Covering the Bases: Game 3

WellsTrot2.jpgFIRST: En fuego. I mean, what else is there to say?

Vernon Wells: Three games. Four homers. Six runs. Seven RBIs. And one big smile as he trotted around the bases on Thursday.

“It’s cool to hit homers, but I’m not going to hit homers all year long like that,” Wells said. “So I’m going to enjoy them while they come.”

We should take a cue from Wells himself and enjoy this while we can. Not even an Albert Pujols-Roy Halladay Hybrid Cybernetic Baseball Organism could maintain this type of pace all year long.

So enjoy it, Jays fans. Vernon Wells might “be back.” He might not. We’re still really early in the season. There is no denying that Vernon III is looking and feeling great in the batter’s box right now.

Wells became the first player in Blue Jays history to launch at least one home run in three consecutive games to begin a season. The last time he accomplished the same feat in any stretch was August 2008.

SECOND: Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston made a couple mound visits today to talk things over with his pitcher — not to take him out. In the seventh, he headed out to calm down Ricky Romero after the young lefty threw a costly wild pitch and then issued a walk. Romero was admittedly rattled and said Gaston helped him regain his composure. In the ninth, Cito headed out to tell closer Jason Frasor not to let Hamilton beat him with the game on the line. “That’s all I said to him, ‘Just don’t let him beat you,'” Gaston explained. Frasor got a game-ending groundout to pick up his second save in as many games.

THIRD: The Blue Jays threw five wild pitches in Thursday’s win. FIVE. Not all of them appeared to be entirely on the pitchers, though. The wild pitch that led to Texas’ lone run in the seventh came on an errant slider from Romero, but catcher Jose Molina did not get in front of the ball. “He’s a pretty good catcher. It happens sometimes,” Gaston said. The Jays are fortunate in only came back to bite them once in the 3-1 win. And another thing, Jays hitters struck out 13 times. That’s all there is to say about that.

HOME: All spring long, Gaston preached that his club would be in good shape if the starters could last six or seven. Well, in all three games, Toronto’s starters have gone deep enough to put the game in the hands of the late-inning relievers. Twice it worked (there was that blown save in Game 1). So far, though, that’s a great sign for a Jays team that has a lot riding on its pitching staff this season. “Tat’s what we’re working for. If we can get to that seventh inning with the guys we have out there, we have a chance,” Gaston said.

…off to catch a flight to Baltimore.



“Albert Pujols-Roy Halladay Hybrid Cybernetic Baseball Organism”
Gold. You should trademark that right away!

@gsjays – i agreed with u on monday and i agree with u today that if ur gonna pinch hit, u dont bring in a guy tht has hit .235 over his career. And starting overbay wasnt tht great of a decision either (for 8 innings at least). But in the end, buck walked and overbay tripled in the 9th and scored an insurance run, so u cant really say they were bad decisions. Would i have made them? no. but if u keep rolling the dice, eventually you’ll get a 7 or 11 (in this case he got both).

And it does seem like gaston is doing everything possible to make sure tht ruiz just sits on the bench.

So yesterday our supposed team leader Cito said there is no way, no how, he ever pinch hits for a regular because it destroys da players confidence….(which of course is a pure bull s.h.i.t statement-like these players are all kids).

Further, he said no way, no how, he ever puts in someone to play for Overbay against a left hander-he’s a regular and he plays everyday.
This is in spite of the fact that Ovebay hasn’t hit left handers since the beginning of time or the last 3-4 years which ever you want to go with.

This was all spouted to justify a crappy decision Cito made of not pinch hitting for Overbay against a left hander the previous day, in a situation that called out for it and in spite of the fact Overbay hitting against left handers just no longer happens.
His lack of a decision jeopardized the outcome of the game and of course our glorious leader was trying to find some cover for his very exposed derriere.

So fast forward one day and our glorious leader being as stubborn and pig headed as possible puts in Overbay to play against a guy he’s never hit, not once, and still hasn’t…

I suspect Cito was practicing his excuses in the dugout today of why Overbay didn’t get a hit of the left hander Wilson-in spite of the fact he has never got one in the past, not once, never and of course not today-although he did hit a fly ball to the outfield today-a real achievement.

Then, a situation arises to switch hit for the catcher-a guy who hasn’t quite figured out yet that you get in front of balls in the dirt, you don’t try to pick them…
So what does our glorious leader do, stay with the boy that brought him to the dance as he suggested or switch.

Well he switched, problem is he didn’t put in the game changer, a guy ( Ruiz) who could potentially put the game on ice-nope -ot our glorious leader, he put in Buck, cause he knew better than any one else that sooner or later good old Bucky would be needed, so why not put him in now.

Personally, I would have switched Moliana after he messed up the second or third passed ball and cost Romero an era, and I agree whole heartedly in switching him out….But excuse me, please someone justify to me why Ruiz wasn’t used as the switch hitter and then put Buck in for the bottom half of the inning to catch. Was making two entries to the scorecard too much of an issue?

And why is it, the supposed rules for pinch hitting change each day just to ensure Ruiz doesn’t play. Is there something I’m missing here??? Just asking.

Point is Overbay tripled against a right handed pitcher and the walk Buck got didn’t bring in a run whereas Ruiz could have broke it wide open.

Your real point is if you keep making the wrong decision long enough sooner or later it might work out and that’s exactly what happened today…Just don’t bet the season on that decision making cause it’s wrong, imo.

Well said GS!

Fact is, gs, I probably would have pinch hit Ruiz too. But then, I don’t have access to the kind of stats that Cito does. I don’t have a highly paid bench coach to advise me. I don’t have over 45 years of playing the game at the very highest level. And I come nowhere near to feeling what Cito feels in his gut in certain situations. When all is said and done, the only fact that counts is the fact that the Jays won the series against a very tough team 2-1, and it would have been 3-0, but Frasor faced a very good heart of the order and he didn’t have his best stuff that night.

Seriously, if i have to go through a whole season of GS second guessing cito’s every effin decision, I will not be here much longer. Its been made clear no matter what Cito does gs won’t approve, and I’m already sick of listening to the same old song and dance from gs. Boy, if only Cito had your knowledge. I know I usually don’t sound off in this way at anyone in particular but I have sat back and hoped it would fade away, but apparantly every post by gs from now on will be cito directed. I understand we all have a right to voice our opinion, and gs’s opinion is that he doesn’t like cito, but does every post have to be so redundant? If he pinch hits for a guy, that was a mistake, if he doesn’t pinch hit, he should be fired. This is total bs gs. Can’t wait to hear you reply and tell me all the reasons I’m wrong and your right, as usual. After 3 games, we should be 3-0, with a team that is expected to finish dead last in the al east, maybe cito is doing something right, ever thought of that? Of course you haven’t

I agree okgojays! Last year it was the gm(which might not have been a bad target) but cito deffinitly knows more about baseball than any guy who is sitting on their home computer complaining about a team who is 2 – 1!

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