Game #94: Blue Jays at Yankees pregame

Toronto (45-48) at New York (47-44)
at 7:05 p.m. ET at Yankee Stadium

Today’s lineups:

Reed Johnson, LF
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Troy Glaus, 3B
Frank Thomas, DH
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Jason Phillips, C
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Shaun Marcum (5-3)

Johnny Damon, DH
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Hideki Matsui, LF
Jorge Posada, C
Robinson Cano, 2B
Andy Phillips, 1B
Melky Cabrera, CF

PITCHING: RHP Roger Clemens (2-4)

NOTES: For the first time since Spring Training, manager John Gibbons said his pitchers needed to start paying closer attention to baserunners to help combat against stolen bases. The Jays rank dead last in the bigs with a 10 percent CS%. From the NY Daily News about the ninth inning on Tuesday: "Andy Phillips started the inning with a single and Miguel Cairo pinch-ran. Cairo exited the dugout telling his teammates and coaches, "I’m going to steal on the second pitch." He lived up to his word." Ouch. … McDonald was back in the lineup after sitting the past three games. … RHP A.J. Burnett threw on flat ground again on Wednesday, continuing his throwing program. Burnett might make it on a mound in the next week or week and a half. … And, somebody call Elias, there is a player with the last name of "Phillips" hitting eighth for both clubs.

entering Wednesday
1. Boston 56-37 (–)
2. New York 47-44 (8)
3. Toronto 45-48 (11)
4. Baltimore 42-51 (14)
5. Tampa Bay 36-56 (19.5)

entering Wednesday
1. Cleveland 55-38 (–)
2. Seattle 52-39 (2)
3. Minnesota 49-44 (6)
4. New York 47-44 (7)
5. Toronto 45-48 (10)




    What is Clemens’ era at home to the road. Could you post that, I am guessing there is quite a difference. It seems like Clemens is a different pitcher in N.Y. than on the road. I watched his last start, Friday against the Rays and it was the only win for the Rays vs N.Y. in that 4 game set. Alot of his pitches stayed up and he got hurt. Alot of his strikeouts have come on the splitter this year. Jays if they want to get into that Yankee pen have to be very patient and work the count, get Clemens’ pitch count up. If they don’t the Jays will be in for a long evening.

    Gibbons saying that the Jays will pay more attention to the runners. Is that a organazation descion? Is that Gibbons? Why wouldn’t the Jays pay attention to the runners? Joe Kerrigan who is now the Yankees bullpen coach when he was a pitching coach and very briefly manager of the Red Sox did not want his pitchers to pay attention to the runners. I believe that is a DUMB strategy.


    That was hilarious Robert, thanks for the link.


    I noticed that you mentioned in another post that there are a couple of teams interested in Glaus and you did say the teams that have been rumoured before. My question to you is from what you’ve heard/read who has the better offer ? I’ve seen the players rumoured to be coming over but I don’t know enough about any of them to know whether or not it would be a good move.


    Robert, I have a favor to ask, is there anyway of getting that picture turned around to see the backend view. If so, I’d personally like to post it on the NY site.

    Hilarious-very well done


    Now that is funny about the photo. Good stuff there. I certainly agree with that whole article. You have to stick up for your teammates, I don’t know why Halladay didn’t line up A-Rod last night. A-Rod is safe at third because the Jays don’t even get there with this offense. Perhaps Marcum will do something tonight, I doubt it though. No sack with these Jays, you have to stick up for your mates. Whoever says otherwise doesn’t know anything about competing.


    enigma d 17,

    I have not heard any names regarding Glaus. I have heard the teams like everyone else. Let me know, I would like to here them. I think this time of year is when the front office’s of baseball make there $$$$. Last year J.P. sat on his hands and that was a major mistake. I don’t know why they would not deal Glaus. It makes alot of sense to do it.



    The Glaus trade rumors were started by a sports writer in LA. There’s never been any substance to them at all. It was simply a reporter who said, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Troy Glaus was back in LA.

    As it happens, a number of our idiot sports writers in Toronto picked up on it-in normal fashion meaning two weeks after it ran in LA and then acted like they were really releasing something.

    Just goes to show you cannot believe the press.

    There’s no substance to the stor and never has been.



    I see even your home Boston site has asked you to tone it down. I hope you do the same thing here-it’s clear what you’re here for.



    thanks good job.

    robertlee,that was great all he was missing was the hat,Ithink your postings are important we dont have a ton of people on this site we don’t want to lose any.

    freedom,As you will read in the site robertlee posted when Gibbons sat on the bench when Glaus was called out by a blind ump that sort of tells the story.

    I wonder if JP told Gibbons if they come back off this road trip with a bad showing he might get the axe.

    Jordan when is your next Q/A is going to be.


    gsumner—Safe to say it was AIMED at you there. I like to chat about baseball obviously, if I say anything on the negative about the Jays you take it personal.

    I do believe you could see Glaus dealt to S.D. or either L.A. team, Seattle maybe.


    J.P. and Gibbons should be shown the door at the end of the season. If J.P. cans Gibbons all he is doing is passing the blame. J.P. has to look into the mirror and no further. He has done a very poor job with the pitching and nobody can say otherwise. Zambrano? Thomspson? Dave Stieb wasn’t available, come on now. Jim Clancy? Jimmy Key? J.P. might do a good job with a farm system but he has NO CLUE on how to put a Major League baseball team together, NO CLUE AT ALL.



    His remarks were not aimed at me-they were aimed at you-I only made two postings on the Boston site-and his remarks talked about clogging up the site-which is what you do here.

    Bosox-why do you come here-why don’t you just reside on your own site?


    You ask a question about why I am here. It is about time you asked a good question or made a quality comment on here. Congrats!!!!

    I live in Pinellas County, that is where the Jays train. I go to alot of there workouts and I alot of there spring training games.

    They have some quality players on this team, not just talent wise but as people. Alex Rios, Vernon Wells, Halladay and Reed Johnson are quality peope from what I can tell. Guys that you want your kids to emualte if they look up to baseball players at all. I personally don’t think they should but that is another discussion for another time. I watch the Jays so much so I have an interest in them. I am A Red Sox fan to the end but the Jays I would like too see them do well except when they play Boston.

    How does that sound gsumner?


    I found an interesting article that i’d like to get some thoughts on :


    I can’t remember the names of any of the players but they are supposedly 3rd baseman as well only younger and according to mike wilner of the fan should be major league ready soon.

    By the way this is a link I like to check out every once in a while for my rumours:

    on the left under mlb u can get any other team if you choose to.


    Thanks for the link there enigma d17. For some reason I love this time of year for baseball. Watching what teams do or in the Jays and Red Sox case last year what they didn’t do. Jays unload Glaus and they don’t have to deal with his $$$$$ and his nagging injuries. Glaus is old body and it is not getting any younger. He looks like he would be a d.h. down the road.


    J.P. would love to have Burnett walk away but who in there right mind is going to? Burnett will be a member of the Jays and J.P. will be getting the mail for Billy Beane again. He needs to get some pitching next year, there bats should be there but you need pitching to stop the bleeding. Look at Boston this year, there bats are asleep most of the time but there pitching is usually there. It prevents long losing streaks when you have the pitching. You need to have some bats though, pitching, defense and timely hitting that is a great combo to win. That formula will never change, salaries do but the simple things need to get done.


    I don’t think they should trade Glaus.

    They’ve got to many players who you’d consider “nucleus” peices, to be rebuilding.

    And if they’re trying to contend now (obviously now is 2008/2009) than you cant replace Glaus’ production.

    Whatever you get for him will be several years away from helping.

    I personally have no objection to rebuilding, trade Glaus for a younger 3B and a pitcher hope AJ opts out and use that money on Bedard if the rumor’s about him wanting to come home are true, and aim for 2010? I guess (Doc’s going to be on the decline soon after that), but if you’re trying to contend next year or the year after trading Glaus doesn’t make sense.



    everything I’ve read indicates that so long as AJ’s arm doesn’t fall off he’ll probobly opt out.

    That’s what the Toronto columnists are saying and also what I’ve read on writer chats.


    You can deal Glaus and get some young player or players in return. Boston’s Mike Lowell is a free agent at the end of this year and the Jays could go after him or get someone else. Glaus should be dealt and those west coast teams should go after him.

    Red Sox picked up Suppan in 03 and traded Freddy Sanchez and he won a batting title last year for the Pirates so you never know when it comes to young players.



    So why all the personal attacks? If you’re really a Blue Jas fan, you wouldn’t be here attacking all the posters.

    Hey, nothing wrong with being a Red Sox fan, if we can’t beat the Yanks, I become one as well.

    But there’s no need for all your personal attacks and insults. You consistently try to infuriate others here.

    If you want, myself and a number of other posters can return the favor-both here and on the Boston site. Your choice!!

    I guess my message is, if you want to post here, be polite and treat all other posters and our team with respect. This is a site for the Toronto Blue Jays, not the Red Sox.

    If your motive is otherwise, expect some serious responses back.

    And that isn’t a threat like you had on the Yankees site, it’s simply a fact.


    I don’t attack all the posters. You read what you want to read.

    If you go on the Boston site give some good baseball knowledge like I do on this site. What is fair is fair. I don’t care what response you have to me, call me what you want, your the one that will look bad not me. You can threat me all day and night gsumner.

    What do you think of the Jays dealing Glaus at the deadline? What are your thoughts about what the Jays should do or maybe you think they should do nothing like last year. Any thoughts? I am looking forward to your reply.



    I don’t think Bedard is a free agent next year-is he?

    I agree with you, trading glaus is not really mch of an option if we’re going to contend next year-which we should.


    Off the top of my head Glaus for LaRoach and Billingsly I’d probobly do, but I don’t think the Dodgers would do that.


    I think when it comes to A.J. Burnett the Jays are stuck and J.P. is to blame. Remember Burnett was always hurt with the Marlins and when he signed with the Jays he was damaged goods. He is what you call a coach killer. Also remember part of the Burnett deal is the Jays have to pay for limo rides for his wife from the Baltimore area to Toronto. His wife from what you here doesn’t like to fly. Nice move there J.P. I’m not sure if you folks heard that one or not but it is true. I am not sure how many limo rides from the Baltimore area where he and his wife are from, I think 1 is too many. Any thoughts Jays fans?


    I don’t think the Dodgers would but the first names you don’t agree on anyway. Ask for the stars and moon and you never know what a g.m. will do. Some this time of year become dumb and smart, J.P. could make a nice deal if he plays his cards right.



    If you feel you have particulars on AJ’s contract-post it. No hear say-prove it.

    Let’s either see the language of the contract-or an apology from you.



    bedard is a free agent after 2009, to clear up what I meant is that IF you’re rebuiling you 1)trade Glaus, 2) hope AJ opts out, and 3) get Bedard when he’s available.


    lots of player have stupid clauses like that, Glaus get $$$ for his wife equestrian business, Alfonso Soriano gets the best suite in hotels on the road ect.

    also, if you’re not improving the team in any deal for Glaus than why do it? personally I’d be hesitant to do any deal that doesn’t look like a “win” for the Jays.

    I don’t think they need to make a trade only for the sake of making a trade.


    gsumner, relax.

    I don’t have prof, because no team publicises the contract language, but it is public knowledge that AJ’s wife doesn’t like flying and gets a certain # of limo rides from their home to Toronto every year.

    You can look it up for yourself on the old articles about AJ’s signing.


    gsummer,don’t let this guy get to you not worth it if we ignor it,it will go away.

    robertlee,keep glaus try to get beddard.


    the garryguy,

    Oh yeah! Definitly.

    As far as I’m concerned you try to get Bedard irrelevent of everything else.

    He’s looking like an ace, you can’t have to many of those.


    I am going to add my 2 cents and since our money is almost par , it might actually be worth something . I think JP should have used the money he spent on Thomas to find pitching ,good pitching not the 3 the Jays let go already . I think like some other GMs ( I won’t mention names again ) he got caught up in the euphoria of Thomas outing with the A’s. There was no line up waiting to scoop Thomas up . He paid 18 mil too much .
    The fact the Gibby didn’t fight for Glaus when he wasn’t out at second in Boston, bothers me far more than the fact Doc didn’t toss a ball at A-Rod . What good would it have done to have Doc tossed from the game and probably fined and suspended. Sure they would have got retribution but they would have paid the higher price by losing their ace for yet more games.( I played competative sports for many yrs there are other ways ) When he didn’t argue for Glaus, he gave his players the perception they didn’t matter. How do you be a team with no leader ? JP has spent money unwisely and his pawn Gibby has no leadership qualities for this team . Having said this , I still stand behind this team and its players but I don’t support the administration. This team needs to know there are people who support them. We all need encouragement not discouragement. I am going eat and watch what is left of the game…..have a great evening everyone……GOOOOO JAYSSSSSSSS



    robert-you just made a critial error-you responded to a post I made to Bosox under the Robert alias.

    You have multiple alias’s. Now Bosox makes sense. You forgot to post under the Bosox alias.


    Jordon I hope you just saw that.


    Actually it might be cheaper to have her take a limo than fly …….ok food calls..



    He posts things without any proof. He does this to get us to respond. Don’t take anything he says seriously.

    He’s a young man that needs serious help


    Ah, no.

    I told you this before, my email has been the same all year.

    I’m smart, but look at our sentence structure and vocabulary. It’s different. I’m not that smart.



    I agree with everything you said, but from what I’ve read Thomas and pitching wasn’t and “either or” situation.

    JP offered 10mil per year to Lilly and Meche AFTER signing Thomas and was trying to get both, which means he had permission to spend all that money.

    I agree he overpaid Thomas, but from reading Blair,Griffin, Elliot (the Globe,Star, and Sun writers) the Thomas signing had no financial impact on the Jays ability to get pitching.


    Robert you are Bosox, Bosox is Robert. Anyone can set up 100’s of emails. You just got caught, admit it and let’s move on.


    As I said no problem, just keep the bosox alias off of this site. I couldn’t care less what you do on the Boston or NY sites-but this one is for the Jays-and Bosox does not return.


    It ain’t so garry.

    gsumner thinks he’s so smart that there could only possibly be 1 person in the whole world that disagrees with him, so he assumes that bosox and I are one in the same.


    Yeah, garry.

    The fact that bosox has dissappeared has me thinking that all you people don’t exist.

    it’s just gsumner arguing with himself.


    gsumner—starting trouble again. No shock there.

    Halladay wouldn’t have been suspended if he threw at A-Rod, there wasn’t any warnings before the game. Line him up with a pitch at the ribs. If J.P. took the money he signed with Thomas and got a pitcher, he certainly wouldn’t get much for a pitcher with that money.

    Meche got 55 million from the Royals, Lilly 40 million from the Cubs and Zito 118 million from the Giants. To get pitching you have to grossly overpay to get it. Dice-K with the posting fee included 107 million or close to it.

    It has not just 1 limo ride for Mrs. Burnett it is several I believe per season. Perhaps Jordan can help me out there. So obviously J.P. got ****** in there. This management of the Jays or a better word is lack of management. Another Jays season means another year without the playoffs and J.P. takes the blame on this one. Who hired Gibbons? Who gave Gibbons a contract extension? You guessed it, J.P.


    He keeps calling people children, yet he’s the only person in here who uses acronyms, like the ROTFLMFAO, that he keeps posting.


    How many chances does thid team need 9 hits one run Wells come out come out wherever your are.


    yes there were bosox, it was reported by the toronto beat guys that both teams were warned before hand.


    To robertlee13—

    Don’t talk about gsumner–He is just starting trouble—

    I like to talk baseball with alot of different folks on here and you are one of them. I like to read different perspectives because it is refreshing to here. Everyone is welcomed on any team’s site as long as you keep it to baseball. Marcum coming up big tonight, a bit of a surprise to me. I thought the Yankees would have some mo heading into tonight’s game after there extra inning and a comeback on top of it. Clemens sure pitches well at Yankee Stadium.


    Robert you messed up. you forgot to change log ins and posted under Bosox.

    The prrof is in the postings.




    They were warned, what game? Why is it one game a warning and not the other. Monday night’s game there was no warning. I would say go hard and spikes high into 3rd base but the Jays don’t get there too often. There bats didn’t clear customs or something along those lines.


    The Garry

    We are posting to the same individual-Robert and Bosox.

    two posters-one individual


    No, bosox, the Jays were warned by the umpires before the series even started. It was a blanket warning that if they did anything their pitcher and manager get tossed, and the league office (right there in NY) would be involved.


    robert-so you resort to calling names and personal insults. Why don’t you just admit you messed up-keep Bosox off the thread.





    Actually, I rally don’t need an admission. Just keep your Bosox alias off this thread-that’s all.


    I didn’t hear about the warning. Gibbons getting tossed would be nothing but a good thing, addition by subtraction.

    Blue Jays should be up by at least 4-0, letting the Yankees hang around. That could cost them, we shall see.


    Oh shut-up.
    I’d be happy to just sit here and talk ball. But you can’t handle it when people disagree with you so you come up with this nonsense about bosox and me being the same person.



    Now, now, now, you’re the one who cause the problem-you’re the one who messed up-do not try to blame your mess up on me son.


    Robert-this is not your first mess up, it’s your second.

    Time to come clean and be normal-know what I mean


    Alot of guys being left on and that could cost the Jays. If you have a chance to jump the Yankees you do it, trust me on that one. I am a Sox fan and I know all about Yankee comebacks, they usually start with a cheap hit, a bleeder of some sort.


    wow-nasty response.

    You never responded in such a nasty form in your Bosox alias-what’s up?


    You know the funny thing is, I’m not sure theres any rules here about having multiple alias’s like Robert/Bosox.

    Shame really-most public BB’s ofr blog’s have those rules and once discovered the poster is eliminated.

    It likley won’t happen here


    I think we should ignor bosox or Jordan is going to get mad again if he shuts down the site bosox wins and we all lose,just like the game.


    The Jays let the Yankees hang around and they are paying for it now. Just what I wrote earlier.



    The proof is in the pudding. All anyone has to do is read what he has written.

    What do you think of this game tonight? Jays squandered alot of chances and they are paying for it now. That is how I see it.


    the garry

    Jordon is a smart young man; he will read the blog and pick up what I did. Robert is Bosox; Bosox is Robert. The proof is plain as day in the postings above.

    If Jordon does not want to or can not deal with this multiple alias, we have too. So no concern,Jordon is not going to shut down the site-believe me.

    Hopefully he does have a way to deal with this guy, but I doubt that as well. All Bosox has to do is register a new email address and be back here in two minutes.

    So like it or not, he has to be dealt with here-by us.


    The Jays need a manager who can motivate the players, light a fire under them so they wont be so horrible in clutch situations.


    My point was he overspent on Thomas and instead of chasing after him he should have been chasing down pitchers. I know what they went for and I know what Jays offered them . He made Thomas his first priority and that says one heck of a lot.
    There were warnings given to both teams before the mondays game, so yes Doc would have faced a possible suspension. Try reading what I wrote instead of what you think I wrote. Like I said there is no inflection of the voice in typed words. I said I am not a fan of admin . You are so quick to judge here yet when I mention the ******** 70 mil Epstein gave Drew , you sure got quiet . Drew was only one of the many free agents Epstein has been enamoured with . We all love our teams


    I will keep to myself how I think MLB has to keep the rivalry between the yanks and sox alive ….its good for baseball . The umps look through rose coloured glasses for some teams


    robertlee,The problem is BOSOX this site was a good one until he came on here this guy is sick if you can’t see that well whatever.

    GIBBONS IS A JOKE is he going to use Downs until he runes him.To late for League when Marcum had one on then League not now.


    You aren’t seriously falling for gsumners bs about me and bosox being the same person are you?

    Because I’ve never posted anything about the Red Sox.



    You haven’t quite got it yet have you. Robert is Bosox, Bosox is Robert. They are 1 individual posting under a minimum of two names.


    With the $$$$$ that J.P. spent on Thomas he wasn’t going to get anyone with that amount of money.

    Your comparing J.P. and Theo. That is like comparing the winter in Toronto and the winter in Hawaii. NO COMPARISON. J.D. Drew has been a TERRIBLE signing but if his shoulder his hurt in yr. 3 the Sox can and will void the contract, that is all I can hope for. At least Drew is on the field while Burnett is watching like always. Burnett was born to watch not too pitch. If he could ever stay heathly or try to pitch thru pain he is very good but that will NEVER happen.

    I was never a fan of Drew, he is gutless and not a gamer. Varitek is my type of player, balls to the wall. Reed Johnson is another favorite of mine. They would run thru a wall to win while guys like Drew and Burnett watch.


    garryguy, you’re forgetting what gsumner did to that guy with the company. Just because the guy disagreed with him and told him so.

    And the fight he picked with me when I called him out on it.

    Whatever, people need to stick to ball or shut-up.



    Why don’t we let Jordon be the Judge?

    Of does that bother you-corsidering what you have posted tonight?



    gsumner is one odd individual and Jordan will read and determine what he thinks. I like talking baseball with guys like yourself and indigo, even though indigo and I don’t agree but that is o.k. with me.



    squirm, squirm sqirm, you’re not getting out of this one-regardless of how you attack me.

    Your guilt is already public-you posted it.


    And I’ve already given you a way out.

    Just keep the Bosox alias off the site and you and I will be friends-no problem


    I fully expect Jordan to be ticked-off about tonight and render an opinoin of some sort, which certainly could be closing the blog. I for one would be sad but wouldn’t blame him.

    What have I posted that makes you think we are the same person? Other than the obvious fact we both think you don’t know anything about baseball.


    Robert-admit it

    It’s time for the Bosox alias to go away anyway. I’ve seen some serious threats to that alias on the Yankee site.

    Just let it go away


    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again.

    I can’t keep someone off of here who ISN’T ME!


    The Garry

    I will communicate with you on your personal email address.

    Unless Jordon does something with this issue, I ain’t coming back here-this site has turned into a joke with this guy


    At this point I’m starting to think you’re just trying to **** me off, so that Jordan will blame me for this.


    Jays fall to 2-5 after the break. They are inching closer to the Orioles in 4th place and the Jays better look out because Tampa Bay is luriking as well. Jays bats are silent again. That is why they lost this game. They let the Yankees hang around and that is never a good thing.


    Robert-just so you know, I do have more proof than what you posted tonight. I’ve known for some time. I leave the decision of what you do up to you.

    I expect Jordon has known for a while as well. In the end it’s Jordon’s decision, it is his blog. So what he decides to do is fine with me.


    what do you not understand….. I never said he would get anyone for that amount of money … His focus should have been on pitching not a DH ….forget the money …men can be so dense…


    You’re tyring to scare/threaten/frustrate me into going away because you can’t stand that I disagree with you, and I let it work for a few days.

    No more. I’m not going anywhere.


    I’ll provide the additional proof to Jordon if he wants it-although the proof is already here in the postings and I’m sure he will pick up on it.

    Of course, I will provide the same proof to the Yankee posters so ancious to meet Bosox.

    Have a good night


    I don’t even know who I am anymore,bosox lay off indigo every time she says something you tear her down read what she writes it seems she has more brains than you my friend.with all this garbage tonight nobody else is posting,bosox wins again ignor him and he will go away.


    Robert-if you are not Bosox-you have no problem if you are you do.

    Of course-you have already admitted in postings here you are, so I question how you think you’ll get out of that.

    How’s that for justice



    J.P. signed Thomas for 18 million. Let’s say J.P. did not, where would he have gone to for pitching? I would like to know. Tell me please. Lilly signed for 40 million remember. Lilly took the $$$$$ and said see ya. Don’t blame him. Of course J.P. should have focused on more pitching but he didn’t want to pay obviously.


    What, where have I addmitted anything?

    But, I do have a problem.

    You won’t talk ball or shut-up.


    bosox, JP offered Lilly the same as the Cubs, he left because he didn’t want to be here anymore (something to do with his fight with Gibbons, or going to thw weaker NL).

    JP did what he could, short of giving out an even worse contract than the Burnett deal.


    Bo , you don’t discuss……. Its your way or no way . You feel Burnett’s signing for 55 mil was the worst in 5 yrs . After months of speculation and numerous physicals , Epstein still signed a player who is prone to injury….certainly not a gamer , for 70 mil . In my opinion that was more foolish but i guess since only your opinion counts you may dismiss this post . You ask for opinions but don’t accept them


    I said they overpaid for Thomas. They should have taken that money plus everything else they could get and gone after a decent pitcher but JP didn’t do that . He choose to give contracts to 3 who didn’t fit in and are now gone . Lets just forget it . I think JP and Gibby should both go . Now seeing the moves Gibby has made in this game I think he has totally lost it


    Burnett was a terrible signing I have stated that many times. When it happened and now and forver. Everyone said it was a bad signing. When I say worst signing in some years, pitching indigo. Chan Ho signed that ugly deal with Texas. What you say about Drew I agree with, I have always said that. That was another signing where both general manager’s got ****** in. You don’t read what I say. That is o.k.

    What do you think the Jays should have done with there starting pitching last winter???? Tell me….I would like to know….Looking forward to your reply…I have asked before but you don’t answer me for some reason.


    It has nothing to do with the weaker N.L. for Lilly. Him not wanting to be there in Toronto and playing for Gibbons and a clueless g.m. might be the reason among others.

    Why would a free agent want to play for the Jays? The g.m. doesn’t know how to build a team.


    Even though I assume you’re talking to indigo,

    I think they should have traded Wells for the best pitcher or pitchers they could get.

    Have an outfield of Lind-Rios-Johnson left to right.

    Rotation of Doc, Burnett, the guy the got for wells, Chacin, Towers. and due to injuries/being horrible chacin and towers would have been replaced (as they have been) by McGowan and Marcum.


    True bosox, I’m just referencing the reason he went to Chicago instead of NY.

    (I know the Yankees wern’t willing to go to 10mil)

    How about that for a hoirrible move? Igawa for 46mil or Lilly for 40?


    Yeah, indigo.

    I’ve got it bookmarked, best contract site there is.

    It’s odd that no “mainstream” (espn/fox/si) sites publicize contract info better than they do.


    Igawa’s money includes the posting fee. I believe his posting fee was around 20 million or more. Dice-K his posting fee was 51.1 million, how nuts is that? He might win 18 to 20 though. The Lions his team in Japan loved that check I am sure.

    Meche for 55 million, this just in the Royals will lose 95 games with Meche or no Meche. If the Royals played the Sox they would win 95.


    I have seen that indigo. Some of these guys that **** are cashing in BIG. Drew, Burnett come to my mind quick. I have ridiculed them enough.


    indigo I think no I know you are right.gsummer pegged bosox a long time ago he says he wants to talk baseball but he keeps talking trash,check out the red sox and the yankees site he’s on their blogs and all he talks is trash, oh he talks baseball then fills it in with trash.


    So many postings…

    I noticed, and became annoyed by two things today. First is our amazing 10:1 ratio of hits to runs. Holy eff, that’s awful. I see Wells is 0-5 and has left 7 on base; Glaus is 1-5 and left 6. Great for our no. 3-4. Second, and more frustrating is the recent Jays’ Notes highlighting our inability to pick off base-stealers or be stealers ourselves. Zaun has openly said he doesn’t try to focus on base-stealers. Awesome. And Gibbons doesn’t seem to be doing anything productive to change it. Fantastic. I don’t know about you, but I was super pumped when Aaron Hill stole home. Eff, we should be doing so much more running and instilling fear of letting any of our men on base. But instead, we seem to focus only on our powerful (ahem) offense. Narrow-minded managing, if you ask me.


    Igawa was a 26 mil posing fee I think, and a 4 or 5 year 20mil contract.

    I don’t know why I don’t just check the contract site but whatever.

    Yeah 55 is crazy but 103mil total (posting + contract) might be a bargain. Look at Zito’s deal (he’s better than Zito), and imagine what Santana will get assuming he doesn’t sign a discount with Minn. He’s not as good as Santana (obviously) but Boras is his agent, so he’d use it as precedent.


    I’ve been reading what Indigo has been trying to say and I think what she means is that the Jays should have focused their attention on a pitcher or 2 (the big fish first) and if he addressed that then they could’ve turned the attention towards other areas (i.e. a D.H. or shortstop)Personally besides pitching I would’ve gone hard after a shortstop who can actually hit for a decent average (i was really hoping for Garciaparra sp? though I read of no interest from the team.) Thomas should’ve been an icing on the cake type of signing. If the Jays had addressed pitching first and then the shortstop then you go after a guy like thomas. Not to mention that DH is the easiest position to fill. The jays could just be alternating between Glaus, Stairs and Garciaparra (had they signed him).

    With ALL THAT said though the pitching this year probably wasn’t worth it. Barry was arquably the best out there and he isn’t exactly putting up solid numbers for what he’s making. His numbers werent very good against New york or boston either so that didn’t help. Lilly has been the best bang for the buck this year and Meche is way overpayed so the options werent good. I was upset when Freddy Garcia went to Philly, i was hoping the jays could offer something there (trade-wise) but I must admit even he isn’t doing so well either, in fact i might be mistakin but he might be injured.


    garryguy, but why was it neccessary to say that?

    If everyone will commit to my idea (talk ball or shut-up) than we wont have any big problems, if someone gets out of line take the high road.

    Yeah, I know I’m a hypocrite.


    A small added note: I think our inability to run is destroying our run production, exemplified by the high ratio of hits to runs. At 10 hits, you can afford to try your statistics and run. Instead, no stolen bases. Not even a caught stealing.


    Agreed enigma.

    I think Lilly is the one guy they should have tried harder on.

    I know it sets a bad precident, but they should have fired Gibbons if that’s what it would have taken to get him to sign.


    Garciaparra was staying on the left coast, no Canada for him. I know what indigo is saying but with what $$$$$? J.P. wanted to do it the cheap route on the pitching, perhaps he was gun shy with what happened with Burentt. J.P. went to Walmart as opposed to going to a mall with some brand names. In other words he went the cheap route.

    J.P. put himself in a bad spot because he was the fool that signed Burnett. He was given some $$$$$ to play with and had no idea what to do with them. Scouting for this team is so critical because they don’t have all the money to throw around. He hasn’t developed a good young arm yet. He needs to go and Gibbons as well.


    Agreed Tower, but I think the bigger issue is our lack of clutch hitting (being horrible with runners in scoring position)


    Ah, bosox,

    McGowan (I know it wasn’t his pick but still)


    Janssen (Who I think should be a starter)


    League (his pick???)

    Accardo (brilliant trade for Chulk who was his pick)

    No stud, but it’s not as bad as some think.


    I would agree about the lack of hitting but when push comes to shove you need pitching. Whoever is the g.m. needs to look into pitching. Deal Glaus away and get a couple of arms. Yu can get Accarrdo for Hillenbrand, you should get something for Glaus. Hillenbrand can come back and write the ship is sinking and boy would he be write.


    I still think he should be fired though.

    It’s like Rob Babcock (former Raptors GM). He was horrible (like worst GM in all of sports history, horrible), but he does deserve credit for signing Jose Calderon.

    Sorry if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you could look it up.


    Those guys are o.k. but Tampa has Kazmir, Shields and the number 1 farm system according to baseball america. They have quality young arms and everyday players. Jays, where are these arms????? J.P. has done a poor job and I don’t know how he is still employed. He is the one that built this team and he is the one that is RESPONSIBLE.


    Who cares about Babcock. Baseball here and baseball only. Worst g.m. in baseball is Bowden from the Nats. Think about it, he had Soriano last year and alot of teams were interested and he kept him knowing he couldn’t afford him. What a genius move there. Schuerholtz and Beane are the best, J.P. was around Beane for several years but obviously he didn’t learn anything.


    Clutch hitting thats an art the jays dont know about the same as speed.Whats the use of talking about what the jays should have done,What should they do now any ideas,from Blue Jay fans only please.


    I think they should have dealt Chacin . I think he is injury prone and will always be on the DL . Burnett we have for a couple more yrs and nobody will take him . Marcum has great stuff as well as McGowan. Lilly didn’t want to come back , that was obvious and JP should have seen that coming . The money they wanted to give Lilly could have added up to a bigger investment in Meche and if neither of them, then maybe take it all and shoot for Zito but I think he is due for injuries . My point was JP didn’t try hard enough and the money he spent was not well spent.
    I agree with you Johnson is my fav player….i love the passion he has for the game . Honestly, I think they are all overpaid . Its entertainment. How much money do they need . I know its a business but where is the love for the game , its all gimme gimme gimme


    There is no way the Jays could have given Zito that kind of money. Meche would have been a good pickup. J.P. was gunshy I think about going hard after Meche and given him 55 million because of what happened with Burnett.

    J.P. tried the cheap route, he bought 3 hyundai’s as opposed to 1 lexus.


    J.P. gave a contract extension to Gibbons before the season started. He fires him after this season, what does that say about J.P.’s descion making?


    JP had to know he had no chance on the free agent market,Lilly could hardly wait to get out of Toronto,Meche was not worth the money and Zito 18 mil per What a joke,The only way was to trade,For who who knows but JP won’t trade anybody unless they insult him like Hudson did.


    lol 3 hyundai’s as opposed to 1 Lexus; great line.
    J.p. just said in an interview that he would be happy with Thomas getting in the 20’s for homers. Give me a break. Anything below 30 should be considered a huge disapointment and it looks like that will be the case. J.p. I believe just said that to justify the signing.


    Your right about that J.P., justify the signing. Put the heat on Burnett to take it off himself. Billy Beane needs someone to make his coffee, I heard J.P. makes some mean coffee.



    Do not stoop to gsumner’s level. Read what Jordan wrote the other night. Do me a favor and Jordan and all the other bloggers here. You have a great night garryguy.


    News flash. PITCHING IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Of the 12 pitchers on the 25 plus Burnett minus League, we have to pitchers with eras over five, and McGowan had a horrid start and hes only at 5.05. Our team BA however is tied for 10th with KC. How does trading Glaus for pitching make any sense. Other than catcher and shortstop, we have a hitting lineup that should be atop the league. I think we need a new manager, but outside of Girardi, who is out there? Ernie Whitt? Hmm, former catcher, bench coach, sound familiar. There are not many candidates out there people.


    Never said Meche was a lexus. Certainly Thompson, Zambrano are hyundai’s. J.P. tried the cheap route and it FAILED.

    Jays bats have been quiet for some strange reason but when you have good starting pitching suddenly losing streaks are not as prolonged.

    Some day some of you will realize that but it will be too late. Let’s hope J.P. will realize it someday. You can have Sparky Anderson in the dugout but if you have a g.m. that has no clue in how to put together a baseball team it will not matter who is on the bench.


    To bad JP and Gibbons didn’t log on the bluejays website and go onto this blog. They might learn a thing or two. But on the other hand, they would probably say that we are crazy and don’t know anything about baseball.


    I dont know how much you guys have noticed, but its been a while since my last post. And judging by the stuff I see on here today, i am glad I have stayed away. Jordan works hard to bring these blogs to everyone and all we can do is trash each other and call names and other insults. Seriously…some people need to grow up. I was hoping to talk baseball, but now I don’t know if I will bother. I am a Jays supporter 100%, so I will leave this site until I see some quality thoughts about BASEBALL on here….for some reason I think that this was intended for baseball talk. Who cares how many different emails someone has, and who cares who has different opinions. If you wnat to get personal and take stabs at people, create your own site. Leave this for the people that really seem to care about our Jays.
    Thanks for all YOUR hard work Jordan.



    The yanks have a powerful tool in their fan base and they utilize it well. The ruckous noise of the fans disturbs the concentration of some pitchers especially the rookies . Last night was yet another good example when Marcum broke down in the 7th and Accardo and Janssen the night before. You could see in their faces, the focus leaving when the fans started . They are not use to that constant noise, it has to rattle them . Hopefully they will learn from it and maybe we as fans, need to help condition them to it, not to mention the added benefit of letting them feel fan support.

    As for making changes to this team , as fans we are innocuous

    Jordan you do a great job , thank you

    Take care all

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