And so it begins…

I strolled down the sidewalk alongside the Blue Jays’ spring complex, fresh notebook, new pen and empty digital recorder in tow, ready to begin another Spring Training. I said hello to the security guard, wandered up to the clubhouse door and gave the handle a tug.


“Hey!” came a shout.

I looked over at the batting cage.

“No media this year!”

Aaron Hill, smiling and in a joking mood already. I was on the scene for two minutes and already was being given a hard time. Ahhh, it’s good to be back. I headed over to the cage to meet up with Toronto’s second baseman.

“What’s up, brother?” said Hill, never one to hide his inner Californian.

We chatted for a few minutes and the security guard — an elderly fellow who sets up camp in a folding chair outside the clubhouse doors each and every spring — came over to join us for a moment. He extended his hand and greeted Hill.

“It’s good to see you,” said the guard. “I wanted to congratulate you on last season. You really were great.”

Hill, always modest, smiled and said, “Thanks.”

“Personally, I thought he’d be better,” I said.

Hill laughed.

“Hey, there’s always room for improvement,” he replied, then motioning to the other hitters in the cage. “That’s what I’m trying to tell all these young guys.”

And, that was the main theme today on Day 1 of camp for me. Hill, who is still only 27 years old, has been thrust into a leadership role with these rebuilding Blue Jays. There are a lot of young players in camp, and roughly half of the Opening Day roster is up for grabs, and Hill is excited for the opportunity that exists for many players.

“It’s a good time to be a Blue Jay,” is something Hill is quick to say.

Maybe not in terms of playoff hopes or high win totals. But, it’s a good time to be a Blue Jay in the sense that there are so many available jobs and so many young players with a shot at earning them. It is something that Hill hopes they all take very seriously this spring, which obviously is lacking ace Roy Halladay for the first time in years.

“I hope these guys know what kind of opportunity they have,” Hill said. “If I’m seeing it, I just hope that they see it. I love seeing guys really get after it and fight for it. I hate seeing young guys, or anybody, that just expects to be given something. You should always work for whatever it is — not just baseball.

“I want to see the edge, the fire in these guys’ eyes, to get out there and just kick some butt.”


  • Most of the pitchers and catchers are already in camp. The only notable pitcher I did not see today was newly-signed Kevin Gregg. Beyond Hill, I saw Adam Lind and Travis Snider in camp today. I asked Hill is John McDonald had been in camp yet. Hill laughed and rolled his eyes. “We still have that guy?” he joked. “What’d we sign him to, an eight-year deal?” Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. Everyone loves Johnny Mac.
  • Chatted for a bit with new Blue Jays catcher John Buck, and he seems like he will be a good guy to have around. During bullpen sessions today, Buck caught Brandon Morrow and Toronto’s ’09 first-rounder Chad Jenkins. “They have some good arms here,” Buck said, eyes widening. “I mean, real legitimate arms with great secondary stuff.”
  • Shaun Marcum threw in the bullpen today, as did Jesse Litsch, who isn’t expected to be ready to return until at least June or July. Dustin McGowan threw off the mound yesterday. Talked to him and he said, as has been reported for a while now, that he’s feeling great. He’s done five mound sessions so far and is hoping to make the team.

That’s all for today. Catch you guys from here tomorrow.



  1. gsjays

    That is cautiously, optimistic good news on McGowan. Nice to see Hill settle in to that leadership role, love the attitude: “I love seeing guys really get after it and fight for it. I hate seeing young guys, or anybody, that just expects to be given something. You should always work for whatever it is — not just baseball.”….I hope that is how this team plays all year, win or lose, but never quit until the last pitch of the last inning.

  2. djaysm

    I agree GS, great news on Marcum, let’s hope the arm stays pain free for him.
    I’m also happy to see Hill step up in a leadership role, he seems to have a natural calm about him that will help the young guys for sure, and I believe he will take the role of clubhouse ‘leader’ this year. Maybe with some of the pressure taken off of Wells, he can rebound this season and earn his contract.
    I’m getting excited for baseball now! Go Jays!

  3. aaaincny

    I got to visit Dunedin in 2004 and still feel the thrill of that experience whenever JB starts sending pictures and reports from “the complex”. I remember the first time I drove by the players parking lot….. Wow, I’m a kid again! Anyway, I think this year is one of the most exciting in all my years of following the Jays. So many positions up for grabs and Cito getting a chance to bring it all together one more time. Not a lot of expectations but its February, its baseball, and we’re tied for first place!

  4. dskbjfan

    No hope? There is always hope.

    Jordan, do you ever get over to the minor league spring training facility (Bobby Mattick Center)? It would be great to hear about the up and comers? Ahrens, Tolisano, Collins and some of the others that didn’t get big league invites. Which of the youngsters will really impress and perhaps get a shot during the spring training season? How ’bout it, eh!

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