What's Up Doc?

Roy Halladay was sitting at his locker at Safeco Field today, wearing a wrap on his elbow to help treat the joint after he got hit by a line drive on Sunday. Halladay said the swelling is down and he’ll try to play catch on Tuesday. If all goes well, he doesn’t see why he couldn’t start as scheduled on Friday in Toronto. So let out the sigh of relief Jays fans, Halladay is doing better.

Alex Rios is still out of the lineup with a bone bruise in his right hand and Jays manager John Gibbons wasn’t sure if he’d play during the series in Seattle. Today’s lineup against the M’s: Johnson, RF, Catalanotto, LF, Wells, CF, Glaus, 3B, Molina, C, Overbay, 1B, Hill, 2B, Lind, DH, McDonald, SS.

This is my first trip to Safeco Field and I’ve got to tell you, it’s quickly climbing up my personal rankings of the stadiums I’ve been to. It’s a beautiful facility in a beautiful city. I’ve only been here since this morning, but Im really enjoying Seattle so far.

That’s really all I’ve got for you at the moment. I just wanted to toss a quick Halladay update on here for you all. Ah, one more thing. In case you were curious which Toronto farmhands were playing in the Arizona Fall League, here is the list:

Pitchers: Jordan De Jong, Danny Hill, Tracy Thorpe, Kyle Yates
Catchers: Curtis Thigpen
Infielders: Chip Cannon, Ryan Klosterman

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more…


  1. robthegood@hotmail.com

    hey jordan – do you know if the jays have any plans on sending adam lind to winterball this year to keep up his development so he can fight for a job in spring training next year?

    who else might go?

  2. tothdenny@yahoo.ca

    This is sorta off topic, but I just had some random thoughts about next year. With the payroll increase I would really like to see J.P. go out and get a solid middle infeilder. I was looking at the free agents and there isnt much out there. Depending on how much money we get, we could try and lure Julio Lugo, he is the probably the best SS available. His price might just be too high though. If it comes down to him or pitching I would take Pitching anyday. I would rather leave Hill at 2nd he plays really well over there, but there seems to be more 2nd basement available in free agency this winter. Either way we need one or the other. For our pitching, I think we should have a solid rotation for next season. Halladay will win 17-20 games if he is healthy. A healthy Burnette has the potential to win 20 games but I wouldnt count ont it, I will play it safe and say he will go something like 15-9. Wether or not we bring back Lilly is irrelavent, there are other pitchers out there capable of the same thing. I would really like to see the Jays go after Padillia. He could be a true #3 starter. Or maybe a Jason Marquis, but I really think it would help if we signed one more solid starter. Chacin and Marcum will round out the #4 and #5 spots. The depth at our pitching will be much better next year with many of our pitchers getting some experience this year, hopefully they are more preparted to deal with injuries next year. Janssen, Taubenheim, Rosairo,McGowan are all possible candidates to fill in for injuries. I also really like the way our back end is set up, I think Leauge/Ryan could be one of the best setup closer combinations in Baseball. Anyways those are just my thoughs, and I think with a little more money, and some smart moves we could be even closer to a playoff spot.

  3. royhalladay32@bluejays.com

    If JP wants to go cheap at SS rather than overspend for the overrated Lugo, maybe get Counsell for cheap. He might **** but he has a better bat than Johnny Mac.

    Lilly has the potential to win 15 (like this year) every year. He might be inconsistent but he is a lefty and he has proven he can pitch in the AL East. I think he’ll want to return to the Bay area though so JP will have to find a #3 and #5 starter. Marcum can’t be a #5 starter (not yet at least) if Jays are serious about playoffs.

    McGowan needs to harness that potential FAST!

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