Three Jays Fined

On Thursday, MLB handed out its punishment to the Jays and Yanks for the bench-clearing incidents that happened in Toronto two nights ago. Matt Stairs, Josh Towers and third-base coach Brian Butterfield each were hit with fines by MLB vice president of on-field operations Bob Watson.

Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens, who intentionally hit Toronto’s Alex Rios with a 1-0 pitch during the seventh inning on Tuesday night, was suspended for five games and handed a fine. New York manager Joe Torre was suspended one game and fined as well. Also, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and coaches Larry Bowa and Tony Pena were fined.

The minor donnybrook began when Towers plunked A-Rod with a pitch in the third inning. The benches and bullpens cleared twice in the inning — once after the first hit-by-pitch, and again when Towers got into it again with A-Rod and Pena. During the on-field incident, Stairs had to be restrained by some Yankees near first base. I’m not clear on what Bowa or Butterfield did, but apparently it was enough to warrant fines.

Then again, maybe it wasn’t. What are your thoughts on the fines and suspensions? Obviously, Clemens hitting Rios came after both clubs were issued warnings, so he was going to get hit with the hardest penalty. It wasn’t as clear if Towers’ pitch that hit A-Rod was intentional or not.

FYI: I’m not making the trip to Kansas City this weekend. So, no pregame blogs, but I’ll update here and there throughout the series, I’m sure. I’ll be back to the regular blogging routine during the next homestand in Toronto. — JB


The blue jays are such a bunch of babies.All this over “The Hey game. Come on! All they did was embarass them selves.

Last night Minn announcers said it was about time bluejays stood up for themselves . That A-Rod belittled the Jays when he made the phoney mine call basically saying “who are you “. I agree they needed to stand together but now they will pay the price. A-Rod’s interview after Towers hit him said it all , he ( A-Rod ) will do anything to win the game. I am sure we will see more antics . How long before we see another inury like the one Mientkiewicz suffered. Baseball is not a true contact sport, this is not football

Actually, the plays that could have led to injuries were the hard slides into 2nd base by the Yanks. I don’t think either pitch from Towers or Clemens were meant to injure-just make a statement. Hard slides are part of baseball, but these were a bit more than that.

In last nights game, I felt the Yanks were nervous about payback. It appeared to me that both Deiter and Cano got out of the way quicker than normal. I would expect payback for these slides sooner of later. I don’t think I’d like to be A-Rod if Matt Stairs or Greg Zaun slide into 3rd base.

I think the thing that’s the most disturbing about the whole affair was A-Rod’s perfomance that started the whole thing. We were in the 9th, the Yanks were leading by 2 or 3-there was no need.

This is a guy that is the best player in baseball and one of the best all-time. You’d never see a similar unsportsman like action from Wayne Gretsky, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon or any other sports superstar.

Of course, you’d never catch them taking a lady of the evening to their hotel room either.

A-Rod’s got more than one coming to him and the Jays aren’t the only team gunning for him. Sooner or later he’ll get his. I hope Canseco’s new book buries him as deeply as Canseco states it will. Go Jose!!!

You are right gs , I meant to include the slides into second base as reference for the comment about Mientkiewicz. A-Rod is the most talented person in baseball but he abuses not only other teams with his antics but his own team with his demeaning behaviour. I can’t give a person like that any respect , he hasn’t earn it and he certainly doesn’t give it.
Jordan , I don’t quite understand the Butterfield-Bowa fines either but maybe they were at each other over the aggressive slides…just a thought

finally back home,

seems like i missed alot i read a bit about the jays and yanks clearing the benches but i had no clue why although i did suspect that a-rod had something to do with it.

nice to see more people posting on here.

Did the jays make any trades/sign someone.

Also the 15 run game should help the jays and jumpstart their offence again. I don’t know wat’s wrong with halladay but he just isn’t the same this year.

Larry Bowa was fined I believe because he came charging out onto the field after A-Rod was hit and he looked ready to throw punches. I assume Butterfield was fined for his comments after the game about the Yankees.

Robinson Diaz’s torrid hot start at Syracuse is continuing. He’s now played in 13 games since being called up from New Hampshire as a replacement for Thigpen.

In 47 at bats his average is .362 with 9 RBI’s and he’s only struck out 3 times. Nice contact hitter.

Thank you ukgocats.I am surprised that Butterfield could get fined for his opinion but hey this is baseball.

I highly doubt any major league player would be concerned about having matt stairs slide into them. Matt Stairs?????? How many teams has he played for?? Cant seem to stick anywhere for more than a year, sign of a good player I would guess.


Prima donna’s like A-Rod would be extremely concerned about Stairs. He is one tough hard nosed player. How many teams he’s played for is irrevelant.

rdcolson-one last point

Just to set the record striaight, Matt Stairs hits for a better average and has hit more Hr’s this year than either Giambi, Abreau or Damon.

You guys pay the 3 of these clowns over $52 million this year or an average of $17 miilion plus each.

We pay Stairs $850,000.00 this year.



Not going to K.C. in August, why is that? That is one of the worst places to be in August, it almost makes Florida feel cool. lol…..You escaped K.C. in August, lucky guy.

Good too see the Jays go after A-Rod and stick up for themselves. Never back down from anyone, you show me a team that backs down and I will show you a team that is going nowhere.

What did Butterfield say after the game? I didn’t here, Butterfield’s father was a executive in the Yankee organazation back in the early 80’s. Let me know what Butterfield said if anyone can. Royals have been playing better and K.C. is brutal in August.

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