Blue Jays to sign C John Buck

Buck.jpgThe Blue Jays agreed to a one-year contract with free-gent catcher John Buck on Sunday, according to an industry source. General manager Alex Anthopoulos declined comment.

Buck — non-tendered by the Royals on Saturday — has agreed to a contract believed to be worth $2 million for the upcoming season with the Blue Jays. Buck became expendable for Kansas City after the Royals signed veteran catcher Jason Kendall to a two-year contract on Friday.

Buck, 29, hit .247 with eight homers and 36 RBIs over 59 games with the Royals last season. Over six years with Kansas City, the catcher has hit .235 with 70 homers and 259 RBIs over six seasons.



  1. gsjays

    Interesting stat on Buck. With risp this last year he hit .455 against left handers, .316 against rhanders and career hit .250 versus a career ba of .235. Looks like a wee bit of a clutch hitter.

    However, although he’s respected as a solid defensive catcher and game-caller, Buck’s one drawback is an inability to throw out a lot of base-stealers. According to, his percentage for six years was 26 percent (94-for-361), but he’d slipped from 34 percent in his first three years to just 18 percent in the last three years.

    On balance an ok signing, but not a great number one catcher. It will be interesting to see if another shoe drops and Buck turns into the back up guy.

  2. inception

    Buck should be the back up guy — the back up for Arencebia. If the goal next year is to win games — why sign Buck? If the goal is to prepare for the future — why sign Buck when you have Chavez? Neither Chavez or Buck figure into the Jays’ plans long term. Why is Arencebia not being told that he is going to get a chance to exhibit at the major-league level with Chavez or Buck there to pick up the slack if he falters. Next year is a throw-away year with Doc presumably gone, Overbay out the door, Cito out the door, etc. Therefore, show case the young talent. Let the kids play. Trust me, no one is going to show up to Roger’s center to watch a bunch of “Bautista-like” players eke out a 75-win season. We will show up to see the young kids eke out a 75-win season. I know Antho has a period of grace in which to work, but I do not like his thinking here one bit. It sends the wrong message to my wallet! You cannot talk about building through youth and the draft, then keep your kids in AAA and play tier-2 major-league players to avoid a 65-win season and looking bad! This is where the Toronto mentality is annoying. Why can the Nationals, Marlins and others commit to playing their kids and we get stack with the Bautistas and Buck’s? I have nothing against Buck, but he should be a backup to Arencebia — not his substitute!

  3. yerouttaheah

    I like your comment, burt, and I love watching the youngsters grow. I like Buck for his reputation for being able to handle a pitching staff, however, and that is exactly what our young staff needs. If Halladay stays, well, Doc is Doc, but Romero is just coming off a rookie season, Marcum and McGowan haven’t tossed a major league pitch in over a year, Litsch won’t be back until July, and the load may well fall on the Cecils, the Rays, and the Rzepczynskis again. If Arencibia can earn the starting job in ST, he will have it, but they won’t use him in a backup role because they will want him to play every day.

  4. inception

    This is exciting! Christmas, hopefully, is coming early for the Jays. All I have heard is that the proposed deal is very complex. Has anybody heard anything on the particulars?


    well guys it looks it’ll be done soon. Halladay to Philly, Lee to Seattle and the jays get a bunch of yet to be named prospects.


    in other news Lackey looks ready to join the red sox which means the pick our Jays get for Scutaro is now a second rounder.

  7. gsjays

    Something tells me this Philly deal has more than just Halladay leaving the Jays-other than that why would Seattle even be involved. So it could mean Accardo, Halladay and Downs to the Phillies, with The Jays getting a bunch of prospects from both Phillie & Seattle. It will be interesting to see this one announced.

  8. inception

    I hope you are right, gsjays. I hear Blanton’s name mentioned. However, the only starter I would be interested in acquiring would be Happ. In fact, I would prefer all AAA prospects, like Drabek. I hope that the deal is significant, with lots of QUALITY pieces coming our way, from one team or the other!

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