Game #99 Twins at Blue Jays pregame

It was a lovely pair of days off back here in Toronto. I don’t count Friday, because I was traveling for what seemed like all day. I actually wandered over to the ballpark yesterday and caught the last few innings. I was at home doing laundry, flipped on the tube to see Halladay and Felix locked in a pitcher’s duel, and since I don’t live too far from the stadium, I decided to go check it out live while my wife was at work. Of course, as soon as I get into the pressbox, Alex Rios gets things unraveling for Seattle with a bases-loaded hit and the Jays follow with three more homers. So, you can thank yours truly for getting the Jays’ offense going yesterday. In the eighth inning, Mike Wilner of the FAN590 walked up to me in the pressbox to deliver a message from my wife, who sent him an instant message: "Kelly says to tell you she’s home early, and she knew you’d be here because you’re lame." Nice. I had a good laugh. Anyway, now it’s back to work with today’s pregame:


Minnesota (51-47) at Toronto (48-50)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Jason Bartlett, SS
Joe Mauer, C
Justin Morneau, 1B
Torii Hunter, CF
Jason Kubel, LF
Rondell White, DH
Jason Tyner, RF
Nick Punto, 3B

PITCHING: LHP Johan Santana (11-7, 2.65 ERA)

Reed Johnson, LF
Alex Rios, RF
Troy Glaus, 3B
Vernon Wells, CF
Frank Thomas, DH
Aaron Hill, 2B
Matt Stairs, 1B
Curtis Thigpen, C
Royce Clayton, SS

PITCHING: RHP Shaun Marcum (5-4, 3.73 ERA)

NOTES: About those Jack Wilson rumors, said GM J.P. Ricciardi: "I have no interest in Jack Wilson." So, there you go. That’s that. … Ricciardi also added that the Phillies had not inquired about RHP Josh Towers, but he wouldn’t rule out listening to offers from teams about the Jays. It doesn’t hurt to keep an ear open. … Thigpen was making his first start behind the plate this year. … Stairs started at first over Lyle Overbay because of their respective numbers versus Santana, according to manager John Gibbons. Overbay has hit .091 (1-for-11) off the two-time Cy Young winner, while Stairs has hit .231 (3-for-13). … LHP Gustavo Chacin was scheduled to throw three innings for Triple-A Syracuse on Monday. … Turns out that Gibbons and pitching coach Brad Arnberg were Minor League teammates with Scott Coolbaugh, the brother of Mike Coolbaugh — the Double-A Tulsa first base coach who was killed by a line drive on Sunday. Mike Coolbaugh made his home in San Antonio, which is where Gibbons lives. "That touched my heart," said Jays third base coach Brian Butterfield.

entering Monday
1. Boston 59-39 (–)
2. New York 51-46 (7.5)
3. Toronto 48-50 (11)
4. Baltimore 44-53 (14.5)
5. Tampa Bay 38-60 (21)

entering Monday
1. Cleveland 58-40 (–)
2. Seattle 54-41 (2.5)
3. New York 51-46 (6.5)
4. Minnesota 51-47 (7)
5. Toronto 48-50 (10)
6. Oakland 46-52 (12)



    I am glad that the jays are not interested in Jack Wilson (or so JP says). Also with the rumors going around about Josh Towers going to the Phillies, I would love to see him get traded for Jimmy Rollins. Although if I were with the Phillies, I would not take that deal even if Towers was with a package of players. Also if we do trade off Towers, who would fill in as our 5th starter?


    Welcome back jordan how about asking JP about Towers for Jesus Merchan from the phillies -AAA- club.

    to freedom how about Janssen


    I don’t know about you guys, but I find this lineup confusing. Wells in the 4th hole, Rios 2nd and Glaus 3rd.

    Freedom, I doubt if the Phillies would do Towers for Rollins-it’d be a nice deal for us though if they did. I think Garry might be right in a deal of Towers for Jesus Merchan


    Soon we’ll have both Burnett and Chacin back; and I think they like Jessie Litsche as well. There’s no need to turn Janssen into a starter-and he’s invaluable to us in the pen.



    That was sad about Mike Coolbaugh-did you get any details of exactly what happened?


    3rd baseman salaries this year

    A-Rod: $27,708,525

    A. Beltre: $12,900,000

    Chipper Jones: $12,333,000

    Troy Glaus: $11,500,000

    A Ramirez: $9,000,000

    M. Lowell: $9,000,000

    M. Cabrera: $7,400,000

    David Wright: $1,250,000


    gsumner he was hit in the head by a line drive foul ball he never had a chance to move that ball had to be moveing this guy played 17 years in the minors he was a draft pick of the jays,I think he had a cup of coffee in Kansas and somewhere else from what I can find out.


    Coolbaugh played for the Rockies as well. Glaus and Jones are always hurt. Damaged goods those two.

    Will Santana break a sweat tonight? He has dominated in the second half. He is the best starting pitcher in baseball and nobody is even close to him. Zito got 120 million, imagine what Santana will get. Big bucks for sure. Santana has the best changeup in baseball and that 95 m.p.h. fastball and can throw it on base sides of the plate, plain old nasty.


    I don’t know what the trade value for Towers is. I assume you could get mid level minor league prospect for him and that is about it. He has proven nothing, he did pitch well on Saturday though.



    Looks like hes just taken off this year. If he could maintain that BA-he’d be a great pickup


    If you got a warm body for Towers, consider it a great trade. Addition by subtraction.


    I dont care who we get for Towers as long as it’s not JD Drew or Theo.

    Marcum this is not the home run derby try not to give all those runs back,


    I dont care who we get for Towers as long as it’s not JD Drew or Theo.

    Marcum this is not the home run derby try not to give all those runs back,


    You wish you could get Theo for him. Epstein has 1 title under him and his team this year has as much chance as anyone else this year. Mrs. Drew you can have him.



    I was wondering how is the backup catcher doing in Dunedin? Your Mr. look up stats on the computer. In other words a stat rat. No knowledge of the game what so ever. How is the 3rd baseman doing in N.H. this year? How many errors does he have? Let me know, I am looking forward to your PATHETIC REPLY………LOL………


    Is gsumner and garryguy the same PATEHITC person????

    Think about folks, they always agree. Isn’t that stragne. I think it is. Does anyone else on here feel that way? Any thoughts? I am looking forward to hearing the replies.


    What the H is marcum doing his team gave him 4 runs against one of the best pitchers in the league what more can you ask for I know gibbons will make sure gets past the 5th even if he gives up 20 home runs.


    Ya, Thigpen made it look easy didn’t he. Nice to have a catcher capable of throwing out runners for a change.


    Marcum is no good my friend. Are you garryguy or gsumner? Please let us know. ROFLMAO….LOL…….


    How about gsumner and garrryguy going on other sites and trying to bombard me. Nice try there girls. ROFLMAO……LOL……


    gsumner and garryguy also posting my address and saying alot of bad stuff about my wife and my parents. What kind of people are gsumner and garryguy? I wonder about them, I meant to say him. Remember, garryguy and gsumner are the same person. There is no doubt.


    Why in the world would Morneau want to play in Toronto. Oh yeah, because he is a north of the border kind of guy. You guys gsumner and garryguy are just plain old dumb. Whoever is from Canada, you guys think he wants to play there.


    Well it didin’t take long for them to slip back in there shell.

    Holy crips the shell broke what a double play BIG STAR FOR STAIRS.


    I heard Burnett was throwing off flat ground. I never heard when his return would be though. Perhaps garrysumner can tell us.


    Well, that’s the first time Johan Santana’s given up 4 homers in one game.

    I’s probably also been a long time since he gave up 6 runs in 5 innings


    Santana doesn’t look like Johan tonight. Credit has to go to the Jays tonight. Explain this one, Weaver holds them down and 2 days later they hit Santana hard. Sometimes the games make no sense at all.


    Well it’s a homer fest 4 for us and 3 for Minnesota. No wonder The Rodgers stadium is getting the nickname homer dome.


    Chacin according to Jordan was supposed to pitch 3 innings tonight in Syracuse. Obviously if everything goes well, he’ll be up in Toronto in no time.


    How many home runs dose it take to make a blank only a blank will answer this.

    Who calls the game Thiggy or Whitt.



    Chacin went 3 innings for Syracuse tonight. Threw 53 pitches, 34 for strikes. Gave up 5 hits, 1 two run homer, and 3 runs in total. Not Great, but acceptable for as long as he’s been out.


    What a stupid move that was. Bringing Overbea into the game is the right thing to do, but why didn’t he move him in for Stairs instead of Thigpen.

    Not a good way to give a rookie confidence.


    Thanks gsummer. By the way, does anyone know any of this years free agent 2nd basemen? I don’t like the idea of Hill moving to short but if we can sign a productive 2nd baseman, I would be willing to give it a shot.


    Hill should be at second. Why the Jays would move him to short makes no sense. Hill isn’t even that good around the bag at second.


    Leave it to garrysumner and look up players stats. That is quite boring to me there pal. That is all you can do. Do you have any opinions on here at all garrysumner?


    It’s good to see everybody talking baseball tonight no garbage .

    lets hope the Jays can hold on it sure is a good game.

    By the way where is everybody not to manny posters on tonight.


    I was busy dong a google search on how to use a persons IP address to crash there computer.


    Just kidding.

    I was watching the game from my couch, instead of from my computer.


    robert no worry, The Yanks will take care of that.

    The only concern about Castillo is he already makes almost 6 mill per year. Seesm like a lot to pay for a guy with almost nopop.



    I am a little disappointed. Sounding like garrysumner there. Please don’t stoop to his level. Garrysumner ran someone from here and he will not run me from here. ZERO CHANCE.



    I thought Lester was going to get hit hard tonight. He held the Tribe to 2 runs over 6 innings. The Tribe are 3rd in baseball in runs per game. I guess you were wrong again there garrysumner.


    Hey Robert

    I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping the Sox sweep Cleveland. If they do and we sweep Minni-we’re only 7 out in the wild card and back in the race.

    Little chance of it happening though


    True, but usually 2nd base is the position you expect the least from on offense.

    He’s a great defender, and gets on base.

    Off the top of my head I’m not sure how many teams will be looking for 2nd basemen.

    Bad news is the Yankees might, because if A-Rod leaves, Cano probably moves to 3rd.


    Nice to see us finally get a win for Marcum, when he doesn’t have his A game. Finally he gets some run support.

    Good game by Thomas-2 Hr’s 4 RBI’s.


    This was a good night all around we won the game all the Blue Jays fans posted clean tonight it sure made it a pleasure to be on this blog tonight.

    Did you people see young Lester from Boston pitch tonight this young man came back from cancer good for him.

    I also posted on the boston blog and wished him good luck.



    Posted on the Sox blog that Lester would not help Boston. Gsumner or whatever you call yourself, time to wake up pal. You know NOTHING….

    McFly, are you there???? LOL…….


    Sox will not sweep the Tribe and even if they do the Jays are done. Get to .500 first and then take it from there. Nice night by the Jays tonight. Anytime you beat Santana, be proud of that there Jays fans.


    Good game tonight , lets hope they keep the momentum going . I didn’t know Jays BP was second in so many stats until they posted them tonight , way to go rookies . Have a great rest of the evening and take care all …GOOOOOOOOO JAYSSSSSSSSS


    If i’m the jays and they are willing to move Aaron to shortstop next season then Luis Castillo is the guy I target during the offseason.
    David Eickstein would be the guy I go after at short. (assuming they don’t want to move hill) Other then that i’d like them to try the trade route, or hope like heck Russ Adams somehow finds his potential (albeit looking less and less likely).


    bryan joyce a.k.a. bosox, are you really a human being? Do you really have a life? I doubt it with all the retarded postings you do, as you would say LOL. Do you even have a job? Do you know anything about baseball? When was the last time you had a labotomy?


    I’d like to see the jays target one of Luis Castillo or David Eickstein depending on whether or not they are willing to move Aaron Hill. I would like to see them bring back Johnny Mac but only as a back-up. If the jays can’t acquire David or Luis then I wouldn’t be too crazy about anyone else, so hopefully they’d be able to work out a trade. Too bad Russ has continued to look like a bust otherwise he’d be the answer.


    wow, lol I thought my first post didn’t come through (never saw it ’till now). I basically said the same thing.


    Here is the Yankees upcoming schedule.
    After 3 home v. TB

    4 @ KC

    3 @ Bal

    day off on the 30th

    3 home v. CWS

    3 home v. Bal

    Are you freakin kidding me!

    Although it gets easier for us soon with series against CWS, TB, and Tex at home.


    bosuxsux or sentinelofthedumb,

    You are the same person and right there that makes you the biggest ***** OF ALL TIME…LOL…….


    seriously bosoxsux we dont need you too we have enough problems without another spark in the fire.


    There are some good ones on here like khoenig08 and indigo and robertlee. Garrysumner is a total idiot, all he does is look up numbers on minor leaguers. My dog could do that. Gsumner and garryguy also posted my name, which I think is quite funny ( It is not my last name though ) Thanks for the publicity guys. Jays are inching near the .500 mark. That should be there focus.


    Leading off Stairs, now that is a good one. Stairs looks like one of those guys that should be playing in one of those belly leagues. Stairs is around 230 or so for Home Runs in his career, not bad.


    agreed, i think its just us two and a lunatic so im gonna hit the sack McGowan tomorrow see ya then



    If you had read all of this blog you would have read that we were going to ignor all the jerks tonight please help us keep this blog clean I dont think Jordan is to happy with the way we have been acting.

    If you have time go to the phillies -AAA-club and check out Jesus Merchan ss he was just moved up from -AA-ball great BA and OBP and can steal a base They might be looking at Towers.


    Garryguy you and gsumner are one of the jerks on here. I try to discuss baseball on here and you and your pal gsumner get all bent out of shape because I disagree with you guys alot. Why can’t you 2 be like Indigo, khoenig08 or robertlee. There baseball fans like me and they have there viewpoints and I respect them for it. Garryguy and gsumner, if you disagree with them they get very personal and you know what that is sad on your part there gsumner and garryguy. Everyone knows it is true, gsumner ran someone away from here before and you know what he WILL NOT RUN ME FROM HERE. ZERO CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Oh by the way it is good to here that Jordan is back. Gotta love that story of Jordan going to the game yesterday, obviously a guy that loves baseball.


    So how good is Marcum?

    Well, his current win-loss record as of tonight is 6-4. However, Marcum had 6 no decisions in which he gave up a total of 3 runs over 36.2 innings.

    In 4 of those starts, totalling 24.2 innings he gave up no runs.

    He should be at 12-4, which isn’t bad for a guy who made his first start on May 13th.

    It also would put him in the top 3-5 starters in the AL.

    That’s how good Marcum is!!!



    Our bud bosox has gotten himself another email

    Let him babble away-there’s no need for you, I or anyone else to do anything.

    The Yankee fans will chase him for as long as he is on any MLB blog.


    Have a good evening


    Marcum is not one of the top 3-5 starters in the game. Not even close. His own division he isn’t in the top 5.

    In the division alone here are the ones that are better and there is no doubt about it. Beckett, Dice-K, Schilling ( when healthy ) Wang, Pettite, Clemens,Mussina, Bedard, Guthrie, Halladay, Sheilds and Kazmir. Count them there

    are twelve that are better than him in his own division. Come on now there gsumner, don’t be blinded, it is good to root for your team but don’t say anything that dumb.


    gusmner and garryguy are the same person. How come they always agree on everything? Why is it he always says someone is the same person? To take attention off of himself, which is garryguy and gsumner. You don’t even need a good lawyer to prove that. Have a great night baseball fans and here is hoping the Jays get to .500.


    gsumner it looks like you just put the trash out for the night thanks.

    bosoxsux what the **** is the matter with you we hate the guy to but why would you say something like that about his mother that was the most ignorant thing I ever heard.


    sumnergarryguy, same person just like bosoxsux and sentinel. You people are the same person. Always agreeing on your points to make yourself look smart on here. Basically it goes the opposite way, you make yourself look like 2 ******.


    Sorry guys i haven’t been on here for so long, i broke my leg plus the new harry potter book came out…….

    Firstly i was surprised to see that we have over 280 comments in one of the blogs and after that we seem to be getting over 100 for every other blog Jordan writes. Way to go guys. I remember the days when we would hardly get 15 comments.

    Secondly i would once again like to say that guys try not to attack each other and simply talk about baseball. IF you don’t agree with someones opinions or theories or facts than instead of attacking them how about we try and argue against their facts/theories. Incase someone does seem to put someone down just ignore them like robert posted before.

    Thirdly i don’t believe Robert and bosox are the same people because before in the blogs Robert seems to be disagreeing with bosox too and robert also seems to be agreeing with him sometimes but i feel that robert is just stating his mind and i like that.

    Gsummer i really like it when u present the facts to us because a part of baseball is stats itself and the game wouldn’t be anything without it. I also like some of the theories u post and would love to see more.

    garryguy u get the benefit of the doubt that u r not same as gsummer and i like it that u agree with him/her although how about u post more of your own theories since this is what this is about plus u seem like a nice guy so i would love to hear them.

    Bosox it’s great that we have a boston fan in the toronto blogs and shows that toronoto is pretty famous. The only thing is that u don’t like gsummer and that’s okay but instead of attacking him how about attack his theories and post something of ur own. I liek the fact that u tend to post alot of negative aspects of the bluejays and that’s good since bluejays fan might need a reality check sometimes and then there is always a discussion going on. Keep up the good work.

    NOw to baseball

    about santos and diaz i would like to see them in the september call-ups especially since they are doing okay-good and the play positions toronto needs. After next year we will be in need of 2 catchers and most likely it will be thigpen and diaz. In september if diaz does a good job then thigpen or diaz might be expandable (in a package) and we might be able to get another bullpen arm or a 5th starter or a shortstop for one of them or another position we might be in need of. Also having catchers is good because someo of them can also play 1st, 3rd and ofcourse DH if they know how to hit.

    About santos i want to see him and if he does a good job (doubt it) then we might be able to keep santos and mcdonald at SS although i doubt that santos will do that good but atleast we will get to see what he is capable of at bigleague level.

    Talking about SS how about david eckstien as SS and i think he is gonna be on the FA market this year. We get speed from him a good shortstop who can hit and is a starter. I believe he will fit in nicely with the bluejays especially since we need speed. What do u guys think? will we be able to afford him?

    Trading Glaus i believe is out of the question because if we trade him then it will be hard to get a good 3rd baseman and SS in return and if glaus is traded then we will get less than what he is worth in return.

    I believe we should get rid of Chacin if towers does good the rest of the year. Atleast chacin will bring in more than towers. Next year our rotation might look like

    Halladay (might get injured)

    Burnett (injury prone)




    6th starter=Towers

    7th starter = litsch

    since we would be getting league back he could replace janessen in the bullpen. Now i know the starting rotation doesn’t look good so i would love to have some feed back on this and

    thank’s alot for reading all the way through this hopefully it wasn’t too boring.


    bosox it wasn’t good what u said about his mom and eveyone can agree with me, u don’t do that on here it’s a baseball site



    Personally, I think Towers gets traded. I think the Jays like Chachin and Litsche more. I hope Chacin comes back healthy, because we do need a lefty in the rotation. So I is see the rotation next year as:






    Litsche still has options, so he starts in AAA and is called up if a starter goes down. A further backup could be Janssen, but I don’t see them turning him into a starter yet-not with the great job he’s done in the pen.

    I see Ryan as closer, Accardo, Janssen and League sharing the 6-9th innings, Downs, Romero (lefties) and Frasor rounding out the pen.

    Wolfe and Tallet get sent back down to AAA. They might send Romero down instead of Tallet, particualry if Gibbyis back as manager.

    From the release put out by The Jays yesterday, it appears they might try Diaz at second base in AAA and move Hill to short. It sort of sounds like they’re trying to see if Thigpen can handle catcher-which I’m sure he can, and if so they might move Diaz to an infield position. The only one that makes sense if they do it for next year is 2nd. I think the key to this decision is how well Thigpen does behind the dish-and if you saw that throw he made last night-he’s certainly off to a good start.

    Personally, I’d like the Jays to consider Santos at ss, because I like his power numbers, but Diaz has a great bat as well, and if he can handle second, we know Hill can handle short. The bottom line is , I’d like the Jays to fully exploit the internal options before considering a trade or free agent signing, because we might have the horses in the barn already.

    By the way post more often…



    If you read the post about the mother and the dog you will find it was posted by bosoxsux not bosoxbrian I know brian is a jerk but I dont think he would post anything like that,No matter how mad we get none of us has a right to attack another persons mother or father or any other person who dose not post on this blog and therefore has no way of defending themselfs.

    I think it was a good idea to bring thigpen up now I was against sending him back down it didin’t make any sense Phillips was not going to help this team.

    If Diaz can play second along the lines of Hill it may be a good move but we may need Diaz as a catcher in the long run with Thiggy.

    What do you think of Jesus Merchan for short.He is now in the Phillies -AAA- just moved up from-AA-BALL I know I posted it before but since you were gone here it is again Sorry about your leg enjoy your book.



    Hey check out Seth Overbea at New Hampshre. Drafted in 2006, went to rookie ball and this year, started at Lansing, got promoted to Dunedin and now is in New Hamsphire. Went 34 innings between Lansing and Dunedin-gave up 1 run. In 30 innings in New Hampshire he’s given up 9 runs-of which 5 were in one outing.

    So your timing theory in this case is right on the money.



    Just so you know, Merchan is back in AA playing for the Reading Phillies. He did get 3 games in at AAA-I’m not sure he went up as a injury replacement or what. But he does look good; I’d certainly take him as a trade for Towers.


    bosox, stop spreading your STD’s on this site like you do on other sites. If you want to show what kind of an idiot you that’s fine, but everybody knows that. Stop with your dumb jokes they make you look even worse every time you tell them (if that’s even possible) you need help, and a job, so go look for one!!!!


    hey sentinelofgods I read some of the stuff you posted on the Boston site you make bosoxbrian look good you are one sick guy it’s sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.

    gsummer thanks for the video.

    As for Santos they need to call him up soon it will take time to see if he can cut it if he can’t then David Ekstine may be a good choice if he would come to Toronto he has played in our ballpark so he knows it,The big question is how much money.Santos or Merchan will be cheap allthough I dont think JP knows if the latter exist.


    i personally think that ecstein is great after the angels won 2-3 years ago at toronto against halladay. It was halladay vs Washburn and no runs given up until the bottom of ninth or 8th and then eckstein comes up and hits a homerun, it was barely a homerrun since it could have gone foul but nevertheless it was a hr. From then on i like eckstein and he also has post-season experience with the cardinals. therefore i am a bit biased when it comes to eckstein and for some reason i like him.
    the garry try to ignore sentinels comments, and i appreciate sentinel standing up for the jays however sentinel there is no need to tell brian what u did, with brain and us there seems to be a love-hate relationship.

    About diaz moving to second i don’t like it, i think gibbons is forgetting how important defence is, and diaz because he is a catcher i don’t think that he would be the best at second base. I would like him to stay behind the plate.

    I saw thigpen’s throw and it was awesome. He really does have a cannon and i look forward to watching him play more to see what he is really capable of.

    i had no clue of seth overbea he seems really good. Do u know how old he is and if in 1-2 years he can make it to dunedin and only give up 1 run in 34 innings i would say he would be a perfect fit for our pitching staff. We need players like him. Hopefully he isn’t injury prone since most players on bluejays are.

    i have no clue who merchan is and i plan to check his stats however it would be wonderful if gsummer or garry one of you could post a link to his stats here it would really save me alot of time. And do u think that merchan has alot of upside. What type of player could he be a mediocre, bench warmer or a starter or a all-star. Power hitter or onbase guy…. u know that kind of stuff.

    Robert and brian i also look forward to ur comments since they are always interesting when kept to baseball. 🙂


    i was typing so fast i didn’t notice my grammar was so bad………if u don’t understand then ask



    Garry. Sentinel posts against BJ because of BJ’s posts on the New York site. Best we stay out of that conflict.

    Harry you can review Seth at this url:

    Seth is 23 years old. You can review Merchan at the following url

    Merchan looks good, contact hitter, high average, low strike outs, reasonable base stealer, limited power. If he makes it up here, he could be a good number 2 hitter. But you never know until he gets here.

    Seth is a surprise-his college numbers were so so, and then he hits the pro’s and bang-he pitches well. I know very little aobut him except he’s risen really quickly, but he must have something going for him.

    By the way Harry, be careful what you ask for from brian. he’s been extremely disruptive on this site and NY.


    Sorry but I don’t know how to do a link all I do is go to the blue jays site go to roster go to depth chart go to the right and click on phillies go down a bit and to the left and click on minor league affiliates go to reading phillies this may be the long way but it’s all I know.



    One other point on Merchan-he’s leading the Eastern League AA in Batting average

    at .333 and only 16 k’s in 258 at bats.

    Our own Robinson Diaz was at .316 with 16 k’s in 301 at bats. Now onder he got bumped to AAA.

    Garry, I’ll email you directions.


    Well that was a lot of typing for nothing but thats okay.If we can make a move now and go 18 out of 25 thats counting the last three wins and if the leaders falter who knows what will happen,

    You know I have come to the conclusion that anyone that comes on this site and talks trash about our team can only be a Blue Jay fan who is afraid to come out of the closet well don’t be afraid we will welcome you wont we guys and gals.


    Well, wow, that was a lot of comments to read.

    Great to see though.

    Yeah, Luis Castillo or David Eckstien are the options in FA. If we can’t get either on them than we’d have to go the trade route.

    Yeah, gsumner.

    I like Seth Overbey. 23 years old and rocketing through the minors like a college reliever should.

    If he keeps this up he could be here sometime next year.

    Garry, re:links

    All you have to do is copy and paste what is in the address bar. For example the address for this page is

    Also, I’m going to appeal to Jordan and the writers on the Boston and NY sites about getting bosoxbrian banned, but in the mean time if you’re not going to just ignore him, can we please keep it clean.

    I honestly have no idea how old most of the people here are, but I’d hate for some little kid to read a few of the comments posted in here earlier.


    That was interesting to see Vernon Wells hitting cleanup. I don’t think that will happen that many more times this year because Overbay is going to playing.


    robertlee yesterday was a good day on the blog and with the game but this new guy ***** made a remark about a mother and a dog that made me mad he has no right to say that about any poster bad or good he should be ashamed of himself if anybody is blocked I would pick him and your right we dont know the age of the other posters,Im retired so it’s not hard to tell my age.


    Why is everyone so hard up to give Towers away? Is it just his salary? Sure he was terrible last year but hes turned things around this year and has looked unhittable at times…


    thanks for the links gsummer and thanks for trying gary.
    It’s seems like brain has a nasty reputation however how about we give him one more chance. Cause in some of the posts brian has posted nice things about the jays. I prefer to be like my fav character from Harry potter (dumbledore) and i like giving second chances so if brian makes trouble again then how about we report him. Until then let’s see what he does.

    And garry thanks the leg is great, almost completely healed now and the 7th book was also great. i reccomend reading all 7 books to people who haven’t read them yet.

    Merchan looks like a good hitter, seems to have stepped it up a notch this year. i would certainly trade him for towers that is if we are surely gonna have a good 5th starter next season. i think that merchan might be ready for next year or might need 1 more year. Perhaps spring training will be enough and phillies will bring him up to the big leagues in september.

    Overbey is also great i think that we should certainly see him in spring training next season cause he could make a great set-up guy (i think). Is there any way to find out his repetoire from the link u gave me?

    comeon where is everyone else we need more than 4-5 people posting


    whenever i write it seems like i am writing in my own blog. I write so much. Hopefully u gusys enjoy reading it.

    oh and about the dog and mother comment he should definatly be banned and not him only his IP address so he doesn’t comeback with a different account.


    mmracing i totally agree with you i feel like chacin should be gone. However Towers hasn’t picthed the best and at times isn’t good enough so luckily we have the rest of the season to see how he does. If he does good then perhaps sign him to an incentive contract for 1 year or something i don’t know when towers contract expires


    Towers, however, is very inconsistent, doesn’t have great stuff, is not in the long term plans, has a tradeable contract (1 year) and is 30 years old without having made a big impact. If we can trade him fine, just make sure we have a backup plan if Chacin doesnt make it back soon.


    mmracing Dont get most of us wrong I dont mind Towers I remember what he did for this team I also remember last year but if they make a trade with the Phillies for whoever, he may be the one to go their GM was there to watch him in his last start thats all.


    I would be ok with-out Chacin as well. I really like Mcgowan and Marcum, Im not as sold on Litsch. Time will tell with Jessie though, as I didnt even expect he would be called up all year..


    i like jesse but he still needs more experience mggowan i think could be a solid 3rd starter and marcum is a good 4-5 starter, i just want him to get able to go deeper into games


    chacin i don’t really like cause he has a huge era and wins only due to support and is always gone before 5 or 6 innings.

    Towers on the other hand is similar but i feel he is better than chacin not only can he go deeper into ball-games but also overall i like towers better. Tower is also a great presence in the dugout


    I think Marcum could be a solid #3, as for going deeper, I think that has alot to do with Gibbons holding him back. He’s been pulled several times in the 6th after giving up only a few hits.


    i know but still marcum could be a 3 however marcum has to be able to get to 6-7 innings most starts



    Good luck with your appeal to Jordon and the other blogs; but I do not think they have the tools to block him from an IP address-or it would likely already been done.

    Blocking his email address only keeps him off for a matter of minutes.


    marcum just doesn’t cut being a solid 3 there is something missing. maybe someone can help me out here. Towers is a certain 5 or less and halladay is a certain 1, i am having my doubts about burnett now.

    1 more thing about marcum last few games he seems to be slipping or is it just me who think that?


    robert and everyone else it would be wise to give him (bosoxbrian) just 1 more shot if he still doesn’t improve then appeal against him


    Well pitching against the Yankees, Red sox and Twins in three straight games, could make a few pictures slip.



    I posted some of this info on Marcum last night.

    Marcum’s current win-loss record as of today is 6-4. However, Marcum had 6 no decisions in which he gave up a total of 3 runs over 36.2 innings.

    In 4 of those starts, totalling 24.2 innings he gave up no runs and got no decision.

    He could be at 12-4, which isn’t bad for a guy who made his first start on May 13th.

    **I think we all forgot about how many starts Marcum made with no run support. He’s a very solid number 3 starter. With an estimated 12 more starts, if he gets reasonable run support, he should have 12-15 wins.

    He tends to get pulled when his pitch count reachers 90 to 100-because that’s generally all he can give.

    I don’t know about you guys, but personally, I think I’d take that every 5 days.


    If chacin had pitched all year with this offence he would be 3-10 he needs lots of run support I think right now Towers is the best choic,But having said that the Jays are not going to give him a contract next year thats why I say they are going to trade him while he has some value,If he wins his next start the Jays will be winners in 6 out of his last 7 starts hard to beat that.


    i agree with you mmracing perhaps that’s why he isn’t doing the best he can. Well i guess that’s why everyone said from last year that jays were contenders from 2008 and on not this season. Let’s see what happens to marcum and Towers and other pictchers troughout the season. This offseason will be good


    I kno a lot of people are down on Chacin because of his era and that he wins because of run support. Isnt there something to be said of a pitcher that WINS? Shouldnt we want someone who wins. (Plus maybe the offense will start to pick it up since they seem to score when he pitches.) Im not saying like Chacin, but how can you argue against a guy that wins consistently. How do you know that if he pitched all year, the offense would be good as normal?


    I like Marcum, but I think on a contending team he’s a #4 starter.

    Really, that’s all he’s supposed to be on this team.

    Halladay (Ace), Burnett (supposed to be a #2), McGowan (who’s a #3 with #1/2 potential), Marcum (#4 with #3 potential), and then #5 is Chacin or Litsch or Towers.


    seems like i am defeated and i agree. Marcum does seem to be doing good. I forgot all the no decisions. Alright gsummer and mmracing u win (although thsi was never a debate Marcum is a good/solid 3rd starter and i would say that his numbrs are better than burnett. If marcum works out during the offseason and is able to good over 90 pitches then i would definately be on board for him to be 3rd starter.Right now mcgowan and marcum are fighting it out.

    About towers i agree that we should trade him but i fear that noone would give us anything in return while chacin they might. And the thing is i prefer towers over chacin but seeing as we need 1 i say we keep towers. Chacin just hasn’t impressed me that much.


    Tonight should be a good game? any thoughts on the pitching matchup? Baker pitched well against us.


    My biggest beef with Chacin is his pitch count. He typically throws 15 pitches + per inning. That hurts the bulpen and really at the major league level, numbers don’t lie – and the #’s will catch up with him eventually as far as managing to win with a high ERA is concerned.


    Harry one last thing on Marcum

    He had 1 bad outing in July in which he gave up 8 runs to Cleveland. But, since he’s been starting his era is 2.58.

    Not many 3rd hole starters, I can think of are at that level.


    like i said i would only be on board for marcum to be a 3rd starter if he would go deeper into ball games and mcgowan i believe has shown flashes of his true potential but still hasn’t reached it. Perhaps that’s why they are still fighting it out. I mean if we got 2/3 of mcgowan when he almost pitched a no-hitter he would certainly be better than marcum


    i have no doubts on marcum’s abilty to outpitch others although he has to be able to go deep cause if he gets tired at 90 pitches i don’t like that. If he faces boston and yankees they are patient line-up and marcum might reach the pitch count much eariler in that game than he would facing the devil-rays. And we need guys to go deep against yanks and sox seeing they are our main rivals


    I have a hunch Baker isnt going to have as much sucess the second time around. Plus here’s hoping the outburst against Santana helps pick the team up.


    I agree with you Robert on Chacin-he gets his pitch count up way too quickly.

    On tonight’s game, we’ve seen Baker twice, they haven’t seen McGowan this year and I’m not sure if they saw him last year or not.

    So my take is we probably have an edge.


    my biggest beef with chacin too is that he doesn’t go deep agian and i think i said this before. Plus he leaves too many pitches belt-high.


    THANK GOD the site is back up 15 minutes to game time if McGowan pitches true to form we stand a chance it’s the offence I wonder about.

    We had a lot of good chatter on here before the site went down I hope everybody comes back tonight and I mean everybody.

    GO JAYS.


    This site along with all MLB blog sites had some difficulty. Good to see it back up.

    I like tonight’s lineup:









    Johnny Mac

    Good luck to The Jays tonight


    sorry guys i’m back i couldn’t get on here, i thought there was something wrong with my comp luckily it happened to everybody.

    I too like the line-up tonight and i’m mostly gonna be on here until i have to go eat dinner. Since i don’t get TSN i’m gonna be watching from Gameday.


    Harry-welcome back

    Hey its never about how deep the pitchers go-its about how many runs they give up.

    If all 5 of our starters gave us 6 quality innings eachtime out, we’d all be happy guys.

    Thats why they’re bullpens; to take it from the 6th to the end of game.


    Hey, I watch a lot of games with gameday. It allows me to keep woring and still stay in touch with the game, without the chatter of the announcers.

    It’s great


    it’s pretty good, i like it although since my dad is home most likely i’m gonna eat soon and my dad is gonna take over the comp meaning i’ll prolly be back after the game finishes and luckily perhaps a bit before


    about going deep i understand that marcum can go about 6 most of the time and that marcum has done good last season and this season however, i still believe that marcum needs to prove himself for the rest of the year like mcgowan does. We would be only truly be able to make this decision at the end of the season.


    do the others usually come on during this time or do they usually come on here later



    How long have you been a blue jays fan. I think it’s great, by the way, to have young guys like yourself post here. So keep it up.


    I think most will be back on, when they realize the sites back up-it was down for quite some time


    thanks i’ve been a jays fan since the year halladay won cy yound so 2003 and thanks plus i’m not that young


    baker is trying to pitch away to lyle but i think lyle is pretty good at hitting pitches away from him and i love it that the jays are getting into full counts against this guy


    i don’t like saying my age on the internet cause of internet stalkers and it’s not safe i’m just gonna say i’m old enough to watch most movies. i like the fact that he threw 20 pitches the only thing is that if we don’t get hits it doesn’t matter if the bullpen comes out during the 6th
    and the 3 outs were pretty good since most of them were pitches up the middle and were line out or fly outs


    This just final, Texas 2, Seattle 1. Also Chicago beat Detroit in game 1 of a doub. header. Other important games include BOS v Cle, NYY v. Cle, CWS v Det game 2, Sea v Tex game 2. Also LAA v Oak and Bal v TB.


    the good thing about mcgowan is that he hasn’t given up any pitches in the middle or belt high and when he is giving up runners he is giving them up with 2 outs altough it would be preferable that he didn’t let anyone on bse


    thanks for the update khoenig mcgowans pitch count is high too and i don’t like that 33 in 2 innings isn’t good and he has allowed 15 or more so far. Hopefully he will settle down.


    i didn’t mean that u were a creep but some others are and it’s just not safe

    how old are you i don’t want a number just something that would tell me ur age in approximate figures


    That’s right and toronto fans are always the best, cause they are the most passionate


    baker 6 pitches for 2 outs i am worried now, not only his pitch count is getting low but we aren’t getting hits


    it should but he is giving more than 15 that was my point and baker 30pitches 2 innings no hits or walks. Seems like baker likes facing the jays


    no worries Jordan and keep up the GREAT work. I love reading ur comments. Ur wife is pretty funny tell her harry potter said hi


    GOOD BOY HARRY i’m sure khoenig08 is ok but you should never give out your age.

    Hey guys Baker has a no hitter going opps not suposed to mention that are you LOL.

    blue jays bats I hope they didin’t lose them again

    What is gibbons trying to do to wells leave him in one spot like the 4 hole for awhile.


    22 strikes and 16 balls that’s not the usual mcgowan atleast he isn’t giving up too many hits or giving them a big inning


    i fell wells should either be 1st or 3rd or 5th i don’t think he is the 4th guy and if i were to keep him it would be 1st and johnson at 9th


    its good to get harry on here we need some good baseball chatter (considering we have about 6 regulars)


    ops did I do that.

    khoenig08,Why would you say something like that I have a family 5 kids and lots of grandkids,nobody said you were a creep and why ask somebodys age in the first place,He just got his harry potter book that sort of tells a story he never should have said anything about the book.


    That book is bigger than all of us,


    BIG FRANK im close boys im close.



    You are some fresh air on here. I like what you wrote and said it is good to disagree, no problem with that here. Who wants everyone agreeing on everything. If a good leader surrounds himself with a bunch of yes men, what good is he. He’ll be leading nothing. Have to go folks, training for the Chicago marathon. My knee is feeling good. Let’s hope the Jays get to .500, for some reason people on here think I hate the Jays. There is only 1 team and 1 team I don’t like at that is the Mets.


    khoenig08, I’m sure you have bosoxbrian’s back (in more ways than one, I’m sure!! HA! HA!) I’m sure, both you guys like those hard hits (HA! HA!) What are you guys boyfriend-and-boyfriend? No one should give their ages out when freaks like bosoxbrian, and khoenig08 are trolling the blogs. What a couple of perves!!!! LOL!!!!


    this is where the ignoring part i talked about comes in

    and yes i’m back good to see that people agree and are happy to see me.

    i’m happy to talk to u too

    now howcome there are only 11 comments in 1 hour when there is a game going on that’s not enough.

    So i don’t understand why Vernon was thanked and so on someone care to explain to me


    never mind it’s cause wells homered and i garry i feel that the age i revealed is fine and i’m sure that noone will be able to track me down. Trust me on that


    i’ll be on here now for most/every night and ofcourse one can never be too sure on being tracked however jays fans are good people and i trust u all to a limit nevertheless i trust all (most) of you


    Dustin seems to have settled down 88 pitches 6 innings is good i think he might make it through the 8th if the next inning goes smoothly then probably accardo if we don’t score or janessen and accardo if we don’t score and they do. Or someone else like tallet if we do score and they don’t score. Hope u ain’t confused


    yes that double play did help alot but i don’t know if it was a simple one or a double play with crazy defence


    baker 80 pitches that good and that’s why i said that we need to get runs and if possible get him into pitch count trouble


    it sounded like a pretty easy dp on the radio, except for McGowan who had to cover 1st. Harry i found a way to listen to the game on radio online if you want to know


    i got access to fan 590 don’t worry i prefer to watch it on gameday i like it better
    thanks for asking nice of you


    mcgowan seems to do better as the day progesses although today he isn’t throwing as hard he is throwing 86 mph right now while ball has little break is it just fatigue or is something wrong or is he just throwing changeu-ups or something


    no worries he just threw a 94 to white it’s just seems like mcgowan has matured alot now since he now relies on his fastballs less and location and mixing of pitches more however he still throws with speed except a couple of miles taken off the pitch. I like that


    do u think dustin will stay to pitch in the 8th he’s thrown a 100 pitches. What would u do with ford and punto the bottom 2 coming up.

    i would keep mcgown until punto then take him out when castillo comes cause he is switch


    i would still keep him for punto dustin’s done a good job he deserves to pitch if he wants plus this way he gets more experience late inning close games yes 3-0 is still close can easily be overcome in 1 or 2 swings


    Well in a way gibbons is right u don’t want to tire him. oh well send out janessen then cause this is a close game unless keep league to see if he has improved and bring janessen in the first sign of trouble


    good game for hill 2 doubles in 1 night this run could really come in handy plus i hope gibbons doesn’t move him tomorrow


    Hill looked like he was crying instead of running the fool.

    Iwatch the games on tv with no sound and I like it that way.

    harry that thing with senigod and bosox is a carry over from the boston blog and the yankees blog pay them no mind we dont.


    great job mcdonald this is a huge run for us now we have a good enough lead and now i would bring out league intead of janessen


    i agree sometimes watching games with no sound is better but i like jamie and whoever else the other is however i hate the other commentators


    can u guys believe it that mcdonald has hit 10 doubles this season and hill 30. If hill can continue he might be able to reach the 40 mark also kohen what happened to u dude u nolonger seem to post for the last few innings


    seems like gibbons heeded my advice and decided to keep mcgowan in i think that was a good move give the youngster some experience and see how many pitches he is capable of


    and correct again they bring out mcgowan when castillo comes up although i was hoping it would be league


    what is the ump doind calling that a ball that pitch was belt high almost right down the middle this wasn’t even borderline (it was the first pitch thrown by janessen)


    For once gibbons did the right thing as soon as someone gets on take him out and a pat on the back for McGowan he did a great job tonight clap clap clap.


    yes i agree mcgowan deserves a standing ovation
    finally someone posts i was getting bored on here all by myself comeon more people get on here


    i was just playing around with gameday and i just noticed sofar rios hasn’t had a ball hit towards him in fair ground


    Mcgowan had a great outing didn’t he.

    Boston’s leading 1-0 in the btoom of the 7th. Go Boston.

    They win and we finish off here and we’re 8 games back i nthe wild card.

    Definatly going in theright direction


    wow neshek is throwing real wind otherwise he is one of the best the twins have gotten. Walks rios on 4 pitches and u should have seen his pitch spread on how he walked overbay hiliarious


    i don’t want boston to win cause if they loose and we win we are 1 step closer to getting AL east although i wildly doubt that is going to happen


    and vernon brings home 2 doing what he was brought here to do. Although now i think that we have a huge enough lead i was hoping that gibbons will try some new arms out like league


    and the big hurt not wanting to be shown down drives in vernon to show that he too has still got it


    Isin’t that strange bosox goes out to pratice and the blog has no posters are they all in the marathon????



    oh yes i was just wondering why khoen and others haven’t posted either oh well still have to give them the benefit of the doubt unless the proof is clear


    well he got mauer and pitched excellent to hunter all of them strikes and with alot of break or PFX (no clue what that is)


    well brandon is making good pitches however the twins are catching up to them. Perhaps he doesn’t have his best stuff but he did just return i think we need to give him some time


    What do you think about that were at 500 this team can play when they want I said 18 out of 25 go jays I’m going to watch barry bonds tonight its 8:00pm here and 10:00pm where you guys are so its not to late for me.


    Did you guys watch Brandon?

    He might still be 5 mph down on his fastball, but that 93 mph slider is not hitable


    Boston wins-were 8 back. Let’s hope both Toronto and Boston win tommorrow.

    Then we place the CWS and Tampa-finally some let up in the schedule for our guys.

    We might even get on a run.


    Jays pitching has been out of this world. Very impressive for sure. At .500 and that is a good thing of course. I don’t see the Jays getting the W.C., the Yankees right now would have to be the team for the W.C. but there is alot of baseball to be played. Look at last year in the Central Division, Twins never led until the final day when it mattered the most.


    gusmner–You actually acted like a human as well. Congrats to you. I am impressed. One thing don’t include me with sentinel. He was called out by Ian on the Sox blog. If you ever met Ian, which I have he is a very nice guy. I introduced myself to him in Fort Myers and he said thank you for logging on and without us the fans he wouldn’t have anyone. Very impressive individual and he is genuine for sure.


    hey bosox

    I don’t think anyone has any problems with you posting here providing you respect our posters, our team and our team’s management.

    When you come on and bash our guys and persist in the personal attacks, the inuendos and insults, everyone here has a problem with that. If you continue with that approach, you have to expect reprecussions.

    Hey, when we play Boston,, different issue. Come on over and we’ll bash each others team-no problem. That’s ok.

    I hope Sentinel reads the same message. I also think if you took the same approach I’m suggesting to you on the NY site-your problem with Sentinel would go away.

    Now, for The Blue Jays whip the Indians tommorrow night.

    So I hope you and Sentinel both hear my message.


    Hey not bad for two kid starters, a kid 8th inning guy and a kid closer-huh?

    Imagine this pitching staff next year with Ryan back in the pen, and Accardo, Jannsen and League for the 6th to 9th.


    I don’t have respect for your g.m. You know that already and that is my opinion. That is what this is all about, OPINIONS. Jordan would verify that for sure. I don’t want to here about personal attacks anymore from you or me. Let it go gsumner. Please. It is all in the rearview mirror on my end and I hope your end. Sentinel is the problem no doubt. Do not include me with him. You are way off on that one. Ian Browne called him out on the Sox blog. That speaks volumes for sure. I have written some stuff just like you have and garryguy on here. We were wrong for sure. Jordan does a great job on here and I enjoy reading his stuff and I enjoy chatting about baseball with anybody as long as they bring it strong, there opinions that is. We agree and that is nothing but a great thing. I will never have a problem with disagreeing, never have and never will.


    Hey, we do have a nice part of the schedule coming up.

    3 in Chicago

    3 in Tampa

    Texas here for 3

    NY-here for 3-hopefully they slow down by then

    4 in Kansas City

    then home for 9 games-Baltimore, LA and Oakland

    We might be able to make up some ground over the next month.


    Jays have a chance to win 85 and that is about it. Close out the year strong and maybe a little mo for 08. J.P.’s job will be on the line in 08 and if Gibbons is back his job will be as well.



    I understand your feelings about Riccardi, but when you’re on here, if you want to be treated like others-you should keep that opinion to yourself. You don’t see Toronto fans on your site beating up Francona or Epstein. You can beat them up-as a fan that.s your privelege. Besides you’ve already expressed it plenty of times-so just forget about it.

    And leave the rest in the rear view mirrow.

    One thing-please understand, as you saw tonight we have a lot of youngsters on here, so be cautious and not bring it strong. Let them grow to become great fans like we are.

    Don’t bow them over-know what I mean?

    Now, beat those Indians one more time.


    Epstein has made mistakes but he had his hand in the 2004 World Series championship. You can’t compare J.P. to Epstein. J.P. had a chance to be Sox g.m. but took his name out of the running very early. Amen for that. Francona I like, he handles all the different personalities very well. Not easy in that Boston clubhouse with that payroll. Epstein fell in love over the winter and got married twice, once to his wife and the other time to Mrs. J.D. Drew. His mind was lost on that one. Obviously doesn’t bother the team because of there great record.

    Don’t uderestimate someone by there age gsumner. I here you though.


    If you spoke to anyone that knows if a baseball is white and that is most people I think would know that. Knew Drew was a TERRIBLE fit in Boston and I am not one that thinks just because Theo is a local guy and did such a great job in 04, that he deserves to have his you know what kissed. Call it the way I see it. Same people that get credit should get the blame when they lose. I don’t think you can pick and choose on that one and I think alot of people do for some reason.


    well, I’m glad you’re finally listening to my message.

    I like Francona, I have no idea how he handles some of those personalities-but he does a good job.

    So whatta ya think of the Ynaks run-did you see that football score?


    Well, no ones perfect. The best signings Epstein did was to not sign Damon, and leave Shilling till the end of the year.

    I’m sure you respect him for those two decisions.


    They let Damon go because the Yankees gave him 52 million. Sox offer was 40 million for 4 years. Schilling I wonder if he will be back, we’ll see how it ends this year with him. Whoever did sign him for 08 would be getting a guy that would be very motivated to pitch. To stick it to the Sox, if he was on someone else.


    Yankees are on a roll. They are 11-3 since the break. You knew they would get hot, I wonder if they can sustain it because of that bullpen. That pen they have is awful. They walk too many guys, over worked out there.


    now this here is what baseball fans are for. I told you to give bosox another shot. this is where baseball starts and ends without us there would be no baseball


    i think that if the yankees are to meet another hot team right now they would loose. it’s just that simple cause pitching wins ball-games and yanks don’t have that. (sorta like best offence is defence)


    bosox brian I belive ***** directed that comment about the dog and mother at you I’m sorry he came on our site and made that remark about you I don’t think you would make a remark like that.

    I’m with gsumner lets all tone it down and have fun.and as for s-god and *** well you know.


    i personally think that schilling should retire however if he does comeback he should stay with the sox but i’m not too knowledgeable on that issue


    I didn’t get to watch the game tonight but just checked out the box score . Nice job by McGowan and the rest of the Jays. Have a great evening all and take care .GOOOOO JAYSSSSSSSSSSSSS


    Yankees have a good rotation but that pen needs to be addressed for sure. Dotel, whover they could get. Torre wears out the grass at the various stadiums around.


    there are a few people that do not deserve to be here and if ignored they would go away


    Garry-that comment did not come from bosox-it came from *****.

    Bosox, is trying to turn a new leaf here


    any of u watch the jays post game show? and i don’t think yanks have good rotation could someone post numbers of clemens?


    I wonder if Schilling will be back for 08 in Boston. I think it depends on how it finishes and if he pitches well. He is looking for a 1 year deal for 12 or 13 million. He came into camp back in Feb around 265 to 270, according to reports. I wonder why he has a bad shoulder. He spent too much time on his business.


    yes-their bullpen is weak, I think soemtimes torre wishes he could pitch.

    It will be their downfall in the end


    Man shilling’s getting old, you guys have a lot of options in AAA. Id be surprised if you resigned him


    Clemens on the road this year has gotten smoked. Last night was his best start on the road. Clemens at home has been solid. Wang, Clemens, Mussina, Pettie, 5th spot is bad but that pen is bad.


    Harry you can check all the stats on the Yanks by going to their site, click on roster and then click on the guy you want to check out


    I wonder how much per win, its going to end up costing NY for Clemons. Should be about 2 million, I think.


    If I had to take a guess right now Schilling is gone and will be wearing a new uniform in 08. Blue Jays? You never know, for 1 year I would do it.


    the thing is clemens is only good for half, wang is the most steady and mussina and petite are getting too old, they don’t rely on power they rely on loaction which isn’t always bad but u need some cannons too



    Did you see the slider Brandon haqs developed this year.

    93 mph and late break. Reminds me of Randy’s slider from the right side. Unhittable


    also all the old guys in yanks can’t go long and bullpen ***** leading to a bad roatation

    schilling is too costly for the jays and we have cheaper options available that might be better


    we’d never sign Shilling-our starting rotation for next year already looks a bit stuffed


    Pettie and Mussina know how to pitch. Mussina to me is getting old fast. He was never a great pitcher anyway, solid but not great. I like Pettie alot, you need that lefty in that rotation at Yankee Stadium.


    i don’t think that the jays should make any moves now and they should wait till offseason


    actually i think the way jays have been pitching we don’t need to go out of our way and take out a guys just cause we need a lefty. I would hate that.


    You can never have enough pitching. Ask Boston, Arroyo for Willy Mo Pena. Bad move by Theo, never liked that deal. Arroyo belonged playing in Boston, a fan favorite, he will never have to pay for a drink there.


    even if i do give u petite then 21/2 pitchers just don’t cut it to make the playoffs


    Ya that was a strange deal wasnt it. I like Willy tho, but I think you just need to keep putting him out there and let him make mistakes till he gets it.

    He hit a HR here which was likely the longest home run in center field ever-and for sure if not that, the longest Ive ever seen.

    Must have been a 460 footer and on a rope


    The Yankees starting pitching never has to great because of that insane lineup. Cashman needs to save his job and he needs to do something with that pen. Farnsworth is terrible, he has a bad contract as well so the Yankees will have to eat part of that deal.

    I like Hinske in Boston, Jays are paying most if not all of his contract. He has done well in Boston and has some big hits this year. His numbers don’t show it but he has come up big a few times. Great catch in r.f. one night as well to save a few runs late in that game.


    He smoked that one off of Gustavo Chacin back in May. Gus owns the Sox for some reason, Lilly did as well.


    I think most Jays fans hope Hinske does well, we just liked Rios more. Hinske never did equal his rookie year-I don’t know if theguy stopped working or what happened.And we are paying 50% of his salary.

    Do you think Epstein will re-sign him


    i think hinskie deal was stupid, he is a very flexible player and valuable lefty and yes the best yanks have got is proctor who to me isn’t good


    Willy Mo Pena needs to play every day. He is not meant to come off the bench, some guys can and some can’t. Pena could be one of the strongest guys in the game.


    Yes, it was off of Chacin. You know, Ive wondered why Lilly and Chacin have done so well against your guys as well. Maybe its just because of Ortiz.


    although i said that rios is certainly better but i would have liked hinskie on bench


    How abouy Hinski JP gave him a 5 year deal 2 years before he had to now we pay him to play in Boston,bad deal,koski very bad deal names may not be spelled right,Burnett we don’t know yet so far he has not hurt himself.

    Bonds birthday today a player I like.


    Proctor will be throwing lefty in the next year or so. I bet Torre calls him in to pitch when he is at home watching t.v.


    maybe chacin does good against sox altough we can’t keep him just for that reason and stats aren’t always for sure cause chacing might do really bad aginst sox next year


    Rios is one of my favorite players. One of the nicest guys you would want to meet as well. You want your kids to emulate him for sure.



    personally, I like either Stairs or Lind to fullfill that role over Henske.

    Did Barry hit one tonight yet?


    Gustavo does well vs Boston. He is still young. The Jays obviously were not too happy about him when he got arrested for drunk driving back in March. You don’t want your players out at 3:30 a.m. Never a good thing. Bad karma for sure.


    In a year or so, Rios could be a strong MVP candidate the way he’s growing.

    I think being in the HR derby helped him a lot


    I hope Bonds didn’t but he will eventually. Get it over with and then he can retire at the end of the year hopefully. See ya to Bonds after this season, I wish and hope.


    Yes, it must be something to do with your cops down there. Tony LaRussa got nabbed as well.


    Jays are paying Hinske’s salary which is around 5 million, his contract is up after this year.


    almost winning the hr derby certainly helped him but it also give him respect from others around the league. Most don’t even know him now they do


    You don’t mess around here. They put themselves in that though. Nobody to blame but themselves. Chacin was out at 3:30 a.m. in umfamiliar area, not smart.


    Bonds, sure has no friends does he.

    Although, I’m not sure if A-Rod breaks the record he’ll have many either.


    gsumner I have said 10 times now that ***** made that comment not bosoxbrian please read my post.


    A-Rod will be loved if he breaks the record because nobody wants Bonds to be the H.R. king. Who does in this world? Not me.


    A-Rod does play cheap for sure. Yelling it’s mine vs Tor, that is bad and low in my book.


    it certainly is low but he too deserves another chance and i’m sure he won’t do that again.


    A_rod will get payback for that and for some of the other stunts he’s pulled. I think a lot fo teams are gunning for him-in a subtle way-not too obvious.

    But you are right, no one wants Bonds to hold the record


    I am out folks, see ya. Good talk about baseball and that is what it is all about.


    Come back any time Brian. Hey beat the Indians for us tommorrow would ya.

    Yes, its late here too; so I’m out of here.


    I think it is funny that a smaller market team is paying for part of Hinske’s salary. You don’t see that too much if at all. Hinske’s contract is up after this year so he’ll be on someone’s else’s roster next year. He has played a good role in Boston this year, corner outfielder and both 3b and 1b as well. Fans do like him up there. Hard to believe he won rookie of the year, it seems like a long time ago.

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