Broken Record: Bautista belts Nos. 51-52


One day after becoming the 26th player in baseball history to belt at least 50 homers in one season, Jose Bautista had one heck of an encore. Bautista added Orioles righty Chris Tillman to his list of victims, belting a pair of homers to move two notches up baseball’s single-season list.

In the process, Bautista also established a unique Major League record…

Largest single-season gain in home runs in baseball history

1. Jose Bautista: 52 in 2010/13 in 2009 (+39)
2. Davey Johnson: 43 in 1973/5 in 1972 (+38)
3. Brady Anderson: 50 in 1996/16 in 1995 (+34)
4. Greg Vaughn: 50 homers in 1998/18 in 1997 (+32)
5. Lou Gehrig: 47 in 1927/16 in 1926 (+31)
6. Sammy Sosa: 66 in 1998/36 in 1997 (+30)



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