up slightly when asked about trade talks involving Doc. The young GM still made sure never to refer to Halladay by name in his answer, sticking to generalities.

What have we learned? Dending on who you talk to or which story you read, he Angels might have made an offer for Halladay that includes Joe Saunders, Erick Aybar and Pter Bourjos. Along with the Halos, the Phillies, even after the big Cliff Lee deal, appear to be the favorites now to land Halladay.

The Yankees and Red Sox are monitoring the situation, but are basically holding off until the Jays lower their asking price. New York might be hesitant to move more prospects after just pulling off the Granderson deal and Boston does not want to part with prized pitching prospect Casey Kelly, making a match with Toronto unlikely right now.

The Rays? They are very unlikely to land Doc, but they have the pieces to pull off such a move and the pitcher would likely approve a one-year stop in Tampa Bay before hitting free agency next winter. The Dodgers have talked to the Jays, but they don’t seem to be a fit. The Cubs have payroll issues and think Toronto’s asking price is a bit steep as well.

Will Halladay be moved? It never seemed likely that he was going to be shipped off during these Meetings and he’s still a Jay. It is still highly probable that he is dealt this winter, and the club knows it is in Doc’s best interest to swing a trade before Spring Training, if one is going to be completed.

Beyond Halladay, there’s still the search for a starting catcher and maybe some outfield and mound help. Free agency might net some short-term solutions for 2010 and 2011, but Anthopoulos is also poring over a pile of trade proposals and scenarios in order to potentially obtain some long-term pieces.

Not much was accomplished on the surface here in Indy. Behind closed doors, talks are definitely gainin in momentum.

I’ll leave you with some links from today before I hit the road…

Phils, Angels said to lead pack for Doc

More work for Anthopoulos after Meetings

Blue Jays pluck Zinicola in Rule 5 Draft

Gathright catches Blue Jays’ interest



Jordan, you do a great job of updating Jays content during the offseason. I look forward to your tweets daily. Keep up the great work.

sub Weaver for Saunders and i’d make that deal if it were up to me.

At times, the Jays mystify me. There is absolutely no way that they contend or emerge from the East next year. Therefore, why do we need to acquire a catcher? We have Chavez with some experience. Now let Arencebia take a shot at catching at the major-league level. Give the kid a chance. If things don’t work out, you can find a million defensive catchers via trade. We don’t need a catcher that can hit — at least not next year. Let the kids play; finish last overall, then draft first overall. The truth is that we need a 3rd baseman, short stop, first baseman, and catcher. Let’s get Dopriak/Ruiz/Arencebia in there.

To whomever is responsible for hiring Buck Martinez as the new play by play Jays announcer instead of Jamie Campbell I only have one thing to say to you and I’m sure I speak for hundreds of thousand Blue Jay fans across Canada: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Burt-I’d like to see EE get a chance to prove himself at 3rd base over a year when he’s healthy. He’s got great power, great hands and only needs help in his throws. I do agree on Dopirak, Arencibia and Ruiz, as you know.

Wow i’m so happy that Buck is back but I had no idea it would be to replace Jamie Campbell. I thought he’d be the colour commentator. Either way it’s a good day for Jays fans but it’s even better that he is replacing Jamie. I echo the many thanks that GS has already given. I heard that Paul Beeston was responsible. Buck had an interview on the fan which I have yet to listen to.

Great deal for sportsnet on hiring Buck.Ive listened to him on xm the past few years and have always enjoyed his insights!
I like the package that the Angels have put together for Doc.I agree with Enigma that subbing Weaver for Saunders would be better but I doubt the Angels would do that.Saunders is not a bad option though.Maybe if the Jays added something to the deal,the Angels could be swayed to send Weaver.

Just a pipe dream I know….but wouldn’t it be great if the Jays traded Doc, let the kids play and develop.Then, in a few years become contenders then trade or re-sign Doc as that final piece to put them over the top.Alot would have to go right for sure,but not impossible.Roy would jump at the chance to finish his career a Jay and headin to the playoffs too.

I think that the key to getting the type of package Antho wants likely lies in trading some of our own, young pitching talent. It seems that no one wants to give up top-prospects, even for Doc. So, we may have to ship Doc along with a young arm, like Purcey. (Don’t get me wrong, I would keep Purcey. If that huge left-hander ever finds his control, he will be dominant.) Somehow, the team acquiring Doc needs to believe and feel that it is not mortgaging its own future. A young prospect or two going back the other way may help in this regard. (Of course, if this happens, then the deal will be a true blockbuster, and these, as you know, are rare. Even the Granderson deal would pale in comparison.)

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