Congrats to Barry

All the controversies, scandals, allegations and investigations aside, I have to say "Congratulations" to Barry Bonds on finally becoming the new home run king. I’m glad I actually was able to witness homer No. 756 on Tuesday night, too. As I hammered out the stories for last night’s Jays/Yanks game, we had the TVs in the pressbox turned to the Giants game.

We all stopeed writing for a second to look up, watching the baseball fly off Barry’s maple bat and into the seats. It was nice to see Hank Aaron give a nice message over the video board, and it was great to see the record broken. I don’t care what many of you fans might think, and you’re entitled to disagree with me, but I’ve enjoyed watching Bonds throughout his career and I think it’s a no-brainer that he’s a Hall of Famer.

I’m not sugarcoating anything that Bonds may or may not have done, but his career speaks for itself. I’ve never seen another player take better advantage of that one good pitch he might see in an entire week than Bonds. In his prime, when teams would even walk Bonds with the bases loaded to avoid pitching to him, there was no one better at doing that.

And, it was just my luck that he accomplished the long-anticipated feat on Tuesday — the day that I released Bonds from my reeling fantasy team! Of course, I retool my roster, which has been nearly as decimated by injuries as the Blue Jays this season, and Mr. Bonds goes 3-for-3 and sets the all-time home run mark. Ah, well. What can you do?

Anyway, congrats to Barry on an amazing accomplishment.


**** that ****!******* cheater.

I hope he gets banned like Joe Jackson and Pete Rose.

Frankly, I have a hard time understanding why Barry Bonds is not given the same privilege as everyone else-meaning innocent until proven guilty.

All that’s proven is inuendo-no hard facts.

A lot of hall of fame pitchers had a history of doctoring up the ball. They were caught in the act multiple times-over and over again, but still went to the hall and no one questions their records.

Batters have been caught red handed with corked bats. Yes, they got fined-but it didn’t impact their entrance to the hall or their reputation.

Who can guarantee that hitters 30-40 years ago didn’t help their cause. Fact is we don’t know-we have no proof-just like we have no proof on Bonds.

Say what you want about Bonds, but the home run he hit for 756 was to me an exclamation mark on a phenomenal career-what was it 456 feet at age what??????

To do that under the pressure and scrutiny at his age shows he has been the real deal, or as close to it as we’ll likely see.

The fact is, regardless of power and or how he got it, he still had to square up the ball-and he did that 756 times.

Last night was embarrassing. I know Clemens brought what seemed to be his best pitching this year but the thing that is crushing Jays fans is there getting worse by the day. Its like the day off made Overbay and Glaus even worse. Now why dont they use Stairs until these guys get it back. I think platoon Stairs with Overbay and the odd day Glaus if thats possible until they get it back. Seems like Overbay needs to give his hand some time to heal more after his comments the other day about it bothering him. Ive had hand injuries and only time off will help it with excersize to strengthen it. Not hacking away at it like he is. Looks like Glaus and him are trying to get walked right not to avoid swinging in embarrasment. By the way I just found out that Accardo lives at my friends Condo and saw him in the hallway. Ill try to spark up a convo

First, every scientist I’ve heard interviewed has said that steroids help your hand-eye co-ordination.

They help you train to be stronger, which improves bat speed, which gives you the extra fraction of a second before you start your swing that is needed to see what kind of pitch is coming and if it’s a strike.

Secondly, our courts declare people “guilty” or “not guilty”. We don’t declare anyone “innocent”. In my opinion this makes “innocent until proven guilty” a giant load of ****. It’s more like “not guilty until proven guilty”, which is fine, Barry has not been proven guilty but he’s sure as **** not “innocent”.


What you say about the courts is accurate. However, where’s the proof?

The only thing we’ve been presented with is heresay-nothing else.

And also, show me proof that none of the other hitters over the last 30-40 years didn’t take something to improve their performance.

I cannot believe Gibbins would actually consider keeping Towers in the bullpen and sending either Frasor or Leagueback down.

Does Towers have something on him or what?

I cannot believe this man’s stupidity.

I was just listening to the fan (Prime time sports), an editor had mentioned that Bonds’ brass (what he wears on his right arm) may actually just be a mechanical device designed to assist bonds. First of all it allows Barry to stand closer to the plate thus allowing him to reach into the outer half of the plate with less effort, and secondly it appearantly it helps straighten his arm to give him more torque and some extra power. They also made the point that one of the reasons Barry didn’t take part in the home run derby (aside from the fact that he’s historically done poorly in them) is because he shouldn’t have a need to use that brass. (unless he uses it strictly to assist him in power.)

If Bonds is “not guilty ” , why is Anderson still sitting in a prison cell protecting him ?


Too bad none of the guys on the fan understand baseball, actually sometimes I wonder whether they understand any sports-particularly McGowan-who continually comes accross as a village idiot.

Bonds power,as all home run hitters does not come from straigtening his arms, it comes from his late release through the hitting area-much like a golf swing. The brass thing doesnt help a wrist **** or release so what they’re talking about is nonsens-like it usually is.


Why would Anderson be sitting in a jail cell-to help Bonds-I doubt it very much, but again that’s not proof of anything-just heresay.

Its not hearsay that Anderson is in prison and the reason he is there is because he refuses to answer questions about himself and Bonds . If they are innocent why not answer the questions? If he says Bonds used steroids then he himself is guilty of providing them and if he says Bonds is innocent and they find Bonds guilty then he has perjured himself . The truth shall set you free … if Bonds is innocent then why doesn’t Anderson say so. Why is he sitting in a jail cell ?

How do you know thats why he’s in prison? Providing steroids is not a crime-so why is he there?

Steroid Troubles
Anderson is alleged to have been the person who began providing Bonds with performance enhancing drugs in 1998. Before associating with Bonds, he was known as a local gym rat and was thought by the San Francisco Giants to be a steroids dealer. He was also linked in this regard to both Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield, through his connections with Bonds. Despite this information, the Giants, allegedly in order to appease Bonds, did not bar Anderson from Giants facilities. On July 15, 2005, Anderson, in a deal with federal prosecutors, plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute steroids and to money laundering[1]. On October 18, 2005, he was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston to four months of prison and four months home confinement with electronic monitoring and a levied a fine of $10,000.

Anderson and his steroid dealings are referred to in the book Game of Shadows, which documents the steroid use of many Major League Baseball players and other notable athletes.

Anderson was quoted saying “I’m glad I could help Bonds break the record, as soon as I get out of jail Barry has a fat pay check waiting for me.”

[edit] Further Legal Trouble

On July 5, 2006, Anderson was found in contempt of court by U.S. District Judge William Alsup for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating perjury accusations against San Francisco Giants’ player Barry Bonds. Bonds appeared before a grand jury investigating the BALCO steroids case in December 2003 and is reported to have denied knowingly using performance enhancing drugs [2]. Anderson, denied bail, was immediately sent to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California. Anderson’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said he would file an appeal based on his assertion that the subpoena to testify violated Anderson’s plea bargain agreement in the BALCO case [3].

On July 20, 2006, Anderson was released when the grand jury’s term expired without indicting Bonds. However, Anderson was immediately subpoenaed to testify before a new grand jury that will take up the case [4]. Anderson’s attorney, Mark Geragos, stated that Anderson will still refuse to testify, and on August 28, Anderson was again found in contempt of court and sentenced to prison

This is from one of your own quotable sources Wikipedia but they are numerous other sources

Please note he refused to testify about Bonds and went back to prison in august 2006 and he is still in prison . If Bonds didn’t take steriods why go to prison to prtotect him? Why not say he didn’t use steriods ?

Providing steroids is a crime if you are not licensed to practice medicine . He was a “trainer” not a physician

jordan i could not agree more with this blog. we see eye to eye on this issue

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