Game #127: Jays at Angels pregame

ANAHEIM — Ah, sunny California. I arrived on Wednesday and made it over to my cousin’s house, where my Aunt whipped up some awesome homemade enchiladas. Now, I’m chilling in the open-air pressbox here at Angel Stadium, which is one of y favorite parks to work in. The clubhouse before today’s game sure didn’t have the feel of one occupied by a team that just got swept by the A’s at home. There were plenty of Jays lounging on the couches, cracking jokes and taking in the Japan vs. Tapei  Little League World Series game. There was one funny exchange after one kid drove in a  run. The first-base coach, one of the young players, was jumping and high fiving the teammate that just got the hit. Troy Glaus to Jays first-base coach Marty Pevey: "Next time somebody gets an RBI single, I want you jumping up and down over there." Pevey: "I’ll do it." So, this trip is off to a nice start — except that my sunglasses broke about an hour ago. Ah, well…

On to today’s pregame:


Toronto (63-63) at Los Angeles (74-52)
at 10:05 p.m. ET at Angel Stadium

Today’s lineups:

Reed Johnson, LF
Lyle Overbay, 1B
Matt Stairs, RF
Vernon Wells, CF
Frank Thomas, DH
Troy Glaus, 3B
Aaron Hill, 2B
Gregg Zaun, C
Ray Olmedo, SS

PITCHING: RHP Jesse Litsch (4-6, 3.49 ERA)

Reggie Willits, DH
Orlando Cabrera, SS
Vlad Guerrero, RF
Garret Anderson, LF
Gary Matthews Jr., CF
Maicer Izturis, 3B
Howie Kendrick, 2B
Robb Quinlan, 1B
Ryan Budde, C

PITCHING: RHP Ervin Santana (5-11, 5.96 ERA)

NOTES: RF Alex Rios and SS John McDonald were given the day off. For Rios, it marks his first day of rest since May 13. The right fielder has played in 125 of Toronto’s 126 games, making 124 starts. Since the break, Rios has hit .346. … Since Toronto pounded on 15 runs and went 9-for-18 with runners in scoring position on Aug. 8, the Jays have hit .154 (20-130) with RISP. Ouch. Over that 13 games span, Toronto has gone 6-7 with an average of 2.9 runs scored per game. Like GM J.P. Ricciardi, Toronto manager John Gibbons keeps supporting his players and said on Thursday that he didn’t expect much change this winter: "Nobody knows what’s going to take place, but there’s not much room to add guys. We like the way it stacks up, but you never know who’s available. You can’t so ‘No’ to everything."

Should I really still be including the standings? Isn’t reading this getting a little depressing for you Blue Jays fans? Let me know. I have the power to stop.

entering Thursday
1. Boston 76-51 (–)
2. New York 71-56 (5)
3. Toronto 63-63 (12.5)
4. Baltimore 58-67 (17)
5. Tampa Bay 48-78 (27.5)

entering Thursday
1. Seattle 71-53 (–)
2. New York 71-56 (1.5)
3. Detroit 68-58 (4)
4. Toronto 63-63 (9)
5. Minnesota 63-63 (9)
6. Oakland 64-64 (9)

TICK, TOCK…Since 1995, the runner-up in the AL Wild Card race has finished with an average of 89 victories. The Blue Jays would need to go 27-9 over their final 36 games to reach 90 wins.



    I say you can stop too.

    How nice to see another team other than Toronto implode.

    Litsch came to the game without his best stuff and he still kept his team in the game and gave them a chance to come back and this time they did come back so far.


    Janson 8th inning only if you bring him in for the 7th bring someone else in for the 8th, is Gibbons going to abuse these young arms until they fall off,


    It looks like wells is starting to swing the bat in the 4 hole and thomas in the 5 hole it’s about time.

    nice to see litsch get the win,this kid is going to be a very good pitcher.

    I am going to predict that burnett stays off the DL and will not opt out and next year we will have the best pitchen staff in the AL.



    Another quality start from Jessie, nice to see him finally get some run support.

    I like how he hangs in there, though, even without his best stuff-he’s becoming a grinder.

    Maybe Marcum’s rubbing off on him.


    I like your thoughts.


    Even bosox would be proud of Jessie if he was a blue jay fan I wonder were bosox is.

    Finaly this team comes through with some clutch hitting.

    How many of you people even thought in the back of your minds that Matt Stairs would produce the way he has,It dosen’t seem to matter where you put him in the lineup his bat sings.

    Thomas is now the player we paid for,But he cost this team big time trying to find his swing,What he actually lost was another year and grew older,Or was it his gerotol.

    Posting has been slow all you ******* must have to work not like me I’m retarded I mean retired LOL.


    Jordan I know your a reporter but how can you live in Toronto all summer and travel with this team be with them through all their ups and downs and not fall in love with them,by the way is your wife a baseball fan if so what is her team,I hope Toronto.Also who do you think this team will call up when the roster expands,We value your opinion.


    For next year, i’d like to see the jays bring Matt Stairs back, and one of: Castillio, Eckstein or Johnny mac as a third option. If Stairs for w/e reason doesn’t do well next year we’ve always got Lind. In my opinion that’s all they need to contend next year (assuming the guys they bring back can play the way they are realistically capable of). If J.P. happens to decide to fire Gibby/Mickey Brantley then I wouldn’t be discouraged about it.

  8. Jordan

    GARRYGUY: Well, honestly, you pointed out the reasoning: “I know you’re a reporter.” It’s my job to follow this team at home and on the road, and yes I live in Toronto year-round now, but none of that necessarily means you start becoming a “fan” of the team.

    If anything, I’m a bigger fan of baseball than I was before (it’s the opposite for some writers I know) — I just don’t root for a particular team anymore. I enjoy watching sound fundamental baseball and I appreciate great storylines. Needless to say, covering the Jays this year has been rough.

    As for Mrs. Bastian, she has by default become a Blue Jays fan. She doesn’t have the whole journalistic integrity thing hanging over her head, and living north of the border full-time has influenced her as a fan. She makes it to a few Jays games each year now and pulls for your Jays.

    Deep down, though, she’s still a Chi-town girl and is a Cubs fan at heart. Her family roots for the Sox, so she’ll pull for them if they’re doing well, too. She may have turned to the Blue side because she started dating me way back when, in the days I rooted for the Cubbies.

    As for September call-ups, I’m betting that Adam Lind will be back and the Jays may bring up either Sal Fasano or Robinzon Diaz. Beyond that, maybe another arm will be added, but don’t expect the Jays to bring up a whole cast of players — just a handful will head to Toronto.


    Adam Lind great callup if and when we our out of it and we don’t need Stairs anymore.Diaz over Sal.An arm????,Who would be ready.


    Well put I’m with you,But I would like to see JP go he is to high on himself I don’t ever admit he was wrong even if you can prove that he was.

    gsumner,I know I know you like JP.


    After watching yesterdays game I have a good feeling about the Jays I don’t expect to make the playoffs but I think we will finish well.

    Glaus is going to have to bring his bat to the game or they are going to have to sit him more often and play olmedo who by the way made a great play yesterday at third.

    Lets hope this team gets back in the home run derby,I’m talking about the big bats the rest of them just keep on hitting.

    I noticed that we are getting a lot of hits but we are not hitting with men in scoring position I hope this picks up.


    How about our weekly update on the minors you are the best.



    I’d be really disappointed if they called up Fasano over Diaz. Diaz is our future. I’m not sure what his speed is like but a .338 BA, .358 OBP and only 22 strike outs in 366 at bats could mean a good number two hitter.

    Of course they’ll call up Lind, probably De Jong from Syracuse. Maybe David Smith and Santos from AA


    Hey Guys- I think we need to come up with nicknames for all our starters-so let’s work on it. Here’s my choices:


    Marcum-Bull Dog


    Litsch-Da Kid




    Other minor league guys who’ve had a good year, although I doubt they call them up are Josh Kreuzer and Jacob Butler from Dunedin and Rob Crosby from New Hampshire.

    Best performance of the week goes to Sergio Santos from New Hampshire who hit 3 Hr’s, 2 doubles and knocked in 5 in 3 games with New Hampshire.

    I think the Jays are making a mistake in having Luno take his spot in AAA-obviously Sergio thinks the same.



    I forgot our best prospect-Travis Snider from Lansing. If I was The Jays, I’d call him up, just to allow him to be around Frank Thomas, Wells, Glaus and others. This kidis a for sure make it big prospect-who’s maybe a couple of years away and it would likely help his development being here. Doesn’t matter if he plays or not-just let him hang out with the guys.


    great names as for AJ OUCH.

    Or we could be nice and call him,THE TERMINATOR,If he keeps pitchen the way he has the name will fit.You can thank me if you want lol.


    Alright, how about “Icy Hot”


    They cant bring him up because it’d start his arbitration clock and more importantly his option years.

    Once a player is added to a 40-man roster for the first time, he gets 3 (maybe 4-not sure) “option years”. These are years where he’s on the 40-man but can still be brought up and sent down to the minors without clearing waivers. Once those years run out the player has to stay in the bigs or be exposed to waivers to be demoted.

    This is what was going to happen to McGowan until the Jays were granted an extra option year for him on account of his TJ surjery and the year he missed.


    Hate late night games nobody to hash the game over with after it’s over.



    Let’s give him a break and maybe he will give us one.


    Actuly I don’t watch it much butb I don’t mind it robert.

    I love baseball because of the strategy in the game,When winter comes I check the jays site every day then on with the ps2,I have never posted on a blog before this year now I will have something else to do this winter.

    I know more about baseball now than I ever did because of you guys and gals.

    Well lets hope we get to watch a good game tonight no matter who wins,But lets hope it’s Toronto.

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