Blue Jays shuffle the deck

Here are today’s roster moves by the Blue Jays:


3B Edwin Encarnacion (contract selected), LHP Marc Rzepczynski (recalled)


3B Jarrett Hoffpauir (optioned)


RHP Shaun Marcum (right elbow inflammation)


OF Jeremy Reed (outrighted; refused assignment)


In a perfect world, Hoffpauir would have hit better out of the gates in his first stint with the Blue Jays, giving Encarnacion more time to work on his consistency at the plate and in the field at Triple-A. Unfortunately for the Jays, the entire offense has gone missing and Hoffpauir was not contributing much with the bat.

The fact that Encarnacion hit well with Vegas (.438 in seven games) should not surprise anybody. It’s a hitters’ league and he’s got legitimate power. It’s those five errors (granted, I didn’t see them to guage them accurately) that create more concern for me. With the Jays’ offense tanking, though, promoting EE makes sense.

The Jays do not seem to believe that Marcum’s injury is anything that should cause much concern. They feel, with the All-Star break, it’s a good time to give him some rest if he’s complaining of some mild soreness. So, Rzepczynski gets a look and maybe he stays if Jesse Litsch continues to be inconsistent.

The Jays needed to outright Reed to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Encarnacion. If you remember, Encarnacion was designated for assignment, cleared waivers and then outrighted to Vegas. Jays said it was a paperwork move to clear a spot for RHP Scott Richmond, who had been on the 60-day DL. Richmond, as it turns out, is currently on the 7-day DL in the Minors. Reed chose not to accept the assignment to see what other jobs might be out there.



Great analysis as always, Jordan. I’m not sure why there is such a hate-on for Encarnacion amongst Jays fans. I didn’t understand the demotion to begin with. Yes, he was hitting .200, but so are a few of the other regulars. There were whispers about his lack of hustle. Well, Overbay doesn’t hustle either and nobody was complaining about him. I’m not in the clubhouse, so maybe there’s more to the Encarnacion demotion than I’ll ever know.


Don’t forget the defensive side of the players. Overbay is a great fieder. E5 gets this nickname from his throwing skills. Without Overbay, E5 might have double the throwing errors. Although EE only has 7 errors so far this year at MLB, as Jordan pointed out he was charged with 5 errors at AAA in not much time. I’m guessing that the quality of the first baseman makes a big diff in EE’s error rates. I wonder if any of Overbay’s errors this year should have been charged to EE.


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