Game#93: Blue Jays at Yankees pregame

Toronto (45-47) at New York (46-44)
at 7:05 p.m. ET at Yankee Stadium

Today’s lineups:

Reed Johnson LF
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Troy Glaus, 3B
Frank Thomas, DH
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
Royce Clayton, SS

PITCHING: RHP Roy Halladay (10-4)

Johnny Damon, DH
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Hideki Matsui, LF
Jorge Posada, C
Robinson Cano, 2B
Andy Phillips, 1B
Melky Cabrera

PITCHING: LHP Andy Pettitte (5-6)

NOTES: Toronto manager John Gibbons said he wouldn’t rule out moving Overbay between Glaus and Thomas in the lineup, meaning Thomas could see some action in the No. 6 hole coming up. "We’ll see how that develops," Gibbons said. … Fresh off three-straight multi-hit games, Clayton remained in the starting lineup for the third game in a row. "I like the way Royce is swinging it," Gibbons offered.

entering Tuesday
1. Boston 56-36 (–)
2. New York 46-44 (9)
3. Toronto 45-47 (11)
4. Baltimore 41-51 (15)
5. Tampa Bay 35-56 (20.5)

entering Tuesday
1. Cleveland 54-38 (–)
2. Seattle 52-38 (1)
3. Minnesota 49-43 (5)
4. New York 46-44 (7)
5. Toronto 45-47 (9)

SIDEBAR: Out of sheer boredom, and maybe a dash of curiosity, I went to today and looked up box scores from the day I was born: Sept. 21, 1982. More specifically, I headed to the box for the Chicago Cubs, which was my favorite team as a kid growing up in Chi-town. I should’ve seen the signs coming that I’d someday be covering the Blue Jays. The winning pitcher for Chicago was Canadian-born Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins. And, in the lineup as Chicago’s third baseman? One Pat Tabler — former Jay and current jays broadcaster. "I probably went 0-fer," Tabler quipped. Sure enough, he went 0-for-2 in a 1-0 Cubs win over the Pirates at Wrigley Field.



    Fergie Jenkins I believe is the only guy to win at least 100 games in both the N.L. and A.L. What a great control pitcher Jenkins was. I also believe he wore #31 right before Maddux. He also played basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters as well, also just a fun fact here, Bob Gibson played with the Harlem Globetrotters.

    Does anyone think that Halladay should line one up on A-Rod? I would like to here some replies on that one.


    I wonder whatever happed to Rios batting in the 3rd hole. The way he’s swinging the bat, I think he’d be better there than Wells. Of course knowing Gibby, he’ll do it right after this current lineup starts to produce.









    Clayton or McDonald

    I like the idea of Overbay in the 2 hole. He is a gap to gap hitter and I think that would be a good fit for the Jays.


    gsummer did you read my last two posting in game 92 if not please do thank you.Also i posted in the yankees blog and now we have to win tonight.
    go Doc go.



    you give me a hard time about me being in the Jays blog and you go to the Yankees blog. Explain yourself on that one please?


    The Garry

    yes i did-no worry

    I think we’ll see a good game from the Dr. tonight. Hopefully Glaus keeps up his dominance of Petit and we whack them tonight.

    On a different subject it doesn’t look like Admas is improving-he now has the lead in errors with 13 at Syracuse. I don’t think he’s going to make it-or at least not with us.

    We’ve got a bunch of youngsters coming up with better tools. Too bad, seemed like a nice young man.


    I would assume Halladay will give the Jays 7 solid innings. Remember his last time out, he got RACKED by Boston. A solid pitcher like Halladay usually doesn’t struggle in 2 straight starts. Adams is a player that will be bouncing around in his career, not much with the bat and his defense is subpar as well, not a very good combination.


    Nice to see Halliday settle down after the first inning. Petit looks like he’s lossing it, he’s no were near as strong as the last time we faced him. We’ve had opportunities in each inning to bury him-but couldn’t get the big hit.

    His pitch count already up to 56 in 3 innings. Keep that up and I like our chances


    Pettite has struggled his last few times out. He did get a win in his last game but did not pitch well. Jays failed to do anything against that Yankees pen but I don’t see that Yankees pen doing it back to back nights. You knew Halladay would do well because it is rare to see him struggle in back to back starts. It looks like Pettite will have a easy 4th.


    The doctor was flat in the first,but it looks like he’s found himself.

    Pettite looks like he’s up to the task to.

    so far a great game,it looks like thomas found his bat.


    ****-we let Petit off the hook again.

    We’ve already left 8 runners on; we should habe buried him. Well, he’s up to 104 pitches so it looks like we get 3 innings against their bullpen.


    Either Pettite or Halladay is going to serve one up. It just looks like one of those games. I hope it is Pettite.


    I hope Gibby doesn’t leave Halliday out there too long like he did Towers last night-he hasn’t went that much over 100 for quite some time.


    Halladay is your horse, let him take the mound. At least start the inning anyway.


    Halliday will be left out there like any other pitcher because gibbons cares about their stats more than the win.


    Halladay will be left out there because Gibbons has confidence in him. Gibbons care about the wins, are you for real garryguy? Wake up pal.


    If he sends Halliday back out there, after already throwing 112 pitches, he deserves to appear in front of a firing squad.


    GIBBY knew farnsworth was going to be in the game,why not keep clark on the bench send in J.MAC for thomas clark can play infield and out outfield,

    Do not pinch rus for stairs you may need the players in a tie game,extra innings.


    gsummer it seems like someone is in the same room with us but I cant quite hear him,I guess Tampa is to far away.great game so far but I hope it ends soon because I have to shovel the snow off of the roof.


    Do you need some help garryguy. I would really enjoy helping my neighbors to the far north. I can bring my snowshoes if you want. If I bring my Dunedin Blue Jays hat will you let me in your country?


    The Garry

    hey did you check the Boston score-KC 9 ***-3 in the bottom of the 8th.

    If you have snow-r u in Manitoba?


    hey thats funny

    they didnt all me to post s u x. Ive seen it posted on the Yanks and Bostons site


    Red Sox have the most wins in baseball and last time I checked that was the most important stat.


    Canada welcomes everyone with open arms.gsummer I’m in Saskatchewan it’s 28 above here with no wind.



    What is going on here? Accardo is shitting his pants. Blow Jays?????


    You are correct there gsumner, they got thumped by the worst team in baseball. Not good, if N.Y. gets there act together they could make a run at Boston, Sox have been a .500 team since late May. You guys know all about .500 don’t you?


    Sox scored 3 runs tonight. I am so happy. All these teams in baseball must be pretty bad because Boston still has the most wins in baseball.


    Blue Jays pen is going to be the blame here and of course the bats went silent again tonight. Gumner you should be there hitting coach and garryguy when you are done shoveling the snow, you can be the bullpen coach. Sounds good to me…..


    So sorry there gumner and garryguy. You have lost the first 2 games of the series. Something you have never heard before, there is always tomm night. Jays pen looked the Yankees pen tonight. A balk, are you kidding me. Where has the bats gone for the Jays. 7 runs in the last 28 innings. OUCH!!!


    Well that’s it for me, my hope/enthusiasm for the jays playoff aspirations has officially died with this loss. I’ll still watch them but it’s no longer a priority.

    The jays shouldn’t do anything at the trade deadline if the right deal isn’t there. However, in the offseason they should focus on acquiring a guy who can hit for average (between .310 to .330) if possible.


    Jays should trade Glaus, he doesn’t fit in there longterm plans so you might as well dump his salary. Ship him back to the west coast. J.P. wake up!!!!! Stop sleeping!!!!


    The answer is wait until next year there ggumner. 2008 will be here before you know it. he plunked him on purpose for sure. He would have hit a homer if he didn’t hit him.


    I would deal Glaus only because he appears to be a declining asset and only if they can get something that’ll help them next year. Then again i’d be fine with just getting rid of his salary assuming they can use it for something else in the offseason.


    At least one Blue Jay fan is smart on here. No reason for the Jays to hold onto Glaus, it would make no sense not to deal him. Don’t just unload him and get nothing but there should be a market for him. Angels? Dodgers? Padres? One of those 2 teams needs a bat and Glaus would be a good fit there.


    The Jays have no heart they have the players Halliday pitched his heart out for nouthing.

    I can’t wait for Gibbons to explain this one.

    II wwannt tooo ssayy tthee ddocc got his pittchhenn bbback.

    What next a sweep the wrong way.

    where was league I can’t belive gibbons never used him ,he doesn’t protect pitchers why start now.


    one of those 3 teams I should say, it must be the American school system I went too. I can count, I think.


    The Garry

    I don’t blame this on on Gibby’s decisions. Sometimes you win close games and sometimes you don’t.

    That is why I was upset with the decisions last night. In a series with NY-they’re going to win enough on their own ability, as they did tonight-you don’t need to hand them one.

    I’ll tell you what-I expect they catch Boston, and a lot sooner than anyone thinks. They lineup has much more balance than Boston, and it appears their pen is coming around.


    If Boston continues to struggle offensivley the Yankees will be right behind them. It sounds to me that you ggump is giving up, are you defeated? waving the white flag? Jays are 2-4 since the break. The Jays are 0-2 in Halladay’s starts, your no name pitcher is going Friday. You have something to look forward to.



    As disapointing as this loss was; I think we have to keep in mind how many injuries we’ve had and where we’d be if we didn’t have them. I think we’ve now had over 700 game days of player injuries-or some staggering number close to it.

    Our kid pitchers like Accardo, Jannsen, McGowan and

    Marcum have down a remarkable job. Guys like Lind, Howie Clark and Stairs have all contributed much more than anticipated.

    So imagine our rotation next year of Halliday, Burnett, McGowan, Marcum and either Litsche or Chachin to go with a bullpen with Jannsen, League, Accardo and Ryan in the back end.

    Then imagine keep the same position players we have now, with Johnson healthy on day 1.

    That is a good team. I doubt they’ll trade Glaus or anyone else, with the possible exception of Stairs-or Towers if anyone wants him. And if they do trade Stairs, I’d bet they try to sign him for next year in the off season.


    I also hope they keep the team together,next year they will be a force to be recond with.

    Did jansen hit a-goof and put him on base not very smart.

    I had to go outside for a second just my luck missed the end of the game.Do not reply BO-S-U-X-.


    I missed the pitch too. If he did hit him on purpose and put him on, it was a stupid thing to do.

    Next year as this year and every other year depends on how many injuries we get with key personal and how we deal with it. We do get deeper every year, and next year looks deeper than this one.

    And surely it can’t be as bad as this year-we’re a way overdue a break


    Well, Cleveland won; so we’re 10 back in the wild card with 69 games to go.

    The fat lady has entered the arena and the band is warming up.



    my computer is 10 years old so could you do me a favor and do a search and see when was the last time the Jays won 10 or more games in a row.


    the garry

    I will do the search, but I will tell you it’s been a long time. If I had to guess, i’d say back in the WS win days.



    I just read where you asked me if I thought Halliday should hit A-Rod tonight,NO it wont prove anything,also the Jays dot’t have to prove anything.


    The fat lady has already started singing on this Jays team a long time ago. 2008 should be the organzation’s focus, but then again with J.P. at the helm who knows what his attention will be. Sad but true some of you namely ggumper and garryguy thought the Jays had a chance when the season started. It is good to root for your team but guys be real to yourself. Your g.m. the great J.P. did your team in a longgg time ago. Falling fast under .500 right now are the Jays and they are closer to the Orioles than Boston. Clemens tonight, it is going to be rough because Clemens at Yankee stadium this year has been throwing quite well, Clemens struggles when he goes on the road. Remember guys the no name pitcher goes Friday so you do have something to look forward to.


    First my comment was ” If you believe in Karma , A-Rod will get what he is due unless his wife gets him first . I am thinking now that I hope she gets him first . Frankly I could care less about his personal life . Its sad when a player with such talent has to resort to sideshow antics such as the slapping of the ball from Arroyo , the elbowing of Pedrioa and the “mine” comment . It shows his absense of fair play and lack of good sportsmanship , that is just pathetic. I hope the Jays would not lower themselves to his level .
    Bosox, you are correct, there are 3 things in life that are constants, death, taxes and JD Drew being on the DL again and again and again. After several months of speculation and negotiations , Epstein signs Drew not to a 55 mil deal like Burnett but a 70 million dollar deal….ding ding ding …we have a winner for the dumbest signing . With the Yanks on the rise , better get the worn “white sox” out to raise….lol.

    Lastly , the typed word lacks the inflection of a voice so many things are misinterpreted or misunderstood . I want you to know you guys/gals make me smile and laugh pretty much everyday though you have to dispense with the name calling , its grade school stuff. Off to work for me but if it rains ( I work outside ) then I may “see” you later……. Take care all and have a great day

    Jordan ….born in 82 ..yikes and I thought I was the young one…



    Four stars for you.

    Jordan not to worry sometimes you can tell the age of a poster by what they say/write.bosoxbrian is about 14 years old,repercussions to follow I’m sure.

    How about this I predict the Jays will win -86- games this year,unless they win 15 out of 18.anybody.

    Their are probably some of you out there who think the Jays are done,But there is always hope.

    Last night was just plain bad luck.Jansen did not hit A-Rod on purpose I’m sure,But the results are the same it cost us the game.If he did hit him on purpose SHAME on him,But I myself dont belive he did.

    Toronto has to address the catcher situation soon,I like Zaun but a person with a walker could steal second/third on him,But if it’s the pitchen staffs fault then address the pitchen coach,Find the problem and fix it for crying out loud.


    I was all for hitting arod maybe during his last plate apearence in the last game. But to do it in the second game, with a breaking ball,in the 10th inning??? And later come around to score for the winning run? I know the jays didn’t mean to hit arod that time but jeeesh! And when I saw Acardo balk and blow the game for Haliday and the jays I was ticked. We can’t give up games like that anymore. Or any game from now on. Now tonight against the yankees is going to be harder because they are going to all be confident about what they did yesterday.


    Jordan: If you need a stat for a notes column, here’s a nice one: The Jays are last in the AL in BA with RISP and 2 out (4 points below the chisox), and second last in both OBA and SLG with RISP and 2 out (ahead of, of all teams, the Angels).



    Marcum against the rocketI see the Jays winning,they have to start now and they know it, I think they just got a wake up call.But the only thing that bothers me is when you look at Gibbons I see doom writen all over his face,He states a fact that our catchers are hurting us but he dosen’t have the power to fix it. torgen.Bad news for sure


    I may be wrong on this but last year I belive -Rios -Wells-Johnson-Overbay-Hill-Glaus-were all hitting-300-or close to it.I’m not sure what their-RISP-was but it hade to be better than this year by a bunch.


    The Jays were fourth last in the AL in BA with RISP and 2 outs last year and the year before, and third last the year before that.


    I’m not going to trash Gibbons but he dosen’t seem to be able to motivate this team,Injures aside the players who filled in for them did their job,But the big players who were still here were flat,Who do you blame the manager the GM the pitchen coach the hittin coach or just the players,Now take Thomas do you think he would take advice from the hittin coach I dont think so,Arnsberg messed around with halliday on where he should stand on the rubber big mistake why try to fix what aint broke.


    The Garry

    I still haven’t found the answer to The Jays longest winning streak, which means it’s probably not that meaniful. The most wins accumulated was in 1985.

    The longest winning streak in modern day baseball is held by The 1916 New York Giants had a 26 game winning streak from Sept. 7th thru Sept 30th (with 1 tie). The 1935 Chicago Cubs had a 21 game winning streak from Sept. 4th thru Sept 27th. And more recently the 2002 Oakland “A’s” had a 20 game winning streak from August 13th thru Sept. 4th.

    If you want to review all BlueJays records go to:


    The Garry

    In spite of a devastating loss last night-there’s a couple of things to consider.

    Boston has played to a 20 and 21 record since June 1st. If they keep this mediocre play up, the real number might be NY more than Boston. Unless Boston pick up, it could still be a dog fight in September.

    Whether we’re in it or not obviously depends on how our guys play-and they are running out of time.

    So let’s hope they beat up on Rodger the dodger tonight.



    That is the same thing I think when I see Gibbons. I get mad because I noticed that when a reporter or someone asks him if he talked to the team about the win or the loss, he says no and I havn’t given it much thought. I think a good manager should encourage the team before and after the game. Make them feel like they have a chance to win. Next year if we do not suffer many injuries, we will definetely get into the playoffs. The only weekness I see on the team is the manager. If anything prevents us next year from making it, it will be him.

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