Game 108: Rangers at Blue Jays pregame

Texas (48-60) at Toronto (53-54)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Frank Catalanotto, LF
Ian Kinsler, 2B
Michael Young, SS
Marlon Byrd, CF
Jason Botts, DH
Nelson Cruz, RF
Jarrod Saltalamacchia, 1B
Gerald Laird, C
Ramon Vazquez, 3B

PITCHING: RHP Kevin Millwood (7-9, 5.95 ERA)

Reed Johnson, LF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Alex Rios, RF
Troy Glaus, 3B
Vernon Wells, CF
Frank Thomas, DH
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Roy Halladay (11-5, 4.04 ERA)

NOTES: As you’ve likely read in multiple places, Toronto designated SS Royce Clayton for assignment, which means the club has 10 days to either trade, release or reassign the 37-year-old infielder. To take his spot on the roster, Toronto purchased the contract of infielder Ray Olmedo, whose primary position is short, but who can fill in occasionally at second base and third. … RHP A.J. Burnett will indded make a Minor League rehab start on Monday with Triple-A Syracuse, who will be visiting Ottawa. Burnett will only make one rehab start before being activated from the DL for Toronto’s upcoming series in Kansas City. He’ll take the ball on eiter Saturday (Jesse Litsch’s day) or on Sunday (Josh Towers’ day). Toronto hasn’t decided whose spot Burnett will take, yet. … Prior to the game, the Jays announced that they claimed INF Hector Luna off waivers from Cleveland. No word yet if he’s reporting to Toronto or Triple-A. … At the ballpark on Friday was former Jay John Mayberry, who spent the 1978-82 seasons with Toronto. Mayberry was on had for the Jays’ Flashback Friday promotion. … Also, for those in the comment field who were batting around the idea of Reed Johnson moving to short, it ain’t happening. But, along those lines, it will be interesting to see what the club does this offseason to make room for Adam Lind.

entering Friday
1. Boston 66-42 (–)
2. New York 58-50 (8)
3. Toronto 53-54 (12.5)
4. Baltimore 50-57 (15.5)
5. Tampa Bay 41-66 (24.5)

entering Friday
1. Cleveland 61-47 (–)
2. Seattle 59-47 (1)
3. New York 58-50 (3)
4. Minnesota 55-52 (5.5)
5. Toronto 53-54 (7.5)

POLL: OK, so this isn’t baseball related, but my wife and I are contemplating going to see either The Simpsons Movie or Bourne Ultimatum this weekend, and undoubtedly we will see both in the coming weeks. So, my question is which should we see first this weekend? Simpsons Movie has been out for a little while, so I’m sure some of you have seen it. Bourne came out today I believe, so I’ll be impressed if there’s any reviews until later tonight. Thoughts?


My pick would be Bourne I’m an action nut so is my wife.

Although I’m a huge Simpsons’ fan, I really haven’t found the show to be as funny for several years now. So I guess I’d go for Bourne, but who knows? Maybe Matt Groening pulled out all the stops for the movie….

Hey Jordan, I saw the Simpsons movie yesterday and Bourne Ultimatum today. While I loved the simpsons movie…I was blown away with how awesome Bourne was. It wraps the whole series up nicely and the car chases alone are worth the price of admission.

Speed on the bases not much good [Rios] if you don’t know how to use it,A double play that never should have happend.

Hill best second baseman in the game today.

If Olmedo can insert his minor league stats into a major league roll we have a shortstop “But if he plays like he did in cinci.well Santos is waiting in the wings,I for one hope he makes it.
Can you imagine if you were a ball player and you were going to learn great moves from Johnny Mac it would have to be the thrill of a lifetime.

You have to choose Bourne. Love those movies. So much action and you have to love that.

Jays should sweep the hapless Texas Rangers. That is one team that is light years away from contending. There g.m. has done a poor job there. Trading away Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez, not too smart. Also signing Kevin Millwood to a 50 milion dollar deal over 5 years. Millwood never saw a buffet he didn’t like. Jays should score at least 25 runs this weekend.

Sounds like the Jays want to get Lind going everyday in 08. I hope the Jays don’t deal Johnson away, he is one of those guys you have to have on the team. You win with a guy like Reed Johnson. I don’t know this but I am willing to bet and say he is one of the more popular guys and one the most respected guys on that team. Just a hunch.


No way we deal Johnson; Lind will be the 4th outfielder in 2008.

I think the Rangers did well on the deals they did at trade deadline. It won’t help tem this year but it will in 2008-2009.

bosox You have to be right about Johnson he comes to the ballpark to play and play hard every day if the rest of the players played the way he does I dont think we would be at 500 today.

I think they are going to trade him this winter or is he a free agent????.

As a blue jay fan I want to see lind in left field and I want to keep Johnson but we can’t have everything.

Nice game tonight

Although, I must tell you guys, I tnink the batters know what Halliday is throwing. I’d like to see him pitch with Thigpen calling the game-there’s something wrong here and I’m not sure what it is.

Clearly, it’s un-Holiday like to continually give up runs in the first 2-3 innings-it’s like the batters know what’s coming.

When you review the pitches that break 6-10 inches-its almost unthinkable that guys can hit them as easly as they do. Theres sometihning wrong here and I have no idea wht it is.

Comments please!!!!!!


Johnson is not a free agent and there’s no way the Jays trade him.

The likely caee is both of them with Stairs gone.

Halliday has changed his style it will take time to perfect it,I bet by next year he will have it down pat and will be deadly cy young for sure he may still win it this year but it will be tough.

The bullpen did a good job again tonight it was a nice win.


I’m pretty sure Johnson is a free agent at the end of this season. TSN’s website seems to indicate he signed a one year contract at the beginning of this season:

Considering that he’s been injured this year and that 2006 was a career year for him (and maybe an anomaly), there’s no guarantee the Jays will resign Johnson. I personally hope they do, because he’s got a hustling attitude that the Jays sorely need and he’s also the closest thing they have to a lead-off hitter.

Read Johnson is not a free agent and legiable for free agency for about 3 more seasons…

So maybe he can’t change teams, but his contract is up for re-negotiation at the end of the year? If that’s so, the Jays can probably sign him for a reasonably cheap price, because injured players don’t usually demand much of a raise….

Johnson is probably arbritration eligible at the end of the year. He’ll get a raise if he is arbritration eligible, not a huge pay-raise but he’ll get one. Johnson is a pefect guy at the top of the order, nice on base % and he plays the game hard and all out.

And I just read the Jays dropped Howie Clark for Hector Luna. What’s with all this cycling through utility infielders? First Jason Smith, then Clark, now Luna and Olmedo? Aren’t all these guys pretty much the same player, or are the Jays just constantly looking for fresh blood and a hot bat?

Personally I don’t like this deal. Luna is a serious defensive liability with 21 errors in 83 games. He’s already 27 so, why dump Clark for this guy.


It does seem like an odd move, but I guess it had something to do with Clark slumping at the plate (he went 1 for 21 in July) and the fact that he’s no spring chicken himself (he’s 33).

That’s interesting about Luna’s errors this year. Maybe he’s been trying a new position? Because I checked his Major League stats, and he made only 22 errors in 243 career games. That’s not great, but definitely better than 21 errors in 83 games!

Maybe Olmedo’s supposed to be the defensive guy off the bench and Luna’s the hitter? I know that’s a stretch, but I guess in the long run it doesn’t really matter — they’re all pretty much the same kind of player.

Also, from the stats I’ve seen, looks like Luna has had better success hitting for a higher average in the Majors than Clark. He are his stats:

And I’m loving that I’m so desperate for Jays’ news that I’m dissecting the acquisition of a utility infielder….


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