Game #71: Dodgers at Jays pregame

Los Angeles (40-31) at Toronto (34-36)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineup:

Rafael Furcal, SS
Juan Pierre, CF
Nomar Garciaparra, 1B
Jeff Kent, 2B
Luis Gonzalez, LF
Russell Martin, C
Marlon Anderson, DH
Andre Ethier, RF
Tony Abreu, 3B

PITCHING: RHP Chad Billingsley

Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Matt Stairs, 1B
Troy Glaus, 3B
Frank Thomas, DH
Gregg Zaun, C
Aaron Hill, 2B
Adam Lind, LF
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Shaun Marcum



    I also agree with every that says that it is Gibbon’s decistion to keep the pitcher in or not. Most pitchers will push themselves to the limit and throw 200 pitches if the manager tells him to.


    I think we’ve covered Gibby and the way he handles the pitchers fairly extensively. How about Royce Clayton. Why did the Jays even sign him when they have Johnny Mac? Why not trade him now and keep Mac as the starting shortstop?


    Frank Thomas [I’m getting close] [I can feel it coming] [Real soon now]When /08 or God forbid /09.Don’t blame Jansson it happens left in for five runs seems harsh. Has anybody seen VERN HEY VERN are you out there forgot your bat. I think he is showing us how you play for 5 mil watch the super star next year for 18 mil coming soon to a ball park near you. His defense is gold glove. I don’t favor the manager or GM but i don’t think anybody in baseball could have done any better with all that has happend.As for free agent pitchers their were none worth the money last winter.How about all the gems we found in our own system.I love the BLUE JAYS but sometimes they get my goat.I belive /08 will be our year. Oh and Frank will be with us nobody else wants him.


    You know, this thing with Burnett’s pitch count is a red herring. Chacin hurt his shoulder, and he didn’t throw 335 pitches or whatever in 3 starts. John Thompson hurt his shoulder, and he didn’t even get out of Spring Training. What, are we supposed to let these guys go 3 innings, then sit them down? A starter’s job is to go as long as he can, and eat up innings. Let’s face it. Burnett gets hurt. He always gets hurt. Burnett could hurt himself going to the bathroom. It’s not pitch count with Burnett, it’s mechanics. One day, Burnett is going to find his right arm half way to home plate. It’s the price we have to pay to watch him when he is unhittable.


    “Why did the Jays even sign him when they have Johnny Mac?”

    Johnny Mac is playing right now, not because Clayton is that bad, but because JM is playing that well. He’s also hitting better than Clayton at the moment. John M can also play second, third, outfield, and in a pinch, he can strap on the pads and catch (maybe he can pitch, too). If someone like Hill goes down or needs a rest, we will see JM filling in, and Royce playing shortstop, so we still need them both.


    Maybe JMac is doing better becasue of the competitive edge he must maintain to show up Clayton. Seems like whenever you have something to prove you try harder. Anyways thats the least of the Jays problems. With Vernon hitting like a granny and the pitchers due up vs the Rox and July being one of the toughest line ups to face with Boston and Newyork playing 4 each …Im about to count my losses and get out while I can if the Jays dont pick it up in the next few days. I might turn it on for Halliday when hes up but that might only intice me to watch the next game which will be awfull. Anyone else feel the same. I can wait till 08 season even though ive watched every game till now.


    jordanjon. Why punish yourself by not watching Aron Hill’s great plays….Rios with the bat…..Wells on def….Our young super star pitchen staff….And lets not forget Matt Stairs made in CANADA.


    Jordanjon – If your gonna give up watching you also give up your right to ***** when things are bad and smile when things go well.


    You know what I totally agree. These guys are just so easy to grow attached to and when guys like Wells are slumping this bad its hard not to turn off the tv. Nice to see him get out of it though tonight. I think I was just ticked off last night . To many bad ones in a row.

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