The O.C.

I’m in sunny Anaheim, Calif., and am looking forward to heading over to Angel Stadium in about an hour. I haven’t been to the stadium, yet, and I’ve heard good things about it. Once I make it inside, Seattle’s ballpark will be the only American League stadium I haven’t seen (that’ll be taken care of by Monday).

This is an important series for Toronto — not for any playoff implications, but because the Angels are two games better than the Blue Jays. That’s the same margin that the Red Sox have over the Jays. A series win would be a good step towards overtaking Boston for second place in the division. That appears to be the Jays’ main focus down the stretch.

Finishing second won’t be an easy task, though. Toronto has series remaining against the Tigers, Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels. Boston has one series against the Yankees and one against the Twins, but two left against the Orioles, one with the Royals, and another with the Devil Rays. Not to mention that the Red Sox are getting some of their regular players back.

All that being said, let me pose this question that a couple of us writers were pondering a couple weeks back:

Which would be better, finishing in second place with, say, 85 wins, or placing third with a higher win total?

Finishing with 85 wins actually would be somewhat of a success, considering the Jays are on pace to win 84. To win 90, Toronto would have to go 17-5 from here on out. That doesn’t seem realistic, given the schedule. My opinion? I think finishing second would trump winning more games and placing third. What’re your thoughts?

One comment


    Second place. It’s been too long for Jays to be stuck in third place.

    Wins improvement is good and all but being third doesn’t show any positional improvement.

    Plus it’ll be sweet to stick it to Red Sox fans too.

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