Tweaction to Jays-Braves trade

This afternoon, I posted this on Twitter:


Here is what some fans had to say about today’s trade:

@gosensgo101 Jays get the best player in the deal going forward, and nobody AA gave up isn’t replaceable.

@lindleyandrew Like the trade, sell high and buy low

@davetung whoa how did AA pull off that trade?

@tojaysfan Trade okay. Hate to lose all three players GON has been jays MVP and some say PAST has as much upside than Hechiv.

@Dave_Gershman I think the Jays won this deal. New start for Escobar and his career .291 AVG and Gonzalez’s HR’s have been in hitters parks.

@DonnieMG76 I said to myself the other day “man, I could see Alex Gonzales play for the Jays for another three or four years”. Oops. My bad.

@JesseRosenberg Re: Fan Poll: Psyched, but why do we want Jojo Reyes?

@BWoychuk Trade reaction: Hate to see Collins go as I was hoping to see what he could do in MLB, but overall win for Jays.

@belz45 Like the trade but was sad to see “Tiny” Tim Collins go.

@KyleMatte Outstanding deal. Young shortstops with Escobar’s offense (not showing it this year, but did from 07-09) and defense are rare.

@shawnscotney I like the move from a high ceiling standpoint. Although, EE had the same sort of “ceiling.” (shudders)

@shanestafford ultimately just another cog in the jays ever turning shortstop wheel, plus at least he’s better than russ adams!

@a_rebolledo Like the deal, provided Collins doesn’t turn into a left-handed, closing, Tim Lincecum for the Braves

@Cam0960 i really like the trade.. I think ts in favor of the Jays 🙂 Escobar is a welcome addition to the team in my books!

@mspratt overall I am happy with trade – I am sad about losing tim collins – going to drown my sorrow in a nice tall tom collins

@Alleycat17 I was hesitant to approve, I liked Collins- overall I think this will work out longterm. In the shortterm, Braves got better deal

@thrilliams79 Escobar was a great buy-low candidate, but (like everyone else Im sure) sad to see Collins go…hope he has a great ML career

@Shnuff Like the trade for Toronto- sold high on Gonzalez. Will miss Collins, but gotta give up something to get something.

@Zeke_D In AA we trust. Has not steered Jays fans wrong, so have faith that they see good potential in both players.

@blomstyle I think the jays maximized their return on Gonzo, his stock will not rise any higher than it is now

@JRoc23 Like it both ways. Atlanta is in it to win it. If Gonzalez can keep pace its great. Escobar, MVP votes. Reyes, upside. #GoodTrade

@vitaliano10 Love the trade. Escobar has the range and arm of no other short stop we’ve seen in a long time. Once the bat wakes up look out!

@Gordon_McArthur What more could we have hoped for when signing AGonz? His value went up and we got a good return. Losing Collins stings…

@lizzhatesme Great deal if Escobar’s just having a bad year. Bad deal if Atlanta knows something Toronto doesn’t. I’m cautiously optimistic.

@timmyd_ Traded Gonzalez at the top of the market, considering that anyone could have had him for essentially nothing in the off-season.

@shk66 Good trade. It’s good having a competent GM.

@TheSouthpawWR win, as much as I love tiny tim, Solid Win.

@alexgrady80 Siiiiiiiiiiiiick! (The good kind. Like the kids say.)

@BlueJayGal Shocked, sad, loved A-Gonz. Excited to see how Escobar livens up the team though.

@SeanLafortune Good when you can flip a 33 year old SS for a 27 year old SS that, at worst, is as good. The other players may never see the MLB.

@rpriske Great trade for Toronto. The potential of Yunel outweighs the hopes for Collins and Pastornicky.



Actually when you really think about it, this deal goes back to when AA let Scutaro go….AA let Scutaro walk and quickly signed Gonzalez forcing Boston to then sign Scutaro which then gave the Jays get two draft picks.
With those two draft picks AA selects two high quality prospects: Aaron Sanchez and Justin Nicolino..
Gonzalez has a great half season and AA flips him for Escobar….
If Escobar gets back to normal hitting wise, which I believe he will, he will be worth at least one high ceiling A grade prospect when traded in the future, or worst case two high quality b grade prospects, both of whom would be higher than either of the two C grade ones we gave up in this trade..

So the entire bottom line , to date is by signing Gonzalez instead of Scutaro, AA saves the Jays the salary differential between Scut and Gonzalez, gets better performance in the 1st half from Gonzalez than Scut has done in Boston, picks up two high quality draftees in Sanchez and Nicolino, trades for a short stop who arguably was one on the top 4-5 last season, and has a future prospect or two in the bank down the road.

Not to shabby there, AA…lol

It might look like this trade will end up in the Jays favor, but what if this Escobar guy never returns to form then it will be a huge blunder on the part of AA. I mean not all players recover from the kind of seasons that he is having, and some people say that Gonzo was just hitting in a hitters park like the dome where balls just fly out of the park, but I was fine with his wall scrapers, the park is built for home runs that’s why they have all of these players that can just get them out.

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