Game #113: Yanks at Jays pregame

New York (63-50) at Toronto (56-56)
at 7:07 p.m. ET at the Rogers Centre

Today’s lineups:

Melky Cabrera, CF
Derek Jeter, SS
Bobby Abreu, RF
Jorge Posada, C
Hideki Matsui, LF
Jason Giambi, DH
Robinson Cano, 2B
Wilson Betemit, 3B
Andy Phillips, 1B

PITCHING: RHP Chien-Ming Wang (13-5, 3.49 ERA)

Matt Stairs, LF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Alex Rios, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Frank Thomas, DH
Troy Glaus, 3B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
John McDonald, SS

PITCHING: RHP Roy Halladay (12-5, 4.13 ERA)

NOTES: Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was out of the lineup due to a sore left leg — the result of the errant pitch from Josh Towers that set off two bench clearings on Tuesday night. … Blue Jays third base coach Brian Butterfield voiced his disaproval for the hard slides by Shelly Duncan in the fifth inning on Tuesday and Johnny Damon in the fifth on Monday. Jays infielders McDonald and Hill weren’t as upset over the minor incidents. … Toronto manager John Gibbons hinted that RHP Josh Towers could be moved to the bullpen to clear room in the rotation for RHP A.J. Burnett this weekend. This could mean the upcoming departure for either RHP Jason Frasor, RHP Brandon League or RHP Brian Wolfe. Frasor and League appear to be the most likely candidates to be demoted.

entering Wednesday
1. Boston 68-45 (–)
2. New York 63-50 (5)
3. Toronto 56-56 (11.5)
4. Baltimore 52-59 (15)
5. Tampa Bay 42-70 (25.5)

entering Wednesday
1. Detroit 63-49 (–)
2. New York 63-50 (0.5)
3. Seattle 61-49 (1)
4. Minnesota 57-55 (6)
5. Toronto 56-56 (7)



I cannot believe Gibbins would actually consider keeping Towers in the bullpen and sending either Frasor or League back down.

Does Towers have something on him or what?

I cannot believe this man’s stupidity.

Too bad A-Rod isn’t playing tonight, I think Stairs would love to slide into 3rd base.

Barry Bonds has the home run record and none of you bond crybabies can change that so shutup,

Tonights game has started out good tonight lets hope it stays that way just as I write this halliday who is pitchen like a #5 STARTER AS OF LATE gives up a two run shot.


Excuse me, but the interpretation of #’s is a part of what makes baseball great.

Cy Young has 511 wins, but Clemens is viewed as better.

Bonds may now have more home-runs but that doesn’t mean I have to crown him the HR king.

**** an argument can be made that Babe Ruth is the the King because he revolutionized the game, and hit his HR’s in less games/AB’s than Aaron. Or how about Sadahuro Oh the Japaneese legend who had 850+ HR’s? If we’re going on #’s alone he’s the king right?

And you’ll say Oh hit his against inferior pitching in Japan, and Rith didn’t face African-Americans but those would be statements of interpretation.

What I said about halliday I take back.

And robertlee I care not about your hatred for Bonds no matter what you say MLB will enter it in the books that he is the home run king until A-Rod hits more than Bonds did unless the babys sore leg keeps him from doing so-TOWER POWER.

hank aaron and his brother tommie hold the all time h.r. record for siblings, at 768 bonds only has the individual record not both of aarons all time records…another interpretation would be since bonds only broke the one record not both of aarons…hank is still the king…

It’s in the books.
The record is officially his.

But nowhere in the MLB rule book does it say that the guy with the most HR’s is “The King”. Like I said, part of what makes baseball great is the debate over the interpretation of the stats.

With my own eyes I can see that Barry’s head has grown, that’s not natural, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it changed because of drugs he was using to cheat, just like Sosa and McGuire’s bodies changed, Barry’s body changed.

I’m not disputing that the record is his, I’m saying I think he cheated and I therefore don’t have to respect his accomplishment, awknowledge it yes, respect it? no.


That was just plain stupid.

Last night Hank passed the home run title on to Bonds with his head held high why dont you do the same.

you to lee.

Yes, yes. The home run title.

Did I miss something?

Did Hank say “You’re better than me” or “You’re the king”?

Maybe I should go watch it again.


how rude are all americans like you I sure hope not.

Don’t be stupid and start that **** again.

there are a lot of rude americans ,sorry to say..look hank aaron is a class act…not even barry can take that away…most of us americans outside of s.f. don’t care about this record..but we have had it shoved down our throats. since it was, now all of us are going to have an opinion.most of us last night were probaly watching the m.l.b. team we support and were interrupted by all this nonsense…i listened last night to the end of the giants game,most left after bonds hit his h.r… boy, i call that loyalty to your team..not caring about if your team won only about a record?? that tells me a lot about the people who support barry…

There’s really is only 1 fact-Bonds hit 756.

Until any of you guys can provide proof that he cheated, and forget about inuendos or heresay-that is what the fact is-EOM. Deal with it.

Now about the Jays tonight-that is the level of intensity needed to win.

Tonight was the first night, I’ve seen The Jays play all year with intensity.

Let’s hope it continues.

The Babe will always be the king in home runs. The reason is the years he hit 45 and 50-he counted for about 20% of the home runs hit in those years-in all of baseball.

That is his legacy.

Roger Maris has his legacy.

Hank Aaron has his-and so does Bonds.

Deal with it

Hey guys-Lets talk about the Jays

Barry is a part of history

I don’t know about anyone else here, but I was impressed in how we trounced the Yanks tonight.

We came to play and we did with an intensity, I don’t think has existed until tonight.

We need to keep that level of intensity to keep in the race.


Yeah, the intensity was good.

What would be great? If they could bring it at that level more than once in a blue moon.

It’s frustrating to watch.

And it’s odd because individually these guys seem like intense guys.

Johnson? He’s intense

Rios? I’ve read articles saying he’s a bit too intense for his own good

Wells usually has a fire in his eyes he’s just so gifted he looks like he’s coasting.

Thomas, Glaus, Zaun, Stairs, Halladay . . . all these guys are individually intense but some how it just doesn’t translate.

Once again, the Jays score runs when Halladay pitches. Now for a week of lean.

Well the Wang went limp last night. He was due. Back to the “melee”. I dont defend Arod at all. I wish they would trade him and get some players for him. I do have issues with Towers. Please correct me if I am wrong but didn’t the Jays and Yanks play a series in NY after the “I got it incident”?? Thats when the pay back should have been. I am also curious to why it took two different nights to do it in Toronto as well. I think Arod is not a true Yankee but if you are gonna give him a pay back do it correctly and get it over with. Clemens doesn’t mess around that way. He may get suspended and rightfully so but he is old school.

There was speculation that the team was warned not to retaliate during the series in NY, but that’s obviously not something they would talk about.

In the NY series the teams had been warned and I am not so sure Towers didn’t initially act on his own, (maybe to make up for his outburst a few weeks ago). It seemed to surprise several of his teammates. What I find amusing is A-Rod sat yesterday out because of his “injury” yet Rios who got hit by a harder pitch and in a worse place ( when your back hurts everything hurts), played in yesterdays game. Even the reporters commented A-Rod had no problems running to the waiting bus after yesterdays game, refusing to answer questions. It makes you wonder if A-rod’s injury is like his supposed “strained” hamstring where he only missed one game. I have played sports all my life , you don’t come back from that in one game. Maybe he likes to garner the sympathy vote or just thrives on the attention
It will be interesting to see if Clemens does get a suspention as the rules dictate or if it will get overlooked

As for Matt Stairs, I wouldn’t want to tangle with him …lol… He may be short and compact but he is all muscle. This is a guy who plays ball all season and hockey in the off season . He was on the 1988 Canadian Olympic Team ( Seoul, Korea) plus played in the World Amateur Championships , was named to the World All Star team and played in the World Baseball Classic as the DH . This is a guy who is no slouch

If the teams where warned about retaliation and Towers took it on his own to throw at A-Rod then he should have been ejected after he hit him.This would not surprise me that Towers took it on his own to throw at A-Rod,not that A-rod shouldnt be thrown at, he has that typical “We are holier than thou”attitude.just like Clemmens Posada ande the rest of the whole pinstripe team.a few years ago Clemens cxouldnt throw at Piazza so he did the next worse thing he tried to impale him with the pointed end of a broken bat,if that had hit Piazza it could have serious damage,but they are the Yankees and they can do no wrong.Isn’t it amazing what a huge payroll can do.Nothing would make this MLB fan happier than to see the N.Y.Yankees finnish with the worse record in MLB for the next 15 years,right where they belong alongside the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I don’t think the teams were warned in this series , afterall it has been a couple months. I guess there is nothing like the element of surprise . I was referring to when the Jays played in NY right after the “mine ” incident , both teams were warned before the first game

I should correct that in that both teams were warned in this series , after Tower’s hit A-Rod but before Clemen’s hit Rios. MLB rules state both the pitcher and manager get tossed if warnings have been issued . Fines and suspensions can be enforced

Congratulations Barry Bonds!!although the record may be tainted it is still a remarkable feat,also congratulations to Tom Glavine on gaining his 300th major league victory,probably the last pitcher that will do so.This is an amasing feat as Glavine was a two sport man(Hockey and Baseball.)He was drafted by the L.A.Kings in the 1984 entry draft 69th overall in the 3rd round as a center from Billerica High School.Players drafted behind him that year where #80 Kris King LW Peterborough Petes OHL.# 107 Goalie Kirk MClean Oshawa OHL.
#107 Brett Hull RW Penticton B.C.Jr.A and Luc Robitaille 171 from Hull of the QMJL.

Also in that draft where Patrick Roy(51),Cliff Ronning 134,and Gary Suter (180).

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