Minor Melee

Well, I wanted to put it to bed, but the darn thing just won’t go to sleep! Jays pitcher Josh Towers hit Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez with a pitch in the third inning on Tuesday night, resulting in two bench clearings.

After Rodriguez was hit on the left leg, he started marching toward the mound while yelling at Towers. The Jays pitcher pointed to first base, telling A-Rod to take his base, but New York’s third baseman persisted. So, both benches emptied and so did the bullpens.

Toronto veteran Matt Stairs followed A-Rod down the first-base line and was being restrained by Andy Phillips. After things settled down and the players/coaches returned to the dugouts/bullpens, Rodriguez walked off first and started yelling at Towers again. Jays first baseman Lyle Overbay blocked his path, but both teams spilled onto the field a second time.

No one was ejected and the whole thing delayed the game about 10-15 minutes. Apparently, A-Rod had that whole May 30 incident fresh in his mind when he was hit. That was when he yelled while running around the basepaths, distracting Howie Clark and John McDonald on a routine ninth-inning would-be flyout.

On Monday, Toronto rookie Jesse Litsch threw a fastball behind Rodriguez’s legs in the second inning. After the game, Litsch said he didn’t mean to throw at A-Rod, and Rodriguez said he didn’t remember the pitch. Right. He seemed to remember it just fine when Towers hit him one day later.


Well, there’s no doubt Towers threw at A-Rod. Smart play Josh. The only question in my mind is did Gibby tell him to do it?

How smart would the move been if Rios had gotten hurt by Clemens? Not that we need the game or anything like that.

Likely Towers last statement in the majors.

With smart plays like that-good riddance!!!!!!!!

to bad the jays aren’t going to win the game it would have been better…remember the immortal words of jason varitek..”we don’t throw at 260 hitters”..hopefully someone on the jays will have a good quote to soften the blow of losing to the yanks again

I really don’t mind that Towers threw at Rodriguez….it just should have been done a series ago. Besides, Clemens is a veteran — there’s almost no way he hurts Rios on that pitch.

All in all, though, it’s the same old story — the Jays can’t win when it counts. Something isn’t right about this team and I think it goes a lot deeper than Gibbons…

It comes down to Wells, Glaus, Overbay, Zaun, Johnson, Lind when he was here, Hill to an extent, and Thomas until very recently all being terrible at the plate. Offensive production from the shortstop slot wouldn’t be an issue if any of the other slots excluding Rios were producing anywhere close to normal.

I would ask the same question as gsumner: did Gibbons tell Towers to throw at A-Rod? It doesn’t seem to fit; what fits more is Towers thinking on his own, maybe also thinking it could be his last Majors game so he’s leaving with one last statement. However, it should have been done some time ago so everyone could get over it. That being said, A-Rod is a p@nsy and deserved it anyway. If anyone should do it, Towers is the fall guy.

Game is over and the WC is so far away. Gibbons or not, this team is not what I expected hitting-wise, and very satisfying pitching-wise. 2008 rotation: Halladay, McGowan, Marcum (play up that M&M thing, it’ll be corny), Burnett, and Litsch.


When A-rod comes up to bat tommorrow, we should be playing one of the Carpenters old songs. You know the one:

“its only just begun”. lol

If you go to sportsnet.ca, you’ll see a picture of Stairs looking to get at A-Rod. I gotta tell you, if it happened, I think I’d be betting on Stairs. Take a look at his eyes and let me know if you think the same. That and of course the sitting on the upper deck glaring at A-Rod. I think A-Rod was actually a bit concerned.

Yes, both Torre and Clemens are pro’s, Clemens was done anyway and Torre didn’t care because the game was already over.

Too bad our guys weren’t as smart.

And what is going on with Glaus? He was batting .296 on July 16th and now he’s at .253. That’s a drop of almost 50 points in less than a month. It’s like he gave up when the trade rumours got going.

And, Torgen, I completely agree with your assessment of the Jays’ lineup. Is anyone else wondering if last year was an aberration as far as offensive numbers go? Seems like a lot of Jays had career (Overbay, Johnson, Zaun) or near career years (Wells) last year, and now maybe they’re coming back down to earth?

I think everyone caught the flu, not just Wells.


Actually, Glaus’s career average is .253, Zaun is .255, Hill is .285, Wells is .285, Overbay is .287, Thomas is .303 and Johnson is .287.

I think what we’re seeing is guys getting their hits, but not necessarily in key moments to score runs or move runners along.

Overbea and Johnson are still recovering from their injuries, Hill and Rios are having remarkable years. Hill has only had two days off, so his average is a bit lower than expected-but power numbers are way up.

Finally Thomas is starting to be the treat we all thought he could be. Wells, I think is still carrying the weight of the heavy contract on his back and needs to relax and just play.

Clearly they missed Johnson as the lead off hitter. But, I just get the feeling that with all the injuries, the team just hasn’t jelled yet. It’s like theyre just coming out of spring training.

I think a lot of them are simply trying too hard. They all need to relax, enjoy and play the game.

Glaus’s average is the same, and his OBP is roughly the same, but his slugging is fifty points down from last year, and he’s a guy who’s in the lineup for his slugging. It would be really annoying if his heel problem was not compatible with the fieldturf like his knee problems apparently were, and we had to trade him to somewhere with a natural surface in the offseason. We’d be looking for a third baseman in a free agent market that might have A-Rod in it. Not likely to be cheap, especially if we have to pick up some of Glaus’s $13M.


That’s exactly my point — if you look at the career averages of the guys I mentioned, they had career years last year.

Overbay: 2006=.312, career=.287

Zaun: 2006=.272, career=.253

Wells: .303, .285

Johnson: .319, .286

My point is that we were expecting a lot for this team to repeat their offensive numbers from last year, because a lot of them had career years in 2006. This year these guys have been slumping, which shows the Jays might have overpaid a bunch of guys who haven’t yet shown a lot of consistency.

I’m hoping they bounce back in 2008, but maybe everyone was jumping the gun at the beginning of this year in saying this team was going to be an offensive juggernaut.

I dunno. I’ve been up for way too long writing a paper, I’m not sure I’m making a lot of sense anymore….

Overbay’s BA was a littke up last year, but his OBA and SLG weren’t too far out of line compared to his 2004 numbers.
The interesting stat for Johnson last year was his OBA, which was inflated by getting hit by pitches. His BA was also up, largely because he was legging out bunt singles.

The only year Wells had a worse OBA was 2002, and his slugging was better than this year; the only time his slugging was worse was 2001, and his OBA was better, but he didn’t have that many at-bats that year anyways. His numbers last year look a lot like his numbers from 2003, so it can hardly be called a fluke. Plus, his April numbers looked a lot like his numbers from last year–it wasn’t until he missed those games in late April/early May with flu-like symptoms that everything came down.

For Zaun you could make a case for last year being a career year slugging-wise, but his OBA is down from what it’s been for the last three years.

Litsch was accidental, Towers was on purpose for sure. At least Towers had the guts to hit him early in a close game instead of waiting for the 7th in a blowout like Clemens. Although Towers ***** as a pitcher, gotta give him respect for finally hitting A-Rod.

Let’s hope this thing is finally settled. Although I wouldn’t mind throwing at A-Rod again in a Jays’ blowout lol

haha…gsumner’s raised a great idea. We’ve all heard of Celebrity Deathmatch, now comes Athlete Deathmatch: pitting rivals one-on-one, or entire teams in a brawl. I’d totally bet on Stairs, he’s got the East coast in him. Who wouldn’t like to see Marcum bring out his inner Bulldog?

Fat Matt Stairs is a waste of human sperm!!!


I’ll post this to you, so Jordon doesn’t have too. That kind of comment has no place on this board.

Gosh I cant believe that snuck out… What was I thinking? Humm

rcolson-well we do make allowances for Yank’s fans. I noticed you posted in a similar fashion on the Yanks blog-that’s probably where those types of posts belong.

You are absolutely correct!! I will not venture north of the border again…as long as you keep you little fat matt.


Hey you’re welcome here any time; we love to see Yankee fans defend Stray Rod. lol

Just clean up your comments-that’s all.

At least he plays with honor, unlike high paid, under class players from south of the border. We don’t mind if you don’t come back, in fact THANK YOU!

Sorry, should have put, SOME high paid, underclass players, Derek is pretty classy


well, at least what rdcolson could do is reserve any mention of the “s” word for Stray Rod-particulary after the shots seen in the New York papers after his last visit.

Its too bad I don’t curse and I am too much of a lady to tell you what I really think of A-Rod but the best part of him got flushed and the rest is still stuck in the sewer.

It is sad to see a team who once played with dignity and pride, now has to lie , cheat and steal plus try to hurt the opposing teams players to win a game . I for one hope the youth of this world do not want to emulate the current Yankees ( exception being Jeter) .

I am not saying what Towers did was right but it is about time the Jays took a stand . I do believe once a warning has been issued and a pitcher ignores that warning , he can be fined and suspended. Clemens did just that . We will see if he is punished as he should be or will it get overlooked like all of A-Rod’s antics

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