2010 Dot Com Dash Results

Finish.jpgThat is a joyous Anthony Dicomo, crossing the finish line as the champion of the first annual Dot Com Dash Charity Race. Dicomo (who mainly covers the Mets and Yankees for MLB.com) won the half-mile challenge with a time of 2:29. I came in at 2:32.

Considering I’m a marathoner, I was pleased with my time, even if I was disappointed in the end result. At the start, Dicomo quickly tucked in behind me, letting me set the pace. Having never run less than a one-mile race competitively, that threw me off. I wasn’t sure if I was going out too hard or too slow.

As it turns out, I probably went out too slow. I pushed what I felt was a hard pace, but never separated myself from Dicomo enough to account for the fact that I lack strong acceleration at the end. Dicomo — a better sprinter — took advantage, passing me in the final 80 meters. He admitted afterward that he was worried for about 750 of the 800 meters.

In the end, it turned out that a half mile was a good distance for he and I to race. Dicomo and I both know that anything longer and I would have had a clear advantage. We also know that anything shorter than a half mile, he would have easily beat me, too. It was a good distance, a good race and a fun little event.

What started off as a couple guys talking smack about who could beat who in what, evolved into a small charity event thanks to social media (Twitter). A couple bloggers got involved and wagered bets that would go to different charity foundations. So, in the end, Dicomo was not the only winner in this.

Since I let down all my fans, I have decided to donate $25 to the Jays Care Foundation in the wake of my bitter defeat. Dicomo has also pledged to donate $25 to the Harlem RBI program. We also had so much fun with this little race that we hope to do it again next year, and maybe we’ll start promoting it earlier, getting even more money on the line for charity.

So, congrats, Tony. You beat me fair and square. I can respect a man who came with a strategy and executed it well. Just know that next year, beyond training for my fifth career marathon, I will also be training for the 2011 Dot Com Dash. I ran a 2:32 without training. I will crush you next spring.

CLICK HERE to watch video of the 2010 Dot Com Dash.



  1. inception

    I am confused by some of the topics that are being reported on here. For example, the previous post talked about Alex Gonzalez’s Glove — and how Cito was impressed that he was catching tough balls hit at him. Don’t we already have a high-light reel short stop in John Mac? The only reason that Mr. Gonzalez should be on this team is if he can hit 50+ points higher than John, IMO. Instead, we are told that he will be hitting towards the bottom of the order. I don’t get this at all. Maybe the truth is that Mr. Gonzalez sucks with the bat and so we now have to start talking about his glove? Johnny Mac has hit nearly .320 this spring with 6 fewer at bats compared with Mr. Gonzalez, while hittig nearly 80 points higher. From what I can see, compared to Johhny Mac Mr. Gonzalez seems to be a little more offensively minded (career stats) but second rate defensively. Maybe an article on Gonzalez continues to struggle with the bat while Johhny Mac continues to impress would be more in line with reality.

  2. boxcar8

    Alex Gonzalez is not a second rate shortstop defensively. Johnny Mac, while a great guy, is not and never will be starter material. 50 points higher? I mean, give me a break.

    On the run, I’m a bit surprised and disappointed, but hopefully you beat him next year. I was looking forward to a Parkes or Stoeten guest post on metsgrrl.com.

  3. gsjays

    I tend to agree, we don’t need two defensive short stops, we need one of Gonzalez or MacDonald, not two and my choice would be MacDonald because of what he adds in the clubhouse and mentoring of younger players……

    My personal preference is to see McCoy play short because he brings a much better bat and speed than either of Gonzalez or MacDonald and fills the lead off role.

  4. Enigma_D17@hotmail.com

    I agree GS. I think McCoy is worth a look. He can play many positions, why not check him out at short ?

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