Overbay exits with knee injury

Blue Jays first baseman Lyle Overbay exited Friday’s game at Dunedin Stadium in the first inning with what the club is calling a “left knee contusion.” Following an awkward play at first, Overbay met with head traininer George Poulis and then limped off the field and headed for the clubhouse.

After Tampa Bay’s Jason Bartlett doubled to lead off the game, Carl Crawford bunted a pitch from Toronto starter Shaun Marcum down the first base line. Marcum sprinted toward the ball and gloved it, heading near the foul line as he made the play.

At first base, Overbay positioned himself in foul territory, but Marcum’s throw carried behind a sprinting Crawford to the inside part of first base. Overbay quickly adjusted, but nearly collided with Crawford. The first baseman recorded the out and then fell awkwardly, appearing to injury the knee on the play.

No word on how much time Overbay might miss, but it does not sound serious.



I can’t recall Overbay ever being injured throughout his time with the team? Amazing, considering the injury trouble the Jays have had.

I remember that broken hand…that seemed to mark the end of Overbay’s ability to hit!
Now, I would never wish injury or ill will on any player….but maybe this could be a blessing in disguise for Ruiz to get some playing time and show the Jays what he can do.

Lyle had a tremendous career going in TO in 2006. You are not much of a Jays fan, however, if you can’t remember his injury in 2007. I remember the game against the Chicago White Sox like it was yesterday even watching from Saskatoon – his bat hand was struck by an inside pitch and smashed his hand. Chicago’s manager, Ozzie Guillen, even had the gall to come out to the plate to argue that the ball hit the bat. What a dumb ***. I often wonder if he ever apologized to Lyle for his actions. The rest of 2007 was pretty much a write-off being on the DL for most of the rest of the season. Lyle continued to have problems throughout 2008 with inconsistency at the plate and it was revealed later that the hand continued to bother him through all of that year as well. I believe his inconsistency in 2009 had more to do with him being platooned with Kevin Millar than anything else. If he is allowed to play full time in 2010 I think he could return to his 2006 form. Ruiz is more suited to the DH spot and possibly relieving Overbay at times.

Ruiz, yes… but how about bringing up Brett Wallace?

Sorry Lyly, as affable as you seem to be as a person, your playing days are numbered in TO!

I believe that Lyle should have been traded long ago. In fact, I believe that he was “almost” traded for a catcher with a bad back. No matter how well he plays, the problem is that Jays’ fans view Lyle as the “past” first baseman — not the current, nor the future. Wallace may be too raw right now — give him a few months to find his groove at AAA. However, Ruiz and/or Dopriak would provide a much cheaper and, in my opinion, more effective option at 1st base. Lyle seems like a gentlemen — but he is part of a group that includes Encarcion, Bautista, and Wells that needs to move on (though moving Wells is pretty much impossible).

They won’t bring up Brett Wallace for an injury replacement, because they wouldn’t want to blow a year of eligibility. If Lyle has to go on the DL, they would likely promote Brian Dopirak, who is already on the 40 man roster.

For you Overbay haters out there: Lyle Overbay is one of the best defensive gloves in the game. He has one of the best throwing arms of any first baseman, and he is swinging the bat this Spring. What’s to trade?

Well, I don’t think that I am an idiot for not remembering … maybe just neglectful.

I should have rephrased saying I don’t remember him going on the DL. That is what I mean’t to say, but even that would be wrong because he did in 2007. Sorry for the negligence.

Great defense and a good throwing arm doesn’t justify $8 mill. per year for that position. When you add in the lack of capability of hitting lefties, limited power, limited rbi producer, there isn’t too much to trade unless we eat $5 million.

Problem with Overbay is, we’re between a rock and a hard place, we can’t trade him unless we eat the majority of his contract and if we keep him all year, its unlikely we’ll even get a draft pick for him, since I doubt very much we’d offer him arbitration and he surely won’t be an “A” class free agent.

I doubt very much if Lyle ever repeats what he did in 2006-which was his career year. He’s now 33, and if you check out how he’s hit lefties over the last 3 years or so, there’s been consistent decline each year.( .190/.256/.278 last year)-that isn’t coming back, imo, not at 33.

I agree with most of your comment, Welikeroy (ie. Problem with Overbay is, we’re between a rock and a hard place, we can’t trade him unless we eat the majority of his contract and if we keep him all year, its unlikely we’ll even get a draft pick for him, since I doubt very much we’d offer him arbitration and he surely won’t be an “A” class free agent).
He is having a tremendous ‘Spring”, however, and deserves to be the full-time starter. His knack for hitting doubles into the gap in 2006 was awesome.

jaysfansaskatoon, I think you were refering to gsjays comment that I can’t take credit for:

Another note to my misguided statement:

Overbay has actually been out at least one game on 8 different occasions with the Jays. ha ha. I was way off! What an oversight on Overbay! It still never seemed like he missed any time. Call me crazy! Maybe because that high .OBP always goes unnoticed.


Welikeroy, you are absolutely right, I was referring to the post by GSJAYS. I had also noticed that Overbay’s OBP in 2006 was identical to 2009 at .372. With 19 more walks in 2009 versus 2006 compared to 158 less at-bats he still obviously sees the ball very well – maybe VW should take note.

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